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Santa Claus keeps saying, "ho, ho, ho", but I can't find her!!!

24 Dec 2011 21:47

Really want to be in NY with her right now...

07 Dec 2011 22:31

In touch with my lil sis finally, in college, etc... ugh so is nice to do nothing and just relax

23 Jan 2010 14:07

My aunt passed away today. I miss her. The swine flu is what happened. Along with emphasema(spelling?). Not to mention the pneumonia. I hope that she is in a good place. I miss her dearly.

30 Dec 2009 00:00

I am moving out of my aunt and uncle's house tomorrow. I am nervous and excited about it. I can't wait for it, but I can. When you are a kid and want to be on your own, no one tells you how you will feel when the moment is finally comes. I wish I had someone that told me how I would feel. Now I am stuck at being nervous because I am used to having someone to depend on. I will not have that.

27 Dec 2009 15:47

Working on a lesbian basketball story at the moment. Will be done soon. I promise.

28 Nov 2009 16:24

I sent a pic of my license in so I proved that I was 18. Sorry I am not responding to anyone. Apparently there is a limit to the number of messages you can send in.

27 Nov 2009 19:02

Well I am working on keeping my profile.

27 Nov 2009 02:11

I may get my account deleted again because of one person saying that I am not 18. This is total bullshit. I have to wait until midnight to even respond to Gav because I sent too many messages today.

26 Nov 2009 23:14

I am so mad. Why does all the bad things always happen to me? Why can't something good actually happen for once?

26 Nov 2009 19:01

I might get to see my girlfriend this weekend. I am so freaking happy!

11 Nov 2009 21:06

Gonna try and write two stories at once....wish me luck....

06 Nov 2009 22:31

I am almost done with another story, about a boss seducing her employee....

06 Nov 2009 16:50

I am bored, can't wait to find a girl of my own to love.

26 Oct 2009 20:11

I am writing a story of my own...writing two other stories with two different friends... definitely interesting..hehe I am having fun with this..

16 Oct 2009 23:24

woke up at 7pm today...feel like shit

15 Oct 2009 20:45

K back up and runnin

15 Oct 2009 01:04

my account has been suspended because they are not saying that July 12, 1991 is 18 years old but 17. This is bullshit...

14 Oct 2009 17:58

just wrote a true story....

14 Oct 2009 12:29

Being bored...could not sleep at all...

14 Oct 2009 09:09

It shows that I am 17 although I said that my bday is in 1991 on July...WTF

14 Oct 2009 02:24

Cant wait to meet this chica I met online...

13 Oct 2009 21:35