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Wendy Gets Seduced By Her Friend

Wendy goes to a friend for advice and gets much more.

Wendy has been wandering around in somewhat of a sexual fueled daze for a few weeks now. She’d had a very liberating experience with a truck driver named Sam. He had offered her a bed in his truck when her car had broken down at the diner where she worked. She had gotten stuck by a snow storm, all by herself in the diner with no heat. To repay Sam, she was going to sleep with him, but instead...Read On


Dive Training Part 2 (Into Deeper Waters)

The girls come to my place

Saturday is here at last. My two nymphets are coming over this morning. I go into the kitchen and contemplate which coffee will suit my palate. Jamaica Blue Mountain will do the trick. Setting it to percolate, I turn on my computer and watch the tape of Janice and Kate pleasuring themselves in the school locker room. The recollection of what happened next runs through my mind like an xxx...Read On


Lemons and Coffee - Chapter Two - Kandy

Kandy catches Kat naked on the deck

Kandice, Kandy for short, was even more stunning than Kat – if that were possible. She had an almost identical body to Kat, just a little more developed in the right places due to the five year age gap between the two girls. She stood almost five centimeters taller than Kat and carried the extra height well.  Kandy was twenty-eight years old and recently married, and I often thought what...Read On


French Kiss

A Canadian girl finds out all about her father.

November 1995 Montreal, Canada The envelope was addressed in bold print and looked quite official. It said: Miss Elizabeth St. Jacques 9373 Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard #16 Montreal, QC, H1E 6P2 Lizzy glanced at the return address. It was from some lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania named Mr. Ben Foster. Lizzy had never heard of him. She was more interested in getting...Read On



Foreplay is one of the most important elements to great sex... no matter how long it takes.

We met online. There’s no other way to put it. There was no shame in it, either. We were both wildly turned on from, “Hello,” to “Goodnight.” So, naturally, being both unattached to significant others, we set up a first date. First time we met, it was a café off the main street, shrouded by green leaves, trees, and shrubs. He smiled at me, jeans and a clean T-shirt, they looked good on...Read On


Scotch Diaries - Dakota (Part 1)

The best night in my life so far - getting rich and getting laid

I'm a very simple man; rich but simple. I have lived a pretty ordinary life till now - average student in school, quite dorky in high school, even nerdier in college. But hey, I'd learned the value of money very early in my life so I wasn't going to waste my important years on crazy parties that would be temporary fun. You see, I understood that money is what can give you a permanently fun...Read On


The 60s

A 1960's girl experiences her first time.

I rolled out my polka-dotted towel onto the sun heated sand and stretched out, basking under the sun. I flicked my sunglasses over my face and hummed along to the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” blasting from the stereo. I opened my eyes and leaned over when I heard rustling beside me. I watched as Georgia had also laid out her towel and laid down. “Hi Georgia.” Georgia leaned over. ...Read On


Lemons And Coffee

I was butt naked in front of Harry's daughter.

The gate opened slowly with the weight of my shoulder as I tried to balance the heavy box of lemons, my hot cup of coffee, and the neighbor’s newspapers. My neighbor, Harry was due back from his regular Fly-In Fly-Out shift roster and would arrive home sometime after 1800 hours that night. His partner Jackie had been away visiting family for the past week and had planned to arrive back...Read On


Grand Canyon Bliss

My name is Gracie and I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, my parents loved camping. We went camping nearly every month, sometimes multiple times. We enjoyed hiking, fishing, stargazing…anything you could do out of doors. Through all my life, (nearly 24 of them) we’ve been to most of the National Parks across America, National Forests in many states, and various other places. In a...Read On



Just remember that you need to always enjoy the game within the game…

I live the dream life. I’ve once heard it said that when you choose your career you should make your living by doing what energizes you, what floats your boat. I was told to only do what you really love. Find your sweet spot they would say. Well I’m a man who’s by nature a planner and that’s exactly what I’ve done. And as a tennis pro, it’s my job to instruct others on how to consistently...Read On


Summer Of Addictive Saturdays - Part II

Fiona's poolside visitor wants a word with her, but she wants more. Dialogue only, no sex.

My eyes opened with a start, and I was no longer alone. I could write that it was the fervently imagined, mind-blowing licks of Mr. Weston's inquisitive tongue that came to life and expertly supplemented the gentle rub of my fingers as I floated suitless and spread open to the world in his swimming pool. But that's not what happened. The pool's owner was fully clothed, fully dry and had...Read On


The Sculptor And His Muse - Part Two

We kiss like we are starving and our only sustenance is each other.

Friday December 9th 1910 A little after 2pm. Paris I step outside into the alleyway. Lifting my head to the dark and cloudy sky, the now heavy snow hits me in the face like tiny needles. It confirms my awareness. The wind forming a sideways funnel of icy flakes in the alley feels good. I was burning up in there, not so much from the stove, but from watching her. The recent turn of...Read On


The Tuxedo Shop Part 1

A guy just wants to rent a tuxedo, but the shopkeeper has some different ideas.

I make my way to the tuxedo rental shop in a back corner of the empty shopping mall. Surrounded by fancy mannequins, a pretty and professional young woman stands behind a purple counter. She looks up at me with a cute little smile. "Hi. I'm Nicole. What can I do for you today?" I explain I'd like to rent a tux. She picks up a clipboard and we walk around the small shop as she asks...Read On


Our first time, Part 1

My first time alone with you.

I cannot help but notice the way the light reflects off of your left knee, or the way your knee cap is defined as you sit on the edge of the bed. I sit to your left, close to you, but far enough to keep a small gap between our thighs. As my eyes focus on that knee, my right arm reaches over, letting the tip of my index finger rest on your skin. I take a quick glance towards your eyes...Read On


luscious Lauren

I found myself completely intoxicated with every aspect of her and knew I had to make her mine.

The day started like most days; waking up before the sun rose in the western sky, feeding the horses and livestock, then a quick shower while my coffee was brewing. Little did I know that something as small as my coffee pot breaking would change the course of my entire weekend. The local coffee shop was unusually busy as I stepped through the door. The noise of people talking and the...Read On


Sara Finds Solace Part I

Wife tries to resist the power of her husband and finds comfort by dominating other men.

It was early in the day. The sun hadn’t risen and Sara was frazzled, tired and thought she was coming down with a cold, but despite this, as she was running on the treadmill she was still noticing multiple appraising looks from everyone in the gym. Her long blonde hair was pulled back tight, her smooth skin covered in a light sheen of sweat, her hair was a quality that both women and men...Read On


My Father's Boss

I was enlisted to seduce my father's boss.

There was a very important company gala coming up, a formal black tie event; my father needed a plus one. My mother has been away for the past three months taking care of my grandmother across the country. I was the last person he wanted to take to the event, and the gala was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I am more the type of girl that goes to rock concerts and biker bars. I...Read On


Honey Trap

Randy could smell not only Emma's pheromones but a Honey Trap

“Emma said she saw you at the gym last week, and that you had a long chat.” Holly stood close to her neighbour, looking up into his brown eyes. Randy could smell the woman’s perfume, it was heady. He wished she wouldn’t stand so close when they were alone like this. It took all his self-control to stop from grabbing her and kissing her. Kissing was not high on his wish list at this moment...Read On


Close Call With A Close Friend

Two friends delve into a new aspect of their realtionship.

Sarah and I had been best friends for almost all our lives. Our families had been close since we were toddlers and, while he hated each other until puberty, we had steadily become closer and closer. We were both sixteen, and she was turning into a beautiful young woman. Naturally, I had a massive crush on her. Her family had gone away for a sailing regatta and she was staying with us for...Read On


All in the family - Part 1

The story revolves around enticement and seduction within the family and outside.

I am Salim, working as a salesman in a shop in cloth market in Meerut in UP. I have been working for the past ten years and have earned good respect and trust of my employers through my honesty, hard work and smooth salesmanship with wealthy women who come to buy ladies outfits for them and their daughters. Because of my performance, I earn fairly good salary and get an occasional bonus for...Read On


The Fickle Rites of Courtship

Laura settles a quarrel with her lover.

Trish was sleeping, or pretending to be, when I got home. We’d had a short, petty little spat that morning; yet as short and petty as it was, I had been irritated by it all day. I plodded through work and then went out for a few (too many) drinks after work with two guys who had been inviting me out for drinks for months. I was pretty sure they wanted more than drinks with me, and I flirted...Read On

Recommended Read

A New Discovery

Female friends discover each other.

Monday morning. Susan awoke and found herself alone in bed. Michael, her husband, had gotten up very early and gone off to the airport to catch a flight for a business trip. Susan stretched across the width of the bed and thought that she was missing him already. They had been married ten years and still had sex often. She reasoned that this was because they maintained their curiosity about...Read On


My kid's teacher part 1

Cheating with my daughter's teacher

The first time I saw her I was picking up my daughter from school. She had gorgeous blue eyes like the turquoise sea of Mauritius, and her brown hair reminded me of autumn, chestnuts and cocoa. I asked my daughter who she was out of curiosity and heard her say, 'we call her Miss Sparkle'. Miss Sparkle was the first time since I'd had kids that I was attracted to another woman other than...Read On


Growing deeper Roots

Giving an Old Friend the Ride of her Life

It was the first beautiful day of spring. The weather had broken and it was a warm sunny day. I needed a few items from the store so I got my Harley out of the garage and went for a ride I had been itching to take all winter. I took a long ride before pulling into the grocery store parking lot. I parked my bike in the front spot that just became available. I headed into the store to pick up...Read On


Dance For Me Girl


She danced in the background off to the side of the club. She stood out among the others, Her body lithe and supple, her long gorgeous legs moved with the grace of a seasoned dancer. Every curve, part of her perfect body glistened with a natural sheen in the light. Her skin was naturally tanned, and her face was like that of a beautiful angel. She danced sensuously to the rhythmic sounds of...Read On


Punishment Is Sweet, Part 1

Bad girls always get punished.

Pulling me onto my feet, he brought me closer. The faint smell of cigarettes lingered on his clothing, but as I drew close, I could smell his cologne, making me wonder if he put it on right before I arrived. I moaned softly. I was so tired that I knew my brain wouldn't be capable of making the thirty-minute drive home in the dark without driving into a ditch. "You look tired," Seth...Read On


The Towel - Part 9

My night alone changed with the sound of the door bell.

Mary and Jim had me on my back on the table. Mary was straddling my face and after driving me crazy playing with my nipples, she grabbed hold of my ankles that Jim had handed to her and raised them to my chest. This opened my legs wide as Jim positioned his body between them. I could feel the tip of his cock at the opening to my pussy. I was so wet after his manipulations to my pussy with...Read On


Petals and Thorns

Sometimes, you can't help yourself.

A boisterous crowd of eight, sexy, young ladies entered the elevator I was riding down to the lobby in. They were all in their mid-twenties, dressed in skin tight, little black dresses, and black stilettos. They were obviously eager to kick off a night of drinking and dancing. One young lady was dressed noticeably different than the others. Her skin tight, little dress had black and...Read On


My Little Black Dress

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story and art work.

Another Friday night; trapped within the same four walls, sitting on the couch watching TV. One thing was certain: the longer I sat there, the older I got. Life was passing me by. Enough is enough . It had been a year since my husband declared he didn't want to be married to me any more. He’d left for someone much younger. I guess it was his midlife crisis. Who knows? What I did know, I...Read On


Beguiled (Part 4)

Is Dawn getting in over her head?

I don’t think I actually slept; I just kept reliving all the events of the day. Who was Larry? What’s with this daddy/baby girl thing? I remembered Judy calling him daddy too and not wanting to upset him. Did he spank her too or worse? I took my shower and looked at the outfit Larry chose for me to wear. It was my red string bikini and a white lace cover-up that really did a poor job...Read On