The Auction, part 2

Nora serves her temporary owners

Nora sat on the stool in the backstage room in the black string bikini she had been provided. The only other possessions she had were her two strappy stiletto heels. She didn't have to wait long before the door opened and a couple walked in. Nora guessed they were in their early 30s, and were quite well dressed. The man was in what must have been a custom tailored grey suit. The woman was in...Read On


The Auction, part 1

Nora is auctioned off for charity

Nora sat at the kitchen table tapping the end of a pencil on the table. In front of her was a questionnaire she had to complete. The questions were a methodical, painstaking inventory of her sexual limits and experiences. Notably absent from the form were questions about what she actually enjoyed. She knew why, and the thought of why filled her with that familiar mix of excitement and...Read On


Cog in the Machine

The machine has no desires; no pity. It uses her because it was built to.

She had long ago given up her name. Of course, the vanilla world insisted on her using it still, but at times like this she was 440-424-135. A machine somewhere on the Internet assigned that number to her at her request. It was who she was now to the extent that it mattered. She lived with her Master. He too had a name in the world, but using it herself would imply that she was an equal to...Read On


Up On A Pedestal

Every week daddy inspects me

My name is Mindy. I've always felt my name was very... I dunno... girly, I guess. It may not be what led me directly to the lifestyle I have, but it did fit right in. I live with my Daddy. His name is Mark. Don't misunderstand - he's not my father. To everyone else, he's my fiancé, but to me, he's my Daddy, and I'm his little girl. I try to be his good little girl as much as I can,...Read On

Don't Move

Master finds a way to keep Nora in the corner

Nora stood in the middle of the living room, tears streaming down her face, her hands behind her head with her fingers laced. She could feel the throbbing of her ass, synchronized with her heartbeat. She wanted to rub the dozen fresh welts that Master had just created on her ass with the delrin cane - anything to either sooth the fire in her ass or the somewhat different fire smoldering just...Read On


Objet d'Art

Nora spends a unique evening at a cocktail party

Nora stood in the living room, nude with her hands behind her back. In front of her on the floor was a large wooden box, about six feet long and three feet wide. She knew what it was, and she didn't even attempt to hide her nervousness. Master stood on the other side of the box, looking at her face intently. He could see her nervousness, but Nora wondered if he was able to see in her what...Read On


A Wedding Present

This story is a wedding present for a friend on the occasion of her engagement

Dave could not believe it. Dave was reading his e-mail on his laptop sitting at the desk in his hotel room. He had just gotten off the plane in Auckland, New Zealand. He was sent there by his company to troubleshoot a networking problem in one of their data centers. Dave was used to travel, but the flight from New York had taken almost a whole day. And, as he now learned, while he was in...Read On


Playing It Forward

Nora's master takes her to a play party

The car came to a stop in front of their destination. Nora was seated in the passenger seat, fidgeting nervously. Master put the car in "park" and turned off the engine. He turned to Nora. She was illuminated through the windshield by the moonlight, but he was shrouded in darkness. The moonlight shining on her did nothing to reduce her nervousness. She was wearing a stunning red corset...Read On


Early Rising

Nora's day starts early

"Wake up, Nora!" Nora wasn't really ready to process his words at that moment. She had been in a dead sleep, as he woke her, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him. She was naked, as she always was in bed. The room was dimly lit by moonlight streaming in through the blinds, and she had no idea what time it was. As she struggled to make her brain work, she saw why she was...Read On


Lap Dance

Master and Nora hit the road

"Nora, get dressed. We're going out." Nora was lounging naked on her sheepskin rug on the floor of the living room reading a novel on her tablet when he spoke up. He was seated in his easy chair and had just finished going through the mail and paying the bills. She quickly put down her tablet and stood up, placing her arms behind her back. "Yes, sir. What would you like me to wear?" ...Read On


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Horny

Nora's Master occupies her with a scavenger hunt

Nora stretched and turned in the bed, not quite either asleep or awake yet. As she moved, she felt something tight around her waist. Her first waking thought was puzzlement. She brought her hands down to her waist and felt a hard metal band encircling her. The strange feeling chased the cobwebs out of her mind and she opened her eyes and sat up. She was naked, as she always was in bed... but...Read On


When Nora Met Master

Let's go back the beginning...

Room 1723. Nora knocked softly on the door. A moment later, the door to the hotel room opened revealing Him standing before her. "Hello, Nora." He said nothing more, but instead wrapped her in his arms. She tipped her face upwards to look into his eyes and their lips met. While they continued to embrace and kiss, he led her two paces into the room, almost as if they were dancing, just...Read On


Stolen Pleasure

Nora is punished for pleasuring herself without permission

"Nora! What are you doing?" She froze. She was lying on their bed with her panties off, her legs spread wide apart, and vibrator plunged in her pussy. She had been surfing the Internet while Master worked on his computer in his study. Without thinking, she surfed to her favorite naughty story site and got into one of the stories there. Whenever Nora became aroused, her decision...Read On


Timing Is Everything

Nora entertains her Master with precision

The TV clicked off as the closing credits started to roll. Nora looked back at Master, who held the remote, as he always did when they were watching together. Nora was nude, lounging lazily on the plush rug in front of Master's easy chair, her head supported by two enormous pillows. They had a couch, but Master preferred Nora to be on display for him when they were alone together, and the rug...Read On


When She Was Bad

Nora gets punished for being a very bad girl

Nora's tongue swirled around the head of Master's very hard cock while her hand stroked the shaft slowly. His hands tangled themselves in her hair. She was wearing sweatpants and a T shirt, having intended to go out to the gym. But when she asked his permission to go, he replied that he had another workout idea for her. She shortly found herself kneeling in front of his easy chair in the...Read On


When She Was Good

Nora gets a reward for being a very good girl

Nora didn't know what to expect, but that was not unusual. She had received a text message from Master telling her he would be home in half an hour. She knew he would expect her to be prepared for him. He didn't always text in advance, but she knew that when he did, it was because he wanted to use her, and that was always exciting. She looked around. The house was spotless. She had spent...Read On


The Training of Lucy, prologue

Lucy meets her dom in person for the first time, but he will not touch her.

"Hello, Lucy. Nice to see you at last." Lucy had just walked into the room. It was a fairly standard, but nicely furnished hotel room. A king-sized bed took up most of the space, across from an armoire, with a TV in it. At the far end of the room, was a window with its curtains open to let the afternoon sun was stream in. Since they were on the 23rd floor, it was, at best, unlikely they...Read On


The Training of Lucy

Lucy begins her training with her new dom

"Hello, Lucy. You're right on time. Get undressed and we'll begin." Lucy was standing in the living room of Sean's house. She had had one session with him before, and it had only left her hungry for more. In the intervening time, they had continued their online meetings and play, but since she had experienced Sean's domination in real life, the virtual meetings were now just a pale...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 2

Lucy's first night with her new Dom continues

Sean was headed for the bedroom, Lucy following behind - her hands resolutely held behind her back. When they arrived, Sean turned around and told Lucy to take off the bedspread and turn down the sheets. Then he said, "Now come here, Lucy, and put your hands on your head. Let me just take you in." She came over to him and laced her fingers together behind her head. He circled her once as...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 3

Lucy's first full day with her new dom begins

Lucy woke up to Sean kissing her hard on the mouth. He was on top of her and before she could quite figure out what was going on, he thrust his hard, lubed cock inside her pussy to the hilt. She couldn't quite process things at first, but Sean started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy and spoke in a husky, intense voice. "Good morning, Lucy. Wake up and take my cock!" He gave...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 4

Lucy's weekend with her new dom continues

Lucy lost track of time. She had no idea how longshe had been hogtied and blindfolded on Sean's bed. At last, she heard footsteps return. The hands appeared on her butt cheeks and caressed them gently. A finger wandered down to her pussy and felt along the slit to her clit and back to her wet cunt. It disappeared again for a moment, and reappeared directly on her asshole. She felt...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 5

Lucy's weekend with her new dom continues

Lucy woke up to a loud beeping noise coming from the opposite side of the bed. Sean woke up and reached over and tapped the alarm clock, silencing the alarm. Lucy thought it was obnoxiously loud, but she knew that Sean was a very deep sleeper. It made sense that he'd need something raucous to wake him up. But wasn't today Sunday? She looked over at her phone, which was in a charging stand on...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 6

Lucy's weekend with her new dom comes to a close

Lucy was alone. Tears ran down her cheeks and her nose was running. She stood with her legs spread and her hands held straight up and sniffled quietly. She wasn't nervous or fearful anymore. She wasn't pondering what Sean might do to her with the rest of the gear laid out on the bed. She simply waited. Sean returned. He looked at her sternly for a moment, but as he looked at her, she could...Read On


The Training of Lucy, epilogue

We skip forward, while Lucy looks back

The alarm on Lucy's phone started to chime. She opened her eyes a little and looked over to it. 6 AM, Thursday morning. She was a fairly light sleeper. Sean, who lay next to her, could sleep through the end of the world. Still, she turned her alarm off and got up quietly so as not to disturb him and walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was nude, as she was most...Read On



Rip Roaring Rapid Ride

Kate enjoys a water slide in a very, very different way

Kate gave every appearance of waiting patiently in the line for the Didgeridoo 'Round About, but inside her heart was racing and her pussy was tingling knowing what she was going to do. She was dressed in a green string bikini, and her long blonde hair was tied in a pony tail for today. She was home for the summer after her freshman year in college, and surprised her parents by asking to go...Read On


Wet Heat

Ashley seeks relief from the heat in more ways than one

Ashley set the last two bags of groceries on the kitchen counter and just stood for a moment. The weather forecaster had warned the elderly and infirm to find places of shelter today because of the impending heatwave, but she was a fit 20 year old college student. She lived alone in a cheap studio apartment that had no air conditioning. All she could do was bear it. It was 2 o'clock in...Read On



The Demerit System, part 13

Linda has a more public session

Friday evening at 10:00 was the scheduled time for Linda's session with Pete. She usually made her way upstairs to get undressed at about 9:45, but this evening Pete had special plans. He was seated out in the living room in his easy chair. He looked like he was reading a magazine, but he was really waiting for Linda to get up from the couch where she was reading a textbook and head for...Read On


The Demerit System, part 12

What's good for Laura is good for Lana

"Pete, can I talk to you?" It was Sunday afternoon, and Pete was watching football. He looked up to see Laura standing there. He muted the TV and turned to give her his attention. He replied, "Sure. What's up?" "Sam has tickets to a concert, but they're for Wednesday night. But that's... well, that's our night..." Pete nodded. He said, "Since you're seeing him, would you rather he take...Read On


The Demerit System, part 11

Lana gets in touch with her other side

"Come in," Pete said. He was in his office Thursday afternoon when he heard a knock on the door. The door opened and Lana was there. She looked like she had just gotten back from something athletic. She was in sweat pants and a tight T short and her long black hair was in a pony tail. She stepped into the middle of the room as Pete turned his chair around and smiled. "Hello, Lana. What can I...Read On


The Demerit System, part 10

Laura's new boyfriend learns a thing or two

"Pete, can I talk to you about something?" It was Laura's voice that brought Pete's attention away from the bookkeeping task that he was working on at his desk. He looked up and turned around to face her. She bit her lip nervously as she stood before him. She was dressed for school, having arrived after the end of her day. "Of course, Laura. What can I do for you?" "Well, I...Read On


Her first time

Christine experiences her first spanking at the hands of an experienced dom.

The door opened between them and Mark got his first look at Christine. She was average height for a woman, and had short, auburn hair. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, sandals and a white blouse with a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. For his own part, Mark was six feet tall, short blonde hair, and dressed in black jeans and a black polo shirt. They had been...Read On


The Demerit System, part 9

Pete catches the girls drinking and makes them pay a hefty price.

Pete was the first to wake up the next morning. It was Saturday - no alarm, just the sunlight streaming in from the bedroom window. Pete's first discovery was that the girls were still there, still both nestled in close to him. Linda was on her stomach - no doubt to protect her tender bottom - with her head on Pete's chest, buried somewhere under her strewn-about hair. Laura was...Read On


The Demerit System, part 8

Linda's private session with Pete

Life in their house continued along swimmingly. The girls came and went to school, Pete fixed dinner, and they all spent the evenings on their own. Friday evening came and after dinner Pete reminded Linda of her upcoming appointment. Linda nodded as she headed off to the living room couch to study. Once again, shortly after 9:30, Pete retired to his room. As usual, Ten o'clock brought a...Read On


The Demerit System, part 7

Laura's private session with Pete

Tuesday morning came and Pete's day started as usual, with his alarm and morning routine. When Pete came downstairs to the kitchen, Linda and Lana were both at the table eating breakfast. Both looked up when they heard Pete and greeted him with a friendly "Morning!" and a smile. Pete smiled and answered back, "Good morning, girls." Pete loved the new reality of being greeted at the...Read On


The Demerit System, part 6

Lana's private session with Pete

Pete's alarm woke him up at 8:00 as usual. Laura was not there. Pete briefly wondered what happened to her, but decided to tackle that minor mystery once he had himself together. Twenty minutes spent in the bathroom as well as the closet and he was ready to greet the world at large. He headed downstairs to see who was still there. Linda was at the kitchen table nursing a bowl of cereal...Read On


Birth of a Spanko

Tim tells the story of how he became interested in spanking

Hi, my name's Tim. I'm going to tell you the story of how I became interested in spanking. It was the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year in college. My girlfriend Donna and I had been going steady for about a year. Donna lived with her father, but he worked a lot, according to her. We were, well, we were teenagers with raging hormones and we went after each other every chance we...Read On


The Demerit System, part 5

The girls move in

Pete spent most of the next couple of days wondering how the girls would react to his overture. He spent so much time thinking about it he began to chide himself for obsessing over his college-age tenants. "Surely," he thought to himself, "They'll never go for that sort of arrangement." For fear of overplaying his hand, though, he stayed to himself. It wasn't until Thursday when he had a knock...Read On


The Demerit System, part 4

"Do you have a minute, sir?" It was Laura. Pete had just answered the doorbell Monday afternoon to find her there. "Of course, Laura. Please come in." Laura was dressed in jeans and a turtleneck, as it was a bit chilly out. Pete figured she probably was just finished with classes for the day. He ushered her into the living room and towards a chair opposite the coffee table. He asked, "Can...Read On


The Demerit System, part 3

Linda requests a private session with Pete, which leads to a new arrangement.

Pete noticed a subtle change in the girls' demeanor after their last discipline session. He saw them come and go as they always had, but when they saw him, they all three seemed much more shy then they had been before. He attributed this to the fact that he had bared Lana and Laura's bottoms and paddled them with his hairbrush until they were crying. But Linda had not been spanked, and yet...Read On


The Demerit System, part 2

The girls return to Pete's house for their Sunday evening discipline

Pete was on his back porch watching the sunset. It was Sunday evening at 7:30, a week after the last time he had been here. As before, he was sipping a scotch and soda and smiling at nothing in particular. He still could not quite believe that the three prettiest girls he knew had accepted him as their personal disciplinarian. In the week that followed after their initial introduction to...Read On


Happy In the End

(Z is for Zoe) Zoe's husband catches her reading spanking stories online

Zoe sat down at the kitchen table with her laptop and sighed. It was a leisurely Saturday morning and her husband Kirk was sleeping in. She had the rest of the house all to herself. She was wearing her luxurious terrycloth bathrobe, which always felt so soft and warm against her skin. She was in her early 30s with wavy blonde, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She was fairly average in...Read On


Triple Dog Dare

(Y is for Yvette) Yvette finds out how far she'll go for the money

Yvette would have fidgeted, but her current circumstances made that impossible. She was naked, fastened securely, face-in, to a saltier cross. She looked over her shoulder nervously at John. That wasn't his real name, of course, but she had to call him something, and, though it was stereotypical, it worked for both of them. John had been a regular customer at Madame Decreaux's brothel for over...Read On


The Tea Ceremony

(X is for Xiu Mei) Xiu Mei and her husband share a weekly ritual

Xiu Mei stepped out of the shower, into the steamy bathroom. She spent some time massaging some perfumed body lotion into her skin before arranging her long, black hair into a bun with an ebony chopstick. Her pussy was already tingling, knowing what she was preparing herself for. She was the daughter of traditional Chinese parents, who had emigrated to America before she was born. Her...Read On


Tiny Dancer

(W is for Winona) Winona's skating coach helps her with her motivation

"Again!" Winona frowned as she skated back towards the center of the rink. The Olympic tryouts weren't for another 3 weeks, but her coach, Rebecca was tyrannically working her day in and day out. Rebecca was an Olympic silver medalist only 10 years older than Winona, but her career had been tragically cut short by an injury, forcing her into coaching early. Winona sometimes felt like she...Read On


Pink Ass Poker

(V is for Vicky) Vicky gambles for very different stakes

"Ugh. Are we there yet?" Vicky moaned. She and her husband George were half way through their seven and a half hour flight from San Francisco to Aruba for a very overdue vacation. George was a lawyer and Vicky was his legal secretary. He had decided a while ago to eschew the ordinary path to a successful career as an attorney and had instead hung out his own shingle. With his wife at his...Read On


Writer's Block

(U is for Ursula) Ursula's husband helps her concentrate

Ursula slammed her fist against the table in frustration. She tore the piece of paper she had been working on out of her notebook and noisily formed it into an origami boulder and tossed it on top of the pile overflowing her office waste basket. Her husband Walter picked his head up from his book and quietly sighed. She was taking an adult creative writing course at the local community...Read On


My Journal

(T is for Tanya) Tanya shares her thoughts

My name was once Tanya. I gave up that name three years ago when I gave myself to Master. He brought out of me the truth of who I am, and in doing so took possession of my self in every way that matters. We met online in a chat room for singles. He told me later that he sensed in me right away a hint of who I could become. He is older than I, and had a wife once, but he said that with her...Read On


Play Together, Pay Together

(S is for Susan and Sharon) Sharon and Susan's spending habits must be curbed

"I don't think we should," said Sharon. Sharon and Susan were both crouched around Susan's computer, looking at shoes. Susan and Sharon had become fast friends after Sharon and her husband John had moved in next door to Susan and her husband Tim. They had found that they had a lot in common, particularly a shopaholic streak that had at times taxed their respective husbands' patience, not...Read On


Drop the Beat

(R is for Roxanne) Roxanne pays for embarrassing her boyfriend

Club Mephisto was the hottest dance club in town. Invariably the velvet rope line outside the door was long enough to wrap around the side of the building. Even so, Roxanne and her boyfriend Mitch never had a problem getting in. Roxanne was hotness personified. She was not quite six feet tall with a perfect hourglass figure that she barely concealed in a pair of daisy duke jean shorts and a...Read On


The Agony Booth

(Q is for Quinn) Quinn gets spanked in public for charity

"Hey! What's that?" Fred pointed up ahead. Quinn couldn't quite see what Fred was talking about. They were walking down a row of booths at "The Alt Experience" - the music festival they'd been waiting for for months. Quinn, her boyfriend Fred and a bunch of their other friends were there together. While the stage was being reset between bands, they went around the various booths with...Read On


Punished Princess

(P is for Paula) Sam's house-sitting duties include keeping Paula in line

Sam had had enough. Two weeks ago, he agreed to house-sit for his best friend Jim while he went off to Europe for a month-long sabbatical. Jim had explained that he didn't want to leave his daughter Paula alone with the house, because she was a little on the irresponsible side. Paula was a 22 year old blonde, and under normal circumstances, Sam would have thought her quite sexy. But she was...Read On


You're Fired!

(O is for Olivia) Olivia learns new respect for her subordinates

"Mark!" Olivia shouted her secretary's name from the corner of her office. Her head was buried in a file cabinet. Olivia was in her 40s and was a senior account manager at Wilson and Oldsten, the most prestigious advertising agency in the state. She was tall and blonde, with striking nordic features. She had a hard driving personality that, combined with her good looks, had fueled her...Read On


Mirror, Mirror

(N is for Nancy) Nancy gets a spanking from her identical twin

Some identical twins struggle to retain a sense of individuality. They'll style their hair differently, dress differently... anything they can to differentiate themselves from their sibling. But Lisa and Nancy were different. They reveled in their similarity. Growing up, they vexed their parents because it was never possible to discipline them when they were naughty behind their parent's back...Read On


Back Seat Driving Lesson

(M is for Maureen) Maureen pays for her back seat driving habit

To say that Tom was upset was an understatement. Maureen knew he was angry because he had no look on his face at all. He just stared straight forward while he drove. After 5 years of marriage, she knew that when he was visibly angry that was one thing, but when the anger didn't show... She sat in the passenger seat of the car, turned slightly away from him. Their lovely romantic evening was...Read On


The Demerit System

(L is for Lana, Linda and Laura) Pete helps his young tenants live in harmony

It was Sunday evening. Pete sat on his back balcony, sipping a scotch and soda and watching the sunset. He had a broad smile on his face. "Pete," he thought to himself, "life is good. In an hour, you are going to get to spank the three prettiest girls you know." Pete was in his late 40s. He had been a widower for ten years, having lost his wife to cancer. She got sick before they could start...Read On


Welcome to the Building

(K is for Kate) Dan's new apartment has thin walls, and a hot neighbor

Bang bang bang! Dan rolled his eyes and reached for the TV remote and turned the volume down. The knocking was coming from the opposite wall of his apartment. Dan had just moved in a month ago. The rent was lower than the other apartments he was considering, but the agent warned him that the reason was that the building was cheaply built and had very thin walls. Dan wasn't bothered by that....Read On


The Society

(J is for Julie) Julie joins a very special club

Julie sat in The Society Director's antechamber nervously drumming her fingers on a file folder almost an inch thick. She glanced at her watch. 2:59. She wouldn't have much longer to wait. She had heard about The Society from an old boyfriend. He had been a member before he met her, but he lost his job and couldn't afford the dues anymore. He told her stories she could hardly believe. ...Read On


Let's Make a Deal

(I is for Ingrid) What would Ingrid do to get her hands on concert tickets?

"Oh my God, how did you get those?" Ingrid looked at her coworker and friend Cindy with barely disguised envy. Cindy was holding two tickets to Saturday's Simone Estevez concert. Ingrid had called into work sick the day the tickets went on sale, madly clicking on the 'reload' button on her computer, frantically trying to buy tickets. But her luck didn't hold up. The website was jammed...Read On


The Teacher's Pet

(H is for Holly) Holly spends an evening as a spanking class teaching aide

Holly stood at the front of the room. She was naked, except for her collar, standing ramrod straight, with her hands behind her head, elbows back, feet shoulder-width apart. She was somewhat petite at 5 foot 4 inches, 110 pounds. She had long, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and no hair at all below her neck. She stared straight ahead, trying to keep her expression as neutral as...Read On


When Her Man's Away...

(G is for Gloria) Dave catches Gloria masturbating

Gloria drew the living room shades, then walked over to the coffee table and lit the scented candle that sat in the middle. She had just taken a shower and was wearing her bathrobe. Her skin still warm and moist from the shower water and body oil she had used, her long auburn hair still wrapped up in a bun. She slowly walked over to the couch and untied her robe. She sat slightly sideways,...Read On


Joe Gets a Lesson

(F is for Francesca) Joe needs learn just how far Francesca can go.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Frankie?" Francesca (Frankie for short) was naked and bent over the dining room table. Joe, her husband for 10 years now, was standing behind her. He had a belt in his hand, folded in half, with the buckle end wrapped once around his fist. She found herself in this predicament because of their earlier discussion about their sex life, over breakfast...Read On


The Feel of Sunlight

(E is for Emma) Emma enjoys some spanking foreplay.

Emma awoke, to the feeling of the sunshine, warming her body. She reached over to the bedside table and pushed a button on the clock. It's robotic voice said, "Saturday, 8:42 AM." She sighed. The warmth from the sun felt luxurious. People often told her they felt sorry for her that she couldn't see it, but she wasn't envious. She had simply never known any other reality. Besides, she felt...Read On


Behavior Modification

(D is for Donna) Donna needs extra motivation to help her quit smoking.

Donna fidgeted nervously, a cigarette in her hands. She knew, as she brought it to her lips, that she'd regret it later. But damnit, quitting cold turkey was just so hard! She didn't care so much that smoking was bad for her, but now the rule at work was that you had to stand 20 feet away from the door outside to smoke, which was great fun when it was raining. The last straw was the latest...Read On


The Machine

(C is for Claire) Claire orders a curious device over the Internet

The box sat in the middle of the living room floor where the express service delivery man had left it. It had no markings on it other than a standard shipping label with Claire's address and a generic looking return address in Iowa. Claire knew what it was, though. She was expecting it. She knew it would arrive today and called in sick to work to sign for it. Ordinarily, she loved getting...Read On


Simon Says

(B is for Becky) Becky and Simon play a very naughty game

Becky sat up in the kitchen chair with an exaggeratedly straight posture. She tried to keep a serious demeanor, but was struggling not to laugh. Simon sat in the other kitchen chair opposite his girlfriend. She had a mischievous sense of humor that manifested itself in playing silly games, but always with an erotic undercurrent. It was that mischievous streak that led to the current game. ...Read On


Thursday Evening Ritual

(A is for Amanda) Every Thursday night at 7:00, Amanda gets a maintenance spanking

"Alright, Amanda, it's 7:00, let's get you spanked so that we can enjoy the rest of the evening." Amanda and Greg had just finished dinner, and they both stood up and carried their dishes to the kitchen counter. That done, Greg led the way out to the living room while Amanda followed. It was Thursday evening. That was the evening that was set aside for Amanda's maintenance spanking....Read On