Small Town Swinging Part 1

Every now and again neighbours need to push the boundaries a little.

Our neighbours, Steve and Candy are a fit and attractive couple in their late 30’s. We’ve known each other for about four years and socialised as part of a larger group fairly regularly. Candy and my wife, Renee, are part of the same book club. It all started about a year ago at a fund raising function, Candy who was working behind the bar, would lean over the bar and kiss Renee on the...Read On



The Thrill of being watched

How a day at the pool opened up a whole new world.

I was a shy and reserved kind of guy, the one that tended to keep away from the crowd at a party, hanging around the periphery ensuring that I wouldn’t bring attention to myself. I was fresh out of a ten year marriage that hadn’t worked, when I met Jossi, an exuberant and feisty woman about eleven years my junior. While a little overweight, she had the most beautiful face and mesmerising...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Small Town Swinging Part 2

Inhibitions being lost and horizons being broadened.

I mentioned previously that my wife, Renee, had a wild, exhibitionist side, which she hadn’t displayed in our six years of marriage until recently. She was even reluctant to pose for a photo (fully clothed), it was therefore quite a revelation when while we were away at a family gathering on a remote farm near Cape Town, she asked me to take photos of her in the nude to send to Candy and Steve....Read On


Small Town Swinging Part 3

Unleashing the tiger is us all.

As soon as I could, I called Renee and told her about the weekend away with Candy and Steve; and could hear over the phone how much she was being turned on as described in detail what happened. I picked her up at the airport a day or so later and while driving home, after briefly telling me about her time away asked me again to describe what happened. I could see that she that she was...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Karen’s Awakening 2 - Into the Country

I didn’t want to pressure Karen into doing anything she didn’t want to. I let her make her choices and go at her own pace. A week after she had taken the first step by shaving her pubic area we went away for the weekend, a remote cottage in the country, about a two hours drive from our hometown.  Karen clearly was relishing the opportunity to finally show her hidden wild side as on the...Read On


Karen's Awakening 1

Behind the beauty and confidence was a woman who had only experienced vanilla sex.

This story is based on a true experience. Names and a few details have been changed to protect the not so innocent from their conservative, narrow minded relatives. Karen stepped out of the bathroom, naked. I admired her tanned, fit body as she walked towards me with a grin on her face. Her large breasts swung gently from side to side. My erection grew as I a noticed the clean shaven...Read On