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Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 08 Nov 2016 10:05

Hmm. Quiet in here. Guess all the Americans went off to vote.

*slips behind bar and pours self two fingers of Hairy Sporran Scotch*

Topic With or Without the lacker?
Posted 07 Nov 2016 05:42

My wife has always gone either without or minimal and I quite like it that way. Moderation is the key. Some women seem to go too far and look like some kind of doll.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 06 Nov 2016 08:12

Watch my love enjoy herself.

Topic Why is the person above you locked in your bedroom?
Posted 06 Nov 2016 08:11

I dipped her in honey and saving dessert for later.

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 06 Nov 2016 08:10


Topic Penis is the Word
Posted 06 Nov 2016 08:09

Penis Encounters of the Third Kind
The Quiet Penis (Earth)
Star Trek: The Wrath of Penis
Star Trek: Into Penis
Star Penis Beyond

Topic What was the question?
Posted 06 Nov 2016 08:06

Are all of us sexy, then, or just some of us?

Topic How much does a woman's height matter to you?
Posted 06 Nov 2016 06:48

I am 6'ish and most women I've been with are shorter, though I've been with some close to my height. Height isn't really a turn on or turn off for me. A woman of a similar height has the advantage that no one is is bending over to kiss standing up, but in bed that's less of a problem. That said, I haven't really met any women taller than me (or at least significantly taller) so it's tough to say. A lady with her boobs level with my face might be kind of fun given how much I love tits. :D

Topic Occupation
Posted 06 Nov 2016 06:39

Retired from IRS Appeals. My specialty was complex interest computations for large corporations and international tax treaty cases, both in Appeals and in Tax Court.

My late father and his third wife (Mom was his first) both worked for Revenue Canada (now called Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA for short), our equivalent to the IRS. You have my sympathies.drunken

I manage IT for a privately held company providing home oxygen and other respiratory care services.

Topic Killing your stories/poems...when do you do it?
Posted 05 Nov 2016 14:54

the only opinion that matters is mine. if i think it's good enough to publish here, i could get straight 1s and i'm not taking it down. you can't please all of the people all of the time. there's only one story that isn't still on lush, and that was an incest story that couldn't be rewritten after the incest ban (Future Steph). great story, too, but them's the breaks. :)

Only story I have taken down was for the same reason, but mine eventually did get rewritten. I have had plenty of "stillborn" stories that I never submitted for various reasons, but once a story is up, it stays up barring a rules change.

Topic Sluts
Posted 04 Nov 2016 13:16

That's demeaning to Neanderthals! ;)

It is rather sad that we use our nearest extinct hominid relative, whose DNA is in a significant percentage of us, as a perjorative, isn't it? If they still existed, we'd probably be having a discussion about how offensive it is to use their name as a slur.

On topic: I don't generally use the word "slut" outside of my stories (and rarely there, really). If a woman saw it as a positive and wanted me to call her by the term, I guess I would though it would not come naturally. It has to be her choice, though. I'm not going to sling that label around myself.

Topic How do you vote?
Posted 04 Nov 2016 12:20

Voting is a bit different in Canada. You vote for the local rep in the House of Commons (Member of Parliament). Whichever party gets the most seats in the House then gets to form the government with their leader becoming Prime Minister. There is no separate vote for the PM and our Senate is unelected. So, you can either:

Vote the local candidate (and I have done so on occasion when there was a strong candidate who wasn't from my usual party)

Vote the party (more common these days I think, and certainly how I tend to vote when I don't really know much about the local candidates)

People often vote based on the leader but because you don't directly vote for PM, this ends up being the same as voting for the party. This can be a bit of a mistake in our system since the PM is really just a leader chosen by the party and can actually be changed mid-term by the party without going to an actual election (cf. the recent change in 10 Downing Street from Cameron to May in the UK, which uses basically the same system).

One by-product of this system is that we have viable third and even, at times, fourth parties. I've been voting Green in the last decade or so (who are just barely viable in that they have had one or two seats in the House) but have also voted Reform (which is now part of the Conservative Party), Liberal and NDP. I tend to actually read the platforms and then vote based on which one seems to align at least somewhat with my positions. Local candidates are a factor, too. The one time I voted Reform was because the Liberal incumbent had resigned over a broken promise, then turned around and run to replace herself, which kind of ticked me off.

Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 04 Nov 2016 12:07

I see baseball is still the topic of the day. Not usually my thing but even I watched the last game.

Now I am trying to decide if I still want to follow the Washington Caps. It hasn't been a hundred years but the way their history is going it will be before they win the Stanley Cup.

Did I hear someone was buying everyone a beer? I'm done work for the day so I'll take one.

The problem with the Caps is that you can't win on one strong player, good as Ovechkin is. Even the Gretzky-era Oilers had some serious depth beyond The Great One.

The Maple Leafs are actually looking pretty decent this year. Maybe not Cup material yet but maybe "make the playoffs" material. I got to watch Mitch Marner burn his way to a Memorial Cup last year on the London Knights. He was one of the best junior forwards in Canada and his early performance in TO has been similar. Add Matthews and couple other good frontliners like Nazem Kadri (who is from London, Ontario and still has relatives going to my son's school) and they've at least got a working offence. Too bad their defence still sucks.

There, we managed to change the topic to hockey (which will last until the weekend football games get going).

Some of that rotgut that passes for whiskey in this joint would be nice right now, Rump.

Topic Scoring oddity
Posted 04 Nov 2016 11:34

I've already called in the fbi on this. I am sure we will get to the bottom of this conspiracy soon.

What if the FBI is behind the conspiracy?dontknow

I kind of stop paying attention once I know I've got the minimum number of votes for the comp. Prefer to read comments since those tend to give me more info on what I did right/wrong than scores do.

Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 04 Nov 2016 11:31

I get what noll is saying. If they wanted it to be a truly "World" Series, it should between the MLB champ and the Japanese champ or something. Even in the rare years when the Jays are in, it's still a North American affair. OTOH, so few other countries play baseball and most of the best players, at least in the Western Hemisphere, end up in MLB anyhow so probably not much point.

Or maybe I'm just drinking too much. Which reminds me, I believe I'm owed a beer on noll's tab.

Topic Do you get requests/ Advice/ Suggestions for your stories?
Posted 04 Nov 2016 08:58

A few readers have commented to me both in public and private about changes they would make to the plot of my stories, or suggestions for possible sequels. Most of the time they're polite enough about it, but my usual response is some variation of 'go write your own story'. I'm wondering if other authors get these kinds of suggestions, and how they handle them.

In some cases, I'm already on the same wavelength. In others, I'm not. In rare cases, they are so far off base that I wonder if they read the story that I thought I had written.

In any case, if I respond at all (I generally do if it is a PM, not always if it is in a comment), I just politely acknowledge it and if it is a sequel idea, thank them if it is something I might actually use. So far, I don't think I've actually done a sequel based on a suggestion and in one case I already had a sequel under way and my sequel wasn't quite what the commenter suggested.

Topic Mile High Club - Are you? How Feasible?
Posted 03 Nov 2016 09:01

I am a multi member - on three separate occasions. the first in a six seater light aircraft at 5000ft. George did the flying and we did the deed on the floor between the seats.The second was a Cessna I believe with four seats and doggy was the easiest.
In a commercial jet at 35000 ft on a late night flight and low passenger numbers. We had a whole row of seats to us and the middle four were perfect. It can be easier than you think. Just watch your noise.
I am aware of others who used the toilet or an empty row.

Most flights I take these days are lucky to have empty seats, let alone empty rows. I have been on some back in the day that would have worked, though.

Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 03 Nov 2016 05:37

Man, I'm not even that into baseball and I'm pumped about the Cubs. Winning after a 108 year drought is something to celebrate. And it shows that there may yet be hope for the Toronto Maple Leafs (coming up on 50 years since they last won a Stanley Cup).

Get the beer flowing, barkeep!

Topic need an editor
Posted 03 Nov 2016 05:35

You might want to try dropping this in Writing Resources or Ask the Author as well. More likely to get seen by the writing crowd there. I'm busy with stories of my own right now and I've been helping another new writer, else I might offer.

Topic Mile High Club - Are you? How Feasible?
Posted 01 Nov 2016 10:29

I fly two or three times a year these days between vacations and the odd business trip and I can't really see a feasible way to do it in most current airliners. Unless you're in business on something fairly large (say a 777 or bigger), there just isn't the space to do it discreetly (possible exception: the private cabins on some variants of the A380, though some airlines take measures to prevent them being used for that purpose). Now, if you're lucky enough to have access to a private plane, then I can see it working but for a lot of us, I think the fastest way to the mile high club is going to be having sex in Denver. :D

Topic What was the question?
Posted 01 Nov 2016 08:33

How much tequila can you handle?

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 01 Nov 2016 08:32

Just now that I'm on Lush.

TPBM is writing a new story for Lush.

Topic This or That
Posted 01 Nov 2016 08:30

Comedy club. You DO NOT want to see me dancing. :D

Standup or improv?

Topic What kind of animal would you be?
Posted 01 Nov 2016 08:29

A gorilla, I think. Long been one of my favorite animals and I used to play at being one as a kid. Big old silverback roaming through the jungle.

Topic What food are you craving right now?
Posted 31 Oct 2016 12:04

The cupcakes down the hall in the staff lunchroom. Alas, I've had one already and even that is probably too much (type 2 diabetes).

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 31 Oct 2016 11:56

Cherished friends become true lovers.

Topic Who is your celebrity crush?
Posted 31 Oct 2016 10:51

Been mooning over Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix recently. Alas, she is engaged.

Topic First Time / Early Sex
Posted 31 Oct 2016 10:45

I think you may be out of step with a significant number of your members on this issue. I have decided not to share any of my stories on Lush simply because I refuse to be dishonest about things that happened to me in my early life. I am not ashamed, nor do I have a need for such misguided moralistic mumbo jumbo. I don't mean to offend you or anyone else, but IMO your head is in the sand with this policy. Most of the people on my friend list have agreed that their own lives are in conflict in some way with this rule. If they want to share their stories, they are forced to lie about them. That violates my moral code and I will not do it.

Nicola (not Sprite, who is a senior mod) owns this place and is free to set her rules. She does so in cooperation with the mods and admins, but in the end it is her call. For all your protestations about "most of the people on your friends list", there are many here who are quite happy to live within these rules, probably the majority. If you are not happy, why are you here?

Topic Fun times
Posted 31 Oct 2016 07:20

Some guys I hung out with a I had a game called "Daring Do". Turned out all the lights, put out our dicks, then at some point, put the TV on and waggled our dicks in front of the screen. Or something like that. Never progressed to anything more, though I suppose in the right circumstances, it could have led to a circle jerk or something.

Topic Male nipple sensitivity?
Posted 31 Oct 2016 06:16

Mine are a bit sensitive but not extremely so. Rub them when erect and I do feel little tingles down into my dick and pinching them does offer some stimulation but nipple play alone isn't enough to get me aroused.