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Just your normal guy that likes a good story. I love to write. I have other main stories that I like to write but erotica is becoming a favorite. I like to have fun and chat. Nothing serious just fun. If you want to leave pictures or gifs on my profile I prefer straight sexual content. Preferably interracial. Large breasts are also a great add on. Thank you.

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I love to play video games. Mainly sports games on the console and MMOs on the PC. I also love football season.

I like to write mainly interracial stories. Most of my stories include reality-based themes. Although I like to write some fantasy themes from time to time. I like to write what comes naturally to me, something I hope readers can relate too.

Most of the female characters are well beyond the normal or average range of being busty, or top heavy.
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I mostly like to read fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, but I also like some sci fi. One of my favorites is the Dragonlance series.
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J.R. Tolkien by far is my favorite.
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The Matrix will always be a favorite of mine. Not the other two to follow it. But the very first one.
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I love Sci Fi movies and shows. I am a big Stargate fan. I also like comic heroes, like the Flash and Arrow. But I also like fantasy shows like Game of Thrones. So basically I am all over the place.
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I am all over the place with my music selection. But right now I like

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Deuce- America
The Weekend- In the Night
In this moment- Big Bad Wolf

Like my movies, my music is all over the place.


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Topic: What is your favorite movie so far this year? (2018)
Posted: 24 Apr 2018 23:44


Topic: Is there a problem with police in the USA?
Posted: 03 Apr 2018 17:21

I am one of the few people that are on the fence about this post. On one side being a black male above the normal height and build in the U.S. especially in the south (North Carolina). I have been subjected to some of the most hateful (it is a strong word but I am using it) cops I have ever come across. And I am not just saying that. You can read some of my previous posts (think it is in the does racism exist forum) but in short I can say I have NEVER resisted, never called a cop a name of ANY sort. Never ever gave ANY of them a FUCKING reason to point a gun at me. And I mean that! NEVER! But as recently as two weeks ago I was speeding (75 in a 60) I immediately pulled over even before he turned on his lights because I saw him on the side. Turned off my car put my keys in the cup holder and waited with ALL windows down. Both hands outside of the car when he came up he asked for all my things. I told him my registration is in the glove box. He said I could get it. I told him I didn't feel comfortable (after the last time, you can read it in the post mentioned before). He said go ahead and get it and he wouldn't ask again. I reached for the glove box with one hand he IMMEDIATELY put his hand on his gun. After all of this I called my cop friend, my best friend and he had NO WORDS. NONE, ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS!

Now on the other side. I have friends that I talked to regular that are cops. And this topic comes up every time something comes up. They all say the same thing. We as citizens do not know the scope of what these men and women see everyday. We can't understand the fear that goes into the minds of these people. A routine stop like my simple speeding ticket can turn into a disaster for both the cop and the speeder. So I understand on some degree that in his shoes. I could reach in my glove box and pull out a gun and shoot him. I understand that most of the crime in the U.S. happen to be committed by black males. I understand all of that. But when you're on the other side of that, when you have no criminal record, never gave any of them a reason to pull a gun on you then you have ANGER when it does happen to you. And I don't give a shit what people say of me I don't trust them one bit. I will do what I always do, respect them, give them the right of way, but that's it.

So to answer your question. YES! There is a problem. Again there is no solution. As always we are wrong, they are right. Period!

Topic: I am done meeting people half way. I'm done. Melt the motherfucking guns.
Posted: 26 Mar 2018 12:08

LOL .. The tide pod eaters are telling us we need to get rid of our guns.

You do realize that is in fact human nature to do stupid things right? I mean there are people that jump out of a perfectly good airplane in groups just to form a circle in the air then come down. There are people that climb the highest building then jump off. There is even a sport where people free dive to depths that regular people need scuba diving. So yes, absolutely there is a moron out there eating tide pods, just like back in our generation people sniffed glue, ate acid, smoked immeasurable amounts of pot, put all types of cleaning liquid into a bucket then made powder of the residue then injected themselves with it. So your point is totally invalid. In EACH AND EVERY GENERATION there are idiots, hell most of the people that are in our government right now at this moment once were hippies. HIPPIES!!!! Think of that lifestyle. Never knowing where they were going, who they were going with and what drugs they were ingesting. And now they are in government. WHAT? SO again INVALID. There are top HACKERS working for the U.S. Government to stop other HACKERS. AGAIN INVALID. Just because they do a stupid thing like eat tide pods doesn't make them ALL KNOWING sure, but sure as hell beats judging people, but I am sure it's easy to judge people when you're ABSOLUTELY F-ING PERFECT. Right? I mean you are perfect at EVERYTHING Right? No not just one thing I mean EVERYTHING! Like you can go into NASA and tell them a thing or two. No? Really? So you're childhood was perfect and you NEVER did anything considered reckless, stupid or unintelligent? DOUBT IT! Then you're just being a HYPOCRITE? Ah gotcha. Typical.

If they want to eat tide pods and die, or suffer from severe reactions. Go for it. I am the LAST person on the planet to judge ANYONE for ANYTHING. What was that saying that most "true republicans" love to state from the bible. "He is without sin?"" I think you know the rest. So you can put your stone right on down.

Topic: I am done meeting people half way. I'm done. Melt the motherfucking guns.
Posted: 25 Mar 2018 09:34

Actually, freedom of speech, when misused, has caused more deaths than "gun violence" ever has. Hitler used freedom of speech to rally the German populace and put the Nazis in power, and we all know how that turned out. Mao used his freedom of speech to similar ends, except mass genocide occurred in far larger numbers. Pol Pot, Stalin, the KKK - I could go on, but examples abound of speech being used to incite violence and death.

The "Right to peaceably assemble" has also gone awry many times, including recently the Antifa (Anti-first amendment, I assume?) thugs turning protests into riots, breaking windows, burning cars and buildings, and assaulting and beating people for wearing a Trump hat or carrying the wrong sign. Sure, that turns that right into a crime, but so does misuse of a gun.

The point is, those are MISUSES of those rights, just as committing any type of crime with a gun is a misuse of that right. I've been a gun owner my whole adult life - actually even before adulthood, into early adolescence - and neither I nor any gun I've ever owned has ever been involved in the commission of any crime. Should I lose my rights because someone else breaks the law, or simply because some people think I should?

The point of my post was, be careful how quickly you discard the rights that YOU, my friend, don't agree with, because you never know when someone might come for the rights you cherish and you'll need other freedom-loving people to have your back. As far as the NRA, I promise you that the organization and its 5 million-plus members will defend your right to free speech, or to peaceably assemble.

In addition, for most of the conservatives and other "dinosaurs" that I know, gay marriage was not even on the radar. Except for a very vocal minority (like the anti-2nd Amendment crowd, actually) it was never a huge thing. Most people of conservative or libertarian views believe in a live and let live position, and don't care to have their noses in other people's love lives, or any other part of their lives for that matter. They also don't care to have others' lifestyles jammed in their faces all the time, which tends to build resentment and create backlash. Benign indifference should be acceptable, but for some reason it never is.

And now it's a done deal, the only issue being that marriage of any type was never intended to fall within the purview of the federal government, and especially not within the powers of 5 un-elected justices. Marriage is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, and as such it's one of the powers that the federal government is not entitled to. It's a state right, and marriage laws, until now, have been up to the individual states. That's the 10th Amendment, by the way. Are you okay with that one, or is it another amendment we should repeal?

But gay marriage and abortion are just topics that wander off-thread. I was merely pointing out that co-opting the title of the anti-abotionist's march seemed disingenuous. Still, there are far, far more abortions performed in the U.S. every year than there are gun deaths, even if you misleadingly include gun suicides, as the gun-grabber crowd tends to do. That fact should at least give you pause. And no, I'm not anti-abortion and I'm not coming for your rights, I just think it's tragic that so many stupid people still don't understand how birth control works, or procrastinate on abortion until that baby has to know pain and terror before its entire future is snuffed out.

One last thing, and I hate to disillusion you, but many of these rabidly vocal and sanctimonious young people will grow up and run into something called real life. The NRA and the Republican Party is full of former hippies that wore peace symbols and protested pretty much anything, but then jobs and taxes and families and careers and rent and mortgage payments and the other pressures of everyday life ran them smack up against reality, and views changed. Some will cling to their current beliefs, and more power to them - that's one of the rights we enjoy. Many will not. So yeah, getting 35 states to sign on to repealing any of our rights is going to be a very long haul. Thank goodness!

Most of the things you said I agree with except the part with the growing up and life smacking them in the face. Did you forget years ago that many government officials said Segregation would never go away? That Slavery was a thing that was needed? Black coaches were not going to happen? Black QB's not a viable option? Through things like the march that is going on at the moment as well as other things. Things that we think are the "norm" change when people say ENOUGH! Sure it will take time and may not happen in the timeline people want, but it will happen. That's not something I say on a whim or because I want it. It's a FACT of life. Look through out human history not just for the U.S. but worldwide when people have enough then they have enough and things change.

I am not for the taking of guns away from people that mean no harm (like yourself and my family and friends) to others. I hate the idea of a non protected household. I don't like the idea of hunting but I won't tell someone that they can't do it. What I am sick and tired of is seeing innocent people getting shot for no reason. Be it in the streets of Chicago or the suburbs, or even in a school. Something HAS to change especially since the NRA's and the powers that be answer to all of this is arm more people, which is the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Put it this way. I know four cops personally, my brother in laws are all ex-military. There is enough guns throughout my circle of friends and family to arm a small militia and ALL and I mean this ALL OF THEM are for stricter gun laws. Because they are SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of it. So to say nothing will change is absurd. There will be change eventually and slowly and I am sure there will be people that will fight tooth and nail on both sides, but that is human nature, nothing ever changes without a fight. Which in itself is truly sad.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 18 Feb 2018 03:12

Obviously, arming teachers to make schools more secure is a touchy subject. The example of Israel is an extreme one. You have to keep in mind that almost all Israeli Jews are veterans or reservists as are most parents. So that means they are also trained with firearms and likely combat veterans as well. A letter in the Miami Herald some time back mentioned that Israeli school children were not allowed to go on field trips unless each class had at least four armed adults along as chaperones and security. By armed, I mean with IMI Uzis or H&K MP5's. For those of you not familiar with them, they're both full auto sub-machine guns. I don't think you're going to get that kind of security for a field trip any where in the world outside of Israel. It certainly wouldn't fly in today's USA.

But allowing volunteer teachers, especially those with military or police background, and perhaps with additional training and certification, to carry concealed on campus, with that fact widely published, would put folks on notice that at least that particular school was no longer a collection of defenseless targets for the next psychopath who desires to run up a body count and get on the news.

I think we can all agree that what we're currently doing is not working.

Like most people you are forgetting the "Superman" ideology. No one goes into a fight expecting to lose. Adrenaline kicks in and people feel like Superman. Take the people that go into a bank, or they rob a store. Now they don't go in there thinking that "maybe" someone in their might have a gun, and "might" kill them NO! They go in their pumped on adrenaline (or other drugs). Like I stated sure you can arm people (trained or otherwise) and someone WILL (without the shadow of a doubt) still attempt it. Sure you might get lucky and we get what happened at the church where an onlooker or one of the trained people kill, maim or seriously injure the shooter. But how many did he take out before he got to his target? I like how people praise the person that shot the shooter OUTSIDE the church. Really? That's what we get from that incident? OUTSIDE? What about inside? And then we get people that say if all those people were armed, it would be different. No. It wouldn't. Fact is when humans (notice I said humans, not a party, or a person) hear gunshots. Most of us will duck and cover, the others will shoot in the direction of the gun shots, only the few that are trained and have the "flight or fight" mentality taken out of us, will they have the mindset to find the shooter and shoot accurately. So what will happen in an enclosed environment? A lot of scared people shooting in many directions. That death toll could have been much higher because of friendly fire. It sounds good on paper and in our minds (even mine at some point), but when thought about it clearly it's a nightmare.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 17 Feb 2018 13:28

No matter what links, what things we type here will do ANYTHING! We can say we need more guns that we should arm the teachers, or as someone said arm the students. Which in reality sounds fine. I mean arm teachers sounds good. In some countries it has worked. I HIGHLY doubt it would work here. We have seen videos of teachers going totally off their rocker at a student. You really want THAT teacher to have a gun? Sure eighty percent (ball park) would not use their gun on a student or another faculty member that pissed them off. What about the percent that is going through a divorce (or other personal problem), behind on bills, not getting paid enough, has car problems and then little johnny comes in with an attitude? Hmm? We know exactly what is going to happen. Arm the students. HA! Seriously? Do you remember High School at all? I do. Okay how does this end. Kid gets bullied, has enough of it and what happens? Sure the other student MIGHT shoot him, but what is the collateral damage? How many students get caught in the crossfire? Or how many students start firing blind? Gunshots in a hallway ricochet like a mother.

Like I said before there is NO clear cut answer. We all have our ideas on what SHOULD be done. But we all know NOTHING will be done. I am not one for a NO GUN policy as I believe everyone has a right to protect themselves and their family. But what I am sick and tired of is the excuses when shit goes wrong. When someone has a bad day and then someone cuts them off and they kill someone in road rage with their gun. There are MILLIONS of Americans that say it was a freak occurrence and that every person is a good gun carrying American. So was he/she, and I would bet money that he/she had said the same thing many times. Or the person that gets laid off, then comes back to work and shoots their ex-co workers. Again the excuses fly. When will we all get it. We are human and it can HAPPEN. No matter if we think the gun we are carrying is just for protection. On the day we lose control, that gun will become a weapon.

Like I said above. I don't know the answer. I really don't. But what I do know. The EXCUSES have to stop. There is a problem and it's okay to say "I don't know how to fix it, but we need to start somewhere."

On a personal note. One day A friend and I was driving back from work (he was driving). The other driver nearly hit us, an exchange of words happened and we pulled over. Long story short. The other driver pulled out his gun and pointed it at me. My friend went for his, I motioned for him not to. I told the gun man he was right and we were wrong and apologized. He told me to get back in the car and I did. EVERYONE went home! Sure he might have went home and laughed about me backing down. Sure my friend was pissed. BUT EVERYONE went home. So don't say normal gun carrying people do not pull out their guns for the wrong reason. My friend carries for his safety, I am sure the guy that pointed his at me, said the same thing.

Other things I am tired of hearing. "Prayers and thoughts." PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! We have been praying and thinking for how many years? Chicago is a shit hole full of people shooting the fuck up out of each other. A mass shooting seems to happen every six months or less. Prayers don't do shit but make the person that is saying them feel better. Thoughts and donations help AFTER the incidents happen. So just quit it.

Mental Illness played a part in the shooting. No shit Sherlock! No sane person ever wakes up and says "hmm, I should go into a building and shoot everyone." So of course the person had mental problems. The thing I don't get is why is that only used when the shooter is white? No I am not playing the race card. It is a fact. If the shooter was a different ethnicity it would totally be different. We all know it. It would either be stricter immigration, stricter law enforcement on "thug like" behavior.

Topic: Is there anyone who thinks this tax reform is actually a good idea?
Posted: 20 Dec 2017 03:06

Have you really forgotten where this country was in the third quarter of 2008, right at the fcking election? Seriously? Have you forgotten that both Obama and McCain suspended their election campaigns to try to assist with preventing the total collapse of the American economy. Have you forgotten about the Too Big Too Fail Bailouts authorized by Bush and his squad of financial thieves who cooked the entire swindle up and pulled it off?

The foodstamp Obama economy? <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4"> Like it was all his and the democrat's fault.

You're unreal sometimes.... in a funny way I mean.

And NONE of those 1 percenters who engineered and profited from the collapse and bailout ever were hauled into a criminal court nor did any of those fuckstains ever surrender any of their stolen funds/bonuses or jobs. Hell, they got raises!

Of all the things I am pissed about Obama - his and the Democrats failure to investigate the 2007-2008 financial slide and cratering crash ranks right at the top of my bitch file.

But the enonomy he inherited from Bush was 180 degrees in the other direction from the economy he handed off to Donald J Chump.

THANK YOU!!!!!! I mean it. THANK YOU!!! I was looking for this the other day when I was trying to explain the economy differences from the handover from Bush to Obama, then from Obama to Drumpf.

What is the belief from this tax reform? That somehow the high 1% will gain money and hire people because of an increase demand? Have any of you people that believe this BS worked in a job environment based on demand? Because if you had you KNOW for a fact this isn't true. Look at most jobs for example. I will use retail as an example. If the demand for goods goes up, and sales increase. Stores do NOT hire extra people. If they do they hire at the LOWEST minimum wage possible and limit the hours. Also they tell their full time associates that OT is available for a certain amount of hours. E.G. Two maybe Three extra hours. Then they pocket the rest. Higher execs get bonuses. A Store Mgr might get a bonus. IF and I mean this IF they don't raise their monthly quota (how much the corporate offices think the store should make because of the boom). And I know this type of thing goes on in other parts of businesses, why? Have you heard of Work/Life Balance. It doesn't exist!

Corporations will NOT Hire people. Why should they it doesn't make sense. Everyone knows the major output of money in any business is Salary/Wages. Hiring during a boom is like shooting yourself in the foot with your own gun. During a boom you hire less to get more, you work people longer hours at a short period to gain even more money. But hey. We will find out right? The magical hiring fairy should be visiting soon.

Topic: What are you Complimented most for ??
Posted: 17 Dec 2017 03:57

My Blunt attitude. A lot of people think it's a dying trait to know exactly what another person is thinking.

Topic: Your biggest flaw?
Posted: 12 Dec 2017 17:20

Supposedly I am way too confrontational. It's the one word everyone that I know uses to describe me. I personally think it's a good thing.

Topic: Putting Black Men in the Narrative.
Posted: 12 Dec 2017 17:00

I am at a loss of words really. Thank you so much!

As a Black man that loves to read it started not because of who the author was or who the main character or anything like that, it simply started with a personal interest. For example I love Fantasy (Lord of the Rings type). My Son loves Sci-Fi. I got him interested in reading by simple seeing the shows he watched. I helped my brother and my cousins to read as I was the oldest. My brother Crime Novels, my youngest cousin was into and still is interested in Non-Fiction. As for the quotes learning to read is a huge part of society as a whole so I agree that if you are behind the curve (so to speak) it is hard to get ahead. I would never say doomed as it is a skill that can be picked up again.

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Game Day

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