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Topic I am Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive. (I suffer from a mental illness called Cyclothymia.)
Posted 10 Jun 2012 11:03

*comforts* You have my sympathy whether you want it or not. My aunt has the same condition, Bipolar/manic depressive, and she doesn't deal with it well at all. Sometimes its not bad, but I've seen her during some really low points, and as an outsider I know how terrifying it can look, I can't even imagine what its like on the inside.

You have my best, and if you ever do need help through a low point feel free to message me on here. :)

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 10 Jun 2012 10:58

Not necessarily .

I'm sure I'd feel the same if it was my child or loved one, by the way. But as another poster observed, there's sometimes a difference between what we feel in our vengeful hearts and what's best for society.

Vengeful, or what's best for society...

Let's examine that. Buddy gets stabbed multiple times, then raped, then cut up, then his body parts are raped, then eaten, and then mailed to the federal government while the assailant flees to a different continent.

Yep... "Best for Society" is to give him a chance to get out, and to pay to keep his ass alive.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 12:00

4, simple as that. No excuses. Everyone can grow to be sorry, but sorry. You kill life, then, toddles. Don't care if you found god, or learned the error of your ways. The one you killed, is dead, and you did not have any thought for that person or his/her family. F you, I'll even pull the switch, inject, or fire.

One thing I got taught when I was young. "Being sorry doesn't help. You stab someone, arm, leg, wherever. Then feel bad, and apologize.... guess what? They're still bleeding."

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 18:17

Fair enough. :)

Topic Any ideas on how to stop rhinos becoming extinct?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 18:10

Yes, work on education and dispelling ridiculous belief systems and superstitions in asian medicine that ground-up rhino horn is of any medicinal or health value.

There was an article in this in National Geographic a few issues ago, so I'm a bit foggy on the details, but there was some pretty hard case arguements that ground-up rhino horn actually works.

Despite that... we need to institute a new form of punishment. You poach a rhino and get caught... We sit you down on another ones horn. *grins* That should prevent some people. ;)

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 18:07

Nope. I'm having a hard time finding the statistics on cigarettes, and cigarette smoke. I only seem to get pages on the affect cigarette butts have when they're littered.

But realistically would it be hard to imagine that a car or factory puts out more pollutants than a cigarette? Or even hundreds?

Topic Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 18:05

Creationism being taught in schools... Yes.

Creationism being taunt in science class... No.

Creationism is not science, nor will it ever be.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 18:02

cryptic you mentioned that the felon would suffer longer with life in prison... but I ask you this. Who cares? Why are we always looking at what it will do to the felon. What about the families? The ones that have loved ones that are taken away FOREVER, not 'may come back'.

It sounds vengeful but what else is there? How is leaving a killer alive justice?

And yes MrNudie, I agree. As with the examples I gave above those had irrefutable proof that those convicted were in fact guilty.

This last one, Magnotta. Killed a student, cut him up, had sex with the pieces, and mailed them to parliament... When he was caught in Germany, he tried giving fake names, but at the end he shrugged and said "Yeah, you got me." Can you tell me that he deserves to spend his life in prison? That justice was served to a family that can't even bury their son in one piece?

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:53

"No one can see how much I have to offer; all they can see is that I don’t fit the sharp-suited, slick City career woman stereotype."

That's directly from the post. Lets assume her attitude is fine. As this career coach she mentioned seems to agree with. Now I know the post never mention her city, but from the sounds of it, her job is pretty intense, if not cutthroat. "sharp-suited, slick City career woman" If that's what I needed I wouldn't hire her either. Because what's the first thing anyone sticks to anyone that is obese. Lazy.

She gained over 80lbs... I get the eating thing. But 80lbs... That's a lot of wait to put on, and it shows. But again the employers first thought will almost always be, (s)he is lazy.

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:43

Factories, and car emissions are good, but as you said when in good repair. And the majority may be, but what about say the 100,000 bad ones that arent'?

That point was mainly for this whole focus on cigarettes being the leading cause of this, and this and this... I do think that is total BS.

I've made a similar point to yours MrNudie, about excersising, but about taking a shower. "People have slipped and died in a shower, or drown in a bath... does that mean we should stop bathing."

I personally am an advocate for people to not start smoking. It is a nasty habit to get into, and now that I think on it I'm pretty sure I labelled the title of this topic wrong.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:39

Nope I don't think its superior, I asked if it was just. I work 50-70 hours a week, at two jobs to get by. That will change yes, but for now its what I have to do. My question was is it just that I have to work that hard, so that my hard earned money goes to supporting criminals?

Minor crimes I don't care, get in, do your time, reform, get out. even manslaughter. But first degree murder, should be death. I don't agree with paying to keep a killer alive. I'll pay to have him killed, but its not right that I have to work so he can survive. And that's exactly what it is. We pay taxes to support the corrections department.

Its not just. Honest, law abiding citizens working day by day to support killers. That does not fit the definition of "Just" anywhere.

Topic Smoking ban
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:24

Well up here in Ottawa, Canada the first smoking ban that we had was in Restaurants, Bars, and things like that. You could smoke in an unroofed patio, but that's it. You know what. It worked out really well. I really don't mind walking 20 feet to have my smoke, when its so much nicer to sit inside without smoke covering the ceiling.

I just recently posted a topic similar to this, since I didn't know this one was here entitled "Smoking Bad, or Good?" and looked in on more of the financial aspect of a country that doesn't smoke... I'm not sure what the price is in the US but in Ottawa its $8-$13 for a pack of 25 cigarettes.

Ottawa just recently took the smoking ban too far, where now we are no longer able to smoke in public parks, government controlled parks, patios, and within 9 meters(about 30ft) from any public entrance, and no bus stops.

That is going to be annoying as all hell, for me personally. Mainly because I Bus, and if its late, I smoke.... I hate waiting.

As far as the original poster's question goes... You're right people can change jobs, but in my experience, already going through that. People will bitch and moan, but overall it'll be a lot more enjoyable for everyone.... the small exception being small town bars where 90% of the people smoke, and the rest just don't care. Even then restaurants, fine, bars.... let it go a little.

But yes, going to bars, and clubs is a whole lot nicer now that the whole place isn't smokey.

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:17

Welcome Shawn! hello2

Great topic. Here's a thread on the same topic that went on for a good while Smoking Ban . I'll bump it up so we can continue that one, if it's okay with you.

Ahhh definitely and thank you.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 17:16

You're right Sensei... but is it 'justice' Is it Just that a man or woman may kill, sometimes repeatedly, and have no real reprecussions? 3 meals, a job, school, a bed every night, the right to vote, leisure time.

I'm going to get a bit personal here, feel free to ignore it if you would like, and no I'm not looking for sympathy.

I'm poor, I know it. I have two jobs, to keep a roof over my head, and pay my bills. There are times where I don't eat, because I can't afford it, most of the time its one or two meals a day. Why should they live better than me? I work hard, and I follow the law.

Is that just?

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 16:40

*laughs* We could, but those are the stats that I found during this discussion, I'm sure there are better and more accurate ones. But even if it only costs $50,000 per year to hold a prisoner, assume that it costs $1,500,000 for a death trial, as opposed to $500,000 for non death trial, and all that goes along with them, appeals and what not. I'm quite happy paying that $1.5mil because 20 years later, it breaks even. 21 years later we start spending more on someone who should be dead.

And thank you. ;)

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 16:32

Right, but is it really cost effective?

"but projected costs for 2011-12 show numbers just under the $3 billion range." -Macleans Newspaper, had a link but it disappeared.

As of 2004, on average it cost $260 give or take a few sense, per day, to support a prisoner. That's $94,900 a year devotted to a prisoner. I don't even make half that and I'm a law abiding citizen, yet the amount we spend on them is that high?

I know that the Death Penalty is tricky, and should be reserved for those that are found irrevocably guilty. Bernardo, Homolka, The pig farmer guy, the colonel last year, this Magnotta kid. They were all caught, and there is no doubt about it being them they admitted it. So now we as citizens must shell out about $100,000 a year to support them... Also Canadian prisoners can collect any due money. Unemployment, Disability, Pension. And they make money every day. Not a lot, but they do make it.

So they bank about $25,000-$40,000 based on their previous career, at least for a year. from unemployment. The other two would net them less per year, but forever, and that sits in a bank collecting interest until they are out. Which is about 25 years for parole, during a life imprisonment.

Homolka, raped and murdered 3 young girls, on video, with her husband. She was released 12 years later, after copping a plea, and now has a husband, a dog, and 3 children. Now, should those children feel safe?

Why should either of them be released? Ever. Why should they still be alive. They took the lives of 3 girls under the age of 16, after torturing them on video.... and you can tell me that "cost effectiveness" is why they shouldn't be killed? Why people should continue to pay to keep them alive?

“The study counted death penalty case costs through to execution and found that the median death penalty case costs $1.26 million. Non-death penalty cases were counted through to the end of incarceration and were found to have a median cost of $740,000. For death penalty cases, the pre-trial and trial level expenses were the most expensive part, 49% of the total cost. The investigation costs for death-sentence cases were about 3 times greater than for non-death cases. The trial costs for death cases were about 16 times greater than for non-death cases ($508,000 for death case; $32,000 for non-death case).” (Kansas: Performance Audit Report: Costs Incurred for Death Penalty Cases: A K-GOAL Audit of the Department of Corrections)"

So... the diffence of $970,000 is the difference between a death-penalty case and non death-penalty case.... based off 2004 statistics... That's 10 years. Lets go 11. Of a minimum 25 years, for parole, for the rest of their lives if not.

Seems more cost effective to bring it back.

Life in prison, with no chance for parole, achieves the same system... Canada doesn't have that. They're always eligible parole as long as they've served 25 years of a life sentence.

As for setting a violent precedent. "You kill someone, and you run the risk of being killed yourself" is a pretty damn good deterrent.... but that's just my opinion.

EDIT: I can't display the site, but just google that statement from macleans and its the first that pops up.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 04 Jun 2012 15:45

I bring this up because of Luka Rocco Magnotta, just apprehended in Germany. He was living in Canada where he murdered a student, cut him into pieces, and mailed him to parliament.

Now as one of the people that gets to pay for his life in Prison, I'm curious to peoples attitudes. There was an article in the Ottawa Sun, about statistics that were taken this year, and of the people who answered the questions 51% of the people are for bringing back the Death Penalty.

I am For.

Topic LGBT?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 15:36

I think that as to why men are gay and women are lesbian's we should look at the origin of the words.

Gay, to be gay, used to mean joyful, happy, carefree, and showy. He/She danced Gayly. You look gay today. etc etc. I think it was the late 17th century... maybe 18th, that it started taking on sexual connotations and started to also mean "uninhibited by morals". So for example a "Gay Woman" was a hooker.

Then I believe it was during WW1, or just after that Cary Grant used it in a movie. Something about him dressing up as a woman, and someone asking him about it. He said it was because "he became gay".

As for Lesbian, that goes back to the Greece, and their hedonism. :P the Isle of Lesbos was the home to Sappho. She was a poet, and women were left in her care for teachings and whatnot. She was known to proclaim her love of women. The term Lesbian was used in the 1800's to describe any aspect of of Lesbos. It was also used in medicinal journals to describe "erotic relationships between women".

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 04 Jun 2012 15:20

*nods* Its why I got arrested. ;) A friend of mine is disabled, and he was getting bullied by people in a public washroom. He had a bone condition where if his shin breaks, it developed in such away it can't be set properly. They were screwing with him by bringing the bat down on his shin while he was being held down. Not hard enough to break it, but hard enough to scare him into tears....

I happened to walk by and heard him, went in and shattered the guys kneecap with the bat. I went in for assault with a weapon... My lawyer happened to be very good and got me off the charge... but still. *shrugs* That was 12 years ago.

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 04 Jun 2012 15:17

I'm posting this because various factions in Canadian Government has been stepping up anti-smoking policies. Recently it has become illegal to smoke on patios, public parks, or with in 9 meters(about 30ft), from public entrances.

They've had a campaign in place for years about putting anti-smoking, and smoke kills, advertisements on the packs themselves for years, and now its stepped up to taking up about 3/4s of the pack, and they've removed the ingredient list.

As a smoker I have to question why a government would do this. In Ottawa we pay $9-$13 per pack of 25 cigarettes depending on brand and where you buy them. No if you figure half of that is taxes(its probably more), then that's a minimum of $4.50 a pack to the government. I like $5 as an average number.

So lets assume the average smoker smokes a pack a day. And lets assume that 1/10th of the population smokes. Thats $5 a day, for 100,000 people. 365 days a year....

(5 x 100,000) x 365 = $182,500,000

That's just one city... for a year in tax money.

Where will the money come from if people actually quit since it will be to expensive?

The same people that complain about smoking now will bitch and moan when their property tax, gas tax, and all those other taxes go up.

Now as for smoking causing cancer, and sterilty, and impotence, and pregnancy issues, etc etc etc.

I would love to know where they get these facts. Its the leading cause of lung cancer... Really? So all the chemicals you put into your body from a single cigarette are the equivalent, or of higher potential poisoning, than breathing in the air in a city with over 500.000 vehicles each in different working condition... or the hundreds of factories that pour out god knows what into the air...

But its a single cigarette, that lasts 3-8 minutes, that will kill you. Not the constant pollution from other sources... like a car, that puts out more poisonous exhaust in about 2 minutes than all of your smokes for the day? Or a factory that in about 2 minutes puts out more than you're going to smoke in a year.... but again. Cigarettes leading cause.

I'd like to get some thoughts on whether people think it IS as bad as it is made to sound, or if people disagree.

I'm not asking if its clean, or dirty, or disgusting.... just good or bad, and why?

Please actually think about it and not just respond with a go to answer.

I would go on but it would take all day to write and read. ;) But you get the idea.

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 04 Jun 2012 15:01

As one of my Drill Sergeants told me and i believe it as well "there are only three times i believe physical violence is worth the risk : Defending yourself, your family, or those who are incapable of defending themselves."

I agree, too bad I'm Canadian where its the offender that usually has the law going for them. :P Seem to take a "Both parties at fault attitude", and in our legal system we have to prove conclusively. If there is any doubt the charge will be dropped.

I was talking to a cop about how in Canada if someone breaks into your home, and attacks you, and he gets it worse than you, its you as the homeowner that will get in trouble, and more than likely sued. The cop told me, the simplest way is to kill the intruder, and claim that you thought he had a weapon. Its dark, hard to see mistakes happen. Is what he told me.

As for "Those who are incapable of defending themselves", try it up here, and see who winds up in jail. You or the bully.

Topic 13yr old boy kicked off girls field hockey team for being too good
Posted 04 Jun 2012 14:56

I just recently started browsing the forums and fell on to this story... a 90 pound kid, is whooping the hell out of people that have 8-9 years on him there for a higher, and more developed muscle mass, and atleast 30-50 pounds on him.

He is so far above them in skill level that he's now being banned.

I played football growing up, and there were a couple of girls on our team.

As for professional Sports... someone commented that you won't see women starting in the NFL and things like that...

Manon Rhéaume NHL 1992, 1993
Lusia "Lucy" Harris NBA 1977

This is the list for F1 Racing.
Maria Teresa de Filippis 1958
Lella Lombardi 1974
Divina Galica 1976
Desiré Wilson 1980
Giovanna Amati 1992

Katie Hnida College Football Division 1

Jackie Mitchell MLB April 2, 1931. Struck out Babe Ruth in 4 pitches, Up to bat next... Lou Gherig... Struck out in 3.

Yep... women NEVER play in male dominated sports....

It was 1972 when Equal Rights was seriously being considered... So there have been professional women in male sports for years before and after.

Should this boy be kicked off "the only team" he can play on because he's too good? No. How can the only available team for any given sport be all female or all male? That right there is discrimination.

There is no other way this kid can play this sport competatively, and its being denied because of gender.

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 04 Jun 2012 14:24

Studies have shown that bullies nowadays aren't the same. They usually come from fairly well off families. Have loving parents, but those parents are hover parents that do everything for their kid. Never allow their kid to make mistakes and when they do, the parents deal with it or make it go away by bitching and complaining at whomever is raising the issue. Blame the messenger mentality. Today's bully is far more likely to be well known and respected in school. Not the outcast/outsider that we see in movies.

That's a really good point I think that also touches on "My kid can do no wrong" mentality. Wasn't my kid. Impossible. Even if you have evidence they bury their head in the sand until you stop talking.

While schools should be proactive about bullying, the online bullying is in most cases out of schools hands, which most people tend to overlook. Such as this case here. The fact that the kids is a classmate leaves nothing in the hands of the school. If it were something like a schools social networking site, or email or in the hall then they would have the ability to do stuff about it. its not avoidance, its just not them having any leg to stand on from a legal perspective to enact any sort of punishment. I've been on the shit end of the stick being bullied before so i speak out of experience. Parents would need to seek action from proper authorities, not just lay the blame on schools assuming they are a catch all for this problem.

At that point its up to the law enforcement agency. As was said in the quick news article the father had tried that, and they refused to help.

Topic Mom arrested for choking 14yr old that bullied her daughter
Posted 04 Jun 2012 14:17

but as we have noted in many circumstances, most people in authority/with pull/even sideliners, shrug their shoulders and say "get tougher".

I got told that by my old man when I was a kid. I'm 29 now, so it wasn't too long ago, but still before all this PC crap. I did... and got suspended, and arrested once. :P Why? Because those in authority said that I shouldn't fight.

So we have choices, either we can be pushed around, verbally and physically, since pushing isn't violence. We can run to someone in power where they tell us to "toughen up" or deal with it ourselves, and even then the bully gets pissed and starts doing it even more. Or we fight back.

As I said, problem with fighting back is that you wind up in trouble.

There is no answer to bullying, unfortunately, we've PC'd our only real option out the door. Bullying is all part of the Alpha Dog part of us. We need to be on top. Those that bark the loudest, are on top until put in their place. With the system that we have now, the bullies can't get put in their place, the best they get is a slap on the wrist and a "Don't be so mean."

I still subscribe to a Don't Touch Me, I won't Touch you. Attitude. I go out of my way not to start trouble with people but I'll be damned if you're going to push me around. I got tired of that when I was a kid. I grew real fast, and I was overweight, and thus was slow. I got made fun of for that, for being poor, for family issues that were happening.

I lost my way a bit with my attitude and temper, but found the middle ground of "Don't Touch Me, I won't Touch You". I've discovered that most bullies aren't that smart. They spew out nonsense they've heard. Either from other kids, parents, or stuff they were bullied with. When I have kids I'm going to teach them how to verbally tear bullies apart.... and how to defend themselves because if words don't work... the bully will start getting physical.

Another problem to that mentality though is schools don't punish those that start fights they punish both. In high school I was getting something from my locker and as I bent down someone that had an issue with me booted me in the face before I even knew I was there... I got up, bleeding from nose and mouth already, and started wailing on this guy.

At the end of it, we were both suspended 2 weeks for fighting.... I'm sorry but screw you principals... Actually do your job and listen don't just punish both. Someone starts a fight with you and what? Turn the other cheek while they wail away on you? Lets take an ass kicking so we can avoid getting in trouble for defending ourselves.... That's the mentality of authority nowadays.

I had my car vandalized a couple of years ago. I called the police, they refused to send a cop to take a look. I even informed them that I had a good idea who did it, and there is boot prints on my car in rubber from how hard they were kicking it. They still refused. So I informed them that the next time it happens I'll deal with it myself since they were refusing to uphold the law, and earn their paychecks.... They warned me if anyone got hurt because of this situation(i.e. they vandalize my car and hurt themselves) I'm being arrested for assault, and threats.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! *laughs* This world is going to a place where you can do whatever you want because authority does nothing at any level, and the second your victim defends themselves, you both get in shit.... but so what? You were going to get in crap either way... and THEY through the first punch.

Edit: Also, I went to one of the rougher high schools in my city, I'd hate to see what some of the others were like. We had ex Military there as teachers, to help prevent fights, and they got smart and realized it was safer to stay in doors and clean up after. :P

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 04 Jun 2012 13:50

And I had to think about the spanish I took like 10 years ago. :P

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 04 Jun 2012 13:44

Absolutamente hermosa mi querida

I hope I got that right.

Meant, Absolutely beautiful, my dear.