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Just your normal guy that likes a good story. I love to write. I have other main stories that I like to write but erotica is becoming a favorite. I like to have fun and chat. Nothing serious just fun. If you want to leave pictures or gifs on my profile I prefer straight sexual content. Preferably interracial. Large breasts are also a great add on. Thank you.

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14 Nov 2018 02:32
I love to play video games. Mainly sports games on the console and MMOs on the PC. I also love football season.

I like to write mainly interracial stories. Most of my stories include reality-based themes. Although I like to write some fantasy themes from time to time. I like to write what comes naturally to me, something I hope readers can relate too.

Most of the female characters are well beyond the normal or average range of being busty, or top heavy.
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I mostly like to read fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, but I also like some sci fi. One of my favorites is the Dragonlance series.
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J.R. Tolkien by far is my favorite.
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The Matrix will always be a favorite of mine. Not the other two to follow it. But the very first one.
Favourite TV Shows:
I love Sci Fi movies and shows. I am a big Stargate fan. I also like comic heroes, like the Flash and Arrow. But I also like fantasy shows like Game of Thrones. So basically I am all over the place.
Favorite Music:
I am all over the place with my music selection. But right now I like

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Deuce- America
The Weekend- In the Night
In this moment- Big Bad Wolf

Like my movies, my music is all over the place.


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Topic: Rest in peace Stan Lee
Posted: 12 Nov 2018 19:20

When I first heard it I thought it was a joke or a hoax. Still can't believe he is gone. The comic world won't be the same without him.

Topic: Bombs sent to Democrats
Posted: 24 Oct 2018 16:29

With the extreme tone, incivility, and intolerance that has taken over the political realm, l'm afraid we're in for more of this.

Instead of viciously attacking one's political opponents with insults, disrespectful name calling, and hate, a lot more progress would be made by an intelligent persuasive approach. Convincing one's opponents to consider your point of view is an accomplishment and promotes progress, whereas insults and hate only cause one's opponents to hold deeper into their opinions. And this type of behaviour is a growing problem in society.

Right now, the political climate is one of extremism, sowing seeds of violence, not peace.

Bombs being sent to political figures is unacceptable. The senders are terrorists and must be caught and imprisoned for life.

I will have to agree with you on the violence. On both sides of the spectrum, it is getting downright ridiculous. Ricin Poisoning and now pipe bombs. I fear what is going to happen next.

Topic: NFL: Taking A Knee
Posted: 29 Sep 2018 19:58

I am neither left nor right. As far as I am concerned both sides have turned into crying, whining babies that think they are right no matter what and whoever disagrees with them are *insert stupid childish name*.

As for the subject of this forum. I might be biased in the sense that I TOTALLY agree with the reason why they kneel. I have been subjected to "police bullshit* (I have made examples in previous threads. I am sure you can find them or you can ask me). Yes, I am still alive you can tell by this post. BUT that is because I have been laughed at as a cop walked away, told that I was wrong and not given a clear-cut reason. Crimes I have done 0 unless you count speeding 10mph over the speed limit, walking my dog without identification, walking home from a girlfriends house (predominantly white neighborhood). So if these are crimes, then absolutely I am guilty.

Now do I believe they should be doing it at the time they are... NO. But that's neither here nor there. Do I think people have a right to be angry? Depends on why are they angry. If they believe it's insulting the armed forces and those that have died for this country. Then that's pure hypocrites. Where were these people when the anthem wasn't played at the beginning of every game? I have gone to games even recent games and I have seen people in the stands with their hats still on, looking down at their phones, talking, sitting down, eating, drinking beer. While the anthem is going. I have gone to bars as recent as last week. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE stood up. But when the conversation was brought up I was the minority that thought the players were not totally wrong. SO DON'T give us that BS. If they HAVE to stand then everybody else does. Hell, even the cowboy's owner didn't take his hat off during the anthem look it up. Our President didn't even acknowledge the retreat bugle while talking to Hannity. He thought it was for him. But yet people are still on "it's putting down the armed forces" kick.

Before you go off on me. Think about this. I have FOUR brothers in laws that have served and when this all happened BEFORE drumpf got involved I asked them all while we were watching a dolphin game. They ALL said they didn't like the timing of the kneeling but they understand and respect his (Colin's not the copycats we got going on now) right to do so. I asked a neighbor who has served and he said the EXACT same thing. In fact, most of them would say the same thing. The timing is wrong. The reason behind it is right.

As for the copycats. I don't like them I never will. But I respect that they want to stand (or kneel) for what they believe in. Bare this in mind also when Colin first started he was sitting down. He was approached by a military person and was asked politely not to sit but to kneel. And Colin obliged. So which would he rather do?

Topic: What's The Best Movie According To You Without The TRADITIONAL Happy Ending?
Posted: 19 Sep 2018 19:07

The Road with Viggo Mortensen
American History X

Topic: Does a girl having big breast matter?
Posted: 11 Sep 2018 18:04

I have always been a boob man. So I have always liked them much larger than average. But that's just me.

Topic: You know you're getting old when...
Posted: 29 Aug 2018 17:12

When I get aggravated by loud music in passing cars. Then think to myself I was once one of those people that played my music loud in my car.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Sizzling Summer Sex" Competition
Posted: 18 Aug 2018 05:57

WOW. I am honored, thank you for the Recommended Read first and foremost. Also for the honorable mention. JB that was a great story! Thanks again!

Topic: Cosplay at Comic-Cons - Into the wolves' den...
Posted: 08 Aug 2018 12:05

I have been to many con's and I usually give them space. I never been one of the oogling mindless oafs that follow them around and try to cop a feel or take pictures with them.

Topic: should women be allowed to be topless in public?
Posted: 06 Aug 2018 04:00

Just like I have said before on nude beaches. It is NEVER the people (whatever sex you're into) you actually want to see naked. Most of the time you go to a nude beach you want to run for the hills. The same goes for this question. I have seen many people (men and women) that need to leave their shirts/tops on. No one wants to see all that topless. But I understand the whole "well if men can go topless at a beach bar, why can't I?" question. The serious answer is maturity. Women are mature enough to see a well-maintained male (if they are into males) and keep their composure. Men on the other are not. While I would guess Seventy percent of the men in the bar will stare and admire from a distance the other thirty would go overboard. That will cause problems not just for the woman but the bar, the city, and the ripple effect will be on the news within days. That's the bottom line argue ALL you want about fairness and equal rights and blah, blah. It won't happen as long as that thirty percent can't keep their hormones in check.

If you think I am wrong, go to a comic con. And ask yourself why are there so many security guards randomly walking around especially behind the busty girl dressed in an anime costume. Why do you ask? Because thirty percent of the men don't even know most of the characters in a comic book. Yes. I have gone to HUNDREDS of cons and met men that didn't even know who Green Ivy was or the names of most of the female characters from Sailor Moon. But yet they followed these women around like crazy. And I always got the same reply. "If they didn't want the attention, they shouldn't dress like that." There was a survey out on one of the cons where men were asked if it was okay to stare or touch women that dress provocatively at cons. It was amazing at how high the percentage that said YES it was okay. For the record NO, it is not!

So to answer the question NO! We aren't ready, doubt we will EVER be ready.

Topic: Trump Did Something Right For Once
Posted: 05 Jul 2018 17:08

He's been doing so many right things, but all of you liberals are suffering from TDS.

Is the economy going too well? Obama destroyed the economy, making it much easier for Trump to improve it, so I guess Obama should get credit for his part. It took a special person to slow down the economy the way Obama did. Remember, Obama said that we would never see 3% growth again. I guess he meant while he was president.

Does it bother you that businesses can't find enough qualified individuals to fill all of the new positions? Any liberals refusing promotions or raises because they were a result of Trump freeing the economy from Obama regukations?

Is the increase in your take home pay due to the tax cuts too much? If you don't want it, you can always give it back to the government, although I bet that the total of you that have done that is approximately zero.

I suppose that you are also upset that Trump is trying to stop the flow of money to Iran and then on to terrorists.

Where were all of you when Obama was separating children from parents when they all came into the country illegally? Not a sound, because it was your messiah. With all of the noise you are making, I haven't heard one suggestion on how to handle the border, other than to abolish ICE and let everyone into the country, no questions asked. Do you really want to let anyone, including terrorists just walk in? If that is what you want, have one of your congressman or senators propsoe a bill on that. I doubt you could get 10 people in DC to vote for it. But that won't stop you from demanding it.

You rant and rage that the right is hypocritical, but you have no problem thinking that free speech is absolute for the left, but should be denied for the right. Where was the outrage when Samantha Bee spoke about Ivanka? All you could say was that Ivanka deserved it. If Hannity said the same thing about Hillary, you be calling for the death sentence.

Socialist and communist ideas may sound great in theory, such as "from each accoridng to his ability, to each according to his need", but they don't work in the real world. Starbucks and Amazon are all for every liberal idea, but when tax bills are proposed that will cost them money, they fight them tooth and nail.

What is comes down to is that you never thought Hillary would lose and still can't get over the fact that Trump is president. Get over it and start thinking rationally about what is best for the country. Right now, you'd rather see the country destroyed than see YTrump do even one thing right.

I am in no way shape or form a "liberal". But EVERYTHING you stated has come straight from FOX, HANNITY or RUSH. Seriously do you quote them often? When the economy went up during Bill's administration Republican's contributed it to the Regan administration. But yet when the economy is going up now it's drumpf's doing and not the leftovers from Obama's seriously? Hypocrite!

Yes, taxes have indeed helped people take home extra money but the end of year total has gone down. Most of the tax so-called breaks favor the rich and the huge companies. Especially real estate tycoons. Sure in some ways you can bend the truth and say in a few years with tweaking it will EVENTUALLY benefit the middle class, but when is EVENTUALLY? Five years? Ten?

Most people can't afford healthcare and eliminating the care act has caused many to go without, but yet we are supposed to believe this is for the good of all? How? It's okay for someone to watch someone they love and care die, or suffer because they can't afford basic health insurance because someone doesn't want to pay extra? What happened to help your fellow man? That went out the window all of a sudden? Or better yet shall we just start saying "Fuck You DIE!" I mean that will be more honest than saying "We want to make healthcare better for all, we just can't figure out how to do it yet."

I am sure you are thinking this is the prattling of some liberal or some never drumpf person. So I will break it down easier for you and the rest. My best friend who HATED Obama has already said he will not be voting for drumpf again. My neighbor a huge Republican has also said he will not vote for the orange one after his Twitter rampage about the kneeling. My brother in laws, four of them that proudly served this country, will NOT be voting for him again. One of my bosses recently retired two years earlier than he planned because of the ups and downs of the stock market and when I asked him if he would vote for the orange one he LAUGHED at me. Even though on the day drumpf won he was excited and let us all go home early, now he just LAUGHS? Yeah, I got the hint loud and clear. The one guy that called me a N****R on the day drumpf got sworn in because QUOTE "We don't have to be PC anymore because a real president is in the office." Will not vote for him because of the taxes as well as the whining on twitter. I am sure I am not the only one that has friends and family that have minor or major regrets. So don't say it's a liberal thing.

Now I am not saying the DEMS have it in the bag because that will be laughable at best. But it sure isn't a slam dunk for the Republicans either. There is ALOT to fix on both sides of the fence. Sure would love a third party to come in and shake them both up, because they both need it.

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Life Gets Better

The rhythmic bumping on the wall between his room and his roommate's had forced him out into the living room. It was no better out here, he turned the volume on the game console up. But it did nothing to mask the loud screaming and moaning of his best friend. He sighed and turned the game off, surrendering back to his room where all he could hear was the bumping of the wall. He looked over...

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Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

  Brian looked down at Stacy. He couldn't believe he might be fucking these huge tits for the last time. The two of them had a good thing going on between them for these past three months. They both had decided not to put a label on their relationship. Instead, they just enjoyed each others company, as well as fucking each other to the point of exhaustion.   All of that would have to was...

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Life Gets Better Part 3: Night Out With The Girls

"You're so lucky," one of Brian's friends said to him as they sat drinking a beer at their local bar. "Well I don't feel lucky," Brian said taking another sip of his beer. He had just gotten fired. He knew it was coming. After all the things that had been happening in his life, he was aware that it was in the cards. "Yeah, about that," the friend said. "Sorry." "I don't blame you at...

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Life Gets Better Part 4: The Unexpected

Amanda sat on the couch as Brian cleared his throat. He began to tell her the events that had happened to start with getting into the car. He told her how he carried her up the stairs. Then he told her about the conversation with Rebecca. "Well," Amanda shrugged as she sat back. She tilted the bottle up as she took a swig of the water. "I will have to say she was both right and wrong." ...

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Game Day

The four of us took our seats at the stadium, we hardly ever got out together anymore. We were high school friends. Back in the day we were inseparable. But with new lives, families and jobs we hardly ever got to say hi, let alone get together so when Howard sent a group email that said he had tickets to a home football game. We all made plans to get that day off. Terrence was the leader of...

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Closing the store

Being an assistant store manager had itups and downs. It's good times as well as it's bad times, tonight was one of those bad times. It was my turn to be the closing manager, which meant I had many things to do, with not enough time to do them. Case in point the grocery truck had come a few hours later than scheduled. Which had started a cascade of bad things to follow, the main problem was...

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Best Friend's Girl Part 1

"Shit!" I said quickly getting out of bed. I was late, well technically I was still early for work, but with all the other things I wanted to do today. I was running a bit late. Quickly springing out of bed I gathered my morning work out bag then headed for the shower. As usual it was locked. "Dammit Chris!" I yelled at my roommate. He was always holding up the bathroom for hours on end. ...

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Best Friends Girl Part 2

It has been just over six months now since Chris walked out. I would like to say it has been for the best and that we had worked things out. But that would be a lie. Chris moved back to Florida, for a while he had moved back in with his mom, but then he found a new girlfriend then moved out with her. Roxy, his ex girlfriend, moved out of the apartment two weeks after Chris had left. I see...

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Best Friend's Girl Part 3

Chris sat on the floor, just outside the door of his new job. He flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the far corner of the parking lot, then took a deep breath then went back inside. The mail room was as busy as he had left it. "Finally back from your break huh?" his boss shouted at him. The moment he came back inside, Chris hated him. He wanted to punch the small fat man in...

Added 12 May 2016 | Category Interracial | Views 6,723 | 2 Comments

Taking One For The Team

I work at a shipping firm. Mainly I just take orders from my boss, then tell others what she wants. Normally the moment she comes in she heads straight to her office, closes the door then calls for me over the intercom. Then the barking begins. Today I looked up at the time. Four minutes from now the doors will open up and she will walk in. As usual I had her coffee ready, the sales...

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