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Topic Sex in a pool or jacuzzi
Posted 08 Jul 2012 09:40

I know this is on the gals section, but I wanted to give my input, from a man anyway.

When I went on a cruise to the Bahamas one time, my partner (at the time) and I found our way to the indoor pool and we were the only ones there. With the thought of being alone in there, urges got the better of us and we had sex in the pool.

I would never do it again however. It felt like I was thrusting my erection into a dry socket of sandpaper. It was not that she was not aroused, she was, very much so, but the lack of her lubrication made it highly difficult.

Now maybe it was because the pool was filled with the salt water from the ocean, and that had an effect of drying her out a bit, but it ruined the moment for me, and since I remember that, having sex in a pool again does not appeal to me.

Topic Have you ever been lifted by a woman? how did you feel?
Posted 08 Jul 2012 09:30

I have never been lifted by a woman, but the sound of it is highly erotic, although, I doubt I would ever find one that could actually lift me. I don't mean I am overweight or anything, but just more big boned and awkward, I guess you can say.

The role reversal of that would definitely make me feel how they feel when we lift them to take them wherever we want.

Topic Question for the "straight" guys
Posted 07 Jul 2012 12:08

My first inclination would be, to make sure it was my girlfriend. Personally, I don't know how "he" could not have heard sounds that would make him know who it was.

I would not say that it makes one gay, but could it be borderline? Yeah, maybe. I'd say more bisexual at most, and even then, that's iffy.

This is just like the incident I have heard of years ago about a girl being taken advantage of while she was sleeping, and she had not been drugged or anything. She was just in a deep sleep that did not wake her as the guy was pounding her. When she did wake, he was lying beside her and she could tell what happened.

I mean, come on, women out there, wouldn't you wake up to see what the hell was going on? How could you sleep through a guy fucking you?

There would be so many questions going through my mind I couldn't go on. I'd have to know.

Topic How much is too much when it comes to your profile?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 10:11

When it came to putting a bio in my profile, I knew exactly what I wanted to put. I put enough there to let people know who I am what what I was, without delving too much information. It tells the person reading it exactly who I am and where I stand without being offending to anyone. Most people understand where I am coming from and respect that.

Topic Guys and Breasts
Posted 02 Jul 2012 10:00

Well, I am one of those guys that too, like the small breasts. In my honest opinion, they are the most erotic and most beautiful. They exude a sense of reality for me to know that the woman who has them is most happy with her sexuality and does not flaunt she has small breasts. I know that may not make much sense to some of you reading this, but it makes sense to me. Give me A Cups any day!

Topic blonde, brunette and redhead
Posted 24 Jun 2012 11:36

Topic Safety In Numbers
Posted 24 Jun 2012 10:48

There is no safety in numbers. It only takes one to give you something, and it could be that first one!

But to answer your question, I've only been with three women. Yeah, look down on me if you want too, but I am actually proud of that.

Topic Newbie
Posted 23 Jun 2012 10:11

Hey Laura, I, too, want to welcome you to Lush, even though you have many welcomes already. It's nice to have new members discovering what Lush is all about.

I hope you have a good time here and find your stay very enjoyable. The main thing is to have fun!

Topic Long or Short, Curly or Straight, Colour?
Posted 23 Jun 2012 10:05

Long dark silky tresses that pass below the shoulder blades and splay nicely on her pillow as we lie together in bed.

Topic Give me three.
Posted 23 Jun 2012 10:02

1) The shoreline at dusk
2) The smell of salt in the air
3) The feel of the sand on hot moist bodies

Topic Why do guys show their dicks??
Posted 09 Jun 2012 11:33

I joined Lush for one reason, and that was to display my writing and not what God gave me.

However, as I don't have any images of my manhood up in my album now, I did at one time. I did for one reason and one reason only. I have always been very self-conscious about my body because I know that I am not as well-endowed as most men here. So, I had put a few up to see what kind of response I would get.

Lush allowed me to show my writings and also images of my manhood because it is allowed.

Some of us can still be a gentleman and show pictures of our sexual organs in a very tasteful manner, which is what I did when I had them in my images.

We don't all have to be a pervert in order to show what we have. Some of us men, like me, had a real reason for doing so.

Once I got the response I wanted, I took them down because I did not want to leave them in my images. But who knows, I may be compelled to put a couple more up. Tasteful ones, of course.

Topic Pussy Piercings!!
Posted 09 Jun 2012 11:13

It does nothing for me. Call me old fashioned, but I rather prefer my woman plain and simple. I just simply enjoy it more without the body art down there. Belly button is okay, but not the fissure of wet pleasure.

Topic Lower the Boner
Posted 09 Jun 2012 11:04

Anything nonsexual that I can think of at the time.

Topic For any shaved guys out there...
Posted 06 Jun 2012 14:59

Use moisturizing shaving cream first before shaving. Make sure you're using a razor for sensitive skin. Don't go over the same area more than once or you run the risk of getting ingrown hairs caused by shaving too close to the skin. Definitely use a lotion for after-shaving (Kiehl's makes a good one)... that will help with the irritation.

Or you could just wax your balls - but go to a professional for that.

Dancing_Doll is exactly correct here with excellent advice. I have been shaving my pubic region for years now, and I shave it smooth constantly. Like another poster, I shave my pubic region every three days because of the sensitivity of the skin. Believe this or not, I never use a man's razor or shaving cream either. I tried a man's razor and shaving cream three times, then tried a woman's razor and shaving cream, and there was a huge difference! That's when I knew women were holding out on us! At least in that department! LOL!

I find two women's razors to be the best for this. The Venus Embrace with 5 blades, and the Bic Soliel Bella with 4 blades. The best women's shaving cream I found to be Skintimate Lotionized. They work so great together.

But you definitely want to shave in one direction only. Never shave against the grain of the hair either. What I usually do is go down then across and that is it. It leaves it very smooth.

Afterwards, I apply Witch Hazel which will tightens your skin and pores and then apply a good lotion. I find any lotion with cocoa butter or shea butter works great.

My former girlfriend loved how it left my pubic region and she loved the look.

Topic Erotic images
Posted 06 Jun 2012 14:45

To me, and it could change daily, but right now, what I see is a tall long tanned legged brunette sitting down, leaning her back against an oak tree in the park reading a good book.

Topic Cyber Sex
Posted 30 May 2012 13:06

Since I am a writer, I thought that I woudl enjoy cybersex. I did it one time and that was enough for me. It did absolutely nothing for me at all. The only thing I got out of it was the sense I could use my mind to create a scene with words, much like the stories I write here.

Maybe I did not have the right person on the other end to make if feel enjoyable, although, she definitely know what she was doing. But it sure did not get me off and it just did not feel real to me.

Topic Would you rather see a women in a sports bra, regular bra, or braless??
Posted 30 May 2012 13:02

It doesn't matter to me. There are times when any type of bra is appropriate and other times, a bra is not needed. A woman does not always need to be naked for a man to appreciate her beauty. A woman can be just as beautiful, erotic, and sensual with clothes on as they are with their clothes off.

Topic Women and Farting?
Posted 30 May 2012 12:56

It's a perfectly natural occurence and happens when two bodies are banging into each other. It's like running. Every stride you make will let out a little gust of air. Not a turn off for me. It just happens.

Topic Pornstar Platforms?
Posted 28 May 2012 07:33

What kind of shoe a woman is wearing has no bearing on me.

Topic Guys your feelings on pubic hair on women
Posted 28 May 2012 07:29

I'll be honest. I like shaved, smooth, and silky. It shows me that she cares about her personal hygiene. She takes the time to care about herself and what she wants.

However, I will never behoove a woman that wants to remain natural or have a little landing strip. It's her choice.

Topic Erotic Story Idea
Posted 24 May 2012 05:42

If you write well, then, yes! I would be interested in reading it.

Some writers are so good that they can make even the most tedious and menial subjects or details interesting.

The author, Nicholson Baker, is a past master at this. His book, The Fermata, is one of my all-time favourites. I'd highly recommend it to any Lush author.

It's quirky, funny, incredibly sexy and his writing is so detailed...

Of course, as you'd be (I assume) writing to the Lush audience, then there would have to be eroticism or sex, in order for it to be approved as a story here.

Remember, we also have the sister site, storiesspace, where you can post your writing too.

Good luck with it, give it your best shot and I'm sure we will all look forward to reading it.

I am very well aware of storiesspace, as I am also a member there, but you would not know who I am since the profiles are quite different! LOL!

I have also posted this story idea I was asking here about. It's called, "Beauty on the Beach." So if you all are interested, please go and read it.

And thank you all for giving me such wonderful feedback here! I certainly appreciate it!

Topic Erotic Story Idea
Posted 21 May 2012 06:45

I have this erotic story idea and I wanted to get some opinions. It would be strictly erotic with no sex at all; mainly would be highly erotic and sexually energized description. It would be more of a "painting a picture" kind of thing.

I have the setting and the imagery already planned out. All I need to know is if anyone would be interested in reading a story like this, especially since there will be no interaction and no sex at all.

I look forward to hearing feedback from you all.

Thanks in advance!

Topic Met someone famous?
Posted 20 May 2012 10:31

I have met several famous people.

Richard Petty and Kyle Petty- at a charity function in my hometown.

At a Western Film Fair at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina I met the following:

James Best- who played Roscoe P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazzard and had my picture taken with him.

Donna Douglas- who played Elly Mae Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies and had my picture taken with her as well.

The Statler Brothers- the country music group. Had my picture taken with them as well.

In 2003, the place where I work become a prop for the movie Radio starring Ed Harris, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Alfre Woodard. While they were filming the movie, we still worked, but took breaks to watch the filming. Between filming, some of the stars would mingle with us, and I got to meet all three I mentioned. Ed Harris was the nicest guy and Cuba Gooding Jr. was humorous. I actually have no comment for Alfre Woodard. (It's safe to say she left a lasting impression!)

Alexandra Ripley- Author of Scarlett , the sequel to Gone with the Wind shortly before she passed away.

But the person I will always remember meeting most is the late Patrick Swayze. When I was in the sixth grade in 1985, the television movie/mini-series, The North and The South , was filmed in my home state and my hometown, and my teacher took us on a field trip to watch the filming on one of the city streets. My class stood just outside the building where Patrick Swayze was filming a scene. When he was through filming, he saw us standing and watching, and walked over. We were all so nervous, but Patrick Swayze was just as nice and understanding. He let us ask him questions and he answered every one of them and then he signed autographs. I will always remember that. When he passed away, it meant more to me that I actually got to meet him.

Topic Are you an "award-winning writer?" Apparently a number of us are...
Posted 20 May 2012 09:50

Well, I have never won a contest yet, but years ago, one of my poems was a finalist for the National Library of Poetry and was actually published in their anthology called, An Evolving Secret. I had a shot at winning the $1000 prize, but came short.

And not long ago, as DirtyMartini knows (since I thanked him), I submitted a story to an editor and while the editor told me it was not what he was looking for at the moment, he told me that I was a talented writer and definitely wrote erotically enough to be published. He also told me he was going to keep my contact information for future possibilities.

So, while I have not actually won a contest for my writing, just these two accomplishments mean the world to me and keep me knowing that one day, it's going to pay off!

Topic What's your favorite album?
Posted 19 May 2012 12:18

Here are a few of mine:

Blind Faith- Blind Faith

Derek and the Dominos- Layla and the Dominoes.jpg

Eric Clapton- Crossroads Crossroads.jpg

The Eagles- Hotel California California.jpg

Led Zeppelin- IV

Alan Jackson- Who I Am Jackson Who I Am.JPG

Topic Lingerie
Posted 19 May 2012 11:23

It doesn't matter to me what kind of lingerie she wears. I just enjoy taking it off of her in foreplay anyway!

Topic Quote Game -share the 3rd sentence on page 34
Posted 19 May 2012 11:19

"It sounded great: the girls, the two ladies, the two women in my life."

Title: Exit A
Author: Anthony Swofford

Topic Can I help my boyfriend from cumming prematurely?
Posted 18 May 2012 09:14

There is one exercise called the "Squeeze Technique" where when a couple begins sexual activity, and the urge to ejaculate becomes prominent, they can stop and the partner can squeeze the glans (the head) where it meets the shaft with a gentle pressure until the urge to ejaculate has gone. At the point, the couple can resume, let's say maybe 30 seconds later. This process can be repeated over and over until the urge is gone and the woman can be penetrated. With this technique and with practice using it, the sensation of delaying ejaculation can be achieved and knowing when would become a habit where the "Squeeze Technique" may not be needed.

Another way is to have him masturbate to orgasm before you two have sex. Most of the time, this will delay ejaculation when you two start to engage in the act itself.

There is also topical numbing creams that can be applied to the penis, but they can be deceiving because they could numb his sensitivity too much and also cause you to have a loss of sensitivity because he is inside you.

This is also more than likely a psychological issue and he could get help with talking about it. He more than likely has performance anxiety and gets worked up about it. Maybe if he thinks less about ejaculating too early, he could enjoy being with you and having you stimulate him in a relaxed environment.

Whatever you do, I agree with Wolfie22. Do not chastise him over it. He is very aware that he is doing this and I am sure he feels ashamed.

As long as you two work together and build your relationship, it will get better.

Topic a girl has a problem!
Posted 17 May 2012 13:19

What kind of advice can anyone give to a woman that can cum in 30 seconds? You already obviously know what you are doing if you can do that! Find you a guy that can get an instant erection, enter you and make him cum in the same 30 seconds it takes you to do so. To tell you the truth, that won't be hard to find!

Topic which actor would you date????
Posted 14 May 2012 07:00

Normally, I would say Jennifer Love Hewitt, but her acting is not at all the greatest (I just personally think she is hot!), so I am going to say Liv Tyler.
When I saw the movie Stealing Beauty , and how well she acted in it, I was amazed at her versatility.