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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.


Rescuing A Windsurfer Has Its Rewards

Comfortably Numb Adventures: The Windsurfer – Part 2 The Afternoon; What Are Best Friends For?

Tatiana’s disclosure of the next chapter in our erotic adventure had the predictable uplifting effect on my battle scarred dick. Throughout our long lunch, the girls kept switching the subject of conversation to sex. I tried to talk about the relationship of Russia and Ukraine, they twisted ‘relationship’ into the benefits of mutual masturbation. Global warming became a discussion of whether...Read On


The Goodbye Kiss

A kiss goodbye leads to more.

We stand on the porch as we say a finally goodbye. It had been years since I had last seen you. The accidental meeting the other morning when I stopped for breakfast was like something from a movie. When you walked up to my table to say hi, my heart gave a little flutter. I felt my pulse quicken and body respond just hearing your voice and having you this close to me. We made plans to...Read On

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A Game Of Seduction - Part 4

Julia and Andrew consumate this game of seduction.

To fully appreciate part 4 be sure to read parts 1-3   I walk to the pool’s edge, pick up my bikini bottom and turn to see Andrew. He is laying on the blanket, watching as I sashay my way back to my house. Stopping at the French doors, I turn and blow him a kiss and go in. Running upstairs to my room, I dash to the window only to see that Andrew is gone. Removing the cum-soaked...Read On


Happy endings

Happy anniversary, darling...

I knew he wouldn’t remember. I didn’t even try to remind him this time. I did try to give him a little “hint.” A little something to jog his memory, maybe. Or just to let him know there was something different about that day. I mean, it’s not often I come back to bed after my usual routine. Most mornings I go down and get the coffee going, set out our preferred breakfast items....Read On

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The Dance

You succumb to the temptations of an erotic dancer

You sit alone in a dimly-lit alcove to one side of the room, a tall green cocktail standing untouched on the table before you. Your clothes are dark and well-fitted, and place you towards the more affluent extreme of this humble establishment’s clientèle. Like all the – mostly – men in the room your eyes are fixed on the stage at one end, where a tall athletic woman with a smooth-shaven...Read On


Inmate #17586-254 The Seduction of Lynn (Part 1)

Who knew having a pen-pal would change my life..

I’ve been corresponding with Darren for over a year now and this was going to be our first time seeing each other face to face. It all started with an assignment our English teacher had given us when I was in the eleventh grade. She wanted us to find a pen-pal and communicate the old fashioned way, by actually writing letters. We all moaned at the suggestion, but did as we were told. ...Read On


Comfortably Numb Adventures: The Windsurfer – Part 1

Rescuing a windsurfer has its rewards

Comfortably Numb is a French-built 44’ aluminum sailboat that serves as my retirement home. I had her built as a (late) mid-life crisis and moved aboard when I stopped working. My wife decided that my reversion to what she viewed as a teenage mentality and the relative primitiveness of boat life were inconsistent with her lifestyle and she found herself a rich banker. I sail the boat mostly...Read On

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Seduction Games

Will Bethany lure her prey?

"Bethany! Helloooo? Are you with us?" Her attention snapped back immediately, blonde ponytail bouncing like some warped focus gauge that just gave her away. Her face flushed slightly, further condemning her. "Sorry Mr. Fickle. Can we go back to Stu's line?" She quickly shot a glance toward her on-stage lover, hoping to catch his disapproving glare and was generously rewarded by his...Read On


A Game Of Seduction - Part 3

Andrew has a taste of what is to come.

I begin to stir as sunbeams dance their way through the partially open blinds. Turning on my back, the familiar tingling between my legs and the feeling of my nipples stiffening need my attention. Cupping my breasts, I push them together and lift them toward my waiting mouth. My full lips kiss each nipple as my tongue flicks all around them. Gently biting down on a nipple, my thumb...Read On


Second Chances - part 1

The one who got away comes back...

I walk down the street, watching life go on around me. The street vendors call out prices for goods that only the tourists will buy. A full year I've considered myself a resident here. I’ve done nothing but live here, and I was never a tourist. I was a girl who came here for a fresh start. A new adventure. No horrid past to run from. No sad story of needing a new life. Just the thrill of...Read On


A Game Of Seduction - Part 2

Andrew gets caught and and that is when the fun begins.

I awake the next morning to familiar sensations, my pussy is dripping wet and my nipples are stiff. The bed sheets are damp with sweat and pussy juice, reminders of the night’s orgasmic bliss. The toys which gave me so much pleasure are strewn about on the bed. Thinking of Andrew, my hands begin to caress my breasts and slide along my wet slit. With the first twist of a nipple and...Read On


Surprise For Christopher

Christopher finished work early; he felt good to be heading home for a long weekend with me, his girl Alana. He pulled into our long driveway, and he thought to himself, "It will be nice to have a little alone time, to relax and plan some surprises for my sexy wife."  He works hard, and never gets home before 5:00. He wanted to have our home sparkling clean and dinner ready, so I would have...Read On


A woman named Sin

A thriller story about love - hatred - money - lust, story about a woman named Sin...

A man was walking on the street, his one hand, fingers tightly clenched around the handle of a black suitcase that has a million dollars’ worth of uncut diamonds and the other busy with the phone. “Yes, I have the diamonds… No they didn’t doubt a thing… I’m coming back home and then we can leave together for good.” “You can leave your past behind, Synnove and we can start our new life....Read On


A Game Of Seduction - Part 1

Julia sets her sights on Andrew.

Andrew Cummings lives next door and he is the hottest man in the neighborhood. He is single and fifty years old. Andrew stands at six feet four with a physique that can only be described as sculpted. He has a head of hair that is salt and pepper, just the right combination of each. Andrew has the most inviting light blue eyes I have ever seen. Whenever I see this man, my heart races...Read On


Finding My First Toy

I came in to find something to relieve my angst and I am one happy customer...

I stood in front of the dark windowed store contemplating if I should really do this or take my chances online. Although I was 18, I was still living with very conservative parents. So I ran the lists of reasons why I couldn't go online: 1) My parents would see the mail before I would. 2) Credit card history my parents can access. That's all I needed to push open the door and walk in.  ...Read On


The Accidental Flash

The accidental flash necessitated a close investigation . .

I stepped out on my patio in my boxer shorts, shirtless and without shoes. I felt comfortable doing so, since I had a large back yard and a privacy fence. I turned on the garden hose and began watering the dozen or so potted plants when I looked over and saw my neighbor, a young twenty-something, doing the very same thing. Her patio was a wee bit lower in elevation than mine, so in actuality...Read On


my favourite role play

role play fantasy of my younger slut

“Will you pause it for a minute? I have to pee.” Kristen gets up from the couch and I grab for the remote, hitting pause on the second porn flick we turned on tonight. We’d shared a bottle of wine. I knew she was horny, since earlier in the first film, unimpressed by one of the girl’s one-finger banging techniques, I shoved three into her to illustrate that cunts can take more. Well,...Read On


Lake District Holiday (part 3)

Nicki seduces the blackmailer in her hotel room

Lisa and I lay in each other's arms for a while and though I was relaxed my mind was racing. How could I release Lisa from Blackthorn's insidious grasp? How could I stop his blackmail? Just as it came to me, Lisa's phone went--she looked at the display. "Speak of the devil," she said. "It's him?" "Yes." "Perfect. Get him to come here, will you?" She nodded as she answered the...Read On


My First Sex Partner

My Mother Had Her Girl Friend Seduce Me

After my father committed suicide when I was ten years old, I was raised by my mother. I attended an all-male military high school. During this time I never dated nor had any girl friends. When I was nineteen and a sophomore in college, my mother was concerned about my lack of experience dating or interacting with girls. She felt that I might get some girl pregnant, have to marry her and...Read On


Seducing Autumn

Damn rain. It came out of nowhere. Fuck its coming down hard, the rain is falling more sideways than down. I'll be soaking wet before I get to the building. Can't wait for it to let up.No fucking umbrella. Fuck my life. Have to hit the clock in 2 minutes. Maybe this plastic bag will at least keep my hair dry. Well Jess, get after it! Omg! Fucking river in the parking lot. Shit Shit shit...Read On


A Fistful Of Dollars

When a nuclear physicist meets a high class call girl, a chain reaction is inevitable.

My life took on a new challenge after graduating from Newborough High School with honours, at the end of 1980. All my life, I had lived in the small country mining town of Yallourn. The town was dug up for the brown coal beneath it in 1980, which meant moving with my parents and brother to its sister town of Yallourn North, some three miles away. A country girl by heart, I left the country and...Read On


Christmas Party

It wasnt until Christmas time, Kiara finally got what she asked for...

Our job was having a Christmas party at the home of our boss. Some workers were there with dates and other were not. Fran and I observed our surroundings. I stood there in my red skin tight dress that pleasantly held to the contours of my body. My white shoes with red bottoms simply complimented my outfit. I knew eyes were on me especially the ones of my caramel flavor, Daniel. Daniel was...Read On


Oh Mandy

Mandy had no idea what was in store for her...

She sat in the corridor, shaking and alone, her knees drawn and her head on her arms. Mandy was shaking. Dane got off the elevator, walking toward his hotel room. His very presence exuded power and authority. He was a man who was used to getting what he wanted. His eyes took in the scene before him as he came close to his door. One of the hotel maids looked very distraught. Instinct took...Read On


Comfortably Numb Adventures: And This Was Just Day One

Little Claire had been such a sweet cousin, but then she grew up. Sun, sex on a sailboat in Greece

I have lived in California most of my life. Now I live on my sailboat in Greece and Turkey. It’s 44 feet, strong aluminum hull. I had it custom built as a sort of midlife crisis before I stopped working 10 years ago. After a life of boardroom meetings, lots of frequent-flier miles and high blood pressure, I sold the house, trashed the suits and moved onto the boat that I named...Read On


Pleasuring Granny: Pt 6

Carol's Holiday Surprise.

  By: Djinnrummy Carol had touched her first penis. mine. Gradually she had summoned up sufficient courage to wrap a hand around it and masturbate me. Brenda arrived back after visiting Doreen and said that she expected Carol would now be able to have a lot of fun with Doreen and me. The result went as follows: "There is no way I'm letting that monstrosity inside me, I'll masturbate him,...Read On


Another Satisfied Client

Cynthia paints a picture for her client to close the sale.

“Isn’t this a great bedroom?” Cynthia asked her client as he looked around the furnished room. “It is quite nice,” he responded, but she felt no warmth in his voice. “Look at this bathroom,” she instructed with a broad smile. “It’s quite roomy and has a walk-in shower that will hold you and your girlfriend at the same time. Just imagine how much fun that would be.” “My girlfriend?” he...Read On


The Naughty Neighbour

Melissa decides to seduce her older neighbour

Melissa had always been a tease. She had learned that if she batted her eyes a certain way, or pouted, or played the ‘I need help card’, she was able to get her father to give in to most things. When she was little she would get him to buy her candy at the store, or that special new toy she wanted, or got to stay up that extra hour past her bedtime to watch her favourite show. As she got...Read On


Comfortably Numb Adventures: Georgina

Georgina owned an ice cream shop on a Greek island. Fred came for ice cream, she came for Fred.

My sailboat, ‘Comfortably Numb’, is my (early) retirement home. I'm based in the South Eastern Aegean Sea. I alternate between Greek Islands and the Turkish coast. Each has it's good points. The southwest Turkish coast is crenelated with bays and fjords. The landscape is beautiful with mountains that flow into the sea. The Greek southeast Aegean Islands, called the Dodecanese, meaning...Read On


Lara's Trickery

A father is seduced by his daughter's best friend

I looked at my watch. Lara must have been sleeping for about two hours. I decided to go and check, to make sure everything was okay. She had been feeling sick earlier and was resting for a while in my daughter’s bedroom before going home. Beth, my daughter, John, her boyfriend, and Lara were all eighteen and in their last year of high school. They were supposed to be going for a meal and a...Read On

Recommended Read

151 Reasons

My name is Ryan Noble and I have a gift money can't buy: I understand women.

There's a common misconception that the female of our species is illogical. Taken at the macro, day-to-day level that may appear the case, but over time they are actually the most logical creatures on Earth. With logic comes predictability. And if the output is predictable, the input can be manipulated to deliver any response desired. And do I have desires. Take the barista over there...Read On