Back to Black with Mr Kain: Chapter 1

An after school detention turns into a lusty night in...

This is a work of fiction... I twiddled my thumbs in anticipation of my next lesson. It was with Mr. Kain, all round love god. He was gorgeous with a capital 'G'. BERRINNG The bell rang and I leapt out of my seat and sprinted towards the door. My name is Daisy Young and I am 18 years old, just about to finish college and go off to university. I have long silvery blonde hair which...Read On

First Time(1)


Save It For A Rainy Day

Even when it's raining things can get interesting... ;)

This story is based on a real experience... The rain poured down on the inhabitants of London. Their mixed gray and black coats went well with their brightly coloured umbrellas. I stared down at my drawing pad once more and admired my work. It was acceptable, but I could have done much better. I looked again outside the window and imagined what their lives were like. They would suffer the...Read On



Seduced by my Best Friend

This is a fictional story, but I hope you enjoy it ;)

I sat on a window seat, over looking the ocean. This house was beautiful, it belonged to my best friend; we were enjoying a summer break, to get away from the hectic schedule of working 9 to 5. We had known each other since we were just 11 years old, and we have stayed best friends ever since. I am 22 years old with ample breasts and pert, young, pink nipples. My figure is curvy but my...Read On


Stepping in From the Rain

Water dripped from your hair and your mascara had smudged down your cheek. We embraced...

This is a work of my imagination... We met online. Maybe a few months ago. I knew our relationship clicked from when I first saw that picture of you, you looked so shy and timid, it was a real turn on. Your figure was so feminine, with curves in all the right places. In your picture you wore all the buttons on your shirt done up, but I knew inside that you wouldn't be afraid to rip it off. ...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Anticipated Ball

'I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting.'

This is a work of fiction... I turned the envelope over and over in my hand. Should I open it? I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. "To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting." The letter I had been waiting for. I put my nerves aside and slowly peeled the envelop open. The smell of lavender wafted out of it, almost making my eyes water. Cautiously I opened out the letter. The writing...Read On


Wine and Roses

Have you ever met someone that you truly love? I have ;)

This is a work of fiction... I love Stephen with all my heart. He is sexy and sweet. He has a cute patch of stubble, and a button nose. His voice turns me on so much that I feel moisture trickling down my thigh. He is my soul mate. He is not my boyfriend! He sits behind me in my lectures, so close that I can smell the exact brand of aftershave he is wearing. I am meant to be listening to...Read On