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05 Oct 2013 19:58

After 28 hours of labor, our newest additions entered the world on September 29th! Couldn't be happier... sleep deprived... but very happy and very blessed!

08 Sep 2013 11:30

Thanks for all the well wishes!! Haven't been on much due to all the preparations for the twins! Only about a month to go!!

09 Mar 2013 15:18

Jared and I have made it official- we are engaged!!!!!

05 Mar 2013 14:02

My bf came home for lunch and was craving me We certainly had some hott fun!

21 Feb 2013 16:07

We got a big surprise yesterday!!! Posting a pic!!

16 Feb 2013 14:02

We'll get to see/hear the baby's heart beat on wednesday So excited!

06 Feb 2013 15:07

The home pregnancy test was positive! Still have to confirm with blood work tho!

03 Feb 2013 19:20

My period is 3 days late! Hope this means baby #2 is on the way!

28 Dec 2012 20:42

Just thought you'd like to know, we have decided to try for another baby!

22 Jun 2012 15:17

On June 19th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Thank you all for your kind words!

29 May 2012 17:26

Sexy pic posted Enjoy! :P

27 Feb 2012 17:02

New pic is up! Yay!

16 Jan 2012 15:25

Posted a new bump pic!