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A man establishes his position with his woman

The text read, “come here, now.” When he met her at the door, she sensed something was different. He didn’t say a word as he led her to the bedroom. There were mirrors placed around the room that she had not seen before. She felt his hand on her hip as he turned her to him. His lips met hers in a firm kiss unlike his typical soft advances. She felt his one hand on her back, the other...Read On


Can you Imagine?

Jared meets Karen to remodel a house. But recently divorced Karen has other plans.

I met my wife Karen when I was twenty-six working for a construction company. I remember perfectly the day we met. She was an older woman at forty-two with a chiseled body. She could have been a model with her perfectly round C cup breasts and plump ass. She got out of her black BMW dressed in a tight red dress and a black blazer on top. Instead of a warm greeting she yelled "Stop! Just...Read On

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Oranges And Plums

Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values.

It was the years of the Moguls, 17th century India. The Dutch and the English wishing the trade of India's goods. I, Rami, the first son of a Maharaja, was bequeathed his estate and vast landholdings. My wealth wasn't so much in jewels and gold, as it was, what the orchard trees grew. Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values. The marketplace of Surat was bustling, a...Read On


Twenty Four Hours

Barb finds out that a lot can happen when someone else is in charge for twenty four hours.

Barb checked her watch again. She was where she was supposed to be, although she had arrived ten minutes early. For the umpteenth time, she wondered how she lost the bet that put her in this position. She didn't regret making the bet, but she still couldn't believe she had lost. She checked her watch again. In two minutes, it would be noon. If she truly went along with the terms of the bet,...Read On


First visit

It's the first time I've visited you and you have the house all to yourself. I knock on the door and you answer wearing only some sexy lingerie and heels. I greet you with a kiss and we shut the door. As it's closed I shove you against the wall and kiss you hard. I grab your wrists and bring them together above your head and hold them against the wall with one hand. With the other I cup...Read On


Lucky Day

Some days, good luck comes in threes.

Some days are just better than others. Last Wednesday, for example. My phone rang about 6:30 am, awaking me from a pleasant dream. It was Leslie, a dear friend-with-benefits. She was thinking of me, and wondered if I would enjoy a visit on her way to work. She had yet to leave home, so I had about thirty minutes to prepare for her arrival and start the coffee. I leaped out of bed,...Read On


Saturday submissive

A perfect Saturday surprise

I stirred from sleep when the mattress heaved beneath my limp body. I forced my eyes open and squinted through the darkness at the green glow of the digital clock on the nightstand. The luminous numbers were blurred by the sleep in my eyes but they appeared to be the outline of three fives. It was unusual for him to get up this late even if it was Saturday, but it was much too early for me, so...Read On


A Night in Nairobi

Philanderer seduced by unlikely traveller in the tropics

To the casual observer, Maxwell James Robertson looked much like any other expatriate in the lounge of Nairobi’s Fairway Hotel. A well proportioned man, a touch under six feet, age had treated him kindly. Middle-aged, he had a firm face with a determined “Scottish” chin and aquiline nose. Having just spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, he was pleasantly tanned, a tan that set off his...Read On


New Car With Extras Continued

Mercedes unexpectedly enjoyed her drive home that evening, despite the fact that she was held up in a traffic jam for almost two hours. Her normal twenty minute journey had grown five fold. Her mind was elsewhere, repeatedly reliving the moment when Kevin took her completely by surprise and covered her face and cleavage in a steady stream of cum. She couldn't stop herself from laughing out...Read On


The Specialist

She'd love to have lunch with him.

Pointing to the small patch of yellow containing an anachronistic lion, the symbol of a royal house long dethroned on the rear of the car facing hers, she admitted, "I like your bumper sticker." "You've been to Scotland, then?" he asked, contemplating the ash blond locks and rounded facial features. "Yes, just once. My grandmother came from Prestwick." "Ah, yes," he agreed, thinking of...Read On


Sweet Trouble

A stranger gets Katie into trouble...

Finally alone, Katie poured herself a glass of the champagne she had been serving everyone all afternoon. If the extravagance of the wedding was anything to go by, it must have been an expensive bottle, but she was no conniseur. It tasted like fizzy wine, just like they all did. Not that it wasn't refreshing. The cold drink and the cool air of the cellar were a pleasant escape from the...Read On


The Apprentice, Chapter 1

Tired of being just a receptionist, Ashley tries out for a new position...

Ashley Roberts was the youngest and newest secretary in the realty firm, having recently been hired from a training program the firm ran. A young, eager, twenty-one year old, she was just getting started on a promising new career with the Denver real estate firm. She had been a wonderful student and had done everything asked of her and then some. She never refused an assignment, and no task...Read On



It's been a long time, and . . .

"I'll be in town Thursday night. I'd love to see you. How about dinner?" The voicemail was from Danny, and Linda was thrilled when she heard it. How long had it been? Two years, two months, she knew almost to the hour. Danny was her ex, they'd been in a relationship more than four years, lived together over two. It had been wonderful, instant lust - they'd slept together the night they'd...Read On



A plan, a man and expectations exceeded

I woke up with the sun’s yellow beam casting a strip over my body like a highlighter on a sheet of white paper. I was alone and naked basking in the warmth of the morning sun, relieved to finally have the day off. I was relieved because work had been incredibly stressful since my friend Rachel got a promotion a month ago and became my boss. She went from easy, affable, and cheerful to being...Read On


Streak of Grey - Part 1

How my wife was lead to a garden path of seduction by her friend with my implicit consent.

Ali had a tough day. He was quite tired and looked forward to getting a refreshing chilled beer after handing over the bus at the depot and reaching home. Ali was a Muslim. However, like many Muslims, he indulged in the lure of the liquor, occasionally, when none of his fellows were around. She was the last person in the bus to get down. He had noticed her when she had entered the bus...Read On


Swiss seduction

For "S"

It was well past five in the afternoon by the time we arrived at our destination. We drove through Switzerland to get to Italy for our vacation last summer. We were amazed by the beauty of the country, taking in the view as we began to unpack after the long journey. After dinner at the hotel restaurant, we put the kids to bed. My wife and I were going to have some quality time together at...Read On


New Car With Extras

She had been driving past the same used car sales forecourt for the past three years and still there was no sign of the car she had longed for. For as long as she could remember Mercedes wanted to be the owner of a Ford Cougar. A sexy black one with a leather interior preferably. A leather interior looked classy she thought and so would she when she was sitting behind the steering wheel. ...Read On


Good Solutions (Part 4)

Laura uses special leverage to seduce Dean

It took Laura a while before she got to her car. She had to compose herself and it took a few minutes for her system to process what she had just witness a mere five yards from her. Where she was hidden in the brush, she had an excellent view of the young man pounding the petite young woman with all he had. What was more, the redhead seemed to have been one who was used to taking meat...Read On


The Red Shoes

Was it a dream, or reality?

Street lights flickered on and the sidewalks glistened from the remnants of an earlier shower. I stopped to gaze in a store window to see if the red pumps I was drooling for were still there. A man was blocking my view, but then I changed my attention to the most delicious set of glutes I had ever seen. He was about 6'4" and his broad shoulders told me he wasn't afraid of hard work. I...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend, Ch 2 part 5

Jacqui and I enjoy the rest of the evening with our new friend.

Robert I couldn’t believe how long this was taking. What the heck are those two women doing, taking a nap? Apparently they’d decided to leave me in the living room alone for the night and do their own thing, whatever that might be. My cock was hard as a rock. I got up to wander around, getting another glass of wine. Ugh, I didn’t like it, but thought it might calm my nerves a little...Read On


Liz's introduction to Cheryl, Masters way

Liz's continuing story of pleasing her Master

When Jeff called me and told me him and his wife Cheryl would be in town this evening through Friday because he had business meetings, I insisted they stay with me. I hadn’t seen them in over a year when Jeff’s company transferred him out of the state. After trying to argue, Jeff finally agreed to stay at my house. I was excited to see them and catch up and really wanted them to meet Liz. I...Read On


Story Time For Two

We were mutually adept at the slow tease.

She moves in new orbits suddenly, on some dating binge it seems, dating all and any who appeal to her recently unveiled acceptance that she's a "slut." That's her word, not mine. She didn't just break out of her shell, that would be putting it way too mildly. No, she fucking bursts right out of the end of some damn circus cannon. That's her flying over there, flying all over town, all over...Read On


The plane ride

Working girl gets a nice plane ride home.

I love reading stories - not so sure I'm a writer - 1st attempt: Hi, my name is Kelli. I am used to dry spells when it comes to sex. I made the decision after college to put career ahead of men for now. Thus far, I have been successful at rising up the corporate ladder, but have had to work harder than my older male colleagues to do so. It's not that I don’t love a nice hard cock – I do!...Read On


The Gardener V

She's been caught

I haven't seen my husband since he found me yesterday, sprawled naked on our bed, your cum leaking out of my stretched cunt.  "Whose cum is in you?" he had asked but, before I could think of a response, he was gone. By the time I found my robe and rushed after him, he was already pulling out of the driveway, back in the car that had just brought him home from work. I'm waiting for you in...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend, Ch 2 part 4

Jacqui and I begin to enjoy an evening with our new friend

Jacqui Watching Robert and Trisha kiss, I knew it was what I wanted to see and I knew if I could get them together sparks would fly. Despite the butterflies fluttering away in my stomach, I was feeling incredibly aroused! I remembered back to when Robert and I met, when I modeled clothes for him to buy for Michelle, and an idea started to form in my mind; something I’m sure all three of...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend Ch 2 part 3

Jacqui drops a bomb on me then seduces a waitress

I woke up first the next morning as I had to be at work well before Jacqui did. She lay in bed and watched me get ready. I fixed a bowl of vanilla-almond cereal and took it to her, watching her eat it. She was still in bed when I left for work. I knew she wouldn’t be back home till about nine-thirty again, probably every night she was there except Friday. Friday I picked her up and took...Read On


Mani Pedi (2)

Mrs.Huggins’ intentions were not entirely innocen

My name is Anna Huggins. My mani pedi last week was the subject of a recent post by my daughter Nancy’s former boyfriend, John. Perhaps you have read John’s version of it; I thought I would give you mine. For anyone who didn’t see John’s post, I will briefly set the stage. John and Nancy dated during their senior year of high school, before going off to different universities. During the...Read On


Chloe the Chameleon II

A man's encounter with a mysterious woman

James wasn't crazy about his job, but the whole time he was washing dishes in that downtown diner he was beaming. His first encounter with the enigmatic, legendary Chloe had left him weak in the knees and with a tenacious grin. He still couldn't wrap his head around his experience in that alley being more than just a dream. He was a gangly, toe-headed chap, and since childhood his...Read On



I went with expectations, what happened exceeded them all

Today was the day, a day that I had been both dreading and anticipating since the invitation arrived two months ago, addressed in my married name. I remember pulling it back moments before I let it slip from my fingers into the trash. Despite continuous reflection, I still have no idea what possessed me to decide to attend. Nevertheless, here I was sitting in my foyer on my roller bag,...Read On


The teasing chit chat led to a way for the mutual lust satisfaction

Red hair, soft skin and a itch that needed scratching

We were associated through different departments doing a common job. Nancy was my counterpart and she would call me frequently for updates and revisions. She liked to flirt as did I. She would call me at the office and tell me she was outside her cottage sunbathing, with no suit. I in turn would tease her that she could get those oh so sensitive parts burned. Well, one day I drove by...Read On