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Topic Rest In Peace: Victoria Wood
Posted 20 Apr 2016 13:16

Wow, a British comic that I have not heard of. Time to go looking. Sad that it was her obit that brought her to my attention.

Topic Best female characters?
Posted 20 Apr 2016 08:17

I guess my favorite female from my own stories is April (stories: April's Secret, The Pastor's Secret, New Friends) given that I've written about her three times and have vague ideas for a fourth. I just like how she's shaped up as a woman who owns and doesn't deny or run from her past while trying to build a new present with her boyfriend Ross.

I've always wanted to do more with Dee from Snow Plowed, too, but have been a bit wishy-washy on where to take her after the events of that story and its sequel, Never Again.

Topic Utah vs Porn
Posted 19 Apr 2016 10:40

The bill is more specific, requiring that computer technicians who find child porn in the course of their work report it to law enforcement.

This I am in favour of, just as teachers and day care workers are obligated to report evidence of abuse. Protecting our children is paramount.

As for the broader issue of porn being a "public health hazard", I think it depends on how far one casts the net. Rape porn, child porn, snuff, and such definitely fit that bill. However, if more mainstream erotic material (like, say. Lushstories or run of the mill porn flicks) are included, I think the net is being cast too wide. The fact is that in most constituencies, the bad stuff is already illegal under one or more existing laws.

If they are talking about "porn addiction" (which I have no doubt exists to some degree), then providing support to those affected is a worthwhile effort, just as we can offer addiction support for alcoholics while still keeping alcohol legal (though, IIRC, I understand Utah liquor laws are fairly strict). Ditto offering support for sex workers trying to get out of the business (which should be there anyhow to help ex-prostitutes).

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "New Experiences" Sex Story Competition
Posted 18 Apr 2016 13:36

Congrats to the winners and runners-up! I love the comps, even if I don't always enter. Quality writing is what keeps this place alive and the comps are a part of encouraging that.

Topic Important Announcement - National Gav Week begins on Sunday, April 17.
Posted 18 Apr 2016 13:35

Gav, as an IT guy myself, I sometimes wonder how you do it. This place makes my environment look sane and civilized. Then I notice the stormtrooper armour and realize the answer: He's a badass soldier from another galaxy. Happy Gav Week!

Topic First "porn"
Posted 15 Apr 2016 12:32

In my teens Channel 4 in the UK introduced a red triangle on films that had either sex scenes or excessive swearing, which of course had the impact of driving up viewing figures!!when I had a tv in my room they were a great source of wanking! But most sex scenes in films were suffered in awkward silence in our living room.

During my late teens (to be clear for Lush rules, we are talking 16 and older), when I was doing the babysitting mentioned upthread, the multicultural channel in Toronto used to run uncensored Italian movies late at night (the couple I was sitting for were often out until 1 or 2). A couple of them veered into softcore. I had no idea of what they were saying though I could kind of figure out the plots from what was happening onscreen, however that didn't bother me too much when tits were being shown. However, someone eventually complained and our rather paternalistic TV regulator slapped them silly until they stopped.

Topic First "porn"
Posted 15 Apr 2016 09:19

While I'd go with the Sears catalogue as being the first images I found piquing my curiosity

You, too, eh? The lingerie sections of Sears and Eaton's (now defunct Canadian department store) catalogues fired a few jerk off sessions before I got into real porn.

Topic what if you had a cunt??
Posted 13 Apr 2016 10:15

Probably start screaming at my doctor. "You fucking idiot, it was suppose to be a knee replacement!"


And Chuck wins the thread.

Topic what if you had a cunt??
Posted 13 Apr 2016 08:17

Not call it a "cunt" for starters. There are nicer sounding names (I like "pussy" myself).

Otherwise, have sex and take leaks. Same thing I do with my dick. Not sure what else I'm supposed to do with it.

Topic Womens' hair length
Posted 11 Apr 2016 13:11

I have a bit of a thing for long hair right now, but any of "Shoulder", "Long", or "Very Long" fits for me. I checked Long but could have just as easily chosen the other two (or all of them if this was a multi-response poll). I have seen short hair that I found attractive, but it doesn't grab me the way long hair does (and it's harder for me to grab, too :D).

Topic Recreational Drugs
Posted 11 Apr 2016 10:55

I'm boring. Well, on this front at least. Not a prohibitionist and I support legalizing weed (if the Liberals here ever get around to it) but not really inclined to indulge. If/when legalization happens, maybe I'd give it a whirl but probably not. Even alcohol I do in great moderation, not a teetotaler but a glass here and there is about it.

Topic Have you tried" IT" this way??????
Posted 11 Apr 2016 10:47

I don't get golden showers. I have pee'd on myself and it was anything but erotic for me. If it is your kink, go for it, but I can't say it does anything for me.

Topic First "porn"
Posted 11 Apr 2016 10:46

Hmm. Either watching the porn version of "Alice in Wonderland" (1976, I would have seen it in the early eighties) or raiding the massive Playboy stash of the couple I babysat for. Forget which came first.

Topic Pierced nipples, I've asked the women, now the men
Posted 11 Apr 2016 10:43

I cringe, as I tend to do at any piercing (it's not reflective of how I feel about the woman but of my own phobia around pain and having things stuck in my flesh). However, I don't have any specific stereotype of women who have such piercings other than "braver and more pain tolerant than I".

Topic Best Movie Based On A Graphic Novel?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 10:33

Perhaps an odd choice, but the animated adaptation of Batman : Year One is very, very good and very faithful to the original (a classic Batman graphic novel from the eighties by Frank Miller). I found it on Netflix but it is available on DVD and may be on other streaming services as well.

Topic Ex-porn star Amber Rayne found dead
Posted 05 Apr 2016 09:18

I have not really followed porn in a long time so the name means nothing to me, but it's sad to see someone die so young regardless.

Topic Writing first person from a perspective not your own
Posted 01 Apr 2016 08:26

For my latest, I went a tiny bit out on a limb and wrote from a female first-person viewpoint for the first time (I've had female viewpoint characters in third person narratives before, though). The viewpoint character is a straight, middle-aged, married lady so not a big stretch since I'm a mostly straight, middle-aged, married man, but I did worry about well how I would pull it off. So far, comments are positive (it's a comp entry so I can't see scores yet) and I haven't received any hate mail so I guess I didn't totally botch it up at least. I'd be more reluctant to stretch out into something like a trans lesbian given how little experience I have from either perspective. I have great respect for the trans and lesbian folks that I do know and I would worry a bit about disrespecting them in some way if I did it wrong. Still, I won't say never ever.

Topic TommyTudor
Posted 31 Mar 2016 05:36

Try this thread:

Topic What's your favorite comedy?
Posted 30 Mar 2016 12:19

Monty Python's The Life of Brian (yes, I like my comedy a bit on the absurd side)

Topic I HATE when that happens!!
Posted 29 Mar 2016 13:58

Riffing off cooldaddy's: I get a cold-caller on the phone ... from a company that I already do business with. evil5

Topic Announcing our "New Experiences" Sex Story Competition, with $150 1st Prize
Posted 29 Mar 2016 12:16

I am literally unable to stop rewriting. New sentences just keeps showing up in my head.

I get you totally. My stories would go up a lot faster if I could stop tinkering with stuff that, really, is just fine and doesn't need tinkering. And one of the things I hate about going back to re-read my old stories is that I see things I "could have done better". Really, most of them are just fine, it's just my mind trying new things on and liking them.

Topic MEN.......questionre SHARING
Posted 28 Mar 2016 10:43

Yes to both, though she's not really the type. I'd want some kind of reciprocity though, TBH, fulfilling your option 2 would be reciprocity enough because I'd enjoy having another man join us as well (though perhaps in more of an MMF kind of way).

Topic Leading Lady
Posted 28 Mar 2016 10:40

I like a lady who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let me know. There's limits to that, though, and I'd hope she'd let me take lead at times, too.

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 28 Mar 2016 08:08

A couple great friends. I'm not a social animal, really.

WYR have sex with one person for life or change partners regularly?

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 28 Mar 2016 08:05


You got up to no good with a friend's partner.

Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 28 Mar 2016 08:02

I'll have a vodka martini, shaken not stirred...Oh, who the hell do I think I am. I'm a married IT guy who drives a Civic, not a womanizing secret agent in an Aston. I'll still have that martini, though.

Topic Movies A-Z
Posted 25 Mar 2016 13:05

John Wick

Topic Sexual words association
Posted 25 Mar 2016 13:04


Topic Have you Ever...
Posted 25 Mar 2016 13:03

Yes, though my family are fairly polite about it :D

Have you ever eagerly anticipated something and then been disappointed badly?

Topic Movies Z-A
Posted 25 Mar 2016 13:02

Village of the Damned