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hahaha........... @ naughtannie's comment below. NOTHING could be more true. Can spot a fake lesbian a mile away. Their profiles all say something like, 'I already have a man and one is enough..." or some other stupid BS they hope the 'girls' will buy. Truth is, most of these fakers wind up cybering with other guys also pretending to be lesbos... LMAOOOO

05 Apr 2016 10:45

TRIVIA Q DeJour: Know how to spot lonely old fuckers on Lush? Look at the profile pics of sexy young women who have no profile content and list themselves as Lesbian. LOLOL

01 Oct 2014 10:06

I am growing sick and tired of all the profiles of men masquarading as females. You are easy to spot and equally disgusting. Grow a set of balls and just admit who you are to the community and then deal with the reality. STOP pretending to be a woman who is 'only interested in meeting other women. Give me a break. Time to name names?

04 Sep 2014 10:04

Guess what? The extremely hot story I submitted to Lush last week....was rejected, because of the touchy subject matter of age. It does NOT involve orderage sex or pediphilia at all!!!!! It is the true story of how my best friend's mom's behavior unknowingly influenced my sexual awakening. I FULLY understand and agree with Lush's position not to make 'Cuming of Age' available to the community at large. However, you are my friends. If you want to read it, you must be proactive and request it. Email me at and type 'Cuming of Age' in the subject line if interested. In respect for Lush's policies, I will not send it to you through any avenue on Lush!

07 Apr 2014 10:46


31 Dec 2013 09:06

FRIENDLY REMINDER: I will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Hollywood tonight from 6PM until they throw me out for ruining their books.

25 Apr 2013 12:21

Hello all, I just posted a new story about a lady friend of my son's who spent the night one night after being too drunk to drive herself home. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed Taking Anna's Virginity...

12 Mar 2013 14:13

Is it possible that this is the final chapter of 'Confessions of a BoyToy'?

I can't thank all of you enough for following this story. A number of you have faithfully read every one and offered you thoughtful comments. To you, I owe a special debt of gratitude! So, as you read it, ask yourself, 'could this really be the end, or is there another chapter waiting in the wings'?

19 Feb 2013 10:54

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all you beautiful laides!

14 Feb 2013 08:56

A number of you have asked what ever happened to Howdy. Well, here is the next installment. If you rated and commented before, please be kind enough to do so again. I added a few comments I had forgotten. Many thank!!!

28 Jan 2013 06:18

Hello Friends, It has been a while since I last wrote and posted. Several of you have questioned why. Well, here is my latest story. I hope you like it enough to leave comments.

10 Jan 2013 11:27

I just posted what very well may be the last part of BoyToy. Many thanks to all who have read, rated and commented.

27 Sep 2012 07:52

WOW!! What an honor! Many thanks to all of you who rate and comment on the BoyToy series! Thanks to your interest in the real life adventures of Howdy, 'My Life as a BoyToy: Part 2, Liz' ranks #3 in ALL stories for the month of August!

Stay tuned, more Howdy to cum....

01 Sep 2012 09:51

there once was a girl from Miami

who claimed to love riding my hammy

so when she bent over

and my hammy drove her

she moaned you fit like a glove in my yammy

02 Aug 2012 06:35

A reporter was photographing 100 year old twins. “Sit on the sofa,” he said. One asked her twin sister, “What did he say?” She said, “He said to sit on the sofa.” The reporter said, “Sit closer.” “What’d he say?” she asked. “He wants us to sit closer,” her twin said. The reporter said, “Wait, I gotta focus my camera.” “What?” she asked. Her twin said, “He said he’s gonna focus.” She replied with a big grin, “OMG, both of us.”

20 Jul 2012 06:32

I am fairly new and enjoy writing. Please help me get introduced to this community by reading a few of my stories. If you like what you read, and I'm sure you will, please recommend me to a few of your friends. Many thanks in advance...
P.S. If you read "My New Coffee Maker' parts 1-2 and like them, let me know and I will forward part 3...which has been 'censored'....

17 Jul 2012 14:16