Steamy Sex

This story has a bit of a long beginning but I hope you do enjoy it.

Kate woke feeling run down and unsexy. She'd been having a few rough weeks at work where it just seemed like nothing seemed to want to go her way or work out for her. Lately she was suddenly starting to feel the pressure of deadlines regardless of how many hours she put in, and no amount of masturbating had managed to take away the stress. Combine the stress with the harsh cold she had...Read On



Sexual tears

A story about two girls, losing their boyfriends and comforting each other, in the best way ever

Becka fell into a sobbing heap onto the bed next to me, her head falling against my cleavage. I hugged her tight. “You okay, babe?” She sobbed in response. No answer coming from her full pink lips. I sat silently, just hugging her. “We’re shitty with men, aren’t we?” I said, trying to stop the sobbing, she nodded her head in reply. Becka raised her head and looked at me, her face inches...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


I Danced Around The Kitchen

I danced around the kitchen, the music low so not to wake him. I was dressed in one of his button up shirts, black lacy thong and a matching bra, something that I threw on when I had woken that morning after deciding to make my guy breakfast in bed. My long dark blonde hair danced down my back in its natural waves. I knew the smell of the bacon I was cooking would eventually wake him. As...Read On