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Topic Is one woman enough?
Posted 30 Oct 2009 12:34

Nope. One is enough for me. She knows how to please me and I know how to please her. As long as we have that bond, I don't need to look for more.

Topic Word association game
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Topic Word association game
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Topic Word association game
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Topic Word association game
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Topic Old sisters
Posted 28 Oct 2009 16:49

Faye and Ethel are two old sisters, both of whom are virgins. One evening, Faye says to Ethel, "I don't want to die a virgin. I'm going out and I'm not coming home until I've been laid."

Ethel replies, "Well OK, but make sure you're home by 10 o’clock so I shouldn't worry about you."

10 o'clock comes and goes and there's no sign of Fay, then 11 o'clock and midnight. Finally, just after 1 o’clock in the morning, the front door opens and in walks Faye. She heads straight for the bathroom.

Ethel is worried so she knocks on the bathroom door and shouts, "Are you OK Faye?

No answer, so she opens the bathroom door and sees Faye sitting there with her panties around her ankles, legs spread wide apart and her head stuck between her legs looking in her pussy.

"What's the matter?" asks Ethel.

Faye replies, "It was ten inches long when it went in and only five inches when it came out. When I find the other half, Ethel, you too can have the time of your life."

Topic Butt Brains
Posted 25 Oct 2009 17:25

This could be a double-entendre. 1) Her brain is in her ass or 2) Two brains are better than one.

I know it's photoshopped, but funny! humor pictures.jpg

Topic Wrong Hole
Posted 25 Oct 2009 12:19

The executive of a formative business had a business trip to attend in Japan. He got on his flight and landed at the airport. When he got in the cab at the airport to go to his hotel, he asked the driver, "Where can I find some action?"

The driver told him where to go and after setting his stuff in his hotel room, he headed off to the place the cab driver told him to go.

He found this very beautiful Japanese woman and she took him to her room and they began the deed.

He was so into it but she kept yelling, "Achi, Achi!"

He kept saying, "Yeah, it feels good baby."

Still, she kept yelling, "Achi, achi!"

And again, he said, "Yeah, feels great baby."

Well, they finish and he goes on his merry way back to his hotel.

The next day, the guy attends his meeting and then heads to the golf course to play a round of golf with other business leaders.

The first time he tees off, he hits a hole in one and immediately yells, "Achi, Achi!"

One of the other guys playing with him turns and says, "What do you mean, wrong hole?"

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 19 Oct 2009 16:17 Boobs.jpg

Topic The perfect ass thread [PICS]
Posted 19 Oct 2009 16:11 ass2.jpg Ass3.jpg

Topic Ever had sex with a stranger?
Posted 19 Oct 2009 15:35

Yeah, after I graduated from high school when I was on my senior trip on a cruise to the Bahamas. I got in the elevator to go to my cabin to get some cigarettes and this young woman, I'd say she was 18 or 19, got on the elevator at the same time. We struck up a conversation and it just so happened her cabin was across from mine. I went in my cabin and she went hers, and I came out with a cigarette and she opened the door to hers and saw me. She asked if she could have one, I obliged and she asked me into her cabin and before I knew it, we were naked on her bottom bunk screwing like rabbits. There must have been something in those cigs!

Topic Answer With A Song
Posted 18 Oct 2009 17:45

"The Frayed Ends of Sanity" --Metallica

Do you think that will do any good?

Topic Towels for men
Posted 18 Oct 2009 17:35

Topic Good news - bad news
Posted 18 Oct 2009 15:58

As the good old Robin Williams has said, "God gave man a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one at a time."

Topic Artificial virginity
Posted 18 Oct 2009 15:51

I understand in other countries that women have to adhere to a certain policy or stand up to certain beliefs, but whatever happened to telling the truth? I mean, what is wrong with simply saying, "Hey, I love you, but I have to tell you, I am not a virgin." I didn't run away when I was dating my ex after she told me that she was not a virgin. I guess that is the difference in the U. S. and other countries.

Topic Answer With A Song
Posted 16 Oct 2009 08:08

"One Way or Another" --Blondie

How can it get any better?

Topic Music You Miss
Posted 15 Oct 2009 12:17

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimi Hendrix
Jim Croce

That is just to name a few.

Topic Bored [PICS] Marathon
Posted 15 Oct 2009 12:05 cartoon.jpg woman.jpg

Topic How to tell amateur photographers from professional photographers
Posted 15 Oct 2009 11:44

Doesn't matter if those boners were photoshopped or not. Still funny! And who's to say they were not done well. All us guys come in several shapes and sizes!

Topic How to tell amateur photographers from professional photographers
Posted 14 Oct 2009 16:16

Topic Cumming on a woman...?
Posted 14 Oct 2009 16:05

It does not really matter to me. If she wants me to cum inside, I will. If she rather have it on her, I will ask where and cum there too. It's all a matter or preference. I see it like this, I am the one with her, she is the one with me. If I can please her in anyway possible, I am going to do it. So, inside or outside, I am going to do what she feels is right.

Topic Worst actor / actress in Hollywood?
Posted 14 Oct 2009 13:01

How about Ashton Kutcher? He may have been funny on "That 70s Show" but he, in my opinion, is not a very good big screen actor.

Topic The perfect ass thread [PICS]
Posted 13 Oct 2009 17:03

How about Dream Kelly's ass: Kelly.jpg Kelly2.jpg

Topic Sexy Cup Holder
Posted 11 Oct 2009 11:39

This gives new meaning to, "Here honey, hold my beer!"

Topic Answer With A Song
Posted 11 Oct 2009 09:41

"More or Less" --Screaming Trees

Are you going to tie me up after?

Topic Quote-U-Like
Posted 11 Oct 2009 09:10

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be." --Abraham H. Maslow

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 11 Oct 2009 08:53

I've always thought that Josie Ann Miller (Josie Model) had the perfect boobs. Not big, not small, just right!

Topic Small Head
Posted 10 Oct 2009 18:02

A boy was walking down the road when he noticed an old geezer with an unusually small head. The curious boy walked up to the geezer and said, "Hey mister! Why the heck is your head so small?"

The old man looked at the boy and replied, "Boy, if I wasn't so damn old, I'd give you a beating... but since you remind me of myself at your age, I will tell you."

The boy listened curiously as the geezer explained, "One day I was fishing on the pier when I got a huge bite... And, I said to myself, 'Holy shit! I've caught a whale!'"

"No kidding?" pried the boy. The geezer continued, "But, when I reeled it up, to my surprise, it was a gorgeous mermaid! Well, she looked at me in tremendous fright and said she'd grant me one wish if I let her free..."

"And?" interjected the boy. "Well, after some quick thought, I looked at her and said, 'How 'bout a little head?'"

Topic Is nudity in art more offensive in America than in Europe?
Posted 10 Oct 2009 17:38

Nudity has never bothered me either, but unfortunately, the guidelines we have in America are more strict than overseas. I had a friend that went to Europe years ago and he could not believe the difference. He said he was watching television, and the same commercials we have here, like the women in shampoo commercials in the shower or what not, while they are cut off here, they show everything over there.

Nudity is accepted more overseas. In America, we are governed by people who think nudity is more a "sex" thing than a "natural" thing. Like you said, we are all born nude, and little children would rather run naked. It's true. Seen that with my own eyes from family members who have children and been to the beach where the younger ones just take their suits off.

If it was not preached here that we should not show our body until we are ready to have sex, then it may be more accepted. But until our culture can differentiate between just plain nudity and sex, then nudity will never be accepted as an art form. Only as a sexual form.

Topic Scaredy-Cat Test
Posted 10 Oct 2009 17:20

Score: 35

What does your score mean?

Do you even have a nervous system? It doesn’t matter how loud the bang or creak is as you’re trying to nod off – you don’t even flinch. Even if you’ve just watched the scariest movie of all time, you know it’s just Hollywood at its best and that it’s over as soon as you turn it off. In other words, you’re as cool as a black cat when it comes to scary stuff – it takes a lot more than a haunted house or a dark, spooky night to make you jump. Although it would be really boring watching a horror movie with you, you’re definitely someone we’d want by our side when things go bump in the night!