Group Sex(1)


Doctor doctor

A modern take on the Victorian concept of 'Hysteria'!

It had been months since anyone had touched me. Months. I was tired of my own hand, of fantasy, of pornography. None of it excited me anymore. I needed to feel someone else's touch again. It was the film ' Hysteria ' that gave me the idea. Women in Victorian times who were diagnosed with 'hysteria' or the 'vapors' were treated by a doctor who basically made them cum with his hand. (Great...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Blind pleasure

Would you pay for a stranger to go down on you?

I lay in the pitch blackness shivering slightly and wondering what I had let myself in for. Was I really that desperate? What happened to old fashioned dating? The blindfold was tight around my head and I could see nothing but darkness. I was naked from head to toe, lying on the small bed in a room that smelt slightly damp. How many others had been here naked, blindfolded and waiting. And...Read On