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Whatever brought you here, I hope that my profile will help you to know me a little better. Don't mind the mess and enjoy your visit...

I'm an heterosexual male aged 32, proud and sexy. I have a reflective personality and I'm often perceived as calm and reserved, and many think it contradicts my pleasant appearance. I'm also solitary by nature, and let sexual encounters happen rather than pursue them fiercely. Hence my profile name, SereneProdigy. I am a romantic at heart, both in my relationships and in my outlook on life. I like to observe, analyze and contemplate the world, committing my thoughts to passion. Don't let your first impressions fool you however, I've also been known to be quite eccentric and dissident.

I have an intense sexual drive, yet my fantasies and preferences are rather standard. I love passionate sensual sex, but also like to add kinky deviances here and there for a sensation of surprise and naughtiness. One of my fetishes is cum, which I developed because I can spurt large amounts of it. I thoroughly enjoy the sight of a beautiful lady covered in cum.

I'm here primarily to share experiences and opinions on the forums, as I love to learn about new ways to pleasure my partners and how others enjoy their sexuality. I might also give a try to story writing if I find both time and inspiration. I don't mind making friends here, especially females, but I'm in a committed relationship and won't be sharing any sexual desires with you.

One thing I can't tolerate is dishonesty, which implies anything related to faking your gender, age or profile pictures. I'm a keen person and will see through it quite easily, so don't waste your time. Everything presented on my profile is 100% accurate, and I expect the same from you.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Email: SereneProdigyLush@gmail.com

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In a Relationship
Among others:
- Sex
- Fitness
- Nutrition
- Science
- Psychology
- Philosophy
- Music
- Guitar
- Chess
- Cars
- Video Games
- Digital Editing
- Electronic Cigarettes
Favorite Books:
Anything factual or encyclopedic
Favorite Authors:
Among others:
- Friedrich Nietzsche
- Albert Camus
- Alexandre Dumas
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite Movies:
Among others:
- The Big Lebowski
- No Country for Old Men
- Mary and Max
- Watchmen
- Unthinkable
- Traitor
- Se7en
- The Usual Suspects
- L.A. Confidential
- Ronin
- American Psycho
- Get the Gringo
- Limitless
- Citizen Kane
- Full Metal Jacket
- Midnight Cowboy
- Little Miss Sunshine
- The Hunter
- Being Flynn
- That's What I Am
- 500 Days of Summer
- Youth in Revolt
- Life of Pi
Favorite Music:
Among others:
- Bad Religion
- Fugazi
- The Pixies
- Sebadoh
- Fu Manchu
- Pink Floyd
- The Beatles
- Jimi Hendrix
- Led Zeppelin
- Deep Purple
- The Doors
- Cream
- King Crimson
- Jethro Tull
- Neil Young
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Topic: Toy Review: UR3 Suction Cup Dildo (Doc Johnson)
Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:55

To those who own this dildo: would you consider the girth appropriate for anal?

Lately I've been thinking about buying a new suction-cup dildo to perform DP with my girlfriend, as she finds our current one a bit uncomfortable for anal because it's hard and has textured veins. I've looked at different options, but somehow the UR3 cock from Doc Johnson always seemed a little too large for anal and I've never really considered buying it. The thing is, there's currently a big sale going on at my favorite online sex-shop and I could buy it for nearly half the usual price (40% sale).

Dancing_Doll mentioned that the girth is 5.5 inches in her review, but the sex-shop I could buy it from mentions 5.0 inches. They keep mentioning a girth of anywhere between 5.0 and 5.5 inches at different places around the web, but when I look at pictures/videos it definitely seems to be rather large. 5.5 inches does seem more accurate to me:


By comparison, my girlfriend owns a Tantus Vamp which is also listed as 5.0 inches of girth, but it seems narrower than Doc Johnson's UR3 Cock. It's slightly longer/thicker than my own cock (bigger than average without being enormous) and she can use it for anal occasionally, though that's still the biggest she's ever had in her ass and also probably the biggest she could handle comfortably:

Note: The base is solid and not a suction-cup

It could be fine if both dildos were the exact same size, but I'm afraid that the Doc Johnson's dildo might be larger and painful for anal. Even my girlfriend looked at it online and believes it might be too big, though maybe the women in those pictures/videos simply have small hands.

Thanks for your help!

Topic: Have you ever been cat fisting
Posted: 18 Apr 2015 11:04

I'm heavily into cat fisting myself. Anyone is curious to try?


Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 14:21


Topic: Do you like the guys who like to wear bras and panties?
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:45

As a guy, I actually like them quite a lot... they get thrown out of the competition and it usually means more girls for me. geek

Topic: Architecture, Interior Design and Style
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:38

This chair is beyond cool:


Topic: Architecture, Interior Design and Style
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:38

Fun shelving system:


Topic: Architecture, Interior Design and Style
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:35

Not quite my style, but these tables/desks are pretty original:



Topic: Architecture, Interior Design and Style
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:34

Creative staircase designs:




Topic: Architecture, Interior Design and Style
Posted: 16 Apr 2015 19:32

Kinky restroom:


Topic: Cars
Posted: 15 Apr 2015 21:11

I love Corvettes...

I love Corvettes too. My favorite model is the 1963, the only model that ever had a split-window at the back:


The model from 1968 and onward was way sexy too:


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Back Against the Wall

She knew what it was all about the moment she was pushed against that wall. There was obviously no turning back, neither for her nor the obscure figure that suddenly dissuaded her from any thoughts of escape. She was trapped in this profane alleyway, between a cold wall of glittering bricks and a dark silhouette steaming with burning desires. Snow was falling softly, light flakes melting...

Added 20 Dec 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 10,666 | 14 Comments

Desires Remain

Forever, together, we jittered, Under many constellations, obscured. Could my prospects remain always bright? Kings! Must they only vanquish without fight? Your air as pure as my quiet gaze, Or could dusky sight be telling lies? Under strange guise of lullabies, Refrains, impure, echoed my maze. Could you be hiding same corruption? Under thee Queen, vile jester trick? Never shall I...

Added 29 Jul 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 1,446 | 10 Comments

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