Straight Sex(2)


Novel Idea

Penelope meets an enchanting stranger who has the ability to read her desires like an open book.

My name is Penelope. Some say I have that sexy girl-next-door thing going for me, though I don’t really see it. I guess you can be the judge of that. My auburn hair falls a few inches below my lightly-tanned shoulders. My eyes are a dark chocolate color with hazel flecked within each iris. There are a handful of freckles tossed lightly around my nose and cheekbones. My height is average, as...Read On


Your Treat

This is for you, Rob. Our kisses write never-ending novels.

You opened the front door softly, hoping to surprise me with your early arrival from work. You stepped through the entrance way slowly, making sure to shut the door behind you with care. You unbuckled your tool belt from the waist of your jeans, carefully setting it on the door mat. Around the corner, you see that the door to the study is open, and you can hear me click-clacking on the...Read On