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Whatever brought you here, I hope that my profile will help you to know me a little better. Don't mind the mess and enjoy your visit...

I'm a heterosexual male aged 33, proud and sexy. I have a reflective personality and I'm often perceived as calm and reserved, and many think it contradicts my pleasant appearance. I'm also solitary by nature, and let sexual encounters happen rather than pursue them fiercely. Hence my profile name, SereneProdigy. I am a romantic at heart, both in my relationships and in my outlook on life. I like to observe, analyze and contemplate the world, committing my thoughts to passion. Don't let your first impressions fool you however, I've also been known to be quite eccentric and dissident.

I have an intense sexual drive, yet my fantasies and preferences are rather standard. I love passionate sensual sex, but also like to add kinky deviances here and there for a sensation of surprise and naughtiness. One of my fetishes is cum, which I developed because I can spurt large amounts of it. I thoroughly enjoy the sight of a beautiful lady covered in cum.

I'm here primarily to share experiences and opinions on the forums, as I love to learn about new ways to pleasure my partners and how others enjoy their sexuality. I might also give a try to story writing if I find both time and inspiration. I don't mind making friends here, especially females, but I'm in a committed relationship and won't be sharing any sexual desires with you.

One thing I can't tolerate is dishonesty, which implies anything related to faking your gender, age or profile pictures. I'm a keen person and will see through it quite easily, so don't waste your time. Everything presented on my profile is 100% accurate, and I expect the same from you.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Email: SereneProdigyLush@gmail.com

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Topic: Poems by Sprite's Cat
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 19:32

Wait. Sister doesn't either though...

It's forgivable though because who ever heard of a Norwegian Greek Canuck? Who ever heard of short haired black cats in Norway even? I thought it was all forest cats over there.

Life in Norway is definitely a lot more sophisticated than you think it is, dude. Here's a picture taken from outside my window just a few moments ago:


Topic: Poems by Sprite's Cat
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 19:03

Are you sure you didn't mean to type sistah? Mr. Hungarian Canadian.

'Sistah' doesn't rhyme with 'assert', dumbass. Besides, I'm a Greek currently living in Norway myself; I only got my cats on a trip to Hungary.

Topic: Poems by Sprite's Cat
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 18:51

Oh so because he's black he wants to rule the hood?

I'm so sick of these racist Canadians. I swear to god.

He's definitely a lot more virile than some wimpy tuxedo kitty-cat. And besides, he's Hungarian, not Canadian.


Topic: Poems by Sprite's Cat
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 18:43

Watch Out for my Bro

Watch out for my bro
He's one mean macho
Being his lil' sister
I sure can assert

Whenever we're fed
He starts seeing red
So full of his pride
He tosses me aside

When we're being pet
He thinks I'm a threat
And starts to bite me
I can't purr freely

Watch out dear Cleo
And heed my memo
Bobby is furtive
And so possessive

- Ophelia, aka Bobby's lil' sister


Topic: Poems by Sprite's Cat
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 17:04

My Sole Fuckin' Rule

I look like a panther
But I'm a big black cat
Please call me 'mister'
But don't call me fat

When I'm parading
I don't aim to be good
Just want to be king
Of the whole fuckin' hood

Constraints and captivity
Are for those lesser
I leave that stupidity
To my lil' black sister

I strive to be free
Arrogant and cruel
Feed me when need be
Is my sole fuckin' rule

- Bobby, aka SereneProdigy's badass cat


Topic: Going topless in Canada it's Legal, but would you?
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 16:00

I had a friend who did it sometimes to prove a point back when we were in university, but it's far from the norm. I'm definitely not comfortable going topless walking around in the city or in 'non-topless' environments (ie. not the beach). Quite honestly, although it's technically legal, I don't ever see people doing it outside of things like the Pride Parade, or occasionally some will go body-painted at sporting events or outdoor concerts. I have been bodypainted before in public (for a charity event), but for me - I still have to feel like the event/venue is 'appropriate'.

This exactly. The right way to put it is that partial nudity is 'decriminalized' in many countries, but it's nonetheless rarely the norm and a lot of people will still give you weird looks in the great majority of situations if you parade around with your titties out (even at most beaches, actually).

In other words, the law enforcement won't be bothered and won't take measures for such a minor offense, but that doesn't mean that it's socially acceptable in a widespread manner either. The laws are established that way so that people sunbathing/flaunting/manifesting/parading/body-painting topless won't be an unnecessary burden on the legal system, but you still might get asked to put a shirt on by authorities in a lot of situations.

In Canada specifically, 'public indecency' is still illegal and depending on the context/situation (eg. a woman dancing in panties in the middle of a shopping-mall), you still might get arrested/prosecuted; and you could also be arrested for 'public disturbance' if police officers consider your nudity to be an obvious act of provocation.

I have some family in Canada and I've been there quite a few times, and I've never seen any woman being topless at the beach (and certainly not on the streets). Similarly in Ibiza or various other resorts where partial nudity isn't illegal, you generally have separate beaches for topless/non-topless people; and it's very likely that people will give you strange looks and/or ask you to put something on if you expose your breasts at a non-topless beach.

Topic: Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted: 28 Jul 2015 16:43

Self-sucking transsexual lesbian dwarves. They're hot!

LOL laughing8

Topic: Tan Lines
Posted: 28 Jul 2015 16:38

I seem to be in the minority regarding this, but I really don't appreciate the sight of tan-lines all that much... they just look bizarre and silly to me.

I don't mind if some body-parts are paler than others (which most women will end up like, unless they tan fully naked), but I much prefer a subtle gradation to a definitive (and awkward) 'tan-line'.

Topic: "I had this idea..."
Posted: 28 Jul 2015 16:22

You can already do all of this...

If you click on the 'Friends' icon on the top-right corner of your screen, it will lead you to a page that features many different options to interact with your friends:


The friends who are 'online' will be presented as such, if they actually choose to let that information be known in their own options. If you also hover your cursor over one of your friends' name, a small menu will scroll down, which will let you interact with them in many different ways (visiting their profile, sending mail, opening a chat window, etc.):


If you select the option 'Open chat window', a small window will open to chat privately with a specific friend:


Topic: "I had this idea..."
Posted: 28 Jul 2015 15:45

I've read your post about 4 times now... and really can't comprehend what you're suggesting exactly. confused1

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Desires Remain

Forever, together, we jittered, Under many constellations, obscured. Could my prospects remain always bright? Kings! Must they only vanquish without fight? Your air as pure as my quiet gaze, Or could dusky sight be telling lies? Under strange guise of lullabies, Refrains, impure, echoed my maze. Could you be hiding same corruption? Under thee Queen, vile jester trick? Never shall I...

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