Stacie and Gillian By The Pool

Stacie has her first girl on girl expirience....

                        When Gillian threw the door open, I was surprised to see that she was naked.    I knew we’d probably spend the day by the pool nude but she still took my breath away when I saw her first.             “Hey,” she said enthusiastically.   “Come on in.”   I followed her into the kitchen.   “I was just making some daiquiris.   I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Ray and Stacie

Ray and Stacie take their relationship to the next level when both are away on business.

  (Just to note that this story is told in first person from both accounts. The name of the character always foreshadows whose account we're hearing.)   Ray               I was lying on an uncomfortable bed in a shitty hotel room flipping through the television.   No cable mind you, just a crappy antennae sitting on the small set.  ...Read On