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Aaaand part 2 is verified so I'm updating this post...

So, for those who were wondering what happens to poor Curt (from Wedding Night Blues) next, the answer is ... hot rebound sex with a model whose poster he once had on his dorm wall!

And the story of how his wedding came to an abrupt halt is found in these two stories:

19 days ago

Two people. One major upheaval in both their lives. Both sides of the story are now up.

A groom is left at the altar, an old friend comforts him in the best possible way:

A bride's last night out before her wedding changes her mind and attitude to life:

01 May 2017 05:47

The ape is coming back soon with not one, but two, new stories. And they are related. Quite closely. (The stories, not the characters. Lush wouldn't allow that one.). So read'em both to get the full experience.

And my last story is a getting a bit old now but as spring moves on and the weather warms up, a Christmas story might be a nice way to chill.

25 Apr 2017 19:10

My lovely friend Sally came to me with another hot story idea that I helped her flesh out (flesh, heh! heh!). This lady has a hot imagination so give her a look.

05 Apr 2017 07:48