A HOT Way To Pay A Debt

I needed money, I got it and so much more.

Damn….where was I gonna get the money to pay for this. My Parents were gonna kill me. I had run up 700 dollars on their credit card that easily. The one that was 'Only for emergency use Delilah, ONLY for emergencies'. Fuck, my Dad told me I had one week to come up with the money, or he would take my car. I had to think. I finally decided to sell some things at one of those shops. You know...Read On


My Teacher Teaches Me Anal

Delilah learns about anal punishment, and loves it.

It had been weeks since Mr. Denton had spanked and fucked me. I had put it from my mind. He had showed no further interest in me and I had stayed out of trouble for the most part. I had a new boyfriend, and one afternoon we were fucking behind the stairs in the basement of the gym. He had is hand in my bra and was fucking me really hard. I couldn't stop my moans of pleasure. He was grunting...Read On



Mr. Dentons Next Lesson

My next lesson with Mr. Denton......a threesome.

I got the note on the top of my paper. It said simply, “Delilah, see me after school. It is time for a new lesson.” I didn’t know what to make of it. I hadn’t done anything wrong this time. I hadn’t been whoring around, or fucking other boys. I had no idea why Mr. Denton would want to teach me a new lesson. My nipples hardened in anticipation, and I smiled at him. His face gave nothing away....Read On

Group Sex(1)



I went to a part and found more men than I was used to.

I was kind of excited. I was going to a Frat party. My friend Julie had invited me. Who cares if I was still in High school? I was 17 years old and about to get hit on by cute college boys. I made up the lie to my dad really easily. I just told him I was going to Julie’s house. I was going to stay with her. It wasn’t even really a lie…I was going to be with Julie, but if he knew I was going to...Read On



Birthday lust with my brother

Years of pent up sexual tension exploded with my brother on my birthday

My brother and I were total opposites. In school he was always popular, and athletic, and admired. I was just the younger sister. I was the smart girl, the one who got good grades and stayed out of trouble. My brother is only eighteen months older than me. We always fought like cats and dogs, but I knew that he loved me, and I thought of him like a God. Everything came easy to him. People...Read On


My Brother's Birthday Surprise.

Happiest birthday ever for my brother, Dan.

It was my brothers, 21 st birthday. I was 19 and just about to start college. I had been trying to think of what to do for him for his birthday. I loved my brother and I thought he needed something special. I mean anyone can get you drunk on your birthday. I was still coming up with nothing, when his girlfriend, Anna, approached me. “I am planning a surprise for Dan’s birthday, and I...Read On


My brother's revenge

My brother taught me a lesson about being a slut

I have to admit it, I loved teasing him. My poor brother walked around most of the time with a hard on because of my tormenting him. I was hot and I knew it. Long black hair, smooth skin, high firm tits, with dark nipples, a blazing white smile, and a nice ass. It was not too big not too small. In my family girls are supposed to be modest. I was so bad at that. I was always leaving the...Read On


My date with Daddy

Daddy takes me shopping and gets more than he paid for

I was feeling pretty bummed out.My boyfriend and I had been split up for about a month, and I missed him horribly. It wasn't just the closeness. To be honest, I missed the sex too. I was horny, and lonely and grumpy. Lying on the bed in my bra and panties, I heard a tap at the door. “Come in” My Dad came through the door, “Oops, sorry. I didn't know you weren't dressed.” I laughed, “...Read On


Sister Surprise

My sister surprises me

I was bummed when I got home. I shouldn’t even have been home early, but my practice had been cancelled. I was going to be so bored this afternoon. I started to walk to the kitchen to get a snack, when I heard noises coming from upstairs. I crept up the stairs, and realized they were coming from my stepdads room. The door was open just a crack and I peeked in. Was he cheating on my MOM? I...Read On


The price of Daddy's help

I needed Daddy's help, but it was gonna cost me.....

I was dead meat. I didn't know what I was going to do. I had wrecked my mom's car, and I knew she was going to kill me. That was the only thing she said before she went to Kansas on a business trip. She said, "Use my car as much as you like, but if you wreck it, you will be working all summer to pay it off". Fuck, I didn't want my summer wrecked. This was my summer to party. I was headed...Read On



Carrie, my lesbian fling

I wanted a man, but was surprised when a woman met my lust.

I was lonely…I just had to break down and admit it. I hadn’t been with a man in 3 months. I missed the sex. I missed the touching. I had masturbated and made myself cum almost every day, but it wasn’t the same. Finally I had slacked off of that even. It had been 2 weeks since I had even had an orgasm. What kind of funk was I in? Finally I made up my mind. This has to stop. I gotta quit...Read On


Cheater gets punished by his wife and mistress.

He was playing his wife, but she played him....with his mistress....

I had been fucking a much older man by the name of Ryan for months now. He was my calculus professor. He was in his 50's and very sexy. Smart, and handsome in kind of a nerdy way. He was married of course, but said that he and his wife didn't get along, and the way he talked of her, I assumed she was old and kind of boring. I fucked Ryan a few times a week, sometimes in his office at...Read On


My First REAL Lesbian Experience

My new friend Holly introduces me to oral sex, in the way only a woman knows best.

I am 22 and in college, I had flirted with women my whole life and had even done some stuff like kissing and tit sucking on a dare, but this was the real thing and I was sooo fucking hot. She was one of my girlfriend's roommates. We had all gone out to a club and were having a good time getting a little bit drunk, and dancing and flirting with guys. None of them really appealed to me or...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Lunchtime with the Boss.

My boss TAKES me for lunch

It is almost lunchtime. I am sitting at my desk staring at my computer. I hear my door open. I don't bother to look back to see who it is. I know it's him. He closes the door and turns the lock. "Chris, we don't have time for this, your wife is coming for lunch in 20 minutes." "Baby, there is always time to fuck you," he says in a low voice. I feel him behind me. He reaches around me...Read On



Sold: to the highest bidder

I was bought and paid for, but I got the good end of the deal.

I couldn’t believe this crap. How had I ever gotten involved with such a loser? Either way, when this was all resolved our relationship was over. I frowned listening to him, beg for mercy. “Listen if you just give me two more weeks, I will have the money I swear!” The big man behind the desk glared at him, and laughed. “I heard that crap two weeks ago.” I asked softly, “How much does...Read On



Delilah Gets Punished

Teaching Delilah a lesson

My senior year in highschool..I had been 18 for about a month. I was so excited, this was my year to rule the school. I wore a sexy skirt and tight top on my first day. I left my long dark hair down, falling almost to my waist. The day went great untill my last period class. Calculus!! Sooo boring. I was passing notes, and generally cutting up, when my teacher Mr. Denton said, "Delilah,...Read On


Lust Lesson

I wanted a lesson from my lover.

This was it. I was so nervous I could hardly speak. My cheeks were flushed pink and sweat was beading on my face. I wanted this. I was sure I did. The only way he would ever be mine is if I totally submitted to his dark desire. Up until now all we had done was flirting and general fucking, but he couldn’t be faithful. When I had asked him why, he said that he NEEDED to be in complete control....Read On


Slutty Girl Gets Her Punishment

Cheating girl gets her payback

When he got home I knew I was in trouble. He said in an overly sweet voice, “Honey, we need to have a talk. Come into the living room, I have something to show you.” I was worried. I knew he knew something. I gave him a kiss and said in my nicest voice, “Hey baby, what’s up?” He turned on the TV. There I was on my knees on the floor sucking his best friend's, cock. I watched with...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


First date goes very sexy, very fast

Janet's first date, is hotter than she thought.

The attraction had been there a long time. They had both felt it. It was the elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about. She watched from a safe distance as he spent all his time and lust on others. She dated a lot of men, and he waited for her to make a move. They were at an impasse. Finally, he made the move. It was just a simple conversation. Nothing exciting, really or...Read On


My turn to take charge

Tired of his flirting, I decide to teach him a lesson.

We had been at the party for two hours, and I was bored. My ass was sore from the spanking I had gotten earlier for my flirting ways. I wanted to go home and Fuck. I looked around for my boyfriend, and I didnt see him. I started looking. Walking around the building peeking in all the unlocked offices. I heard a noise. I went to the office the noise was coming from. He was in there. MY...Read On


Young Housekeeper seduces older gentleman

He had only been with his wife, but the young housekeeper wanted him.....

It was the summer and I had just turned 18. I needed to earn some money, and I saw an ad in the paper about a guy who needed someone to come in a few times a week and clean house. The pay was pretty decent, and I called on the job. The gentleman asked me to come in for an interview. I did so, and was hired on the spot. I had been working for him for about a month. He seemed very lonely. I...Read On


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Mr. Denton cums to Dinner

My need explodes in rough hot sex

I had gotten the note from Mr. Denton at school along with a weird shaped package. When I opened it up after school, it was a small bullet shaped vibrator. I knew what it was but I was confused by the note. The note said simply, make sure you have this on tonight at dinner. What was that supposed to mean? I was having dinner with my family just like every night. Oh well…I shrugged. I put...Read On