sexylittletoy's Blog Entries

12 Jul 2012 11:31

so fucking horny

19 Jun 2012 22:57

Super horny. Men and Women are welcome

08 Nov 2011 20:51

Sorry all, My skype is down at the moment. Sucks so hardcore, but so do I feel free to IM me and use my little body

19 Mar 2011 11:26

Hey, for anyone who wants to, I don't cam, but I do mic, and I have a skype, so if you want to hear this little slut moan, email or IM me asking for my user name

03 Mar 2011 08:46

I'm a dirty little slut that NEEDS to be used

24 Jan 2011 09:59

if you have skype, message me, I don't do cam, but I do voice and I'm a good little slut

27 Nov 2010 11:29

I'm such a dirty slut

03 Oct 2010 09:47

mmmmmmm i'm sooo wet

04 Sep 2010 18:41

who wants to see me touch myself? I'll start a show on cam4 when I get 4 messages I'll give you my user name in a message

04 Sep 2010 12:19

hey guys, in like 30 minutes I'm going to be starting a show on, my screen name is sexybaby2012, look for me

28 Aug 2010 01:24

i'm soooo wet and horny

19 Aug 2010 08:51

I'm a dirty little slut who loves to be used

28 Jul 2010 22:28

I'm a dirty little whore for horny guys to use

27 Jul 2010 16:06

for all you horny men out there, if you have a mic and Yahoo, then IM me and you can hear my slutty little moans

06 Jul 2010 19:39

mmm so wet and horny

06 Jul 2010 19:39

mmm so wet and horny

02 Jul 2010 15:05

looking for older cocks preferably 25+

02 Jul 2010 10:15

I love cybering and having sex on skype. I love being used

28 Jun 2010 10:16

my pussy is ready to be used and abused by whoever

15 Jun 2010 15:30

I'm a dirty little slut who loves to be used

15 Jun 2010 14:48

if anyone has skype and wants to add me so we can cyber, just contact me

02 Jun 2010 21:09

I'm a horny little slut for anyone who wants me

30 May 2010 17:44

I want a nice hot cock shoved in my pussy!!! Horny as hell!!

27 May 2010 21:31

I'm a horny little slut looking for a good time

15 May 2010 12:40

soooo horny!

03 May 2010 12:24

I'm so horny guys c'mon and fuck me PLEASE

24 Apr 2010 10:28

I'm soooo horny FUCK ME