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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.

Recommended Read

Carrying the Lie

A little lying never hurts

"Didn't mommy say you're not to go into her make den? The rest of the house is your playground. The den is where mommy does her work. Okay? Okay. I love you, bun-buns. Now get your keister into bed. Can you pass Debbie the phone?" Jess held her cellphone aside, offering a sheepish grin and apologetic shake of her head to Maggie seated across from her in their cosy cocktail booth. Her...Read On


A Place I'd Rather Be

Rod laid down on the patio lounge to rest a moment. His 49-year-old body was already tired and it was still only early afternoon. The day was excessively hot and he was wearing just a pair of tattered faded red shorts that must have been fifteen years old, but faithfully comfortable. As the sweat slowly beaded upon his forehead he could feel his eyes close sleepily. Maybe for just a moment,...Read On


The Aromas Of Youth - Part One

I finally become aware of my girlfriend's mother.

Mandy was my first real girlfriend. We had been together since our mid-teens and now we were having problems. Or to be more precise, I was having a problem with her reluctance to go all the way. We would spend hours leaning against a wall at the back of her parents' house with my finger inside her until it wrinkled. I loved the smell of her pussy juice and there were times when I wouldn't...Read On


Killing Me Softly

Halloween night seduction goes just right - and then some.

Now this is how you spend Halloween! You smile at him across your glass of wine. The night has been as near perfect as first dates ever get. The meal was good, the show a bit boring - so you left after half an hour and went dancing - and he was a hell of a dancer. So now you study him over the rim of your wine glass, wondering how to begin the seduction. Thick dark hair, dark eyes, the...Read On


Betty's Garden - Beginning To Bloom

A friend's husband helps a mature woman renew her life - part 3 of 3.

The ringing of the phone woke me out of my deep slumber. I heard my wife answer it so I closed my eyes and tried to return to sleep. Through the fog in my head, I could her muffled voice. It had an air of excitement to it and I was sure I could hear her giggling. I tried to focus on the words I could hear. "Oh, yes... sleeping all afternoon... worn out..." followed by more giggles. It must...Read On


Betty's Garden - At Sunrise

A friend's husband helps a mature woman renew her life - part two of three

As I opened my eyes it took me a moment to realize where I was. Betty's bedroom. The sunlight was beginning to creep in through the window as I lifted up my head and looked around. Betty was sitting on the lower half of the bed, by my knee, with her legs underneath her. The green satin nightgown was gone. Her head was slightly tilted off to one side and I followed her gaze to the...Read On


Betty's Garden

A friend's husband helps a mature woman renew her life - part one of three

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Warm and sunny, with a slightly cool breeze, and a smattering of fluffy white clouds. Spring had sprung, the snow had finally melted, and the trees were just beginning to bud. We strolled through the park, hand in hand, as we did every weekend. The fresh air and beauty of the park were both invigorating and relaxing. It helped me recharge, helped us...Read On

Lonely twenties: Round two

An accomplished man's second run at college.

College is referred by some as being the "best four years of your life" because of the freedoms associated with being on your own right after high school. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most people who go through things like community college or just don't go to your typical party school. For a great number of people out there, the undergraduate years are full of stress and...Read On


Seducing My Wife

To get back my sex life I took a new approach

After twenty-six years, things had changed. We had been through a lot, from raising children to burying parents, from struggling to being successful, and from fucking all the time to almost never. Like most couples, our sex life started out fast and furious. As life went on and things changed, the frequency dropped but the passion and excitement were there. Both declined over time and over...Read On


Fictional Fantasies - Chapter 4

Writer of erotic fiction is shocked when a stranger starts acting out her own story lines.

Meg’s tall, dark-haired nameless stranger was very rarely out of her mind from that point onwards. As he had requested, she wore the gift much of the time, both around the house and whilst out and about. On one memorable occasion out shopping, Meg had been taken by surprise when the low-level rumblings commenced and she’d had to rush into a changing room for privacy, before the vibrations...Read On


My Babysitter

Our babysitter was a hot little redhead and I wanted to bed her badly! But she was only sixteen.

Karen started babysitting for us when Brent was born. She was only fourteen, but was the oldest of four kids in her family and, therefore, had a lot of experience with babies. She also lived just three doors down the street, so she was very convenient. She soon became like a member of the family and would come around even when she wasn’t required to sit with Brent. I remember one day when...Read On



Car wash becomes far from clean

It was 11 am on a Saturday morning and was turning out to be an incredibly hot day. The windows were down, I had some music playing loudly, the sun was shining and everything was good. The only thing with warm, humid sunny days is they make me as horny as fuck! I was already thinking about having a wank later, after I'd finished my business in town, and it really wasn't helping matters...Read On


The Female Mechanic

Juliette was hot and covered with grease! I just had to get her into bed!

When I took a new job at the local Chevy dealership, I didn’t realize that I’d be working alongside a hot blonde female mechanic! The first time I saw Juliette and was introduced to her, she had grease all over her neck and arms. She wiped her hands on a shop rag and shook my hand. “Hi Bill. I’m Juliette. I’m told that you’re to be my mentor.” “Yes. That’s right, although you seem to...Read On


The Guitar Player - Pt. 2

Just a regular night at work

Playing on the beaches of Northwest Florida had its benefits. Not only was I doing something I loved, but I was well paid and the benefits! Well, the benefits were many and varied. Let me tell about one of my best seductions. Right after Memorial Day, the hotel started the summer season. A small group of ladies from Jackson, Mississippi came for a week's summer vacation with the kids. No...Read On


The Conference

Young woman hopes to find a patron to help her career

Kelly sat on the train taking her to the airport. She was on her way home from a conference. She had her computer tablet on but was actually daydreaming. Had she achieved what she needed? Was this the impetus that she needed for her career? She thought so. The conference was medium sized, pan-European but not truly international. Three hundred delegates all here to discuss things the man in...Read On


Adela Part 1: Lust

After life throws a curve ball, an English boy starts his journey in the world of online dating

Paul was exhausted. Four years he’d battled pulling eighty-plus-hour weeks to try and turn around a client project that he’d volunteered to parachute in on after it had derailed off a cliff edge. What was worse was that despite everything, it had been a fantastic success. Yet he had let his guard down and had forgotten his golden rule, a rule he usually lived by; he’d become invested and...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared Hitches a Ride - Part 1

Meet the baddest coolest fucker on the goddamn planet. You're gonna LOVE Jared.

“You really think we should be doing this?” Mallory wrung her hands visibly as she spoke the words. “Trust me, this guy’s okay,” Vanessa said to the younger girl. “And if he does try anything, I’ll mace out his eyeballs.” Vanessa wouldn’t have granted a ride to a long-haired drifter on a regular day, least of all with someone else in her charge, but she trusted her instincts and...Read On


Amy's Cabana

Amy's cabana fantasy comes true

It was already 100 degrees poolside, hot even by Las Vegas standards for this time of the late morning as we settled into our cabana.  The forecast for later was 111 and this expensive shade would soon be welcome relief. Our waitress reviewed the various amenities of our abode such as a TV, private restroom, plush furniture, food, liquor and service.  After mixing our initial cocktails she...Read On


Sweet Seduction

His eyes couldn't look away. The sight of Rosa's small, delicate tongue,  was just mesmerizing. Her captivating jewel eyes were half-closed, rolling back at times when the satisfying taste of the ice cream dripping down the edges of the cone was sucked into her mouth and over her swirling tongue. Jacob's hips bucked slightly, but luckily for the sweating man, Rosa didn't seem to notice....Read On


Autumn Awakening

He will always be there to awaken her in the light of the setting sun.

I look out the window as the sun sets behind the mountains. The cool air is causing the leaves to change, and the golden color glows in the evening light. I feel his stare before I hear his steps. He runs his hands along my arms, gently holding me in place as he sears a kiss into my shoulder.   “You think too much.”   I can hear his worry. And his intent of distracting me. I simply nod,...Read On


Queen Of Seduction

Queen Ankhesentiti receives a visitor from a far off land - and makes him feel welcome!

Queen Ankhesentiti lay in her chambers one day, bored and wondering what she would do with her day. She got up off her luxurious bed and walked out onto the rooftop terrace overlooking her palace courtyard. She stood on the terrace, leaning on the stone railing as she looked out at the land she ruled. It was a fine land, rich with resources and wealth. She was quite content and her people...Read On


A Familiar Seduction

I meet you at the mall, and allow myself to be enticed.

When I saw you at the mall I did a double-take. You were nearly stunning in a pair of white jeans with a slim gold belt and shiny silk blouse. High heels clicking; a princess in the midst of pigs. You were older, but you knew your own beauty. Your bearing, even more than your dress, made that obvious. I smiled as I observed at least three men watching you, trying to make eye contact. ...Read On


The Crimson Void

I still remember the first time I felt her warm breath against my skin; it's soft bait sent shivers cascading down my spine. Since that very first time I have been trying to find that feeling again, longing for it, starved for it. Never finding it. I often found myself deep in thought in my thinking space. To most, it was simply an old dingy warehouse deep in the damages of age, but...Read On


Sissy Seduction

My sexy lingerie makes him cum.

There I was, home alone again on a Friday night. I looked out the window of my apartment at the night sky, filled with lights that sparkled in the dark. I could see the streets bustling with people. Girls all dressed up in skirts and high heels. My mind raced at the thought. I walked over to the bedroom, stripping off my clothes and admiring my naked body in the lean-to mirror. I opened...Read On


The Taking Of My Neighbor's Wife Part 1

I take Wendy in her own home.

It was just past 4 on Friday afternoon and I was walking up to Scott and Wendy’s front door. I was wondering why Wendy would call me for help with their pool as they used a service to maintain it, as I did mine. I had been there the previous weekend and it looked fine to me. I rang the doorbell and waited. No one answered so I rang it again. I could hear Wendy calling me through the door,...Read On


Sweet Little Katie— Part Two

Sometimes teasing can get out of hand.

It was Friday afternoon and Katie was walking home from school by herself. Her best friend Emily usually walked home with her, but today she had some group project to work on after school, so Katie was walking alone. Katie loved to stroll down the main street of her little village on the banks of a lazy river, with its variety of little gift shops and antique stores. It was a warm spring...Read On


Lucy finds love.

Lucy has a night with a guy who she adores and ends up with them being a couple.

Lucy had had a night where her boyfriend had arranged for her to have some sexy fun with five of his friends. It was something that they had talked about and when it actually happened Lucy couldn’t believe it. She went along with the game and very quickly realised that she was having a ball. Basically giving five guys head, one after another. After she had finished, they all sat around the...Read On


Sunrise at Pittcon

A scientific conference with a twist

Like many of yours, my job involves travel, and most guys and women I know complain about the same thing -- we have high-energy days but at 5:00 PM, unless we have arranged a business dinner, we retreat to our hotel rooms, alone. Guys have an advantage, they can go to the hotel lounge and have a drink. A woman alone in a hotel lounge is often taken for, well, you know. I attend PittCon,...Read On

Editor's Pick

Poolside Plaything

Could the young seductress be the key to saving his marriage, or spell its end?

The cocktail was ice cold in my throat yet it burned almost as hot as her. That swimsuit. Two electric pink pieces separated by a stomach not yet exposed to overindulgence. Water cascaded from her body in a 'V' as she hauled herself out of the coruscating pool directly in front of me and flicked dark hair behind her lissome frame like something from a damn movie. Nobody yelled, "Cut!" I'd...Read On


Meagan's Journey Into Business - The Beginnings Of Their Desires Being Fulfilled!

This is Meagan’s story of adventure into being stripped, fucked and beyond.

YES, please harder Richard. Yes, that’s it, I’m so close, don’t stop! Meagan was laying over the arm of the couch in Richard’s office. Her shoulders resting on the cushions and her ass resting on the arm of it with her legs spread wide for Richard’s pleasure. He was plunging his cock deep and hard in and out of her pussy. Meagan was moaning in pleasure, with one hand playing with a...Read On