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Topic Wife with another man question
Posted 20 Mar 2010 20:42

I constantly toy with the idea of my wife having sex with
another man. She knows its my fantasy, and sometimes while
we have sex, I whisper it to her in her ear and she just gets
WET! When I meet a male, I imagine what it would be like if
he was fucking my wife. I have even told my wife she should
hit on a guy down the street, she thinks about it, but says
nope, because she would be scared. But she always smiles at
him and hugs real close when he stops by. She even jokes with me that he is
going to visit her at night. This tells me that she does
get turned on by the idea! Is this a normal fantasy? I want
someone to seduce her, while I watch. How can I get her to
open up her legs to someone else? Help!