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I have a new story up. After writing a lot of longer, story-focussed pieces over the last year, I decided it was time to cut to the chase and write and nice, short story focussed squarely on sex. And the outcome is a tale of a very sexy celebration by a couple and a special friend:

And the poetry competition is not quite over yet, so if you haven't looked at my entry yet, there is still time. It has, to my delight, been very well-received by my friends and followers and I thank all of those who have voted and commented over the past week.

3 days ago

'Tis not often I write poetry, but this one came to me last night and, conveniently, there is still time left in the poetry competition. So, here for your perusal, is a poetic celebration of all things hard and hot,

9 days ago

It is going to be a while before I have any new stories to go up, but I thought I'd call attention to an old favorite of mine. It's about the lessons a student learns when he tracks down a reclusive professor for an interview and it is a personal favorite among my stories.

29 days ago

While we wait for the results of the comp, I'll just invite you revisit some of my better past comp entries.

From last year's "Bookish Stories":

From 2016's Fetish comp: (this one made the top 10, my only listed finish so far)

From 2014's Oral comp: (didn't do anything in the comp but got a Recommended Read afterwards)

06 Feb 2018 08:01

"Change" is a theme I love. So much of life is about how our lives and the world change in both big and small ways. So, the new comp on the theme of "Change" was a bit of a natural for me to take on. Myths about transformation are potent stories about change and how it impacts us and the world. Here's my contribution to that tradition.

25 Jan 2018 06:27

A few years back, earlier in my Lush career, I wrote a trilogy of stories about a young woman named April. It began with her beginning a relationship with her friend Ross and revealing a rather sad past in the sex trade to him. Then I flashed back to one of her better encounters during her time as an escort. Finally, I had her and Ross enjoying some erotic exploration with another couple, which reflected back onto their relationship with each other.

However, for a long time, I've had an idea for one more "April Story" (as I call them), to be set at Christmas after Ross nursed April through a serious illness. I finally wrote it this year as my 2017 Christmas story. Please enjoy.

19 Dec 2017 06:00

Just posted a bit of a history of how Wedding Interrupted developed over time. It's a bit chaotic since there was no plan, just me going from story to story trying to see where Curt and Julia were going. The account is in this forum thread, which also has the master list of the stories in order:

And the newly released finale to the series can be found here. A hike in the woods brings the runaway bride and her groom back together. Where will it lead? How will he handle the truth of why she did it?

11 Dec 2017 13:26

It is done. I have finally brought the saga of Curt & Julia (at least this portion of it) to a, for me at least, satisfying close. A hike in the woods brings the erstwhile couple back together.

And for the complete saga, either follow the links or see the forum post below:

08 Dec 2017 08:07

I continue to plug away at the final story about Curt and Julia. It is proving difficult to get it into a shape I am happy with. Part of that is me being a bit perfectionist about this particular story, part of it is life getting in the way. Anyhow, I am shooting for Monday, December 11 at this point but hopefully sooner. For now, here is the rest of their story:

07 Dec 2017 05:44

I have, as contemplated and mentioned in Rump's a couple times, revised the titling on my stories about the aftermath of a wedding gone awry to make them into more of a proper series. I have posted the details in a thread post:

21 Nov 2017 10:09

New categories!!! Yay!!!

And one in particular caught my eye: Money. I have written several stories that mention or touch on the oldest profession (April, star of three of my stories and a cameo in a fourth, worked as an escort), but only two that actually feature it (including one starring April). Those are now in the Money category. (a Recommended Read, btw)

09 Nov 2017 06:49

Holy crap! I've been on Lush for 5 years! Wow, seems like yesterday. And apparently, that makes me a Veteran. Wonder what they call the ones who've been here for 10. Anyhow, I continue to enjoy being here and love the crowd. Thanks to Nicola for creating such a great site and to all who have welcomed me, chatted with me, and read my stories over the last five years.

Technically, this was my first published story, though it's no longer first in my list due to an extensive rewrite it went through that took it offline for a while and therefore bumped it down a bit.

17 Oct 2017 05:40

Well, the new comp has given me an excuse to put my series aside for a bit. My entry is done and up so give it a look. It's about a librarian who finds something verrrrry interesting in the rare books room.

27 Sep 2017 10:34

Finally got the latest story in my Bride/Groom sequence out. Julia becomes involved with a couple in an open marriage, exploring new desires and wrestling with old feelings along the way:

And I have fixed up the links so the stories now go in some semblance of order if you follow the links through. There are future plans to clean up the titles as well to make it into a proper series but I'm heading into vacation and a move (my son to university in another city) so may not get to it until later in September.

13 Aug 2017 13:11

New story is nearing completion and it continues the story of Julia, the bride from The Bride's Awakening. I've already told the story of the groom, Curt, in the wake of their cancelled wedding so now it's time for more of her adventures. It should be ready on the weekend or early next week. In the meantime, here's the existing stories in order: - a bride cancels her wedding after an erotic fling - the groom is consoled by his best friend in the best possible way - in the wake of the failed wedding, Curt meets Angie, a sexy new client at work who is an old crush of his - Curt travels to Vegas with Angie and has some more new experiences

04 Aug 2017 07:10

Aaaand part 2 is verified so I'm updating this post...

So, for those who were wondering what happens to poor Curt (from Wedding Night Blues) next, the answer is ... hot rebound sex with a model whose poster he once had on his dorm wall!

And the story of how his wedding came to an abrupt halt is found in these two stories:

02 Jun 2017 12:36

Two people. One major upheaval in both their lives. Both sides of the story are now up.

A groom is left at the altar, an old friend comforts him in the best possible way:

A bride's last night out before her wedding changes her mind and attitude to life:

01 May 2017 05:47

The ape is coming back soon with not one, but two, new stories. And they are related. Quite closely. (The stories, not the characters. Lush wouldn't allow that one.). So read'em both to get the full experience.

And my last story is a getting a bit old now but as spring moves on and the weather warms up, a Christmas story might be a nice way to chill.

25 Apr 2017 19:10

My lovely friend Sally came to me with another hot story idea that I helped her flesh out (flesh, heh! heh!). This lady has a hot imagination so give her a look.

05 Apr 2017 07:48