My favorite brother

A brother and sister find love.

My brother and I have always been close. We grew up in a small suburban town where you know everyone and everyone knows everything about everyone. Secrets are hardest to keep when you live here. It’s amazing how we’ve kept ours so long. I’ll start off with telling you a little about me. My name is Carson, I’m 5ft. 3in., with super long, down to my butt, dark brown almost black hair. I have...Read On


My Favorite Brother Chapter 2

Their back!!!!

I awoke into darkness. I couldn’t really wrap my head aroundwhat happened until I felt my brother adjust next to me. It suddenly became very clear. I just had sex with my brother….. and I was ok with it. Suddenly I heard the front door open and kids ran in. “Oh shit!” I thought as I jumped up and ran to my closet “Whoa, hey what’s the rush?” Ryan said as he woke startled “Carson, Ryan are...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Autumn's Love Story

This story starts at the end of 10th grade. I was in a new school for the 5th time in 4 years. I was never one of those quiet new kids that sits in the corner and never makes any friends. I was loud and had an opinion that you were very likely to hear. I made friends and had guys that liked me (they always go for fresh meat) but I never really dated and didn’t have a best friend. I started...Read On


Autumn's Love Story 2

My love story continues...

I quicklygrabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. Jason stood up to reach for the door but there was a quick knock and it swung open before he got to it. I flopped down onto the bed to make it look like nothing was going on. I tall man stepped into the room. “Hey dude mom and dad are…” He trailed off as he looked over and saw me. “Uhh, Greg this is Autumn. Autumn this is….” Jason...Read On



My Bestest friend

Me and my best friend have fun.

Me and my best friend have a bunch of sleep overs during the summer. She is very rich and has a huge mansion for a house. They have 7 bedrooms, hers is on one side of the house and her parents is on the other. It was around 2 in the morning and we were watching a movie. We always talk about boys and sex and stuff like that. Her boyfriend, Drake, lived in another town so she only saw him on...Read On