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Topic U.S. Politics - Religious Freedom Bill
Posted 02 Apr 2015 12:07

Living next to the US can be either entertaining or depressing. This one hits both counts at times but tends to the latter.

And, as others have said, discriminating based on orientation and discriminating based on skin colour are very much the same thing.

My worry, as I have expressed in discussions on this in other threads, is that if we accept the right of businesses to refuse service on religious grounds, what happens to gay people (or other groups that religious folks may dislike, such as members of other faiths) in small towns where the town's only grocery or dentist or, God forbid, doctor decides they can refuse to serve gay (or other selected) people on religious grounds. In a city, you will generally have alternatives. Outside cities, you may be in for a long drive.

Topic What do you think would make porn better?
Posted 30 Mar 2015 11:08

Have some of the better Lush writers write it for starters. Which then addresses most of the other points above (better dialogue, believable plots, more realistic sex, etc.).

Topic If you had enough money to quit your job, what would you do?
Posted 29 Mar 2015 18:19

Get a little place in the mountains and write The Great Canadian Novel.

Topic Best thing to do in Vegas?
Posted 29 Mar 2015 10:24

Do the extended tour of Hoover Dam if you can. It was fascinating.

Seconded. First and only time I have seen the guts of an operational hydro dam (though I have toured nuclear plants twice).

Topic Best thing to do in Vegas?
Posted 29 Mar 2015 05:59

If you're talking adult entertainment, all of the clubs and shows are very tightly controlled and almost seem tame as a result, at least from my limited exposure. For hookers? Oh, it's unavoidable! You'll get handed business cards on the street, stacks in the men's rooms, and pages and pages of "escort services" in the Vegas phone book. Never partook, but you cannot possibly miss it unless you're unconscious...and even then you might not!

You left out the vans driving up and down The Strip with small billboards on them advertising escort services. It is almost too much and too public there and I am someone who has been known to see escorts on occasion so not at all against the business (not there, though).

Topic Straight guys who like Anal toys
Posted 28 Mar 2015 18:24

I have not used a toy in my ass, only my fingers, but I would love to and would love to have a woman take me with a strap-on (then again, I could probably see my way to letting a cock in there, too).

Topic Best thing to do in Vegas?
Posted 28 Mar 2015 18:21

If hiking is your thing and you don't mind a couple narrow ledges, head out to Red Rock National Conservation Area just west of Vegas and take the Calico Tanks trail. Ends with a spectacular view of the city. Was one of our best days there (but gambling isn't our thing). As Rump suggested, hit some of the better shows. Someone mentioned liking Blue Man Group in another conversation I was part of.

To be honest, if I ever go to the Southwest again, I'm going to skip Vegas (been there, done that) and focus on things like the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

Topic What Do You Think About Mark Wahlberg As Iron Man?
Posted 27 Mar 2015 17:38

At this point, the whole discussion of recasting Tony seems moot. Downey Jr. is definitely in the suit for Captain America : Civil War which makes it ever likelier he will also come back for Avengers : Infinity War 1 & 2 assuming Tony is still an Avenger at that point (there has been rumour about rejigging the team at some point, possibly as early as the end of Age of Ultron). There are no further solo Iron Man movies planned at this point, so Downey Jr. would probably have a couple years off to work on non-Marvel projects after he finishes shooting Civil War, which might also help keep him in the fold if they do want him in Infinity War.

Topic Question about Character Introduction
Posted 27 Mar 2015 17:28

Detailed descriptions have their place, but the details are best salted through where they are appropriate. I am not a fan of just dropping in a description. For instance, I'll describe what the character looks like as they come to meet another character or salt in an appropriate descriptive detail where it is needed.

OTOH, in my RR "In the Dark", neither character is described save in the vaguest details. It all takes place in the dark and not "seeing" anything is part of the feel of the story.

I also tend to not describe first person narrators save for details germane to the story. How often do you go around describing yourself to yourself?

Topic does anyone here have a favorite musical?
Posted 25 Mar 2015 09:44

Cats!! A brilliant piece with a superb finale by Elaine Paige!!

I love Cats. The music is some of Sir Andrew's best. I caught a touring company years ago and it is a show that really has to be seen live. Only weakness is that it is a bit light on plot, just enough to hold things together. It is the music and dancing that really carries the show, though.

Topic does anyone here have a favorite musical?
Posted 24 Mar 2015 12:39

Looking back, I see I picked West Side Story as my "all time favorite" earlier in the thread. That may now have been displaced for good by Les Miserables. Watched the film on the weekend and got blown away again (again because it happens every time I listen to the music after a break from it).

Topic Fitbit
Posted 24 Mar 2015 09:20

Is this the Fit-Bit pedometer or their smart watch we are discussing?

A couple of the ladies at work use the Fit-Bit smartwatch and swear by it. Tracks steps, heart rate, etc. and can be paired with an app on your phone to store and analyze the data.

I have the Fit-Bit pedometer and haven't even opened the box yet (won it at a conference). I mostly cycle (stationary in winter, real thing in summer) so I'm not sure a pedometer will even do me any good (the watch might according to my co-workers). I use runtastic's app on my BB to track mileage, route, etc. when riding for real and just rely on the stationary bike's electronics when I'm using it.

Topic Blowjob
Posted 23 Mar 2015 12:12

Well.... It's prostate not prostrate and yes it can cause an immediate ejaculation with little or no pleasure attached.

If a doctor wants a sperm sample from a man all he has to do is put on the rubber glove and just a few seconds of prostate massage and he'll have ejactulate to get the sample from. There is almost no pleasure associated with this.

If the prostate is massaged by a sex partner during a blow or hand job it can intensify the orgasm but if done too early it might be rather anticlimactic.

Anyway.... After having said all that... yes.... Most men, if they don't have hangups, love a finger up the butt during or even without the accompanying blow or hand job and it can certainly intensify the feeling.

If you have him bend over you can easily find the prostrate gland . It's about half a finger length inside the anus and toward the front of the body. Just insert your finger and if you're patient you will find it. It's not all that large. If his isn't swollen it feels about the size of an almond and he may need to give you feedback to find it. Just rubbing it can be fun and once you're familiar with where it is and what it feels like you can intensify his orgasm if you do direct stimulation of the prostate just before he cums.

Not all men's prostates are easy to find or in exactly in the same place. It's been compared to the female's g spot but I'm not so sure the comparison is good.

Anyway. I hope that helps.... ;)

Easy mistake to make, eh? evil4

And I do admit that stimulating the prostate is easier when one is prostrate.

Topic Finding you're writing a scene that you actually already wrote for another story
Posted 23 Mar 2015 11:50

Has this happened to you? One of my current writing projects is a third story about April (see my sig for the current ones). I had something partly written and then let it lie. Today, I was reading an older story of mine for the first time in a while and discovered that a massage scene in that one was almost blow-by-blow the same as one I started to write for the new story. I am already flailing a bit with my erotic writing, finding I feel like I'm out of creative ideas when it comes to the sexy stuff. This just seems to confirm it. But maybe it's just a normal thing that happens to writers after they get enough stuff out over a period of time (ie. inadvertently doing a similar scene in a similar way in two different stories). Anyone else find they sometimes start unconsciously, completely unintentionally rewriting their old scenes in new stories?

Topic Do you lie about your height?
Posted 23 Mar 2015 11:42

I round up sometimes (not always) but don't exaggerate beyond that. I used to be 5 foot 11 3/4 inches so rounding up to 6 foot wasn't really a stretch. Generally, I'll say 5'11" now because my official height is apparently now 5'10 and something (which means I'm already shrinking from age or my mother, who gave me the higher figure when I was 17 or 18, mis-measured).

Topic When a man begins to lack interest
Posted 23 Mar 2015 11:39

Starting a conversation about family or work stuff while naked is a sure turn off (yes, I speak from experience). Sex time should be about the sex, set aside other time for those conversations.

As others suggest, letting things get into a rut (kiss, caress, rub, hump, bang, rinse and repeat a few days later) is another thing that can cause a loss of interest.

Letting yourself go. I'm not saying you always have to be a perfect supermodel beauty (in fact, that's not what I'd want, either), but letting yourself go to the point where it is obvious that you just aren't giving a damn about being attractive anymore is a turn off.

Topic Characters with a pseudonym
Posted 21 Mar 2015 17:35

Interesting that I'm still getting responses on this thread when the story has been up for almost 3 months ("The Pastor's Secret", link in my sig).

Topic Okay... this is hardcore!
Posted 21 Mar 2015 06:01

That said, Superman has superpowers that are much more powerful than the Force and Batman was able to kick his ass a few times. The thing is, Batman is one clever motherfucker and he probably could have the upper hand with some prior preparation, for example by studying his enemy's weaknesses and coming up with a plan of attack.

Oh, true, but most of those times he also had the "power of plot" on his side which happens a lot in comics. The winner is the one that the plot dictates should win.

You see this in superhero power scaling a lot. You can have the Hulk barely beating Cap in one storyline and then have him one shotting Galactus in the next.

Topic How often do you and your partner / sig. other have sex?
Posted 20 Mar 2015 14:10

Sigh. Both virgins again to all intents and purposes, though with my birthday looming, I'll try to bump it up to Birthday and Anniversary Sex. I could really go for 2-3 times a weeks or even just weekly but life and personalities keep in the getting in the way.

Topic What Are Some of The BEST Songs heard in a movie you saw?
Posted 20 Mar 2015 13:56

One Year of Love - Queen - Highlander

Almost any Queen song from that movie qualifies. The soundtrack was better than the movie IMHO.

"Storybook Love" by Willy DeVille and Mark Knopfler from The Princess Bride.

Topic If you could have one singer come to your house, who would it be?
Posted 20 Mar 2015 12:07

I have many possible answers to this question, but at this moment, I'm thinking Joni Mitchell. Most of her music works just fine with a voice and a guitar so perfect for a house concert.

And she can sing whatever she likes. I can't think of a truly bad Joni Mitchell song.

Topic Sexual ABC's
Posted 20 Mar 2015 12:05

Kama Sutra

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 20 Mar 2015 12:04

A while ago, we kissed.

Topic Replace One Word in a Song or Movie Title With "Orgasm"
Posted 20 Mar 2015 12:03

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Orgasm (World)

Topic Okay... this is hardcore!
Posted 20 Mar 2015 12:00

Without watching, I'll pick Vader, though Bruce would give him a run for his money to be sure. The Force would likely give Vader enough of an edge over the utility belt.

Topic Eating Pussy
Posted 20 Mar 2015 11:56

There something wonderfully sensual and intimate about tasting and orally exploring another person's body, whether it's eating pussy or sucking dick. As mark5874 says, "I enjoy it". As long as my partner also enjoys it, I'm happy to do it.

Posted 20 Mar 2015 09:22

This is possibly the best news I've had today! Happy Birthday, Tamar!

*ducks as the tomatoes and rotten eggs start flying*

Topic What is The Last Movie You Saw
Posted 20 Mar 2015 08:41

Finally saw The Avengers (the Marvel one) on Sunday night.

Topic What is your specific reason(s) for not visiting the Chat Rooms ?
Posted 17 Mar 2015 19:38

I tried popping a few times early on but I find it hard to get into. Nowadays, if I want live interaction, I generally just black box with a friend.

Topic Sex With An Escort
Posted 17 Mar 2015 18:44

I used to see a lady semi-regularly. Unlike Saintz experience, this escort was a pleasure to be with, both personally and sexually. Great at massages in particular and okay with just lying in bed naked and chatting when my premature erection brought things to an early close (ie. if you paid for an hour of companionship, you got it). I've tried a few others since she quit (she was working in the trade while going to school and found work in her field) but haven't found any I like as much though some of them have been both gorgeous and good in the sack. Going rate where I am averages c. $200 Canadian for an hour, but there's a fair bit of range in that (from $150 up to $300 for a very good, high class escort, of which I think my city has exactly one). I did not really get too kinky with the escorts I have seen. Just having fun sex with a friendly naked woman has been enough for me.