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Topic Masturbation better than sex....
Posted 10 Oct 2009 17:15

Sex is so much better than masturbation in my opinion. I never get the "true" feeling when I masturbate that sex leaves me. I mean, I know nobody ever gets the same feeling of sex through masturbation anyway. However, I will say this, when sex is not an option with a partner, masturbating each other is a real turn on. That's when masturbation does seem like "real" sex to me!

Topic What words do you shout when you orgasm
Posted 09 Oct 2009 15:42

Not sure if this was meant for the women or the men or both, but I would love to answer. When I orgasm, I don't say anything. I usually just grunt or sigh heavily as I ejaculate.

Topic Where was the craziest place u had sex in?
Posted 05 Oct 2009 16:42

In the middle of center field of my former high school's baseball field at about 2:00AM in the morning on a warm summer night.

Topic Breast Stroke
Posted 04 Oct 2009 11:07

There was a competition to swim from Santa Monica to Catalina doing only the breaststroke, and the three women who entered the race were a brunette, a redhead an a blonde.

After approximately 14 hours, the brunette staggered up on the shore and was declared the fastest breaststroker.

About 40 minutes later, the redhead crawled up on the shore and was declared the second place finisher.

Nearly 4 hours after that, the blonde finally came ashore and promptly collasped in front of the worried on-lookers.

When the reporters asked why it took her so long to complete the race, she replied, "I don't want to sound like I am a sore loser, but I think those two other girls were using their arms..."

Topic Answer With A Song
Posted 04 Oct 2009 10:48

In a "Fast Car" - Tracy Chapman

But why didn't the bat just use his wings instead?

Topic What is your favorite turn-on food?
Posted 04 Oct 2009 10:44

Well, seeing that I have to choose between seafood, meat, or veggies, I would have to say that a filet mignon, seasoned with only salt and pepper, and grilled to perfection.

But, in all reality, a good homemade mac and cheese would do the trick!

Topic Penis size
Posted 03 Oct 2009 17:10

To the women here:

I know the question, "Does size matter?" is a question that has been asked here before (probably) and is an age old question.

So I would like to revise it a little:

Does size REALLY matter? Or is it in the way that a man uses it?

I ask because, and I am going to be truthful here, and I am not ashamed to admit this, but I am not a very well endowed guy. Erect, I measure almost 6 inches. It's more like 5.75 inches erect. Okay, there, I said it. Like I said, I am not ashamed of my size. God made me that way for a reason.

I've been with a few women, and never had one complain, but never was really sure if they were just lying so I would not feel bad.

Answer truthfully!

Topic Public or Private Schooling?
Posted 02 Oct 2009 09:38

Growing up, I went to a private school all my life, K5 - 12th. The private school I went to was also a college prepratory school also. I enjoyed my time there and got a very good education, which led to a very successful career at college and a very good job. Now, on the other hand, I will say, I had friends that went to public schools and I have seen some be very successful and others have not, but I am not saying that is part of being publicly educated.

Considering everything, I would choose private for my children, but that is because of the education I received. Apart from the bullying and other things, that was much a part of where I went to school. People seem to think that private school does not have any of that, but on the contrary, they do. I saw many things happen in the private school I went too, and they compare just as much to public schools.

It's all a matter of where you want to send your child.

Topic Cellulite - Can you answer honestly
Posted 02 Oct 2009 09:24

I agree with Charley. People fall in love with a person, not their cellulite. If that is a major concern for your partner, and I am not saying that it is, just in general for anyone, then his heart is not in the right place. Be the woman that you are and have become and live like there is no tomorrow! You are who you are, and you can't help that cellulite has become apart of your body.

Topic Plane Conversation
Posted 30 Sep 2009 16:10

This young beautiful woman was on a flight and this guy was seated beside her. He looks at her and says, "I've heard that carrying on a conversation will make the flight go faster."

The young beautiful woman looks at him and says, "Okay."

So, he looks over to her and says, "Well, what would you like to talk about?"

The young beautiful woman looks at him and says, "How about nuclear physics?"

He looks at her perplexed for a minute and says, "Wow, nuclear physics huh? That's such a deep subject. So, what about nuclear physics?"

"Well," the beautiful young woman starts, "it's like this. A rabbit eats grass, a horse eats grass, and a cow eats grass. Yet, when a rabbit poops, it poops pellets, and when a horse poops, it poops round dry clumps, and when a cow poops, it's poop is moist and layery. Why?"

The guy looks at her confused and says, "Well, I don't know."

The beautiful young woman looks at him and says, "Well, if you don't know shit, why do you want to talk about nuclear physics?"

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 27 Sep 2009 17:05

I personally like small ones. Ones that are in the A cup size, like 32A or 34A. They are more sensual and more erotic. They are perkier than bigger ones and very much more appealing.

Topic Shaved ?
Posted 27 Sep 2009 17:02

I like a shaved pussy most, but a landing strip, a thin one, on the right woman looks sexy too!

Topic 10 Short n Naughty Poems (Add yours to make it up)
Posted 27 Sep 2009 08:12

"Water Fall"

Water falling over your body
Making the deep auburn tan glisten;
Highlighting the tan lines around your breasts
Showing small erect pink nipples,
Pointing arousal in the mist.

As the water falls over your body,
It trickles down, slowly, and begins to christen
The slender curves where you’ve been blessed;
And I see your body shiver as the droplets send ripples
Arousing feelings you can’t resist.

Your hair falls down over your shoulders
Caressing your dark skin in waves,
Lingering there as you begin to massage
Nooks and crannies only you know how to touch,
Sending erotic shivers that tingle down your spine.

Your hands caress your small boulders
Tweaking the middle of them in stages,
Painting a picture- an erotic collage;
Your fingers the paint brushes that you clutch
That feels a point once hidden behind a puffy line.

The soapy paint trickles down your curves
Accentuating points touched by fingertip brushes,
Swirling around, caressing tight corners
Causing arousing effectual intense moans
Of pure desire that leaves you wanting more.

You stop a moment, sigh, and continue to serve,
Rubbing your bristles in very light touches
All along your deep tanned borders
Bringing you into a frenzy leaving you sexually stoned
Where your climax hits suddenly and you begin to pour.

Out of you with a sexual yell, you begin to gush,
Flooding the shower floor as you massage your clit;
Intense, the feeling makes you buckle your knees
As the painted picture nears the end
Culminating in a collapse of needed desire.

There you sit on the cool wet tile with a sexual flush,
Glowing from energy that left you in a sexual fit,
Reeling in desires that made you say please,
Thanking God for your hands that lend
Help in putting out an erotic fire.