Come in Daddy

Hi I am Charlie and here's how I lost my virginity to my daddy It was a rainy Sunday morning and although I was supposed to get dressed for the tennis lessons my mom gave me for my sixteenth birthday last month,I didn't make any haste in doing so. I hated the gift and today I really felt like hanging around the house with daddy and not having to g anywhere or do any thing. My mom stormed...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


For old times sake

Fuck me hard Baby

I was abroad on business when after my meetings had end I could't catch my sleep so I went to have a brandy down at the bar of the hotel I was residing at. I was happy to see the bar full of people seeming to have a good time. A live band was playing Jazz in the back and as I went to find a place to sit and order my brandy I saw her. There she was, Sarah, looking lushes as ever. It had...Read On


Your my little slut now

I can run but I can't hide

The weather was screaming hot, and it was still early in the morning. I had just started my regular jog routine around 7:30, down at the park and afer 5 minutes my crisp white tee was already getting wet. leaving a trace between my cleavage and really showing of the shape of my breasts. I love my breasts.... They are perfectly shaped and firm. Not to big and not to small. Just perfect. Just...Read On