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24 Jan 2017 13:45

I commented recently in a thread about how my oldest Lush story didn't seem to have received much love (less than 3000 views in 4ish years online). It's a story of reconciliation and passion that I rather like (I just reread it). Nothing kinky or wild, just a couple rediscovering each other after a separation. I'm making an effort to put it back in the public eye. The title is "Stormy With a Chance of Passion" and the link is below. Try it out and let me know what you think.

17 Jan 2017 11:14

Okay, okay. I know. Christmas is well and truly behind us. However, as mentioned a few blogs back, I actually wrote two stories for the comp. The first ended up being too long and I didn't really want to cut it back any further, so the second got submitted. I did not, however, abandon the original effort and here it is in all its glory. A lonely woman gets a mysterious gift that brightens up a ruined holiday...

And, for those who missed it, the one that did get entered,

12 Jan 2017 11:31

So, I am back. Had a nice cruise out of San Juan down through islands like Barbados, St. Lucia, and such. Getting close on a couple new stories but time has been tight as I get back to work and clean various bits and pieces left after my vacation. Soon (famous last words).

30 Dec 2016 09:18

I'm off for a week to enjoy sunnier, warmer climes. Hope all my Lush friends have a Happy New Year. Indulge in your vices but don't overdo it. I want to see you again in 2017. Two new stories coming (I hope) early in the New Year. For now, there's always my comp entry:

16 Dec 2016 12:01

Here I go, entering comps again. Please give my latest a read and a score.

When his girlfriend needs sex bad, even a Christmas Eve church service can't stop them,

14 Dec 2016 07:55

Story chosen. Just need to finalize a title.

12 Dec 2016 12:54

Decisions, decisions. I've ended up with two stories that could go in the holiday comp. Both are still in editing but complete. Hopefully, I'll make up my mind soon. Whichever one I enter, I'll eventually publish the other as well (after the comp is over and winners announced) since I've put in the work.

15 Nov 2016 10:43

Wow. My first ever comp runner-up. Guess I'm getting better with time or something. Thanks to the judges and congrats to the winners and the other runners-up. The story in question is about a young man, an older woman, and lots of fur.

29 Oct 2016 05:37

As I've been working on my comp entry, I have also been doing a bit of mentoring. The product of that work is now up. Introducing sallytheslut2 as a new Lush author. Please give the young lady a warm welcome.

28 Oct 2016 10:16

Wow, I can't believe I'm entering a story in a competition for fetish stories. I don't really have any fetishes myself (okay, maybe a bit of a boob fetish) so at first, I was going to pass on this one. However, an idea came to mind inspired by a bit of my own past. It's about a young man with a fur fetish and a lovely neighbour who indulges him, leading to his first sex. It took me a while to put it all together, but I quite like the final product and hope you will, too.

And the bit of my own past? The masturbation scene that kicks things off and Mrs. Tanner herself, who's loosely inspired by a MILF that I used to babysit for. Everything that happens between them is pure fiction, though.

11 Oct 2016 07:06

I'm back in the USA. Alas, a business trip this time. I'm in Tampa until Saturday. Good news: I have some free time so I'm putting the finishing touches on a new story for the fetish comp. May be up tomorrow or the day after.

For now, this is still my latest:

And I was re-reading these ones recently and thought I should promo them a bit. They are parts 1 & 2 of the same story and I should probably retitle them to reflect that.

Not sure why the first is more popular. I guess banging your sister-in-law is sexier than makeup sex with your wife?

30 Aug 2016 15:18

Hey, I'm back from gallivanting around the United States and glad to see some votes and comments on "Sweat". Hope you're all well and if you haven't read my latest, the link is below.

14 Aug 2016 09:31

In the words of Johnny Horton, I'm headin' "North to Alaska". IOW, it's family vacation time. This year, I'm staying a bit closer to home than the last couple. Instead of Europe, I'm visiting that fine land to the South (and North) of my own. Seattle, various ports in Alaska, and Denver are on the itinerary.

While I'm gone, you can enjoy my latest naught outing (and I am going to work on more once my vac. is over):

06 Aug 2016 13:29

Steamy Dreams, stories by Seeker4, Part 2

If I was going to do an anthology of my Lush stories, these are some that I would be including. I'll change this every few weeks or so. This week, the ones that the mods inexplicably liked enough to flag as "Recommended Reads". Hope you enjoy them as much as they did.

Summer Storm - Passion as intense as the storm outside

Sweet Tasty Treats - And the cupcakes were good, too.


The Pastor's Secret - Passion erupts in an encounter between a lonely minister and an escort.

In the Dark - He waits, she comes, passion hidden in the shadows.