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The Towel-Part 2

All I wanted was a relaxing shower but got a lot more when I answered the door.

After undressing in front of my full length mirror, I was more turned on than when I first got home. I was looking forward to a hot shower with a few of my toys. This was to be a night for just me. I really did not want anyone else around. I wanted to take my body to where I wanted it to go, keep it there as long as I wanted, and release it in a scream of pure ecstasy. After tracing my...Read On


What Was Missing: Submission

She couldn't fight it.....

Claudia knocked softly on the door. Her heart raced in her chest. Her need for him was over whelming. “Good afternoon,” Brandon said with a deviant charm. “Good afternoon, Sir,” she said softly. As Brandon stepped back and motioned with his hand to enter, Claudia noticed her legs were wobbly and her body quivered with excitement. As she past him and entered the room the smell of him...Read On


The Towel-Part 1

All I wanted was a relaxing shower, but got more when i answered the door.

It had been a hard day at work, and all I wanted was a relaxing shower followed by some erotic 'me' time.I'd rather take a shower with someone; the feeling of having another body next to mine, naked, under a warm spray of water, is beyond words. It does not matter if it is a man's body or a woman's, the feeling, though different in play, is still rewarding. Tonight will be mine alone...Read On


Boarding Pass

A long, boring flight becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Gratefully, I sink into my seat. It is going to be a very long flight. 'NEWARK', my boarding pass says, but it’s just another destination at the end of yet another flight. I usually prefer to sit on the aisle but none of those seats are available and I feel lucky to even get a window. True, it’s in the very last row of the plane, but at least I don’t have to endure the three hours...Read On


First Time Spanking - Part 3

After you've been spanked a few times, keeping it to yourself is hard to do.

I have previously related the events surrounding the first time I was spanked by Michelle, and then the events of the second time I was spanked by my own girlfriend, Eileen, when I told her that Michelle had spanked me. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I should probably keep this spanking business to myself unless I wanted to get spanked more. The problem was that there were...Read On


Beguiled (Chapter 2)

Steve will be mine...

I got up and ran to the edge of the water. I was so happy and excited that Brad finally saw things my way. In my moment of happiness I turned to look at Brad and saw him talking on his cell. Who could he be talking to at this hour? My mind raced back to the alley and the sudden change in him. Was there another woman with him there? My imagination was running wild, so I decided to ignore it...Read On

Recommended Read

The Debt -- Part 2

A wife is compelled to pay her husband's debts in a distasteful way that takes a surprising turn.

She did as he requested. Trying to relax, she felt the pressure of the plug as it first penetrated her, and then spread her wider. Finally, it sort of popped in place, apparently held by her contracted muscle. The expectation was much worse than the experience. It was a different feeling, but not hurtful or even unpleasant. She did feel it a bit when she sat down in one of his overstuffed...Read On

Recommended Read

The Debt -- Part 1

A wife is compelled to pay her husband's debts in a distasteful way that takes a surprising turn.

Katie was recently promoted to Vice President for Marketing in a small, but growing company that had developed a manufacturing technique that saved at least twenty percent during the extraction of rare earth metals from their raw state. It was protected by their patent, and was becoming more and more profitable for the company. She was formerly the Administrative Assistant to John Williams,...Read On


An Unexpected Development - Part 3

Michelle returns to Ted's office for the third time to find him waiting and ready.

By Thursday morning, Ted had no doubts about seeing Michelle again. After yesterday afternoon’s exercise and her text message, he believed that this situation would continue until it burned out. He laughed to himself thinking that as hot as it had been, it could burn out pretty quickly. Throughout the morning his mind kept slipping away from the work in front of him. He continued to...Read On


I Dominus - Words

A guy walks in to a bar...

"Fuck," I thought to myself and weighed the option of going back to my room and raiding the mini bar. The hotel bar was hosting a beach themed party. Complete with sand, fake palm trees, hammocks, and pink flamingos hanging from the high ceiling. The DJ, announced that the beach volleyball tournament would begin in half an hour, as I stood at the entrance, still not certain if I was in...Read On


A Cigar is Never Just a Cigar

Have you ever thought about a cigar?

Have you ever wanted an anonymous, liberating adventure? Have you ever wished just to become someone else for a brief time and explore what another person inside you might experience? What if you were a blonde instead of a brunette? What if you wore clothes more risqué than you’ve ever dared? What would this other you discover? I decided I would take on this idea and see what naughty border(s)...Read On


A Tour Of The Isle Of Lesbos - The Task

Girard's fate is determined by his female hosts

Girard was still trying to catch his breath as Velma sat between his legs and continued to hold his cock. Words were not necessary, because they both knew what she would want next. To their surprise, they were interrupted by Willa, who approached them. She was tall; taller and noticeably younger than Cena. She stopped and looked down at her Mother’s hand, which was still slowly stroking Girard. ...Read On


First Time Spanking - Part 1

I didn't know what was going on, but I couldn't complain

My older brother, his two friends, and their girl friends were hanging out around the pool in our backyard. I had just turned 18 and was still a virgin. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the girls who were all wearing bikinis. Tony’s girl friend was a brunette named Michelle. Her bikini top was designed so that when she bent over you could see her entire breasts, nipples and all. I had seen her...Read On


After The Book Club

“I know there’s no formal exam, but if you want to examine me thoroughly later..."

“I’m sorry I didn’t show up last time,” Karen said. “Well,” I shrugged, “it’s strictly voluntary.” “All the same,” Karen replied. “I don’t want you to think it’s because I’m not interested.” “Oh, it would be difficult to make that mistake,” I said. I wasn’t just being polite. This evening had been the twelfth of thirteen book club evenings I had presided over during the autumn months....Read On


Moment Of Weakness

A one night stand Tara will never forget

What the hell had I been thinking? Packing my things in a hurry I chided myself. How could I have been so stupid? A masculine groan from a bed across the room kicked me into hyper gear. Zipping up my bag and doing a visual sweep of the room, I tried to think of the best exit strategy. I decided on a fast tip-toe to the exit. The door squeaked on its hinges as I quickly slipped through the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Ghost Of The Christmas Present

A man goes in search of the perfect Christmas gift and gets more than he bargained for.

Shit! Jerry stood outside the classy little jewellery store in the strip mall near his house, staring at the locked door and ‘Closed for Christmas’ sign like it was going to magically disappear. As he looked frantically about, his gaze fell on a couple exiting a little boutique-type shop: ‘Lushious Intimates & Gifts’. “Lushious?” Jerry muttered. “Well that’s just daft, do people not...Read On


Stockings and a Smile

My friend Andrea and I plot to lure a fit young colt back to my place for sex.

During a nice chat I had with Andrea one evening, she mentioned that she’d read my account of the day I seduced young Josh whilst his mother and sister were out shopping. I told her that after that enjoyable event I was really keen to engage with more young men and women, and help them explore their sexuality. Andrea said that she’d love to join me in that enterprise so after a bit...Read On


A Tropical Affair - Chapter 1

Away at a conference, he meets an alluring young woman who gets the better of him!

I had been with my fiance for almost six years. I loved her dearly and had never dreamed of cheating on her. That's not to say I didn't notice other women and didn't wonder if I still had what it takes to flirt and attract the attention of attractive women. I was twenty-eight years old and doing well for myself. I'm six foot two inches and reasonably built with broad shoulders and an...Read On


Twenty Four Hours Part 2

Barb finds that the more she loses control, the more she gets what she wants.

Barb took another slow, measured breath as she stared at the door ahead of her. The receptionist pressed a button, and Barb's date pulled the door open. Barb thought wistfully of how pleasant the last couple of hours had been, and wondered why she was allowing herself to be led through this door. The shame of backing out of a bet would not be as bad as what she knew would happen inside. Not...Read On


The Cougar And Her Baby Sitter

Darren's first time is in the arms of his mother's best friend

His friends at school constantly belittled Darren once they learned that he was still a virgin. Even though he was seventeen, almost eighteen, and the ratio of girls to boys at his high school was five to three, he had never managed to have a girlfriend. At least, one who would have sex with him. He was so shy that his opportunities slipped away. He worked off his frustration by working...Read On

The Seduction of Leana - Part 2 of 2

A Married Woman Finds Herself Uncontrollably Being Seduced By A Wealthy Black Man

“Good morning, Miss Leana.” A warm, smiling Polynesian woman gently woke me.  “Welcome to Tahiti.” I could smell the unmistakable warm, ocean air. I could feel it too. It wasn’t the hot and sticky mess we get in Toronto on those high index days. It was a pleasant "welcome-to-our-paradise" humidity. “Tahiti?” Holy shit. Michael flew me to Tahiti on his private jet. I rubbed my...Read On

The Seduction of Leana - Part 1 of 2

A Married Woman Finds Herself Uncontrollably Being Seduced By A Wealthy Black Man

“What’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done?” Maybe I should have lead with the fact that my husband enjoys watching me have multiple orgasms, when I’m having sex, with black men with big cocks. Our evening could have been so much more different. *** My hands trembled as I read his note again. His private jet was waiting for me. It was time to go. *** Several years ago I relocated...Read On


A Good Thursday

A good day.

I knew when I woke up that this was a day I had needed for some time. I was getting out of work at 2:30pm today and I knew my husband was meeting friends to watch the Patriots game. I posted on my Facebook that I was going into town this afternoon to my favorite spa, a place where there were public and private hot tubs. I had been going there for years, even before I met my man, and he...Read On


Encounter - Part 1

A young girl encounters pleasure on the bus.

Raquel boarded the bus, put her money into the coin box, and looked to see if there was an empty seat available. To her surprise and delight, this was her lucky night, there were only a few people on the bus. “This will be a good ride”, she thought and made her way to the back of the bus. She was tired. Her job took a lot out of her and then having to go to school afterwards didn’t help....Read On


My Personal Adonis

A love story

I stood on the courthouse steps, fighting back the tears. My pathetic attorney faced me, still wearing his black gown, clutching a huge pile of court papers. I had just endured a torrid five-hour divorce hearing, in which a wholly-unsympathetic panel had denied me custody of my child and awarded me a derisory alimony. My 'crime', it would seem, was a one-night stand with a guy I'd met in...Read On


The Slow Tease

Waiting, blindfolded for him to get home.

She is waiting in the position as he instructed her. She is just in front of the couch, in the middle of the carpet. With the exception of the silk scarf covering her eyes, she's completely naked. She is on her knees and sitting back on her heels with her knees stretched wide apart. Her hands are clasped loosely behind her back leaving her firm up-tilted breasts and her smooth shaven pubis...Read On


The Red Eye Flight From Dallas to Vegas

Please tell me this wasn't a fantasy . .

I was taking the red eye flight from Dallas to Las Vegas,which meant I had to arrive at the Love Field Gates by 6:00 in the morning. I grabbed a donut from the stash put out by the airline and took a seat in the passenger waiting area, casually looking at a copy of the morning news. You showed up in a sexy black skirt and a casual button down shirt, with a blazer hanging off your arm....Read On


The Holistic Approach

A psychiatrist knows just the treatment for her new, young male patient.

I waited in line as I had many times before. The scene was typical of the waiting room, gloomy people all starring at their phones or the floor, waiting for their names to be called. At one point, I was just like them, but over time, I mended my fences and found my way back to who I am, not what life circumstances had turned me into. The line moved quick, and as it was my turn to check-in,...Read On


The School For Scandal: Part 2

Professor Kearns prepares his first student for her sexual awakening

I awoke to an empty bed, not surprised but ever so slightly disappointed. Olga had gone, leaving behind rumpled sheets, a whiff of Chanel No. 5, a little sweat, her sex on the sheets, and a note: Sorry Professor, My mistress called and I have to go. Thank you for a most wonderful evening. Your reputation is well deserved. Olga I smiled as I headed for the shower, rather proud of myself...Read On


The Heatwave - Chapter Two

Desire takes flame at the dinner table.

Rachel rifled through her closet trying to find the perfect outfit for her date that night. She tried on some nice jeans but they didn't fit any more. She tried on a skirt but she usually used it for clubs so it was a bit short for a nice restaurant. Finally, she pulled out a red dress she’d bought a while back but hadn't had the opportunity to wear yet. It was a tight number that...Read On