Wife Lovers(3)


A night out dancing

My wife and I go out with our colleague who seduces her and gets me drunk

I had just started a new job a few months ago, and my new colleague Carlos invited my wife, Karen, and I out dancing. I decided not to be a spoilsport and went along with it, although I wasn't much into dancing. We went to our local Latin music club. Carlos, a typical Latin macho, was quite a good dancer and since Karen was the only woman with us, he spent quite a bit of time with her on...Read On


Bigger is better after all

A gym buddy seduces my wife and humiliates me in the process

I recently joined this new gym, trying to get back into shape. I was not overweight, just not very athletic. The people at the gym were very friendly. One of the regulars, Ben, offered to help me with my workouts and we sort of became friends or at least good aquaintances. He had been working out for quite some time and was pretty fit. I admired that, although I knew that I was the slim,...Read On


Cuckolded by My Colleague

Colleague persuades me to try cuckolding.

My colleague Benson never tried to hide from me that he fancied my wife. He was originally from Nigeria but had moved to the UK a while ago; he was a tall guy, a little older than me, in his early forties, and a little on the heavier side. He had probably been quite athletic when he was younger but had now developed a bit of a man gut. When I first joined the company a few months ago, I had...Read On