servin9's Blog Entries

14 May 2016 06:05

Spent the night at the bay and after enjoying some great seafood had an eventful evening with a hot lady who I met at the San Luis bar. After joining her friends we shared a good time after her friends departed. Been there a hundred time and the eye candy is usually good but they are usually coupled up.

27 Feb 2016 07:04

will do.. glad to see you looking so sensuous great choices for pictures!!

17 Jun 2015 05:25

Returned to Houston and after a week of meetings and catching up have spent the last couple of days at the marina insuring the boat is safe during the storm they call tropical depression BILL!! A lot of rain and some wind but all is well and a great time on board with a special friend who husband thinks she's in Dallas on Business............

10 Jun 2015 10:26

Just returned from D.C., Virginia, Alabama and Louisiana and glad all is OK here in Houston and the floods didn't cause me any damage. It was great catching up with friends and getting to do so partying...............

19 Jul 2012 10:02

WOW, Can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything. When have I been??? Better question is when haven't I been. Just returned from China trip and before that I was in St, Thomas for 10 wks. Glad to catch up on Lush!!

22 Dec 2011 09:54

Wishing all my friends on Lush a Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!! May 2012 be as promising and hopeful as you can imagine with a little time left to hang out on Lush,

15 Nov 2011 06:12

It's good to be back at LUSH, it has been tooo long, mostly spent traveling and in BVI. I miss the water and the boat life there, but it's time to come home. I've really appreciated those of you on here who have stayed in touch and few who I have seen the last 2 mths.

I have so much to catch up on.... which beauty will be 1st!!!

16 Oct 2011 06:04

If the lips of our Texas beauties weren't so moist and their hot juices flowing we really would be in a drought!!

08 Oct 2011 09:49

Still looking for Rain in the Great State. If we didn't have wine & beer to fall back on I'd worry about the lack of rain..........

22 Jun 2011 07:28

OMG!! Woke up this morning to sound of rain in Houston!!! It's been so long, the dog's ran out to play in it like they didn't know what it was!!

What can be better than a beautiful sensous woman in bed you while it rains!!