Hung from the Barn's Rafters

And the thin braided twine I was going to use to tie his balls tightly. . .

He was my newest consenting slave. I found him yesterday at work and invited him into my lair for some heavy bondage. After he followed me home, he agreed to let me tie him upon the workbench where he could stew all night in the dark. Now, this new morning, I was ready to make him suffer even more. He was going to like it. I was sure of that. His six-foot-four lanky twenty-five year old...Read On


You Must Not Cum

The rubber dong was finally buried deep inside her pussy. . .

I pulled the chain tight that was hooked to the spiked collar around her neck, making her raise her head to get her attention. “Yes, master?” she asked, as her blonde hair fell around her neck, covering the collar. I loved how the eye liner ran down her face with tears shed from the tie straps tight around her nipples. They were loose enough to fill them with blood, but tight enough to...Read On


I Call Her Jessie

The domed tip of the massager fit perfectly into the open lips of Jessie’s entry way.

I call her Jessie. Of course, that really is not her real name. It’s just a name I like to call her. She is my slave after all. I can call her whatever I want. It makes me happy. It pleases me. It also pleases me to tease her. Even torture her. Hell, I even do both at the same time. Like tonight. Jessie asked for it tonight though. Oh, she didn’t tell me herself. She couldn’t. Her mouth...Read On

Erotic Poems(5)


Deliver the Goods

Empty that tight sack!

No Don't you dare. Hold it- Fight it- That urge, So strong I know. But I'm not ready- Yet No sir. What's that? It hurts? Poor baby. Uh uh! STOP! What did I say? Yes, That's right. No! Live it! Learn it! I'm the one That says when! Don't! Oh no you don't! Not yet. Only when I say so, You got that? I said, YOU GOT THAT? Not one drop! Not even a dollop! Resist the urge! Let them fill up...Read On

Recommended Read

Erotic Plateaued Bliss

Glistening from wetness Drenched in stimulated Leakage...

Long ropes of white Spurt sequentially From his long throbbing hardness, Splashing down and Plastering her breasts Until her nipples Are covered with His warm milky core. Glazed in his Warm bodily ejection, She moans loudly As she slowly Takes a finger And circles her Stiff nipples Now shining in his stickiness. He watches as she Plays with her protrusions ...Read On


Her Flaming Fantasy

Revealing partitioned flesh, damp with desire

Shiny as satin, smooth as silk Tanned limbs, long and slender Stretch out for miles Silhouetted by delicate white sheets. Their auburn hue pops delicately As she sensually rubs them together Slowly back and forth along one another From the fantasy filling her head. A sound of desire escapes her lips As the wetness forms between her stems Where her tender folds, slick with...Read On


My Vagina

Do you see me now?

Take a look at me. What do you see? Go ahead, tell me. I promise I won't break. I am more than a pretty face With arms and legs. I am also more than Protruding objects of affection. So go ahead, take another look. Do you see me now? I told you, didn't I? And you thought I was lying. You see what you want When you look at me. I can tell in your eyes; I am not fooled. I am not a cunt, And...Read On


Our Erotic Highs

Slap my ass and squeeze my tits

Bend me over and grab my hair, Pull my head back When you enter my lair. Make me spread my legs wide So you can go Way deep inside. Give it to me fast and strong, Let me feel your Hardness thick and long. Slap my ass and squeeze my tits While you drill deep Into my sopping wet slit. Tweak my nipples as they poke out, Twist them in your fingers To hear me softly pout. Pound with force...Read On


Recommended Read

Ashley Art Model: Part Three

I felt the combination of my hood pulling back and my clit pushing forward in its erectness.

Taylynn's sock was still hung on our dorm room doorknob as I passed by. I couldn't believe I had cum before her or even before her boyfriend exploded. I had to laugh a little. Then I wondered if that actually was a good thing. Oh well, it was what it was. I made a poor decision, however, to just wear my clothes. I was still rather moist and my clit rubbing on the denim sure didn't help....Read On


Ashley Art Model: Part One

Piece by piece, my items fell to the floor until I was standing naked. I took one look in the mirror

I stood, reading the posted ad on the campus bulletin board in the commons area, wondering. Why? I really did not know - except for one thing - the pay. I definitely could use the $100-an-hour rate and with classes being three hours long and it being two of them back to back, who could not use six-hundred bucks! Not only that, the fact the ad stated "possibly more" helped as well. "Oh my...Read On


A Hole in One

Claire slipped her hand between her legs and felt her pussy, running her index finger through. . .

The sun started to peek over the eastern horizon in the distance. It would be rising soon. The birds began to wake and sing their morning calls. The sound of the green’s sprinklers sashayed over the plush lushness as their music gave it its color. The air was nice and crisp and there was a scent wafting gingerly that smelled of cloves. It was just the right temperature; mild enough to...Read On


Cracker Barrel Threesome Served Up In Style

Make your girlfriend cum with your tongue and her friend cum with your cock!

As Jacob looked at Blair's smiling face, he whispered to her, "You made Case expel her orgasm again like I did?" "Uh huh. Farther, than you did also," Blair said in a giggle. "I'd say. That must have been a sight for the patrons." "Not just them. Also for me. It was absolutely beautiful the way she arched it in the air. Just marvelous!" "But you're hurting, aren't you Blair?" "Well...Read On


Cracker Barrel's Fireplace Gets Even Hotter with Blair and Casey

Blood rushed to Casey's extended peak as Blair bit down softly onto it.

Blair continued to kiss Casey as she caressed her breast using Jacob's now cool expelled nucleus as a lotion. She was getting the most out of two of her five senses; taste and feel. Blair was tasting Jacob's tangy core as well as feeling his slickness coat her best friend's firm frontal projection. Blair had always wanted to enjoy Casey's company this way. Now she was doing it with an audience....Read On


In Front of the Fireplace at Cracker Barrel

There was no artificial coloring adorning her face. She did not need it to make herself beautiful

After a long business trip, the Cracker Barrel sign off of I-95 was a nice sight. It meant Jacob was one more exit closer home. It also meant he would surprise Casey, who he knew was busing tables this evening. Jacob and Casey have dated now for eight months. She was a freshman at the local junior college. Her eighteen years had not prepared her for wearing an apron with five stars...Read On


Beauty on the Beach

As the sand touched her sensitive skin, she arched her body into the sand underneath her.

I did not know her, but I could watch her forever. Her tall tanned twenty-something year old naked slender body looked so magnificent against the blue backdrop of the Caribbean highlighting her sensual curves as she stood still. The warm breeze blew her dark tresses gently, making strands drift over her bare shoulders. The auburn glow of her silky skin shined in the sun's rays as they...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Four

“Okay, then, here we go. This is your first feel of a hot wet cunt falling over your hard long. . .

The sun was warm upon my and Brit’s skin as we laid in the loungers around the pool of the nude resort. We were trying to get rid of our tan lines, or at least darken them a little. Well, at least I was. Brit, on the other hand, lied there with her legs bent at the knees, legs open enough to show her otherwise private place. Since we were best friends, I had seen it many times and I knew what...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Two

That’s when I felt the stirring inside my pussy and I began to worry.

The sun’s rays crept through the slight crack in the curtain and shined right into my face. I could see the brightness through my closed eyes. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed my watch to look at the time. It was six-thirty and I had wished I knew the curtain had not been fully closed before hitting the bed. Brit and I obviously did not pay any attention to it not being...Read On


Cum Contest

It was one of those moments where you did not want to watch, but had too. . .

The following story is/was a project. It was an idea I had that just seemed fun to write. I am not sure if there is such a thing as a "Cum Contest" for real. Also, if you read this, I was contemplating making it a two part story, but thought that if I did, it would be much of the same and I would not be able to embellish it much from the original. If you have comments about, I would love...Read On


Small Opposites: Part One

He stood there by the poolside, naked and dripping, his thirty-five year old shaved smooth cock sticking out in front of his body pointing to his hotel room just across the way. There was no one around the pool, but he was hoping tenants saw him. They would mainly see him anyway. He was almost certain nobody would pay attention to his small erection. It had always been unnoticeable. He...Read On

First Time(1)


Goodnight Beautiful

To that special woman who entered my life. . . thank you!

I climb into Michelle's bed every night and wrap my arms around her soft warm body. I lean my head down and gently press my nose into her hair and take in the scent of her freshly washed strands. Tonight it is apples. Tomorrow night it could be coconuts. The next night it could be the scent of freshly falling rain. That's what I loved about Michelle. She always surprised me. However, she...Read On



Making Mandy Cum

The delightful scent burnt his airway and singed his pallet

Sumter slid his finger through his sister's hot wet crease as she stood there with her legs slightly open beside the bed. He loved how she closed her eyes and sighed heavily as his finger glided slowly through her hot partition. Mandy's core slathered his finger slowly as Sumter moved it through her tender smooth slice of pink heaven. Mandy tilted her head back as she felt her brother's...Read On


Daddy Watches Me: Part 6- Anal in the Hot Tub

What we had was something special. It was well more than just a daddy-daughter relationship.

It was two-thirty in the morning, the night was cool and the crickets were chirping loudly. There’s were the only sound that could be heard for miles. As the bubbles of the hot tub surrounded my slender body, I looked up at the stars and carefully sipped the glass of wine I had brought out with me. The light of the moon was my only guidance, but it was full and just as bright as it could be....Read On


Ridge Fucks Me Raw

I closed my eyes and moaned loudly as my brother used his lips to pucker my nipple in his hot mouth.

My brother and I have always been very close. I guess that happens when there is just two years between siblings. I'm twenty and he is eighteen. Our rooms, upstairs, were across from each other and it was not uncommon for us to pass coming and going. More often than not, it was just after we showered and were wrapped in towels. I had no problem letting him see me like that. I was covered....Read On


Mom's MILF Spirits

Mmm, smells like MILF spirits out here!

Melanie accompanied me home after cheer practice and what did we find? My mom laying out butt naked on a towel beside the pool! I was so fucking embarrassed! The first thing we saw were her sagging breasts, her aged dark large areolas lining long nipples, and her hairy snatch that resembled Chewbacca from Star Wars. My mom was a product of the old ways; staying true as much as she could. It...Read On


To the Lake House: Part Two

Daddy turned me around and lifted my leg

I was still wet when Daddy made the turn onto the road that took us to our lake house. In fact, I was dripping again. Daddy should never have told me from that stop we had made that we could take a shower when we arrived at the lake house. My pussy just would not quit running from that moment. I wanted to be ready when we got to the lake house, so I lifted my shirt and pulled it over my...Read On


Daddy Watches Me: Part 5 - Blowing Daddy in My Bed

Then I tasted a small trickle of the salty sweetness land on my taste buds.

I lied awake in my bed, surrounded by the darkness of the room, knowing that the love I had for daddy was more of a sexual one. Of course, I loved daddy in my heart, but our relationship was more of lust. I gave him something he wanted. Daddy gave me something I wanted. We were in a win-win situation. Everything had happened so quickly between me and daddy. Was it wrong? I did not think so....Read On


Mom's MILF Spirits: Making Bridgette Squirt

All of a sudden, I felt mom curl her fingers and slowly drag the top inside of my drenched cavity.

Why did I feel like I was about to have a baby? Maybe it was because Melanie was behind me, my body propped up on hers, and mom had my legs spread as wide as she could get them as she stood in front of me in the pool. The only difference was Melanie reaching around and pressing hard onto my breasts and mom having her fingers buried deep inside my pussy. But it finally felt like my body...Read On


Daddy Watches Me: Part Two- My Turn to Watch Daddy

I stared right at daddy's cock because I knew exactly what was going to happen.

Daddy sat back down, his cock so hard and long and bouncing from each beat of his heart. Daddy had trimmed the hair around his manhood neatly and shaved his rather large balls smooth. It was something beautiful. With a precise cut, daddy's cock head was perfectly shaped and the veins around his long hard shaft popped out as the blood pumped to it and kept it hard. Dollops of precum dripped...Read On


Daddy Watches Me: Part Four- Licking Between My Legs

I yelled out, I'm going to cum daddy! So fucking cum for you!

A week had passed since I had masturbated for daddy and he had masturbated for me, but the moment in the shower with him was still fresh in my mind. I could still feel daddy slamming my eighteen year old body up against the shower wall. I did have a bruise on the small of my back, but after a week, it had dissipated. However, the bruise was well worth it. I had not touched my pussy since...Read On


Mom's MILF Spirits: Spilling All Over Mel and Me

Not only was Melanie’s clit nice and firm, but I could also feel mom’s rub against my smooth skin

Mom lied back and fell into my arms as Melanie began to feel mom's now smooth freshly shaved pussy. I watched as Melanie ran her fingers over my mother’s contoured sexual lips. Mom's pussy definitely showed its mature age. Her labia, both outer and inner, were so much more pronounced than mine and definitely more so than Melanie’s. They were a dark brown and gently rippled; the fleshy curls of...Read On


Reality Twins: Logan Makes Lily an Oral Graduate

Logan stared at his twin’s short sexual lips. . .

For the first time, Lily found out what it actually felt like to get wet from the actual touch of a man. And the man that was doing it was her own eighteen year old twin brother. Something about that made her even wetter. She could feel her sexual freshness flow out of her tiny opening and onto the sewn crease of the boy shorts she was wearing. Lily knew she had already soaked them. She had...Read On


To the Lake House: Part 1

I started to drip heavily just from Daddy feeling over my outer lips.

The car was packed with our belongings and the snacks were at a hand's reach. The cooler sat on the back seat so if me or Daddy wanted a cold pop, I could lean back there and get us one. There was only one other thing I needed. "Daddy, my pillow!" "Well run get it Cupcake. We can wait another minute," Daddy said. I loved how he always waited on me. I had my Daddy wrapped around my finger....Read On


Mom and Uncle Jessie: Their Story

Of course your pussy is going to become an overflowing avalanche of nonstop blissful drooling!

I walked into the living room where mom had slunk down into the leather couch. She was worn out from hosting family members that only showed up once a year. Mom had changed into her night shirt and her 40 year old leathery legs jutted out from underneath the hem in tired fashion. I sat beside her and patted her on her bare knee. "So, was Jessie everything you thought he would be?" Mom...Read On


Papaw Calls it, My Pretty

The outer parts were warm, but my inner ones were on fire.

Mamaw walked out on Papaw recently. Nobody in the family saw it coming. We tried to figure it out, but none of us could put together as to why she did. It was very unexpected. Little did I know that my role as the only granddaughter would fill Mamaw’s void. I thought checking in on Papaw would be enough. Every day, after school, I would drive to Papaw’s house to make sure he was okay....Read On


Daddy Watches Me: Part Three- Fucking in the Shower

We both groaned in unison as our orgasm mixed together.

"Oh Ella, you are so beautiful as the water makes your body glisten," daddy said as he closed the shower door behind him. The hot stream began to fall over his naked body, running down the hairs on his chest until it dripped off the head of his limp penis. "Daddy, you look so handsome as the water flows over your manhood," I said and smiled as I moved closer to him and put my hands on...Read On


Tugging Sumter

She loved how the hard ridges of his erection felt in her hand.

Mandy lay her naked twenty-two year old body beside her brother Sumter, like she did every night. Mandy loved sharing a room with him. It brought them closer together. Her body, smooth and just as shiny as glass, was lit delicately in the dim light of the room. It was just enough light to make her body glow in all the right places. Her breasts, not small, but definitely not medium either,...Read On


Reality Twins: Lily and Logan Welcome Reality

Her climax was getting closer and closer with each insertion he made into her hot chasm.

Lily shoved her already sexually satisfied body, which still yearned for more, a little further upon her bed. Her pussy yielded a tiny trail of her lingering orgasm, a product of having Logan’s mouth stimulate it, as she dragged her body up to rest her head on her pillow. Lily’s pussy anticipated her twin’s eighteen year old long thin erection with enthusiasm. She knew that their...Read On


Daddy Watches Me

I spread my pussy lips open. . . felt my cum flow out in clear spurts. . .

The day daddy came home early from work and caught me spread eagled on the couch, my shaved smooth pussy dripping on the towel underneath me, I thought I was going to die. An eighteen year old daughter was never supposed to let her daddy see her naked. Mine not only saw me naked, but also saw the best of me. I thought my life was over as I knew it. There was not anything I could do...Read On


Bent Over for Uncle Jessie

Uncle Jessie cleaned the head of his now soft cock by swiping it up and down through my tender wet..

Mom's older brother, Jessie, was always a flirt and often thought he was God's gift to woman. He was always quite the womanizer and knew just how to work the scene, even given his advancing age. I could see this as he mingled with the large crowd of family on our huge deck at the family reunion mom had organized. I watched Uncle Jessie flow through the crowd of family eying female family...Read On


Sibling Lovers

I never meant to fall in love with my sister. . .

I stood in the kitchen preparing dinner and looked through the open partition over the bar at the love of my life sitting in the chair in the living room with her legs crossed. She was dressed in her robe and reading quietly while sipping the blush occasionally that was sitting on the table beside her. As I looked at her sitting there with her bare legs showing, it took me back to when...Read On


Reality Twins: Lily and Logan Commence Relation

Logan tasted the heat elude his sisters taut nipple as he flicked it with his tongue.

Lily slowly rolled her nude body off the bed and began stripping it of the sexually soiled sheets. She could not believe that she had forgotten the towel, but her twin brother, Logan, was so far embedded in her brain and making her so horny, she gave no thought about having the one item that would soak up her inner core as it was expelled from her tiny opening. Lily balled the sheets up in...Read On


Reality Twins

Lily knew when he did, her tiny orifice would squirt her own orgasm as well.

Lily loved watching her brother's cock lengthen through the computer monitor. The hidden camera she had placed in his room, positioned perfectly with a shot of his bed, gave her her own reality television show, and she got off from viewing her eighteen year old brother's organ slowly stand straight up. She could watch him all the time if she so wanted.  Logan's cock was long and thin, the...Read On


Feeling My Daughter: Part Two

“Oh daddy, I’ve never felt my clit react like this before. . .

Molly stood in the same spot as I walked around to let her back face me. I looked at her round firm pale skinned ass where my finger had lingered. I saw where the beads of sweat pooled in the crease of my sixteen year old daughter’s back just above her round posterior. Slowly, I touched her bare shoulders, flipping her hair out of my way in order to feel her hot moist skin. Even though...Read On


Feeling My Daughter: Part One

Molly was definitely correct. She was more than just wet; Molly was dripping.

If there is one thing a sixteen year old girl never wants to happen is for her daddy to catch her naked somehow. I found that out the hard way. Molly obviously thought she was home by herself. She had no idea that I was down in my basement office catching up on some lost work. I needed a break and headed upstairs to the kitchen to grab a drink and a lite snack before dinner. When I entered,...Read On


Amelia Talks to Scotty: Part Four

Amelia felt the tingle of pleasure begin to build as she continued to hover over her son.

There was no waiting a refractory period since Amelia had caused Scotty’s cock to rise again. As she lied next to him in his bed, Amelia could not help but stare at his cock as it pulsed with each beat of his heart. Her son’s eighteen year old cock was long with veins that supplied the nourishment keeping it erect popping out, running down its rigid shaft all the way to his ball sack that...Read On


Amelia Talks to Scotty: Part Three

Amelia moaned deeply, felt her pussy constrict, and then in a quick pulse, her orgasm was unleashed

Scotty continued to stroke gently over his mother’s smooth pussy with his fingers and Amelia felt the flow of her body’s inner naturalness form more in her sensual spot than what had been in its depths earlier. With Scotty’s finger sliding between her natural chasm, more of it escaped her delicate hole and coated his finger. Amelia could feel her natural lube slather all around his finger...Read On


Amelia Talks to Scotty: Part Two

It was not everyday that a mom leaked her own sexual flavor on her son’s bed

Amelia stepped out of the kitchen and gingerly made her way upstairs to her room. She went slowly not to make any noise. She really did not know why though. She guessed it was the thrill of what would come. As she walked, she felt the tender fold of her personal divide literally slide back and forth from the moisture that had seeped out of it with every stride she took. With each step she took...Read On


Amelia Talks to Scotty: Part One

Amelia felt her pussy getting wet. . .

Amelia stood on the back deck of her house, staring out into the woods, watching the sun’s rays peek through the green leaves that sprung forth from the oak trees as she drank her first cup of morning coffee. She loved being able to commune with nature and thanked God for making such a lovely surrounding so she could do so. Every morning, this was a ritual for her. Ameila loved living in such...Read On


My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 5

Daddy picked up my leg and pushed me into the shower’s wall. . .

What the hell was mom and dad going to say was all I could think as I quickly picked up the towel and wrapped myself in it. The towel was heavy at the end due to my gushing orgasm and it wanted to slip off of me. I had to hold it up. Missy was literally shaking as she tried to wrap the other one around her. She was also scared to see what my and Brantley’s parents would do. Poor Brantley...Read On


My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 4

Brantley now stood over his girlfriend stroking his long thickness.

As I kissed Missy with my silent thank you, I sat there and still could not believe that my brother had fucked me. The one man that gave me the shivers when I saw him, had given me what I wanted and his girlfriend, my best friend, let him. She had shared her lover with me. I was grateful. But as I kissed Missy, there was something more in her lips. I tasted hot desire. There was more to my...Read On


My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 3

And then I felt it. It felt like my natural split had ripped another seam. . .

I felt my body move forward as Brantley pierced my hot wet sexual opening. I felt the head of his long erectness sink into my pink center. I gasped a huge gulp of air and let it out with an, “OH FUCK,” because that is what it was and well, quite frankly, I was not ready for his size. Yes, I was wet, really wet, but my pink walls were unable to fully wrap around his thickness as he tried to...Read On


My Best Friend, Brother, And Me: Part 2

I then felt my brother’s finger trace the outline of my wet pussy.

It was all working out the way I wanted it. After what had been a very bad day turned good, Missy and I walked into my empty house. Mom and dad were at work and there was no telling where my brother was. Missy did not even know where he was. It did not matter. Missy and I had the house to ourselves. I knew that Missy did not have her bikini with her, but that did not matter. I was not going...Read On


My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 1

I am in love with my own brother. Yes, I know also that I am not supposed to be.

My brother is one of, if not, the hottest guys I know. He’s twenty, tall and slender with light brown hair and the bluest eyes any girl could want. I see him every day, but to tell you the truth, I could actually stare at him all day long and never get bored. I just wish he looked at me the way I looked at him. I am in love with my own brother. Yes, I know also that I am not supposed to...Read On


Sissy Teaches Me: Part Three

For me to cum! It’s such a turn on for my sister to taste my pussy.

Sissy opened her legs a little more as I leaned up to get a better feel of her perfect divide. As I did, I felt the dampness of the towel under my naked ass. It was soaked. I really did cum. A lot. I actually looked down between my legs to see the wetness there between them. The towel was a lavender color, so when I looked, the darker color of the purple showed where my sexual liquid had...Read On


Sissy Teaches Me: Part Two

As Sissy fingered my pussy, I felt my inner walls wrap

“Are you watching?” Sissy asked me as she lied there, legs spread nice and wide. The inner part of her pussy starting to gape a little, trying to open up larger than it was already. “Yes,” I answered. I was watching with everything I had. Sissy ran her hand down between her smooth legs and I watched her take her finger and trace her tender sexual entrance slowly. As she did, I saw her...Read On


Sissy Teaches Me: Part One

As I entered the bathroom, the shrill of my sister’s moan was mesmerizing.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am still a virgin. There, I said it. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. I am actually quite happy being one. After all, I am sixteen. Yeah, yeah, I know, most sixteen year olds have lost there virginity by now, but my hymen is still intact. Well, from the normal way, that is. I guess one reason why I am still a virgin is because of being a little sister...Read On


Daddy Took My Innocence

I felt my pussy get wet as I sighed under his tender lips.

Daddy touched me in ways that I never imagined. It scared me at first to feel his hands all over my body. But the more he caressed, the more comfortable I became with having my daddy touch my eighteen year old virgin body. There I stood in front of his bed, my back to him, and his hands followed my every contour. Soft and gentle, my daddy ran his hands over my soft skin. I felt tingles of...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 9

As Melanie swallowed, the delightful burn slid down her throat.

Melanie looked at her father and smiled as they stood listening to her brother and mother. She began to think that there could be more to just having her father to herself. She knew that would also not be fair to her mother since they were still married. Her father had been dipping into her mother longer than he had been with herself. Now her brother had just done so. “Daddy, come on. We...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 8

She felt his fingers playing with her inner labia that poked out in her normal fashion.

Justin stood there in the middle of his bedroom watching his mother disrobe. This would not be the first time he has seen his mother’s breasts, but when she got to her panties and removed them, it would be the first time he ever saw her pussy. As she removed her bra, he recalled how he first saw his mother’s breasts. When he was just eighteen, he had walked in on her by accident. She had...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 7

She closed her eyes as her father caressed and squeezed her breasts.

When Melanie and Justin turned to swim to the pool’s edge, they saw their mother. Allison saw her also and jumped out of the water and ran for the gate leading to her house. She left her bikini on the concrete not even thinking. She was embarrassed. “Shit, what is mom doing here?” Justin said. “Um, that’s not the question. We need to worry about how much she saw,” Melanie said as she walked...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 6

Allison continued to rock back and forth on his tongue.

Melanie had all the plans in place. To keep with the tradition of Thursday, she had plans of a barbecue after Justin cleaned the pool. She had already written the list of items she needed in order to make it a very successful cookout. Well, not just a successful cookout, a successful sexual endeavor. There were no friends invited. Somehow, Melanie knew it would just be her, her brother...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 5

He could not believe he was in between two women, one of them his sister, no less.

Both of them looked at each other as the knocking sound resonated on from his bedroom door. They were not sure whether to be scared or answer it. Well, she knew she could not answer it because one, she was naked in her brother’s room, and two, she had walked naked to it from her room and nothing to put on; she’d have to grab something of his and quickly put it on. Kind of looked like she’d...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 4

She wrapped her lips around his long erection and felt the ridges of it. . .

She wished she could have reciprocated the feelings to her brother yesterday, after the moment in the lounger that he gave her, but the moment was so intense, she had no energy after the orgasm he gave her. Her body had been spent and to tell the truth, all sexual energy had left her. Today was Friday, however, and for the first time in less than a week, she intended to be sexual with...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 3

“Little sister, let me show you just how RIGHT this is to me and for you!”

As she lied there in bed, she started thinking of the past two weeks that lead to things she never thought in her life would happen. She never thought that she would ever be in a sexual relationship with her own brother, but she was and she was thoroughly enjoying it. It had been the best two weeks of her life. She was looking forward to more time with him. And, tomorrow morning when she woke...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 2

“Naughty big brother, don’t you know, it’s not nice to spy on your little sister!”

All week, her thoughts were of her brother having fucked her. Other guys had fucked her before, but never like the way her brother had last Thursday. It was something special. It was more than just sex. It was pure desire between siblings. So, it was definitely safe to say she was happy it was Thursday again. It had been a long week. A long week filled with emotions that she had never...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party

He saw his younger sister looking. He knew she would be.

She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool. It was not a scenery thing to her. It was where she watched her older brother clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It had become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy...Read On


Shaving Granddaddy's Cock

I smiled and let go of his heavy erection . . .

The end of the long semester was finally over. I was now in my second semester, my first full year in university, and I had studied my ass off! I was ready to get away from the university for a while, at least until the new semester began. I had a long drive ahead and I could not wait to get home to family, especially to visiting my granddaddy.  My granddaddy and I had a very...Read On


Uncle Lust: Part Two

But most of all, I believe he was in his own little world. He was in uncle lust.

Saturday morning, I awoke at seven. I threw the covers off myself and headed to the shower immediately. The hot water and steam woke me up even more. While the hot water traveled down my naked body, a sexual rush passed through my form from the actions of the day before. It had been a while since I had had any sexual contact and my body was yearning for some passion. Hell, my body was...Read On


Uncle Lust: Part One

. . .I caught my Uncle Blake, my father’s brother, staring at me.

  I was always very aware of my sexuality.   Not only was I aware of it, but all the guys were aware of it also.   I could feel them staring at me even when I could not see them looking my way.   It never unnerved me though.   I was an attention getter.   I had always been an attention getter.   That was something that developed with me, along with other things, in high school and...Read On


Our Secret: Part Two

Misty did not say a word. She smiled, a very sexual sly smile, and shook her head in a yes motion.

If any has not read the first part, you need to do so first before you read this.  It will make more sense if you do. Our Secret: Part Two Well, here I am again. Sitting at my desk, my laptop open, and my journal projecting on the screen. This is yet another entry about Misty and me and our secret. I still feel like it is not “our secret” any more since I am writing about...Read On


Our Secret: Part One

I watched the hot water run over my sister’s naked body. . .

My twin sister, Misty, and I have always been very close. We have never been apart since the day we were born. When we were younger, we slept in the same room together, we played together, we attended the same schools together, and now, we are eighteen years old attending the same high school where we are seniors getting ready to graduate. We even plan on attending the same college together....Read On


Brotherly Love

Suddenly, he was not a guy to me anymore. And certainly he was not my brother. . .

I often watched my brother.   I knew it was wrong, but I could not help it.   Why?   Because I did not see him as my brother.   He was a twenty year old freshman at the local college near our home.   I saw him more as a fresh college guy waiting to score.   We were close when we were growing up, but the older we got, we grew apart.   I guess that is because I was his sister and he...Read On



Ashley Art Model: Part Four

The buttery metallic sweetness flowing down my throat tingled...

Taylynn's sock was finally gone from our dorm door as Ipassed to stand in front of Kiera's. For once, she was not spreading her legs for her boyfriend. Shocking. It seemed all she ever wanted to do was show her pussy to him. By now, I'm sure she knows I showed mine to him. Oh well. Music was playing softly behind Kiera's door. Surprisingly, it was Elton John. I took a very deep breath before...Read On


Ashley Art Model: Part Two

I looked down. Her labia protruded from the smoothness surrounding them.

I arrived at my dorm to find Taylynn's sock slid over the doorknob. I rolled my eyes; I was tired and I wanted my bed, but now I had to wait for her and her boyfriend to quit fucking first. Great, just great. All I wanted was to get an hour of sleep before I went back for another modeling session this afternoon. I started to slink down against the wall when Kiera, another dorm neighbor,...Read On


Experience at the Yoga Class: Bukkake Bath

I thought Ceenie's nipples were going to pop off of her breasts after Sandy blasted them with precise aim of her streaming fluid. For a moment, I could tell that Ceenie thought Sandy had peed on her, but it was definitely orgasmic liquid. The way it shot out and lasted just a few seconds was proof it was cum. Nicole high-fived Sandy after they had both released their hot centers on both of...Read On


Experience at the Yoga Class: Cumming Generously

I bobbed my head to Ceenie so she could see herself all over my chin.

I looked at Ceenie's naked body laying beside me and just how wondrously tight her body was. Her breasts were so perky, they formed perfect cone shaped mounds, never flopping to the sides. Her stomach was flat and slightly rippled and led straight to her awe-inspiring labialess notch between her legs. The vertical line of under-ruffled perfect pinkness that made Ceenie half a woman stood...Read On


Experience at the Yoga Class

The heat from my body began to travel to both of my stimulated areas.

"I'm glad you decided to finally come with me to the yoga class. You're going to love it!" Ceenie said energetically as she loaded her briefcase into the trunk of her Altima. "Well, Ceenie, if it is as great as you make it out to be, it will be a nice way to unwind after work, even though I don't have any workout clothes," I answered as I stuck my briefcase beside hers. "Trust me, Jenna,...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Scissored Splits

She had the largest set of labia that I had ever seen.

As Vee and I walked into the showers, the girls that occupied it all stopped what they were doing and stared. Vee and I just looked at each other. We both blushed at the same time. I thought it was because it was the first time they had seen me naked. That's why I blushed. But Vee knew the real reason. I found out as the flat-chested girl, I almost ran into entering the showers for the...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Lickity Slits

Vee shuddered as my finger swiped through her tender notch. What I felt there surprised me.

I awoke to Vee's soft hand stroking my hair gently. Her fingers felt so good gliding through my soft brown mane. Her body was still wrapped in my arms and pulled close to me. I slowly opened my eyes and her blue ones were staring back at me. Vee smiled and said, "Good Morning," with a light pitch that was all her own. Was it morning already? There could not have been any way that we could...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Silent Orgasm

...a slow oozing trickle evaded her tender trough.

Vee's naked body lying beside mine was the most wondrous scene I had ever experienced. The delicate contours of her whole being flanking my bed gave me the nervous jitters. I was scared to touch her tender pale skin. I was so scared she would break. Vee's pert small breasts looked so peaceful, if breasts could be peaceful, as they jutted out in joyous fashion into the air of the room. The...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: The Beginning

I felt the wet slippage slide out of my personal divide and pool on the clean lining of my panties

The bed in the dorm room felt like it had been slept in a hundred times over and then some. My body sunk right in the middle of it and the aches I was feeling from the effects of having no support were evident as I began to twist and contort my eighteen year old body to get the kinks out. What I needed was a hot shower to sooth them away. So, I slipped on my flip-flops, grabbed my robe, a...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: The Conclusion

Brit’s smooth mound was hot with sexual energy.

“Oh my God, my pussy is so sore! It feels like it has been pounded by a brick multiple times!” Brit said as she laid there in the bed, petting it, like she was trying to sooth it. I could not help but look as she caressed her tender lips. The fold there between her legs was still a little puffy, the ripples it made still pronounced more than they actually usually were. “Well, Brit,” I...Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

She would never forget the feeling of her hot cum jetting out of her pussy. . .

Sara walked into the large room of her English class, her very first one as a freshman, and chose a seat three rows up from the front. As she sat, she felt the leftover stimulation from the morning in the shower still in her pussy. She was sure that some of it fell to the lining of her thong. Somehow, it excited her. She knew that was a bad thing, as it would make her very uncomfortable....Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Three)

Sara felt the warm flow of her orgasmic juices form, her clit contract in rhythmic beats. . .

“Maker her cum! I want to see her cum!” Sara and Angie both heard and opened their eyes to see five other girls standing, watching them sexually interact with each other. However, Angie did not stop sucking Sara’s clit. She kept on sucking and flicking and Sara kept on moaning. The first thing that went through Sara’s mind was that being caught was, indeed, invigorating. Obviously Angie...Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Two)

Sara began to feel Angie’s puffy nipple get hard

A week went by and in that time, Sara had become quite popular on the floor of her dorm. She was used to it though, as she had been on her high school cheer squad and the captain her senior year. She had made many new friends already, but the one she felt the closest with was Angie. Not because they had become fast friends, but because there was something more between them. Sara could feel...Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie

It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt.

Sara carried what little of her bags she could down the hall of the dorm to her room. Today was moving in day and she was very nervous. She had no help; Sara had made the trip to the university on her own. She passed several other girls that were also moving in. She noticed that most of them were here age, eighteen and a freshman like her. She had to sit a couple bags down so she could open...Read On


College for Krista: Part 3

Krista was trying her hardest to keep her legs together, but it was becoming a chore.

Summer took her hands and ran them down the sides of Krista’s naked body.   She was not sure if she was doing something right or wrong; she was just trying to emulate what Krista did to her.   Krista did make little sounds as Summer traced her fingers along Krista’s hot skin, but still, Summer was not sure if it was enough to please Krista.   Summer stopped suddenly as she...Read On


College for Krista: Part Two

Krista did not say anything. She simply put her mouth down to Summer's pussy and began tasting her.

Krista and Summer arrived back at their dorm room late in the evening. They had both been out and about on the campus and even ate out at a tiny little campus diner on the outskirts. They got to know each other and Krista felt comfortable with Summer.   They walked into their dorm room and Summer fell upon her bed and picked up the book she had brought with her from home since she had...Read On


College for Krista: Part One

Krista stood up and when she did, she felt some of the moisture escape her slit. . .

Krista walked into the dorm room with her suitcase in her hand and slumped down to one side. Summer could tell that she had struggled with her bag either up the stairs or just carrying it from the elevator to the dorm room. Krista looked at Summer as she lied on her bed. Summer saw how frazzled Krista’s hair looked and Krista’s tired arm just dropped her bag immediately. With the weight...Read On

Love Poems(19)


I Need, I Embrace, I Make

I'll always love you this way

I don't want you; I need you. We took the vows years ago And together we've both made them grow Into something that made us stronger Now more than ever That will last longer and longer. I don't hold you; I embrace you. I'll always love you this way You are there each and every day And I will show you just how much As I take you in my arms And share my loving touch. I don't fuck you; I...Read On


Alone Again

Wet ruffled Line of perfection– Pulses desire And starves for attention– Is slowly parted By an upper digit– That rubs circles Over a pink widget Exposed simultaneously From stimulated sensations– Of engorging euphoric Tantalizing transformations– Sending electrifying Body jolting tingles Across her whole being– In vibrating wiggles That makes herself Shake and shimmy– Until...Read On


Our Nights

She slides inside next to me, her nude body warm.

She stands, Naked In the doorway; Her shape Silhouetted By the dim light Behind her. Her curves, Delicate Waves of desire, Showing her Contours Like an hourglass Striking midnight. She coyly Smiles Towards me, Then moves Gracefully Sweeping across The floor. I watch, Patiently As she strides Over to the bed Slowly, Where I wait With the covers open. She slides, Inside Next to me, Her...Read On


Sensually Divided

My moisture coyly collects

I spread my lengthy legs, Exposing my personal perforation So you may sensually explore. See how my pink luscious lips Engorge with stimulated stature And slowly leak my inner core. My clit quietly quivers, Pulsing desirable waves wildly For what is in store. Then your tongue slides slowly Through my sensual slit And opens the flood door. I let out a whispering whimper As...Read On


The Wall

Force the wetness out of me

Slam my back against the wall, Thrust hard into my wetness; Show me you enjoy what I give to you As we fuck here in the hall. Take my breath away with your thrusts, Make me gasp as you hold me up; Pierce me fast with your rigidness Until I scream with uncontrollable lust. With my body, break the wall down, Pound my pussy with a heavy force; Press my back into its hard surface Drive me to...Read On


Grand Relationship

This poem is dedicated to A. L. Grand Relationship Quiet and reserved, shy and reluctant, Hidden treasures slowly start to arise. Little by little, in small increments She reveals what she usually hides. Slow and steady, gentle and precise, Inhibitions release to reveal her true self Only in ways that come easy for her To come gently out of her shell. Sublime and...Read On


Everlasting Laboring Love

In the darkness of the night...

In the darkness of the night, Under the full moon and stars above, I lay watching her breathe as she sleeps, And thank God for her everlasting love. The rise and fall of her mounded chest, Inhaling and exhaling softly its perfect peaks, Shows the beauty of the life laying still That has often left me momentarily weak. The silky paleness of her soft skin Illuminated gently by the hue of...Read On


Honeymoon Untouched

Slowly The profound prickles Of sensual sin Tease and tickle As you gently Send tangible tingles Of pure pleasure As your fathomable fingers Trace over my skin. Delicately Your beautifully balanced Careful caresses Taunts and teases Over my body Making heavenly heat Simply soar Through my raging ravenous Whole being. Passionately The tender togetherness Of bodily basking Culminates...Read On


Scent-ual Desires

I look at you All glowing and beautiful And thank God you are my lover.

Scents of her linger In the air Long after she leaves. The sweet smell Of her presence Fades in the breeze, Like the sunset Floating over the ocean Giving way to the night, She silently drifts away Slowly until There’s nothing but moonlight. But when the door opens And my head turns, She’s standing there, With open arms To hold me close In our love affair. Our bodies suddenly...Read On


Made Us One

A velvet playground/Intimately heightened

The smooth and silky Line of perfection Normally hidden between Two perfect long tanned stems, Puffs prominently Its outer lips In arousal To my hands, Massaging lightly Over her naked body Sensually pressing Into the lush bed. Erotic sounds Escape her lips In waves of Hot syllables That form no words, Only tones, Of wondrous bliss Deep inside her. Her hot skin Under my palms, A...Read On



Her. . .

Her eyes, her smile, Highlighted sensually in the hue of the moon. The stars up in the sky Hover over us, As we walk along, hand in hand, Along the shore. Her face, her body, Wondrous musings of rhythmical tune Strolling along with me Under the sparkling dots so high, Makes me glad that I'm a man And fills my empty core. Her feelings, her emotions, Blend with mine and tenderly unite,...Read On


Until Morning

And little gusts of erotic air

Hush, Don't say a word. Let my breath Be the only thing That is heard As my body Slowly connects With yours. Serene, Is the moment between us; When our bodies Become one And little gusts Of erotic air Escape our lips From sweet surrender. Whispers, Now exit in waves As a tender rhythm Forms equally To match cravings Of sexual appetites Hungry for each other. Calmly, Passions build, As...Read On


Rite of Passage

The pure state would soon be no more.

There’s only one. It won’t be mine long. He knows that it’s his. He’s been waiting for this moment. I knew he’d be the one To take it from me. I had prepared for this day to come. Now it was here And I would never get it back Once it was gone. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The pure state would soon be no more. I knew I was ready. My body and soul With him I intended to let go. The...Read On


Hot Dripping Goodness

Hot Dripping Goodness

Intense Temperature  Rising  To unbelievable levels  Of balance Inside Me. Tantalizing stimulation Forms  To lucrative heights  Of desire  Filling  Expectations. Tingling sensations  Travel  To erogenous zones  Of ecstasy  Touched  Timeless. Mounting emotions  Build  To sizable amounts Of sensual  Blissful  Effort. Fingers drift  Down To massage folds  Of pinkness ...Read On


Waves of Passion

Waves of passion causing crinkles in the sheets; Fists taking hold of them in reaction as our bodies meet; A flood of emotions slowly fill my hot core, As you rise above me making me want you even more. Your heavy body as it slowly falls upon mine, Sends a piercing jolt, as your hardness crosses my vertical line. The pressure of you filling me, instantly makes me moan, Through the love we...Read On


Pussy (A Woman Whole)

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs.

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs. So why do we always make it out to be? It’s soft and tender, Delicate and sublime. It can hold you together, Keep you safe and warm For long periods of time. It’s loving and affectionate And will know when you ache, Then console you Sweetly and gently Taking the pain away. Most times it’s funny and laughing A real joy...Read On


A Love Renewed

The gentle sway as our bodies coalesce

The loving tender touch of your hands, Sends chills through my nakedness As I lie on the bed yearning for you. The soft gentle brush of your breath, Upon my hot bare rippling skin Propels desirable passion through my veins. The feel of your fingers down the crease of my back Transmits tantalizing tingles deep within me; Causing my blood to boil and brew. The sensual emotions as you...Read On


Ebbing Love

Hearts pounding in unison Becoming one in the moonlight Passions released in the sands of time As waves of ecstasy around us crash. Sounds release as bodies of one Mixing with the dark of the night Emotions and desire sensually climb From natures natural throbbing thrash. Peaceful bliss together shared Reaching heights beyond the stars Mists of moisture prick our skin As we gently...Read On


Painted Desires

Water falling over your body  Making the deep auburn tan glisten;  Highlighting the tan lines around your breasts  Showing small erect pink nipples,  Pointing arousal in the mist.  As the water falls over your body,  It trickles down, slowly, and begins to christen  The slender curves where you’ve been blessed;  Your body shivers as the droplets send ripples  Arousing feelings you can’t...Read On

Love Stories(8)


The Beginning of a Long Life Together

Her hands felt wonderful there as I continued to share myself with her as she shared herself with me

Five o'clock came so fast Friday morning. My trip, to West Virginia, was going to be a seven hour long drive from South Carolina, but it was going to be well worth it. It was still dark when I pulled the rented Jeep Cherokee out on to the highway. It was a cool, slightly foggy morning. The headlight beams passed through the mist and illuminated the road ahead. As I drove, the nervousness...Read On


Pleasurable Afterglow

Myra tightened her womanhood, moaned, and when she released it, she felt even more stimulation ...

Myra stepped out of the shower, dripping the teardrop shaped dollops onto the bath mat, and stood there feeling the cool air of the room drift around her body before reaching for the towel on the rack. The cooling effect surrounded her body as if she had immersed herself in a pool of peppermint menthol tingling her every pore. She did not want to dry herself, however, she opted to grab the...Read On


Loving Carlton

I always felt the heaviness of his sexual release pool at my internal base

The dim light of the room was enough to highlight Carlton's body lying under the covers of our bed. His long frame was silhouetted delicately as the sheet and blanket draped over his naked body. Every muscle of his slender frame was showing through the somewhat thin fabric placed over him. The contoured mound of his manhood, prominently showing, was highly erotic and stimulating. My pussy...Read On


Ginger in the Moonlight

Make love to me Judson. I want to feel you love me. I want my love to envelope you

It was just a little after midnight. The night was cool and the breeze felt wonderful as me and Ginger lay naked hand in hand in the sand under the full blue moonlight. The ocean's waves were the only sound we heard other than our own soft breathing. The blue hue of the night highlighted all of Ginger's delicate curves. The paleness of her tan lined breasts became lighted beacons,...Read On


Maiden Magdalena: Fore'er His Lady

My Lord, t'is I, spread legs for thee. Thy trap pink for thy pleasures be

The maiden's horse galloped through tall green grass withal speed and finesse en route to the Prince's castle. Aloof bareback, her dress flowed carelessly in the wind as her horse pressed the green blades withal his clod hooves. Withal the sun's rays at her back, the maiden trod heavy on her way thither. Since that merry day when she watched him from her room window frolic withal seers of...Read On


Love in the Chilly Night Air

Our temperatures had risen to sexual degrees that would burst most thermometers.

It was a chilly night. So chilly, one could see their own breath as they exhaled. The pale blue smoke of my cigarette mixed with the condensation of my breath as I blew it out slowly. The bench of the deck under the light of the full moon lit my body with a blue hue as I sat there taking in the night. Clarasey was upstairs in our room asleep, all cozy and warm under the comforter. I should...Read On


Love After the Business Trip

. . .daintily draped over the curve of her hip delicately concealing what she had between her legs.

The candles, placed strategically throughout the house, were all lit just waiting for her arrival. Their tiny orange flames dimly brightened the whole house. Their sweet scent of lilac and lavender burned and wafted aroma filling each room the way she loved. It would be the first thing she smelled when she entered. It definitely set the mood for the evening. Her favorite meal of roasted...Read On


Dinner Was Served

To her, it felt good to get wet again.

In the twenty-five years that Ashlee and Greg had been married, never did Ashlee think their love could grow more. Ashlee was eighteen when she married Greg, and now that she was forty-two, going on forty-three, the love she felt for her husband had never changed. She loved him just as much as the day they got married. Greg was forty-five, still in the same physical shape as when Ashlee...Read On



The Bedpost

Just as men got blue balls, I got slanted slit.

I woke up again in a damp puddle. My pussy was so sticky and aroused, it literally itched. My clit was pointing also and highly sensitive; so sensitive, it pulsed inward and outward when I touched it. I could feel my fleshy curtains full of heat and highly ruffled, like they were waiting to part for something hard. God, sometimes I wished I was not so sexual. As soon as I turned sixteen,...Read On


Cum Orgy 2: Sexually Cleansed

Together, they licked each other up and down, circling each other's clit.

Cheryl Lynn stared up into the moist pink splaying sexual lips being worked up and down by a hand with long fingers. The legs that were straddling her head were equally as long, tanned, and smooth to match the item being manipulated over her. Cheryl Lynn honestly did not know what to think. The last time she had seen a member of her own sex in a sexual way was when she was eighteen...Read On


Cum Orgy: Six Guys, One Girl

His cum shot out of him like a faucet turned on at full force.

The last thing Cheryl Lynn thought that she would be doing at thirty-five years old was lying on a towel in the sand on a nude beach while six guys lined up around her naked body with their cocks hard, all of them at varying lengths, ready to splatter her already tanned body with their cum. She watched each one stroking feverishly and wondered which one would start the domino effect. Cheryl...Read On


Diary of a First Time Pleasure Session

I stood and looked at my satisfied body in the gush emblazoned mirror.

Diary entry #142: July 3, 2011 It’s now six in the morning. I turned eighteen at midnight, so for six hours now it has been my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! Yay! Today, I am going to give myself a birthday present. I am going to do something I have never done. Do something many of my now older friends say is “the bomb.” They’ve all been doing it for at least two years now. Many...Read On


Morning Ritual

She was always horniest in the mornings. . .

. . .She was as wet as she ever had been in her life as she lied there on her bed, her legs spread as wide as she could get them. She could feel the sexual fluid of her arousal escape her hot vertical lips and drip down between her ass cheeks. She felt the warmth of her near orgasmic fluid coat her asshole and it made her moan even louder than she was already. She knew that she would have...Read On


The Touch of a Man: Part One

Her other hand was still massaging her clit as she finger fucked herself to yet another wet frenzy.

The inner muscle of her hot moist thirty-two year old canal gripped her index finger as she inserted it, slowly pulling it all the way inside. She felt the fiery pliable pink walls surround her finger as she let it linger inside, letting the elasticity envelope it, tugging on it, making the sensation build. She loved getting herself off. She had learned how to master it fully. Her legs...Read On


My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part Two

When I touched her erect nipple, she let the moan escape her lips. . .

My best friend’s sister waited patiently on the bed as I made my way up to her. She was all woman, beautiful and nude, and the sight of her perfect pussy, in all its smooth splendor, was enough to make me want to peel those vertical lips apart as I climbed up into the bed with her. I knew, however, if I started there first, she would not get the full effect. I wanted to tease her, to bring her...Read On


My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part One

She was slim, tanned, and had legs that seemed to go on for miles. She was definite eye-candy. . .

It was nineteen ninety-one, I was eighteen, a senior in high school and jock on the baseball team. However, I was not a popular one. I was that guy that everyone liked and every girl got along with. Yeah, that guy. But I liked my status among my peers. I was well-liked, had no problems with anyone, and an everyday person that everyone came to for advice. I was quite happy with my high...Read On



All Because of Millie

For the first time in three years, I feel like a true woman again because of you.

Dear readers: I know this story is rather long, but it would not have made sense if I had put it in two parts. I hope this does not deter you from reading it because I would love comments. It's my first venture into a "mature" story and I think it came out well. I hope you will think so also. Thanks! All Because of Millie Millie had just turned forty-five a month...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)

After Dinner Delight

The pulses of her internal chamber squeezed him in spasms ...

Jen's mouth was ablaze with lustful intentions as Randall's pressed hard upon it. Jen felt her back jammed hard into the molding of the front door as Randall circled her tongue with his. Jen could taste what he had for dinner as her dinner sloshed in her stomach still unsettled. It was well worth the unsettling though, as she reached for the doorknob and moaned into the hot fire of Randall's...Read On

Straight Sex(27)


Contest for Contessa

That's it! Like that! Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!

It was a very quiet night as I walked the sidewalk of downtown Mohinta. The laser sign still blaring brightly, "open" made me stop. I never could pass up the opportunity to go into an adult store when I saw one, so this one was no different. I always just wanted to look around. Sometimes I saw things I should not see. Other times, I saw the same things. But it never failed for there to be...Read On


The New Girl

The moisture between Jennie's legs now began to flow quicker.

Jennie moved into the exquisite neighborhood with her family a week ago and hated it. There was nothing for an eighteen year old senior to do. She had not made any friends yet at school, so she just sat at home after school either reading or basking in the sun in her bikini beside the pool. She always looked forward to that actually. It was the one thing that still made her feel like a...Read On


In the Bed of My Chevy Truck: Jess Cums

Jess's body was so warm under mine as it always was. So nice and firm, I always felt good when I was on top of her. We seemed to fit each other like a hand to a glove. Her hair was splayed nicely around her head as she laid in the bed of my Chevy truck. The dark brown color of it blended into the light green tint. The moonlight highlighted all of her features and made her soft skin glow...Read On


In the Bed of My Chevy Truck: The Beginning

It was a very warm starry night and the moon was full and blue. Jessica and I laid in the bed of my Chevrolet truck holding hands. She was smiling and gave me glances in between looking at the sparkling sky. We could hear the waves of the ocean beating down onto the shore in the distance. Jessica's smooth tanned legs jutted out from under her shorts and her bikini top hung loosely from...Read On


Hydro Massage Therapy

For That Special Someone. . . Because You Let Me

Brock always loved to see new members walk through the door of the gym. This new member was no exception. She was extremely nervous though. Oh, he was sure she did not think it was showing, but it was. The tightness in her muscles as she worked her upper quadrant gave her nervousness away. She was also self-conscious about her body. It told in her face as other members came close to her. Her...Read On


Cum Pooled on a Tiled Floor

The tangy twinge of a mix between sweetness and copper it left on my tasted buds. . .

"Oh no you didn't!" Becky yelled as I filled her honey pot with my man juice. "Really, Blade? Please tell me that you didn't just cum!" All I could do was just smile at her as I pushed her slender body into the bed. "Damn, Blade, you just entered me! You didn't even give me time to enjoy it! I can even feel you going soft inside me. And I am dripping wet! Geez!" "What can I say? Becky,...Read On


The Limp Factor: Part Two: Rising to the Occasion

Her notch was soft and hot and so delicately damp as it encased my now stirring manhood.

"Okay, it's time to make this dick hard!" She said as she slid her naked body down. Yep, she knew. Imagine my embarrassment as her hands gripped the elastic of my boxers to roll it down only to reveal the limpness that prevailed during all this erotic stimulation. If she was not able to make me hard, I was definitely giving up on sex for sure. I would be scared to try again. "Mm, there it...Read On


The Limp Factor: Part One

Her high-heeled tanned legs stretched out from under her tailor-made business suit. . .

A side note before we begin the story: I would like to send out a special thank you to a special Lush member (who wishes to remain nameless for now) for help in editing this story. I usually do not have a problem editing, but I am not sure of myself when writing from a man's point of view. Yeah, I know, sounds weird since I am a man, but thanks to her help, she made it flow even better....Read On


Short-Slitted Lorianne Loses It

I am scared to death to let any guy see my short slit.

There must be something fucking wrong with me. I am twenty-five years old, tanned perfectly across my whole body with no lines, my curves are all in the right places, and my slenderness exudes exotic features. My legs are always smooth, my breasts protrude with a perkiness that is almost so perky, I do not have to wear a bra half the time. Constantly, I am ogled by guys. I could have my share...Read On


Only Five Inches: True Story about My Cock

I have learned that having a small penis does not mean I am less adequate as a man.

I never was one of those guys that exaggerated the size of their sexual organs. It was my business to know how big or little it was. At sixteen, I became more self-conscious about my penis size. I knew that I was not as big as most guys. I knew that I never would be. But I began to realize that God made me the way I am, and there was not anything I could do about that. I have learned to...Read On


Purity in the Old West

The beautiful lushness of blonde there between her legs was unlike any Killy had ever seen

Cadence stopped turning the wench that brought the bucket of water out of the well to pat the beaded sweat on her forehead with her sleeve. The wind was blowing the dry desert dust around so it stung exposed skin. Her blonde tresses felt mangled as the dust stuck to her ponytail. It was all Cadence could do to manage herself in the dry heat. It had not rained in over a month. Cadence was...Read On


More Than a One-Night Stand

Stephanie could literally wring her sexual core out of her thong if she had wanted.

The Balcony Stephanie stood on the balcony of her high rise apartment looking out through the dark night, the lights of the big city her only view. The silky sheer black shawl, the only thing she was wearing, blew around her as the gentle breeze of the late night opened it, exposing her nude body to the darkness around her. She was trying to clear her mind by staring out into the night....Read On


Fucking Franziska Facella

“Well, are you going to help me out or not?” Franziska smiled and asked.

**THE NAMES USED IN THIS STORY ARE FOR PURE FANTASY AND EROTIC TITILLATION ONLY.** "Fucking Franziska Facella" Never did I think I would make a living as a stagehand on porn sets, but somehow, I ended up doing so. For five years, I have gone from studio to studio to areas rather unknown in Hollywood, placing items needed to produce and film such a lucrative division...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part 5

My slit was slick with desire as I watched my best friend rock on such a large organ.

Brit looked at me and said, “You still find yesterday quite entertaining, don’t you Sam?” I looked at her and laughed again. It was quite funny, but I had experienced it with my first boyfriend, although he never got it inside me. That’s how I knew my hunch would pay off, but I was not about to interrupt that moment with Brit. She had to experience it firsthand. As she sat there, again...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Three

Immediately, I felt my sexual bud flower, its inner petals puckering outward.

Gavin reached for more massage oil and poured it over my stomach, trailing it up to my firm breasts. The stream fell over my erect nipples. I felt the cool stream of the oil on my hot hard nipples. The fire in them instantly warmed the oil as it landed. He moved down with the bottle of oil and let a small stream dribble over my legs as he went down to my feet. He moved back up, this...Read On

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Miranda: It Had Been a Very Long Two Years

On the fourth time, I slowly accessed her hot depths.

She left me two years ago for another man. To this day, I still think about how she just walked out without giving me any explanation at all. Since then, I have not seen any other women. None. That is because of two reasons. One, I am scared that another would do what she did to me, and two, well, I am still in love with her. You would think after two damn years I would be over it. Well,...Read On


Small Opposites: Part Three (The Finale)

She loved how the tip of his hard small erection just lingered inside her tight opening.

He did not even have to guide his small erection into her tiny opening by hand. His aim was perfect and he felt the head of his hardness slowly pierce her pink cavity. He felt the warmth on the head as it sunk into soft suppleness. She sighed heavily as she felt the tip inside her opening as well. He did not go all the way inside her yet. He took one of his hands and began caressing her...Read On


Small Opposites: Part Two

She was just dirtying herself again and she was ready to have his small cock inside her tiny slit.

She watched the result of their desires that happened on the pool’s concrete deck wash off of him and down the drain of the hot shower in which they both stood. Even though having got him off happened minutes ago, the thought of it was still hot to her. She kept replaying the moment over and over in her brain as she watched the water flow over his hard body. The thought of his small cock...Read On


The Touch of a Man: Part Three

Cassie Raye just lied there, her pussy getting used to having a man inside it again.

They began to talk and Cassie Raye began to get even more comfortable with Dylan. She had gotten drinks and they began talking about everything they could possibly think of and the whole time they were, she was thinking of how she had missed being with a man. How long it had been since one had been inside her. Her pussy began to pulse at the thought and she had to think of something else to...Read On


The Touch of a Man: Part Two

She had an instant quiet orgasm and she felt the warm fluid flow out of her vagina. . .

She got up from where she was lying and sat on the bed’s edge. The towel was still under her so she stood up and removed it. As she did, she saw the huge puddle of her cum laying on top of her bureau and the droplets of it on the front of the drawers. She took the towel and wiped her bureau clean and she felt the stickiness between her legs. She needed to shower. While she was in the...Read On


Sex in Centerfield: A True Story

We were out of our clothes before we knew it. . .

When I first met Cheryl Lynn, it was at the start of our fifth grade year. I was already sitting in my desk when she walked in the door. Her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail set off her features. Of course, I did not know anything about that then, but somehow, even then, I knew that me and her would end up together. I knew that she would be my first. The years past by us quickly. ...Read On


Communing With Nature

The blood had rushed through my veins to the right place. . .

We were sitting on the front porch of our cabin when she came up to me and took my hand. I had no choice but to follow her as she lead me to the edge of the woods and down the trail that we had made with a four wheeler for when we wanted to be one with nature. I just followed her like a lost puppy. Shellie looked back at me with a smile on her face and slowed her pace a little as she did....Read On


Callie by the Moonlight

I looked in her deep blue eyes and kissed her tender lips. . .

The light of the full moon shined down on the beach, lighting up the white sand, giving it a light blue tinge. Callie walked ahead, the beach towel wrapped around her waist, leaving delicate footprints in the soft sand as she went along her way. She knew I was behind her. She knew I just liked to watch her walk. It was one of the many ways that she loved me. We did not have to hold hands to be...Read On

A Merry Kyla Christmas

My pussy began to ache for him. . .

Winter had finally arrived and the snow was falling generously outside. It looked so serene as the white fluffy specks fell graciously to the ground as I looked out my kitchen window. The fresh coffee brewing sent the aroma through the air of the kitchen and brought my senses more to life as I waited for the dark liquid to finish dripping so I could pour some in my awaiting mug on the counter....Read On


Dream Reality

Cassie felt herself drift off, and into the dream world she entered.

Cassie laid upon her bed in her dorm room cramming for her last exam of the semester. Economics was not her strong suit and she was getting quite tired of staring at the book laying in front of her. She would have enjoyed studying biology more, but that was a subject she had yet to take. Her dormmate was out studying with her boyfriend for her last exam, so that gave Cassie the room to...Read On


Changing Sheets

He watched her; watched one leg move in front of the other. . .

He watched her stand in the doorway of the bathroom. The light from it cast a silhouette of her slender tall body into the bedroom as she stood. As he lay on the bed, he could see all her curves, so well proportioned as they were, reflected from the orange glow of the room behind her as she stood. He didn’t have to see that she was smiling sexually. He knew it. Could feel it. Could imagine...Read On


Driver's Seat

Plump-iful puffy and moist-iful meaty, she couldn’t help but let her fingers do some of her talking as they massaged the lips that only made sexual slurping sounds as they slid into her hot wet pink crevice. Brittany laid there, her legs spread as wide as she could get them, letting her long fingers massage her engorged flaps, inserting a couple into her hot canal. Moaning oh so sensually as...Read On



Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part One

I stood there looking around. To tell the truth, it did not look like a nudist resort at all.

My best friend and I have known each other almost from birth. We share the same birthday and today, we both turn eighteen. We had always given each other presents, but this year, seeing that we were both turning the big one-eight, we decided to give ourselves something special together. We thought about treating ourselves to something like a nice dinner together or giving each other cash so...Read On


Desire Through a Window

I continued to watch her walk around in nothing but her undergarments. . .

There she was. Just like always. Standing in front of her bedroom window. I wondered if she even knew that she was standing where I could see her. Hell, did she even know what she was doing to me? I would sit in front of my window for hours just waiting to catch a glimpse of her through hers. Nine times out of ten, I was able to see her.  Today was no different. I came home from...Read On


I Was Always Watching

The glistening pinkness sparkled...

The glistening pinkness sparkled as the sun’s rays shot its warmth down on her. She lay there on the beach towel, legs spread as wide as she could get them, the meaty folds that usually hid what was inside, outstretched to the limits of no purity. Her breasts, so firm, formed perfect cones that projected up in the hot summer air with nipples so erect, they resembled pink pencil erasers...Read On