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New story soon

11 Apr 2012 22:07

Just because you know what someone looks like doesn't mean you know what type of person they are. Keep your conceded opinion to yourself.

28 Feb 2012 22:08

Hope you all have a wonderful holidays

19 Dec 2011 20:05

looking at an old laptop and found some ever OLDER pictures. Hope you guys enjoy them

04 Nov 2011 20:56

2 old pictures that I just found and wanted to share with you guys enjoy

02 Nov 2011 14:39

Getting colder almost Halloween!!! My favorite holiday! What other day of the year can you be someone else for the entire day

11 Oct 2011 21:02

uploaded some new pics from my new favorite angle

03 Apr 2011 19:56

Just got an extra long damn from a black guy in LA... God I love it here!!!!!

20 Nov 2010 21:09

Driving thru Utah at the moment to visit some friends in Salt Lake...... Just remembered camping in Moab and now totally miss my best friend =(...... Luv u Dev

21 Apr 2010 17:48

smile you never know whos watching!!

01 Apr 2010 22:02

Arrived in Colorado this morning!!! Now just trying to find out where all my crap is!! HAHAAHAA don't you just hate moving

29 Mar 2010 20:29

Waiting for my new story to get published!!! hope you all like it =D!

27 Mar 2010 14:42

Just finished packing up the rest of my crap to ship to Colorado. Wedding date is June 20th!!! YAY!

26 Mar 2010 23:33