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Topic: Fisting... Turnon or turnoff?
Posted: 06 Dec 2012 02:49

I would love to be wet and horny enough to be fisted. Anyone who reckons they can get me to that state apply below!!

<img src="/images/emoticons/laughing4.gif" alt="laughing3">

Topic: Do you have a Dirty Mind?
Posted: 06 Dec 2012 02:44

Your mind is definitely a little dirty. You're naughty, but not trashy.
You don't shy away from a dirty joke, and you're clearly not a prude.

Well thats not me. i must be having a bad day!!!

Topic: Many UK Ladies in here?
Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:01


Topic: Jaw Surgery: Any Lushies out there that are going for or have had it?
Posted: 16 Nov 2012 05:21

I can't help with the jaw surgery angle but i recently had major toe surgery. I was told that after 6 months the bone is only back to 50% strength and it can take up to a year to be fully strong again. Maybe you are pushing it a bit to far and should stick to exactly what your surgeon told you!! The fact that your elastics came off is maybe a sign you are doing to much?

Topic: Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted: 12 Nov 2012 02:16

I would love to try it. Any offers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 26 Sep 2012 08:08


Topic: For those ladies with children or that just want to answer
Posted: 21 Sep 2012 02:11


I had the same problem. I have 2 children aged 10 and 6. I found myself shouting at them a lot.

The one thing i can say is take a look at the help you think you are offering her and see if it is actually helping. My Fiancee thinks he is helping by cooking dinner lets say, however on the face of it it is helpful, he is messing up my routine and making me cranky. Quite often the things you think you are doing are not really what you are actually doing! I know it sounds crazy but with the help of your partner make a timetable and stick it on the wall, door or wherever. Then if you want to help you will see what is on the list to do next and you can do it for her. This way you can open the lines of communication i.e "i see babys bath is next, let me do that for you"

This timetable will also help your daughter understand the day to day life, mummy has to wash up now but its ok because she plays dollies with me after that. This helped us with our children and as they got older and could read the house rules got put up there as well.

It is hard work and things will get better in time. One tip i can give you is that if you lower your voice right down your child will have to stop what they are doing and concentrate on what you are saying rather than the usual tuning out of shouting.

Hope i have helped and feel free to mesage me to talk more.

Topic: What does your username mean?
Posted: 19 Sep 2012 23:44

All these deep and meaningful explanations. Kind of puts mine to shame! I chose mine because i like to be a bit of a mystery and hide in the shdows like a feral cat.

Topic: Would you like your husband or boyfriend buy you sexy underwear?
Posted: 17 Sep 2012 09:39

Yes, but only if he knows the right size to get. It may also be an idea to get a gift voucher for Ann Summers, as then I could choose my own and make sure it fits etc

I have to say i agree. I would LOVE him to buy me underwear but it would upset both of us if it was the wrong size. It would be nice to get a voucher or buy it together.

Topic: My wife was talking about having my nipples pierced to make them bigger is this a good way to go?
Posted: 12 Sep 2012 01:12

Would she have hers done for you? I can't think of anything worse than a mouthful of metal when playing with my husbands nipples.

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Fantasy becomes reality

(This story has been co-written by myself and a lovely member of Lush called Davie . It has been written from 2 points of view. I had been a member of Lush for only 6 weeks and already I had clicked with someone. The chats were heating up and I knew where I wanted it to go but did he? I turned on the computer in anticipation; everyday was the same, the buzz of turning on the computer...

Added 26 Jan 2011 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 4,439 | 11 Comments

Finally it happens

This is a true story the places are real and no artistic license. This is how it happened Thank you to Overmykneenow who inspired me to write it It was November 7 th 1996 , Robson and Jerome were top of the charts and I was finally 18. I was the first born of 4 and the only girl. My parents were immensely strict and I had never tried alcohol let alone been out to a nightclub. Today was...

Added 08 Jan 2011 | Category First Time | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.46 | Views 9,716 | 10 Comments

The agony of waiting

This is my first story so feel free to modify and please comment. She was woken with a stiff tongue between her legs...teasing, probing, asking. "Let me pleasure you." Emma laid back and opened her legs further, more than happy to let Neil probe further to tease her and drive her wild. Neil played and sucked until Emma was writhing on the end of his tongue. When she was so close to coming...

Added 16 Dec 2010 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.44 | Views 8,073 | 10 Comments

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