Flash Erotica(1)

My Favourite Number

It reminds me so much of you.

69. There's no better number in my opinion. Technically, it's just a number, but let's admit it Lushies - we all know what pops in to your mind when you think of it. I'll admit, I'm exactly the same. In fact, I'll even go in to detail. This is what I think of. I am in the shower, the hot water streaming over my skin as I chat to you from behind the curtain. Unfortunately our shower is just...Read On

Love Poems(2)


Inside of me

I am now complete.

I am now complete, a part of you is inside of me, growing larger, stronger, every day. Just like that day it all started. You entered me, made love to me, your cock growing larger, stronger, as you blew your seed deep inside of me, and I shuddered around you. To think that now, that's the day that changed our lives, so much to look forward to, so much to be scared about, so much...Read On


My love, my only

For my love on our special day.

It is not always easy But no good love should be. Love may not always feel right  But would not exist without the question, Why do I love you?  Is it your smile, the way you make me feel? Is it the way you look at me, sad and angry When I hurt you? Is it the way we both work harder Stronger Deeper Longer? Something is driving you To make this work No matter...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Unexpected Surprise: Suspense

Time between visits makes...well, something grow fonder! ;)

My life had very quickly become boring in the aftermath of  "Pure Lust".  After we parted ways, we had kept up with our usual chats on Lush, but I just couldn't remain happy with this form of communication for long. She was so alive in person, and text just wasn't cutting it any more. So, I decided I had to act quickly before I ended up in a straight jacket! I made my arrangements and managed...Read On



Your Words

A loving email helps with her frustrations.

She dumps her bag on the ground as she walks in the door from a long day at work. With a sigh, she pours herself a big glass of white wine from the stock in the fridge, and takes a gulp. Walking through to the bedroom, she rests the glass carefully on her dresser. Looking in the mirror, she starts to slowly undress herself, feeling the weight of the day peel off her as her clothes do. She...Read On


Holiday Fun

A night of fun continues after the party finishes.

I have been in Phuket for the past few days, all for a wedding which was held tonight. My friends and I are walking through the street away from the festivities, and decide we don't want the night to end just yet. We're all a little fuelled by the amount of alcohol we've had to drink, and we all choose a bar to crowd into, to continue the night of fun, even though it's almost 1am. As we...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Desperate Times

...calls for a quick release!

You can't stay long, as you have an appointment you can not miss. However, there's something which is more urgent, which needs to be sorted before you can leave. I stand in front of you, and slide down your body. You watch me drop to my knees. My hands gently stroke over you, one hand sliding under your waistband. You watch, the anticipation of what's to come almost too much for you already....Read On



A Night At The Club

It was one night out he will never forget.

He knew he shouldn't have done it. Alcohol being a depressant, and him already being in a depressed state due to his week, it was a stupid idea. But he couldn't resist. And now he couldn't turn back. He had already had a few too many drinks, and was being swept along with the crowd of guys he had agreed to come out with tonight. Stupid idea, as he wasn't having any fun, and he could feel...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


A Surprise for my Man

All work requires some play!

After a busy morning together, you left me home while you ran some errands. I potter around the house for a while, a bit bored with the sudden lack of attention, but then I remember that you had swimming practice tonight. A thought popping into my head, with a smile I pack my bag and grab my phone before heading out of the door. It's already dark outside due to the English winter we are in...Read On


Pure Lust, Part 2

She wakes up to a treat...

She wakens to a soft wet touch on her bare leg. He is snaking his tongue over her skin, kissing her foot, and then kissing and licking up her leg. He smiles when he realises she is awake, and winks at her. His concentration shifts to her other foot, paying it the same attention as the first. His hands hold her left leg, gripping her calf and slowly stroking upwards, up behind her knee,...Read On


Pure Lust

A fantasy between two Lush friends - with benefits.

They meet in the lobby of a hotel, moving to the bar where he buys her a drink. They settle down into a comfy couch, sitting down next to each other and clink their glasses together, toasting each other, and to the fact that they are finally meeting. They had spent many an hour chatting over the internet, getting to know each other inside and out. Their conversations, sometimes deep...Read On