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Hey there! For those of you keeping up with my Ashley Art Model series of stories, I have reached a standstill at the moment. I was writing a Part 5, but as I got into it further, it was not turning out the way I wanted. I have begun rewriting Part 5. I hope to have it finished soon. So please, stay tuned!

27 Jul 2016 10:54

Hey Lushies! Sorry I have not been here in a while. I have been so busy with work and stuff. I am working on a new story and hope I will have it finished and ready for authorization soon. Then after that, I will start a new one as well, as I received a request to write one from a different genre than I usually write here. Stay tuned!

09 Apr 2013 08:51

"Letting off Steam"

11 Mar 2013 08:36

"I don't think this is going to fit!"

02 Feb 2013 13:51

"Happy Holidays!"

20 Dec 2012 15:48

"Anyone for movies?"

02 Dec 2012 12:48

It's safe to say that I like small breasts!

26 Nov 2012 16:38