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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.


The Slow Tease

Waiting, blindfolded for him to get home.

She is waiting in the position as he instructed her. She is just in front of the couch, in the middle of the carpet. With the exception of the silk scarf covering her eyes, she's completely naked. She is on her knees and sitting back on her heels with her knees stretched wide apart. Her hands are clasped loosely behind her back leaving her firm up-tilted breasts and her smooth shaven pubis...Read On


The Holistic Approach

A psychiatrist knows just the treatment for her new, young male patient.

I waited in line as I had many times before. The scene was typical of the waiting room, gloomy people all starring at their phones or the floor, waiting for their names to be called. At one point, I was just like them, but over time, I mended my fences and found my way back to who I am, not what life circumstances had turned me into. The line moved quick, and as it was my turn to check-in,...Read On


The School For Scandal: Part 2

Professor Kearns prepares his first student for her sexual awakening

I awoke to an empty bed, not surprised but ever so slightly disappointed. Olga had gone, leaving behind rumpled sheets, a whiff of Chanel No. 5, a little sweat, her sex on the sheets, and a note: Sorry Professor, My mistress called and I have to go. Thank you for a most wonderful evening. Your reputation is well deserved. Olga I smiled as I headed for the shower, rather proud of myself...Read On


The Cute Little Waitress – Part 1

I hated to take advantage of her, but she was so hot and I needed a travel companion.

I was moving from Orlando to Los Angeles and had stopped overnight in Mobile, Alabama. I was taking I-10 straight across the southern U.S. and I was in no particular hurry to get there because my new job didn’t start for a month, so I was taking my time, stopping early each day to rest. I was eating dinner in the motel’s café when I overheard two waitresses talking. The really cute blonde...Read On


Seduced by My Brother’s Wife

When my brother married Angela, I knew that she wasn’t right for him.

I was extremely jealous when Bob married Angela, not because she was so gorgeous, but because I used to date her and I knew what kind of girl she was. When we were dating, Angela wanted to spend all of our time together in bed. Her libido was way off the chart and I couldn’t keep up with her needs! Then five years later, Bob met her and fell in love with her almost overnight. He knew that...Read On


The Heatwave - Chapter Two

Desire takes flame at the dinner table.

Rachel rifled through her closet trying to find the perfect outfit for her date that night. She tried on some nice jeans but they didn't fit any more. She tried on a skirt but she usually used it for clubs so it was a bit short for a nice restaurant. Finally, she pulled out a red dress she’d bought a while back but hadn't had the opportunity to wear yet. It was a tight number that...Read On


In The Master Bedroom

Colette the maid carefully walked the few stairs to the master bedroom carrying her employer's breakfast tray laden with food and the morning papers. She didn't start out wanting to be in domestic service but when her boyfriend bailed on her after she moved to Florida, she was forced to take anything she could find. An employment agency set her up with an interview with the person that...Read On


The Wal-Mart Cashier

The new cashier at Wal-Mart was so friendly and gorgeous that I just had to pursue her.

The first time I saw the new cashier at Wal-Mart, my cock responded with a jerk and I could imagine bending her over my bed and fucking her slowly from behind. She was smiling and talking to each shopper as she scanned their purchases. I was in her checkout line and kept my eyes fixed on her, loving everything about her. She had long brown hair that looked so soft that my hand wanted to reach...Read On


The Heatwave

Rachel's love life heats up

The sweat trickled down the chest of Rachel as she sat back on the cafe chair. She fanned herself, trying to stave off the heat with no result. “Im dying,” her long-time best friend Laura said, putting the ice cubes from her drink into her mouth to crunch. They were both wearing only shorts and vest top but they were still hot as hell and trying to find anyway to cool down. “I’m...Read On


My First Model

I met Taylor at the mall and I knew that somehow I had to have her!

Every Saturday I go to the local mall with my three cameras slung over my shoulders. I’m an amateur photographer and love to take pictures of gorgeous girls. There seems to always be an abundance of them at the mall. Most are teenagers, and that’s fine with me. They seem to always dress sexily and are usually bubbly and eager to let me take their picture. They’re all vain. I have this...Read On


My KC Royals Girlfriend

Renée was an absolute doll and I had to have her!

I met her at a sports bar in Kansas City during the World Series between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals in October of 2015. The place was super crowded with Royals fans, male and female alike. All of the girls there were really hot, but one stood out in the crowd. She had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a sweet smile. But the thing that caught my eyes was that she seemed out...Read On



A man establishes his position with his woman

The text read, “come here, now.” When he met her at the door, she sensed something was different. He didn’t say a word as he led her to the bedroom. There were mirrors placed around the room that she had not seen before. She felt his hand on her hip as he turned her to him. His lips met hers in a firm kiss unlike his typical soft advances. She felt his one hand on her back, the other...Read On


Can you Imagine?

Jared meets Karen to remodel a house. But recently divorced Karen has other plans.

I met my wife Karen when I was twenty-six working for a construction company. I remember perfectly the day we met. She was an older woman at forty-two with a chiseled body. She could have been a model with her perfectly round C cup breasts and plump ass. She got out of her black BMW dressed in a tight red dress and a black blazer on top. Instead of a warm greeting she yelled "Stop! Just...Read On

Recommended Read

Oranges And Plums

Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values.

It was the years of the Moguls, 17th century India. The Dutch and the English wishing the trade of India's goods. I, Rami, the first son of a Maharaja, was bequeathed his estate and vast landholdings. My wealth wasn't so much in jewels and gold, as it was, what the orchard trees grew. Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values. The marketplace of Surat was bustling, a...Read On


Twenty Four Hours

Barb finds out that a lot can happen when someone else is in charge for twenty four hours.

Barb checked her watch again. She was where she was supposed to be, although she had arrived ten minutes early. For the umpteenth time, she wondered how she lost the bet that put her in this position. She didn't regret making the bet, but she still couldn't believe she had lost. She checked her watch again. In two minutes, it would be noon. If she truly went along with the terms of the bet,...Read On


First visit

It's the first time I've visited you and you have the house all to yourself. I knock on the door and you answer wearing only some sexy lingerie and heels. I greet you with a kiss and we shut the door. As it's closed I shove you against the wall and kiss you hard. I grab your wrists and bring them together above your head and hold them against the wall with one hand. With the other I cup...Read On


I Finally Nailed My Neighbor’s Wife

I’d always wanted to get Becky into bed and I finally did it.

When Bill and Becky moved into the house behind us, I was immediately in lust. She had long, flowing black hair, a great body, and a sexiness about her that just really had me hard whenever she was around. My wife and I became friends with them quickly and we were together every weekend playing cards or swimming in our pool. After a few months of playing cards and looking at Becky’s...Read On


Seduced by My Friend’s Daughter

She and her friend were horny and cornered me, intent on seducing me.

My long-time friend from college came down to Orlando with his daughter Dana and her best friend, Haley. I offered to let them to stay with me because I knew how expensive it was to stay in a hotel near Disney World. They had 3-day passes and were planning to see everything. I had never met his daughter before and was floored when she came through the door. She was a knockout, as was her...Read On


My Daughter’s Friend

When Jamie brought her friend home for a visit, I had no idea what they had planned for me.

My daughter Jamie is twenty years old and a junior at the local university. She lives at home and we never argue. She never went through that difficult teenager phase and we could always talk about anything. “Daddy, I have a really close friend at school. Her name’s Kaarina. She’s an exchange student from India.” “Really?” “Yeah. I’ve been wanting to invite her over some weekend....Read On


Lucky Day

Some days, good luck comes in threes.

Some days are just better than others. Last Wednesday, for example. My phone rang about 6:30 am, awaking me from a pleasant dream. It was Leslie, a dear friend-with-benefits. She was thinking of me, and wondered if I would enjoy a visit on her way to work. She had yet to leave home, so I had about thirty minutes to prepare for her arrival and start the coffee. I leaped out of bed,...Read On


Saturday submissive

A perfect Saturday surprise

I stirred from sleep when the mattress heaved beneath my limp body. I forced my eyes open and squinted through the darkness at the green glow of the digital clock on the nightstand. The luminous numbers were blurred by the sleep in my eyes but they appeared to be the outline of three fives. It was unusual for him to get up this late even if it was Saturday, but it was much too early for me, so...Read On


A Night in Nairobi

Philanderer seduced by unlikely traveller in the tropics

To the casual observer, Maxwell James Robertson looked much like any other expatriate in the lounge of Nairobi’s Fairway Hotel. A well proportioned man, a touch under six feet, age had treated him kindly. Middle-aged, he had a firm face with a determined “Scottish” chin and aquiline nose. Having just spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, he was pleasantly tanned, a tan that set off his...Read On


Teaching Her to Give Head

Our sixteen year-old neighbor and babysitter wanted me to teach her to give head.

It’s been four years since this happened, so I feel like I can safely tell the story of what occurred between me and Claire, our neighbor and babysitter. Claire started babysitting for us when our daughter was born. She was our neighbor and, therefore, very convenient. She was a gorgeous and adorable teenager with long brown hair, green eyes, and a smile that I could look at all day. But...Read On


New Car With Extras Continued

Mercedes unexpectedly enjoyed her drive home that evening, despite the fact that she was held up in a traffic jam for almost two hours. Her normal twenty minute journey had grown five fold. Her mind was elsewhere, repeatedly reliving the moment when Kevin took her completely by surprise and covered her face and cleavage in a steady stream of cum. She couldn't stop herself from laughing out...Read On


The Specialist

She'd love to have lunch with him.

Pointing to the small patch of yellow containing an anachronistic lion, the symbol of a royal house long dethroned on the rear of the car facing hers, she admitted, "I like your bumper sticker." "You've been to Scotland, then?" he asked, contemplating the ash blond locks and rounded facial features. "Yes, just once. My grandmother came from Prestwick." "Ah, yes," he agreed, thinking of...Read On


Sweet Trouble

A stranger gets Katie into trouble...

Finally alone, Katie poured herself a glass of the champagne she had been serving everyone all afternoon. If the extravagance of the wedding was anything to go by, it must have been an expensive bottle, but she was no conniseur. It tasted like fizzy wine, just like they all did. Not that it wasn't refreshing. The cold drink and the cool air of the cellar were a pleasant escape from the...Read On


The Apprentice, Chapter 1

Tired of being just a receptionist, Ashley tries out for a new position...

Ashley Roberts was the youngest and newest secretary in the realty firm, having recently been hired from a training program the firm ran. A young, eager, twenty-one year old, she was just getting started on a promising new career with the Denver real estate firm. She had been a wonderful student and had done everything asked of her and then some. She never refused an assignment, and no task...Read On



It's been a long time, and . . .

"I'll be in town Thursday night. I'd love to see you. How about dinner?" The voicemail was from Danny, and Linda was thrilled when she heard it. How long had it been? Two years, two months, she knew almost to the hour. Danny was her ex, they'd been in a relationship more than four years, lived together over two. It had been wonderful, instant lust - they'd slept together the night they'd...Read On



A plan, a man and expectations exceeded

I woke up with the sun’s yellow beam casting a strip over my body like a highlighter on a sheet of white paper. I was alone and naked basking in the warmth of the morning sun, relieved to finally have the day off. I was relieved because work had been incredibly stressful since my friend Rachel got a promotion a month ago and became my boss. She went from easy, affable, and cheerful to being...Read On


Streak of Grey - Part 1

How my wife was lead to a garden path of seduction by her friend with my implicit consent.

Ali had a tough day. He was quite tired and looked forward to getting a refreshing chilled beer after handing over the bus at the depot and reaching home. Ali was a Muslim. However, like many Muslims, he indulged in the lure of the liquor, occasionally, when none of his fellows were around. She was the last person in the bus to get down. He had noticed her when she had entered the bus...Read On