College Sex(1)


His Smile: When She Succumbs

Rochelle thought one was bad enough. She was pleasurably mistaken.

"What do you say we head back to my place?" Daniel whispered hoarsely in my ear, his desire for me dripping from each word. I looked up at him, my mind a whirlwind of activity. Before I could stop myself, I found that I’d nodded my consent to his request. I didn't want to back down now. I couldn't. Not after everything. I'd waited too long, and to know he felt the gosh if it...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Ti amo, il mio Angelo

Title translation: I love you, my Angel *** A whole year and he still hasn’t said it...why won’t he say it?! It was a Saturday night and also coincidentally my birthday so my brothers were throwing me a birthday dinner and my girlfriends were treating me to a GNO at the local bar later. Knowing was going to be one hell of a night!! I am living with my brothers, both...Read On



His Smile: when they lose themselves

Two college friends decide to take the leap and see where their chemistry takes them.

His smile always stood out to me. Goodness his smile. Just a little quirk of that mouth of his, a tiny movement of his lips, it was all it took to make my putty in his hands. We’d met through mutual friends when I moved countries for university. Months later we were always hanging out. The first time I met him and he smiled at me I knew he’d be dangerous to my well being, but I ignored it....Read On