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Ex-Y-Z No Happy Endings

I take him back, I don't take him back, I take him back...

“What the hell are you doing at my house?” Damon says, opening the door. His voice has just the slightest hint of annoyance in it. He stands before me, half naked, wearing just basketball shorts. “I came to return your stupid football,” I say, pissed at his reaction. I shove the heap of leather and air into his hands and then turn on my heel. “Wait,” Damon says. I turn around, my...Read On


Some Steamy Things

We’re in the streets, finally, after a boring night at the bars - two relatively lost souls, wandering the suburbs of Seoul. I think Tracy’s going to come home with me, not that she’s horny for me, but because the rain is starting to come down. I’m horny for her, but she’s never responded to me that way - maybe because my shy approach isn’t to her tastes. Maybe the idea of a white guy dating...Read On


That was a couple's massage like I have never had before

That was a couples massage like I have never had before.

Ginger was on her wayout the door, on her way to work. On her way out, she handed Jako a piece of paper with an address, a name and 12:30 pm written on it. She said, “Someone named Malana called and wanted to see about you doing some work for her firm. You were in the shower, so I checked your calendar and made the appointment for you. I hope that was okay.” He smiled, gave her a kiss and...Read On


I Seduced My Neighbor Over The Phone

Trish helps her neighbor who is in need of a good fuck.

Do you have a neighbor who you wanted to fuck the first time you saw them? Well that is how I felt when The Humphreys move in. Stan who is an absolute hunk, is 6'4" tall with short black hair and hazel eyes. Stan works from home as a freelance graphic designer. Melissa is 5’11” tall with long blond hair reaching the middle of her back. She has aquamarine eyes. Melissa is a former model...Read On

Recommended Read

Seducing Collette

When Lydia and John move in, their pretty neighbor will have a hard time to resist the horny couple

She was the first thing I saw when I looked outside the kitchen window of our newly acquired house in the small Yorkshire village, and I was smitten the moment I glimpsed the saucy twintails in her red hair, the big eyes that appeared to look at the world with utter astonishment and the lithe form of her cute body, pale skin painted with delicious freckles and barely covered by the...Read On


Dressing Room With a Personal Touch

and that's when things got rather interesting.

It was late afternoon. I was busy arranging new arrivals at the back of the store for window display and upcoming Spring theme when a distinct accent was heard coming from the front of the store. At eighteen, I was in love with the concept of latest fashion and fairly confident of my ability to come up with visuals that would draw the eye and guarantee sales. I could hear my name...Read On



Two Lush friends finally met, anticipation runs high

Jenny and Mike had been chatting for a couple of months on Lush. The chats were not just of the sexual flirting kind, their conversations also touched on other emotions and feelings. One day, Mike suggested they meet even though Mike was married and they were miles apart. He felt a connection, a burning desire to meet Jenny. “Have I crossed the line,” he wrote, worried about the answer. ...Read On


Extra Credit (Part 1)

Aubrey needs some extra credit in gym and she knows exactly how to get it without lifting a pencil.

Every single day seemed to be one more day of torture. I mean, how could someone so perfect, someone so handsome, someone so…sexy, be my teacher? “People, this is gym class, the easiest class to pass! Why are some of you nearly failing?” Mr. Parker’s deep voice rang throughout the gymnasium, though no one responded. “Alright,” the man sighed, “if you know that you have a bad grade, come up...Read On


Seducing my stepsister

A stepbrother is more than willing to do what he needs to, for his stepsister

My name is Ryan, and I'm twenty-five. I have black hair, and brown eyes. I have a stepsister named Kate, who is twenty-seven, and she just got divorced. She caught her husband cheating, and she was devastated. She came right to me, because she had no one else to go to. She cried in my arms constantly, and I had no idea what to do or say. We had been close ever since our parents introduced us,...Read On


Studio Seduction

Classified: Male looking for roommate to share studio apartment. NEED ASAP

It was to that ad I responded the day I decided to leave Kansas and move east to North Carolina. There was no school waiting for me, or man, or job, but it was out of Kansas and away from my obsessive ex. I pointed at a map, saw NC in big letters and instantly went online to find listings. That was the first of twelve ads I responded to with cheap rents and immediate results. That ad was the...Read On


Lesson: Soft and Slow

A great tease, please...

I heard my mother and Kit clamber through the front door. They were laughing and shhh'ing each other. The office that they had both worked at had closed and they had been out on the last who-rah with their ex-coworkers. "I'm home, Paulie honey! Goodnight." My mother lovingly slurred. I then heard the door to her room shut. My mother and Kits talking eventually slowed and lowered until I did...Read On


Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part five)

We had reached the end of the semester and Mandy wanted to go home for the winter break. It was something I had not been doing for years. I was twenty-seven years old and was living on my own life since I left home at eighteen to go to college and then into the Navy, before returning to the university. I did, indeed, go home for special occasions like the holidays, or reunions, but I...Read On


Nicki's Mini (Part 1)

Can Nicki get a great deal on a car? You bet!

If you have read some of my other stories, then you'll know I am an office temp and I work in Brighton on the South coast of England. I am no stranger to adventure and some of my adventures have been pretty strange! Anyway, the story I wanted to tell you about today relates to the day I decided to buy a car. It struck me that I might have more jobs available to me if I didn't have to rely...Read On


Her Ghost

He appeared in the room like a ghost and she had to have him.

She saw him across the room. His white shirt was open at the neck and she could see his tan skin beneath. His smile was one that could melt a woman's heart. His eyes were pools of blue ladened with something mysterious and unknown. His dark hair was thick and unruly. She ordered herself a strong drink and went and sat at a table on the outskirts of the dance floor. She searched the crowed...Read On


Unhinged Desire: Part 4

The moment Christy has been waiting for. Finally, Danny, and a friend, submits to her.

Day 7- The Final Day I woke to find myself the 'little spoon' in mine and Dale's spooning partnership, Dale was still flat out asleep. I seem to remember that we watched a film while lying in bed and touched each other a little before falling asleep together. Dale seemed like a nice guy, but even he could not quench my desire for Danny, the first thing that came to my mind when I...Read On


The Stranger

It is late and I have been on the go for fourteen hours straight. All I really want is to go home and relax, but Debbie has others ideas’, begging me to join her at local bar because she wants to see if the hot guy from last week is there again. I roll my eyes but go with her, knowing that she would do the same for me. We touch up our makeup in the taxi on the way and soon we are in the...Read On


Her Version

We've read his version, now we hear what she thinks.

It’s getting closer to the Christmas holiday shopping season and I love this time of year. Like every woman I’ve ever known, I just love clothes, especially the kind that lets me show off. Summer is fun since I get to show plenty of skin, but it’s the colder weather where my fashion sense kicks in to high gear. Never met a color that I couldn’t pull off. I love when a man notices me and...Read On


Unhinged Desire: Part 3

Christy's plan with Danny develops as she continues to tease him.

Day 5 "Bye mom, have a good time in Scotland!” I was genuinely sad that my parents were leaving Danny and I for three days, but after recovering from his illness my dad thought it was best to have a mini-vacation. My sadness was masked by excitement, as Danny waved away my parents I could see him checking me out every so often out of the corner of his eye, clearly he was...Read On


Unhinged Desire: Part 2

Christy takes more daring steps in her advances with Danny, and begins to question her real motives.

Day 3 After yesterday’s progress I was all the more intent on going the whole way with this 'project' of mine. Danny hadn't seen me since the previous days’ antics so I knew that when he did see me, all of the activities would be refreshed in his mind. Lucky for me, he had the day off today as my Dad was visiting my Uncle, and because my mom was out of town with work, we had...Read On


Three's Company

We pick up an older woman to sample her wares

We spotted her sitting alone at the end of the bar. It was a moderately-sized place with a small dance floor and a DJ spinning light tunes. It was the kind of place where a couple could feel alone, yet had enough room for larger parties. We had been there just under one hour when she arrived. She was drinking a martini and just sitting there. No checks of her cell phone, no interaction with...Read On


Unhinged Desire

Christy becomes lustful over a new permanent family member. Exchange student, Danny.

I am Christine; a bi-sexual twenty-year-old that was stuck in that frustrating phase of life where sexual relationships seemed to be completely evading me. My friends were finding the loves of their lives while I... well, I just had my television. What seemed to be a longing for a true love quickly changed into a desire to quell my already aching lust. A couple of ‘one-night-stands’ later,...Read On


Dear Shelly: Bathing Jennifer Part 3

I figure out a way to tell my roommate how I feel and patiently await her response

I didn’t sleep at all that night; I was just so nervous. Just a few short months ago, I was a shy schoolgirl, yet here I was devising the boldest, riskiest plan of my life. I knew the implications if it failed—I could lose my best friend forever. Even success had profound implications. Would our relationship ever be the same? Could we still be friends? All those thoughts kept racing through...Read On


The Blizzard

An older guy, a young girl and a well-timed snow storm.

Sometimes I can’t help but be disgusted by my own stubbornness, or maybe I should say, my own stupidity. Why, just an hour ago I was sitting in my car shaking my head at myself, wishing I’d listened to my gut instincts to stay home I’d felt earlier. But no, not me, I got ready and went to work. Heck, the weather predictors are never right anyways, right? Every school in the five county area...Read On


The Perfect Scent

Who is seducing whom?

There’s a chill in the air, the first cool air we’ve seen in months. I love this time of year, mainly because the women get to break out their sweaters, tights, jeans and boots that have been stacked in their closet for months. On top of that, it gives them a new season for shopping and that puts a huge smile on my face. You see, I am a man who loves, let me repeat, loves to shop. I enjoy...Read On


I Let My Mother Do My Husband

A Daughter's Fantasy

My name is Naomi and I have a unique story to tell. I've been married for about seven years now and our love life is fantastic. But, I have the urge to see my husband fuck someone else. We have talked about this over and over again. Yet, I don't trust any of our friends, so my fantasy goes unfulfilled. This is where the story goes a little weird; you see my mother and I are like sisters....Read On


Lynn gets a massage and more

This is a true real life experience!

I have had a personal ad to provide free massages, not truly intending anything sexual, to ladies for quite some time. I was and am not opposed to sensual or sexual, I simply love to please a Lady. The ad has not been too fruitful. Lynn responded to my ad and sounded genuine, her photo was absolutely precious, and her photo did not begin to do her justice in any way. She was...Read On


Alice's Awakening, Part 2

In which Alice meets her Master.

Padding barefoot through a lush jungle towards a tinkling waterfall, looking desperately for a restroom and vaguely aware of a church bell ringing… ringing… Alice’s eyes jerked open. She looked around wildly for the moment it took to remember where she was. She became aware of two things simultaneously, the burning need to urinate and the ringing of her cell phone. She rolled onto her...Read On



Part 2 of a Trilogy

My head cradled on the soft pillow with my eyes closed, I lay there embodied in full contentment, and a satiated smile rests quietly on my lips. It takes about three seconds for my brain to process that I likely overslept. I sleepily reach for my cell phone on the night stand, which is only inches away from my face. I swipe the screen with an index finger and give a one eyed wink at the...Read On



Your instructions are simple: meet me at the Haddon Hotel at 9pm. Once there, go to the front desk and the rest will fall into place. You enter the dimly lit the room not knowing what to expect. Wearing business attire, your thigh high skirt shows every sexual curve you possess. On the floor lies an arrow in rose petals which you follow to the back of the couch. As you look out into the...Read On


Sexy Intruder Caught at My Alaska Cabin

I arrived at my vacant Alaskan cabin and found to my delight a sexy homesteader.

The snow secretly crept into the wooded valley like a silent thief stealing the mountain’s foliage. It was delivering a peaceful white blanket of a fresh new season. It was a cold, dark night. My destination was a mountain cabin so far into the forest that I had to walk the last three miles of the trip.  Already I could feel the warmth of the fireplace. I was in excited anticipation of...Read On