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24 Jun 2016 08:47

Steamy Dreams, stories by Seeker4

If I was going to do an anthology of my Lush stories, these are some that I would be including. I'll change this every couple weeks or so. This week, some that go back to my early days on Lush.

His Secret, Her New Passion - A wife discovers her husband's secret, and turns it into a sexy revival for herself and him. -

The Christmas Angel's Gift - A lonely Christmas Eve turns into a steamy Christmas tryst. -

Stormy With a Chance of Passion - An chance reunion relights the fires of an estranged couple. -

28 Apr 2016 06:44

Dancing has always struck me as one of the most erotic of human activities when done right. So I wrote a Lush story about it. First time, hot dancer, and a sweet, sentimental reunion all come into play. Enjoy!

23 Apr 2016 13:42

Not sure of where I'm going on Lush right now. Many stories in my work folder, all kind of stalled. One that is proceeding likely will have to go to the blue site (involves characters from my erotic stories but isn't erotic itself). Been quite busy in life and I'm actually amazed that I even got my comp entry for the last comp done.

25 Mar 2016 11:47

I am back with a new story and it's an entry in the New Experiences comp. In the spirit of the competition, I did something new, too. For the first I wrote in first person from the woman's point of view. Please give it a read and score/comment on it.

When the game ends, the real fun begins...

26 Dec 2015 08:06

Thanks to all who have posted Christmas greetings on my profile. Been off on a holiday and just back so just seeing them now. Hope you're all gearing up for a Happy New Year!

He was on the rebound.
She was looking for her first time.
Their passion was as brief and intense as the storm outside.

A Lush Recommended Read. So Read It!