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Topic How many married women out there between the ages of 40 and 60 have extrmartial sex often?
Posted 17 Jan 2010 11:38

my wife does. I encourage it, and then have her tell me about it. Makes me really excicted. Good question.

Topic Do women like doggy?
Posted 16 Jan 2010 15:43

It is the best way. Tighter and feels good.... My wife used to like it that way, but alas no more...... I still do......

Topic Spit or swallow?
Posted 01 Jan 2010 09:43

Why swallow of course... no hesitation...

agree complety more then just cum too wink

You get more sexy all the time.. wow..

Topic Dictionary Difinition of Glory Holes
Posted 01 Jan 2010 08:26

I agree with the second glory hole. Not sure the first one would be fun. But it is interesting never seen anything like it..

Topic Saggy tits
Posted 01 Jan 2010 08:23

Now those are tits. Like to fuck them... wow..

Topic Size
Posted 01 Jan 2010 08:11

That is a big one. Sure you hurt ladies with that.........

Topic Watching wife have sex
Posted 31 Dec 2009 21:27

I would like to see my wife being fucked by another man. It would be so exciting I would not be able to keep from cumming myself.
We have both listened to a couple in another room in a motel, we fucked at the same time.... It was great.....
She would like another cock besides mine I am sure, and I would like to see her get it.. like her to watch me fuck another
woman too....