Wife Lovers(2)


The Hidden Eros (Part 1)

A husband and wife's secret fantasy unveiled

Everyone has some fantasy that seems too risky or impossible to make into a reality. You know, one of those naughty sexual thoughts that always seems to pop up into your head when making love, but rarely sees the light of day. This is the story of my wife's dark desire finally coming into the light. Fortunately, I found it to be my own secret fantasy as well. My wife Vicki and I have had...Read On


The Hidden Eros (Part 2)

A husband and wife engage in their ultimate fantasy

For the rest of that week, my husband and I had amazing sex nearly every night. We have known each other for 7 years, and in all that time we had unknowingly harbored a secret, sexual fantasy that had only recently been uncovered. It was my husband, Jerry that had ventured into this forbidden corner of my psyche one night during our love making. He asked me to imagine another man in bed with...Read On