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Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 02 Jan 2015 06:42

Innocent (but open to it)

Ever hit on someone only to find out you know their partner?

Topic Who would you like to handcuff? (Above or Below)
Posted 02 Jan 2015 06:39

Above. Then I can have fun with SensualLady without him interfering evil4 .

Topic This or That
Posted 02 Jan 2015 06:37


Beer or soda with it?

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 02 Jan 2015 06:36

You really get me going.

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 02 Jan 2015 06:36

Well, a male three-way actually appeals to me but I know you guys aren't up for it so I'll pass.

Topic Sausage Sizzle
Posted 30 Dec 2014 18:40

Never seen it. In my part of Canada, we usually put our sausages in large buns similar to hot dog buns (or even large hot dog buns). I may try putting them on bread next bbq season, though. We often barbeque sausages at home as a quick dinner during the week.

Topic How many times a day do you have dessert?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 18:36

I have largely given up eating dessert on a regular basis (borderline diabetic so have to go easy on sugars) but when travelling (e.g. the cruise I was on last week) or at a party, I will "cheat". When I was growing up, though, we constantly had sweets in the house whether store bought or homemade (Mom loved baking) so dessert was a part of every supper and often lunches, too.

Topic Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 13:27

I like it but where I live, for the half the year sleeping naked means either crank up the furnace or put on a nice thick comforter and extra blankets.

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 30 Dec 2014 12:13

A kiss for the lovely lady above me.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 30 Dec 2014 12:07

Wish you a happy holiday!

Topic What Are The Most Memorable Songs You Have Ever Heard
Posted 30 Dec 2014 11:29

"O souverain, O juge, O pere" from Le Cid by Massenet

"Recondita Armonia" from Tosca by Puccini

"Nessun Dorma" from Turandot by Puccini

"Una furtiva Lagrima" by Donizetti (forget which opera)

Yes, I like opera and he did say "any genre".

For more popular stuff:

"Layla" - Derek and the Dominos

"Nights in White Satin", "Question", and a few more - The Moody Blues

"Forever Autumn" - Justin Hayward (Moody Blues lead singer/guitar player) from the concept album War of the Worlds

"Wake Up", "Intervention" - Arcade Fire

Topic No Porn?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 08:38

I don't consume a lot of porn anymore. I can enjoy a good porno and get off to it, but circumstances mean that I rarely get to access it and, frankly, I don't miss it. My own imagination does a pretty good job when I need some stimulation.

Topic Boobs vs Ass Which in your opinion is better?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 08:36

Neither is necessarily better, but I'm more drawn to boobs. I appreciate a nice ass but it's the tits that really get my attention and start my motor revving.

Topic What sort of pussy lips do you like
Posted 30 Dec 2014 08:34

As I commented in another thread, if we're at the point where I'm getting a good look at her pussy, the appearance of her pussy lips isn't going to be a make or break. The feel of her pussy on my fingers or cock, the taste of it, and so on are more important because if I'm that close to her pussy, looking ain't what I'm doing.

Topic Best Guitar Solos/Guitar Licks Ever
Posted 30 Dec 2014 08:26

Layla - Derek and the Dominos (Eric Clapton and Duane Allman on guitar with the bonus of a great piano track written by drummer Jim Gordon)


Topic Too Much Time on Our Hands
Posted 30 Dec 2014 07:53

Doctor Who, with Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) as the first one I watched (in fact, IIRC, the first that was available on this side of the pond).

Topic This or That
Posted 30 Dec 2014 07:48

Jeans and t-shirt.

Dress or skirt + blouse?

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 30 Dec 2014 07:45

Lovely lady is lovely sight.

Topic New Years NON-Resolutions
Posted 30 Dec 2014 07:43

Hanging out on Lush. It's likely bad for me on some level but it's too fun to give up.

Hand in hand (heh heh) with that would be masturbation. I'm not getting much pleasure from others so may as well be getting it from myself.

Topic Can I get an interview with you?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 06:50

Introduce the title of your story: The Pastor's Secret
Genre/Category: Taboo
Provide the link:

1. What first inspired you to write this particular story?

After writing my story April's Secret, I had this idea about a minister having and learning about sex and realized I could use it to delve into April's past a bit.

2. How did you come up with these characters?

April was created for a previous story (to which this is a prequel) while the pastor is inspired by my own many years of involvement and interest in religion (I am not a minister myself, but know many of them and I am an admin on a religious/spiritual discussion forum).

3. How does it differ from some of your other stories?

Not a lot, really. I do lean to more romantic, passionate stories that have some feeling in them rather than "stroke" stories. The fact that it relates to one of my existing stories is a bit of a rarity but even that's not totally new.

4. What was the most challenging thing about writing this piece?

Trying to avoid turning it into some kind of lurid diatribe on Christian sexual hypocrisy and toning down the theological elements (which figured more explicitly in the early drafts).

5. Anything else you want to tell us about it?

I have experience with some local independent escorts and they are wonderful women. I'm hoping April does them justice because they get short shrift from the rest of the world too much of the time.

Topic sore balls
Posted 30 Dec 2014 06:33

Never in my sleep that I recall but that could be rather alarming confused1 . Now I'm probably going to start worrying about it Anxious .

Topic How many guys ever been with a crossdresser or shemale/ fantasized about it?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 06:30

Never done it, and it's not really a big fantasy or fetish of mine. If I met a nice TG person or crossdresser that I hit off with, I would definitely sleep with them. I just don't think about it that much.

Topic Peach pussy
Posted 30 Dec 2014 06:28

The appearance of a pussy does not really matter much to me. If we at the point where I'm getting a good look at her pussy, that's enough for me. How it feels on my cock, tongue, and fingers and how it tastes when I eat it are more important than how it looks. More visible parts of her anatomy (tits, face, hair, ass) are what attract me visually.

Topic Guys, Fitbit for your cock
Posted 29 Dec 2014 10:41


When a trend takes a turn to the ridiculous.

Not the device itself. I can see it having some utility for couples trying to figure out problems in bed or something.

But the idea of posting and sharing the info? TMI amped up to 11.

Topic What was it that led up to your first bi experience?
Posted 29 Dec 2014 10:39

A guy I met online after looking for a while.

Topic Traditional Christmas
Posted 29 Dec 2014 10:37

While I do find snow is part of the Christmas experience for me, I don't really miss it anymore (too many drives through snowstorms to Christmas dinner will do that to you) and have enjoyed two Christmases in the sunny south (one at a resort in Cuba and the other on a cruise ship in the Caribbean).

Topic Name Six Horror/Suspense Films you Have Really Liked
Posted 29 Dec 2014 10:35

Psycho (the Hitchcock original, not Gus van Sant's misbegotten remake)
The Haunting (Robert Wise version from 1963, not Jan de Bont's misbegotten remake)
Wicker Man (like you, the 1973 original not the ... I assume you get the point from here)
Carnival of Souls (1962)
Hallowe'en (the John Carpenter original from 1978, the sequels and remakes not so much)
Alien (the perfect cross between s-f and horror/suspense)

Topic Do you believe that there is only one true love for everyone ?
Posted 29 Dec 2014 10:31

There are two elements to this:

True Love


The former may be possible, though difficult. Depends on the definition you use.

The latter I don't buy. Surely it is possible to have true love more than once in one's life, though it may be rarer even than "true love".

Topic The Spank Bank Survey
Posted 15 Dec 2014 11:17

Still trying to figure out which option fits mine best. I do tend to use my own imagination but it isn't normally fantasizing about women or men that I know. I tend to spin fantasies in my head with myself "playing" the focal character. Some of them even end up as Lush Stories. So I'm kind of making up my own erotic stories and getting off to them.

Topic when it comes to taking clothes off!
Posted 13 Dec 2014 07:53

I went "Other" because I could really go for any or some combination of those. I like slowly undressing a woman, but having her strip for me is nice, too. And there are times where more expeditious options like fucking partly dressed are best.