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Topic What's your WIP (work in progress) about?
Posted 05 Feb 2015 05:37

I really don't know. I had a comp entry I was working on, it languished on Google Drive until I killed it. Sometimes, stories just...meander off into the woods, to be eaten by bears.

Sounds familiar. Embarassed

Topic what was your first sexual act?
Posted 05 Feb 2015 05:35

Playing with her body, boobs and more, leading to handjobs and rubbing of genitals. Penetration actually came much later.

Topic What's your WIP (work in progress) about?
Posted 04 Feb 2015 13:43

As for my WIP, I'm kind of flailing right now. Three stories and none really progressing. I've got two teachers keeping each other warm on a snow day (which we get plenty of here in my part of Canada), a first time/coming of age story (hopefully different from Chuck's), and two couples rebooting their relationships with some impromptu swinging.

Update: all of these are "hanging fire". I'll probably come back to them eventually but they kind of lost momentum. I'm presently working on two parts (simultaneously) of a piece that may go longer. It's first person about a husband dealing with both his wife's adultery and his own (with the wife's sister).

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 04 Feb 2015 13:35

Needed her for bedtime play.

Topic This or That
Posted 04 Feb 2015 13:34

No neither option so I'll take Punk (though I'm really not fond of either)

Metal or Prog Rock?

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 04 Feb 2015 13:32

Would being sandwiched by curious and I be okay? Yes, in other words.

Topic Cringe or Cum
Posted 04 Feb 2015 13:31

50:50. Cringe at the candle wax (I am very sensitive to heat) and cum at the fingering.

Pull off the highway and get it on in the back seat by the side of the road.

Topic What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted 04 Feb 2015 10:35

I have enjoyed the company (paid) of some young ladies whose age I did not know with any accuracy but I'd estimate some of them were. perhaps, 20-25 years younger than me though my favorite wasn't that young. My spouse is 9 years older and that's the biggest gap where I know how big it is.

Topic how did you hear of lush stories?
Posted 04 Feb 2015 10:29

Was looking for both a good erotica site and a good sex forum site. Googling around, I found Lush and it fit both bills.

Topic This or That
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:33

Nat but only because I'm not that familiar with Benton. If I heard more it could change.

A shower together or a bath together?

Topic Who's Your Lush Valentine?
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:30

There's a few I can think of but hard to narrow it to just one.

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:28

Perhaps one, but it ain't happenin'

Would you ever try opening up your marriage?

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:27

Dear God, that felt great!

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:26

A nice naked swim with kitty and then some fun on the shore would be a treat. We'll have to go somewhere warm, though.

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:24

Bill and I can share kitty, I'm sure.

Topic Anyone else have the day off tomorrow?
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:22

The kids here got the day off school due to the weather (not sure where in the US you are kornslayer so it may have been the same storm) but businesses were open so I had to work.

Topic Guys And Gals What in Particular Do You MOST Enjoy Seeing Your Lover Wear ?
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:20

A nice dress that shows some leg and has a neckline that flashes a bit of boob. Just a simple bra and panties beneath, preferably black or red.

Topic Too early or too late. The first time.
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:16

I was a bit of a late-bloomer, having my first time at twenty-four with a classmate who became, and is still, my wife (though we didn't marry for another three years after that first time).

Sometimes, I think I could have and should have got there earlier. Perhaps, had I not been a rather geeky sort and therefore a bit of an outcast in high school, maybe I would have got there earlier.

OTOH, the bullying and rejection that I experienced in high school left a bit gun-shy socially and maybe I needed a few years to get over that. Plus, that first summer with her was a pretty exploratory time for me both socially and sexually (it was also my first time living away from my parents) and will be a part of my memories forever so maybe it really was the right time.

Topic Harper Lee to publish a second book!
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:10

Oh, I knew she was still around but this news (I saw it on a news source I follow on Twitter) still threw me. I suppose it's good news but I'm also wondering if lightning can strike twice or if Lee will turn out to be a "one hit wonder".

Topic What is your favorite romantic movie?
Posted 03 Feb 2015 12:03

I dislike romantic movies, so much slush. Although I quite like, 'Lost in Translation' Is that movie romantic ? I guess so !

I suppose it is in a rather quiet sort of way. I like it very much but didn't even think of it for this topic until you mentioned it.

Topic How opposed are you in having sex with a virgin?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 12:23

You know what? Never had one (a virgin, that is). Likely never will at this point in my life. And I don't really think that's a big deal. The feeling that someone is trusting you with their "first time" is probably more important than the act itself but, hey, I'll probably never know.

Topic What is your favorite romantic movie?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 12:21

I'll air my dirty little secret...I absolutely abhor "romantic" movies. I am probably the only heterosexual woman in North America who spent the entire length of "Titanic" thinking quietly to myself, Sink already, dammit. Just...fucking...sink. That was pretty much the extent of my feelings, the entire movie.

So...favourite romantic movie? Sadly, I don't have one.

I don't abhor romantic movies but I'm fairly selective about them. Just slapping the "romance" label on a movie is not enough for me. There has to be some depth to the characters and stories beyond just "I wuvs you, baby".

As for Titanic: The script of Titanic was so cliched and wooden that without Cameron's beautiful realization of the ship and Leo and Kate's performances, it would have been a total write-off. As it was, it was tolerable at best. But I'm also an s-f fan who didn't get bouncing-off-the-walls excited about Avatar, either (beautiful world-building, but the script blah5 ). Cameron needs to get a good writer to work with and focus on directing and world-building, which are his real fortes.

Topic Erotic thrillers recommendations?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 10:33

Not a genre I watch a lot, but I did like the already mentioned "Unfaithful".

Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution", which I mentioned in another thread a long time ago, kind of fits the bill (Chinese girl becomes part of a plot to snare and assassinate a collaborator during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai) and Zhang Yimou's "Ju Dou" definitely does.

Topic What is your favorite romantic movie?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 10:13

Are they romantic or tragedies? They don't have happy endings.

A tragedy can be romantic. "Romantic" really just means romantic love is somehow part of the story, not that all's well that ends well. Look at something like Love Story (which I actually detest but it works as an example) or Romeo and Juliet. Definitely romantic but also tragic. Not all romances have to be rom-coms or fantasies, there can be romantic dramas, romantic tragedies, etc. You could probably do romantic s-f but I can't think of an cinematic example (there are some s-f romance novels).

I do rather agree with Derek about Gone With The Wind, though. I don't find as much romance in it as some seem to.

As for my favorite romantic movies:

The Princess Bride

Much Ado About Nothing (okay, that's a play but there are couple good, entertaining film versions around)

Topic Would you consider LUSH to be a porn site?
Posted 01 Feb 2015 06:01

In strict, technical literal definition terms, it is. "Pornography" seems to hearken back to Greek meaning "writing about prostitutes" and has traditionally meant any literature/media aimed at creating sexual arousal.

In modern usage, though, I'd say it leans more to the erotica end of the spectrum since "porn" these days refers more to explicit, often exploitive, media like hardcore vids. We at Lush (well, a lot of us) value stories that arouse through the mind and that portray relationships as well as the mechanics of sex.

Topic When you get yourself off . . .
Posted 28 Jan 2015 13:38

Depends where it happens. In the shower, there is no mess. Just down the drain. Else I try to keep it on my skin and then do a quick wash or at least get it somewhere that is wipe clean.

Topic Forum error?
Posted 27 Jan 2015 10:04

That makes perfect sense ... dontknow

I suspect he means he switched it off and on again or swore at it then kicked it.

Actually, it's a bit more high-powered than that (just barely within my level of understanding of database technology) but those are legitimate IT troubleshooting tactics that I frequently resort to. evil4

Topic Do you like to play with tits, not just look at them?
Posted 27 Jan 2015 09:58

Looking at breasts is just step 1. Breasts are meant to be touched, played with, licked, sucked, and generally enjoyed (squeezing and pinching optional if the woman is into it), not just looked at. IMHO, anyhow.

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 26 Jan 2015 13:47

By accident? Not a chance. Very nice piece of poetry, stephanie. Wish I could get my poetic muse back (I've written a few over the years) but right now my prose muse isn't even functioning especially well.


Topic Forum error?
Posted 26 Jan 2015 13:36

Actually, I'm finding it better today, but I've only been on for short spells so maybe just not getting it for that reason.