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Just your normal guy that likes a good story. I love to write. I have other main stories that I like to write but erotica is becoming a favorite. I like to have fun and chat. Nothing serious just fun. If you want to leave pictures or gifs on my profile I prefer straight sexual content. Preferably interracial. Large breasts are also a great add on. Thank you.

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I love to play video games. Mainly sports games on the console and MMOs on the PC. I also love football season.

I like to write mainly interracial stories. Most of my stories include reality-based themes. Although I like to write some fantasy themes from time to time. I like to write what comes naturally to me, something I hope readers can relate too.

Most of the female characters are well beyond the normal or average range of being busty, or top heavy.
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I mostly like to read fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, but I also like some sci fi. One of my favorites is the Dragonlance series.
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J.R. Tolkien by far is my favorite.
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The Matrix will always be a favorite of mine. Not the other two to follow it. But the very first one.
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I love Sci Fi movies and shows. I am a big Stargate fan. I also like comic heroes, like the Flash and Arrow. But I also like fantasy shows like Game of Thrones. So basically I am all over the place.
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I am all over the place with my music selection. But right now I like

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Deuce- America
The Weekend- In the Night
In this moment- Big Bad Wolf

Like my movies, my music is all over the place.


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Topic: Tragedy in Texas ~ Mass Shooting at Southerland Springs Church
Posted: 09 Nov 2017 02:58

I agree. But a majority of these mass killings are with firearms in USA. It takes crazy people to commit such insane acts. Some are religious crazies. Some are workplace crazies that hate their bosses. As in this case and Vegas the motive is not clear. If guns were banned tomorrow, you really believe the criminals and nut jobs are going to peacefully surrender them? Let’s be real, that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe door to door searches to disarm? We barely have enough police as it is.

I believe gun control is a excellent thing if it is first to the manufacturer. What about the cargo ships of weapons seized in the harbors coming from China? 911 was with confiscated aircraft. Oklahoma City was a bomb. Jim Jones was cool aid. Germany, France and Sweden were hijacked trucks. What has caused this insanity? I think it’s many things not just guns. I see these movies glorifying killing. Little kids playing first person shooter games for hours with parents saying nothing. Then we shake our collective heads as we see kids being trained in the Middle East to hate westerners.

Guns are tools of violence, I can testify to that as a multiple tour combat veteran. But... the sickness that is capturing this world is the problem. The cancer of hate being cultivated under our noses. Here is my personal gun control. I don’t own one.

As always thank you for your time and the sacrifices made for my and other people's freedom. You hit the nail right on the head. As much as I think there is a huge gun problem in the U.S. The biggest problem worldwide is that we truly can't stand one another. The level of hate and animosity towards other human beings rises every year. The media and our so called "leaders" are not helping the matter. Constantly showing statistics on crimes committed by groups. One of the first things that people started asking when this incident happened was the shooter a liberal or a conservative. Seriously that was the first thing people around me were asking. Not how many got shot, or did they get away, or any other question. WHY does it matter? It shouldn't have happened in the first place. When we can actually start liking each other then these things will slow down.

As for for my thoughts on guns. I think people should be able to own a gun to protect their houses, their families and themselves. The huge problem is that everyone that owns one has the potential to go off the handle. Bad day at work, stuck in traffic and an idiot cuts them off, a lover cheats. The problem comes what happens next instead of an altercation where fists fly and someone ends up in the hospital now turns into weather or not the gun comes out and someone ends up dying.

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 08 Nov 2017 17:28


Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 26 Oct 2017 18:01

I and many others voted for Pres Trump. He has done what he said he would do...thats what scares you and others that voted for Clinton. No matter what is said or done you will never change your mind...you are the bigoted ones.Even as we speak the whole Clinton camp is coming unraveled as the Uranium deal and the "Podesta" dossier are proven to be paid for by the DNC and Clinton, in collusion with the Russians.
The nastiness that has come from the Democrat party of love and tolerance is what is driving so many to the Republican Party. It was this week that the NY Times predicted Clinton would win by 93 %...lol...Well look at what really happened...America Spoke

Please tell me exactly what he has done? Drain the swamp? NO! He refilled it with the exact same people he said he wouldn't, rich bankers. Thrown Hilary in Jail? No she is free and clear and won't be going to jail anytime soon. Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Yeah like that will EVER happen. Three travel bans GONE! Obamacare still active. So what exactly has he done? Divided a country CHECK. Can't keep complaining about others that aren't even in office CHECK! Have probably the WORST run administration EVER! DOUBLE CHECK! People are jumping from the burning building faster than you can count. So please tell us exactly what he has done other than sign documents? Which by the way. When OBAMA signed executive orders, the hypocritical right wanted his head and called him a dictator. drumpf does it and there is a standing ovation. Plus this is the funny part. You said America spoke. NO! America said they didn't want Hilary which really who could blame them. I didn't. But what they are saying now loud and clear is WE FUCKED UP! There are COUNTLESS number of drumpf voters regretting their decision and face facts. If anyone but Hilary had run they would be in office. It was either drumpf or Hilary and THAT is the real reason he got in.

Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 26 Oct 2017 01:58

Dude, I voted for this asshole, so please, understand that most of us just wanted a better economy. Yes, I could see he was an idiot. I am not proud that I was duped and ignored the signs, sigh, but I'm not a bad person, and those skinhead white supremacists are a dangerous vocal minority. And not all of those (proudly now I can say 'us') are not 'snowflakes,' something the alt-right uses to insult as well. To quote you (and I am in complete agreement, here.) I just want someone that knows how to talk to people, who can say things without being divisive. Who can talk about a group of people without belittling them at the same time? Not too much to ask.

I have friends and family that voted for the orange *insert whatever name*. So yes I can agree that "Some" and I will use that sparingly. Really did want a change from the norm. They wanted someone that would be hard on those that take this country and it's system of help towards others I.E. The food stamps, and welfare systems for granted. They wanted someone that would have somehow (which I see as a joke really) make America great again. Which I thought two things: 1 it is already great, we can hit a light switch and have power in our houses and turn a tap and have running water. That in itself is greater than a lot of other countries. 2. What America do we go back to? None of the past America's are great for people like me (African Americans or the LBGTQ communities). So yes I understand completely why "some" wanted a harder take action no nonsense person in the White House. But really? Did you not see the white supremacists? Did you not see hear their chants? I did. So did many others we told you they were going to have a louder voice if he got in. We said he was a liar. Even most of his rich friends went on National and Local television and told the country the man that who he really was and nothing. Yes, I have asked my friends and family the same thing. None have a real answer. Now do I honestly think ALL that voted are monsters, no not really. Some of them are coming around and seeing the error they made. But the ones that still stick by him and make excuses for EVERYTHING he does. Yeah at this point you're either blind, can't hear, or just can't call a spade a spade. He is wrong for this country or any country actually. He lies constantly which yes ALL politicians lie. No one is saying they don't. But he BLATANTLY lies. To the point he knows he is lying and he doesn't want anybody to call him on it. And when he gets caught in a lie he says he NEVER said it. WTF? At least with other Presidents they deflected to another question or shrugged or something. NO this idiot says he NEVER said it! Seriously? He is divisive NO ONE can say he isn't. If there was a division started by the past two presidents (Bush and Obama) this one is putting a wedge in that crack and hitting it dead on with a sledge hammer instead of trying to bridge it. He has no idea how to talk to people or treat groups of another nationality other than white. Did we not see him throw paper towels to the crowd he might as well have said "I don't want to touch you, so here!" I will say it again. Wrong is wrong and right is right and this guy is WRONG! on all counts. Starting from the day he announced he was running for POTUS.

Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 21 Oct 2017 13:15

If in the effort to beat your opponent, you become your opponent, what have you won?

You tell me? The people that voted for drumpf became the worst people ever. Seriously look at the majority of them. They had white supremacy flags, they screamed vile things and now they think they have won. So in an effort to beat us (snowflakes) what have they won? What have they proven? You keep asking questions that you should be asking them. In an effort to beat the normal presidential way of doing things. What have they won?

I don't plan on beating anyone in the next election. I plan on putting things right. I don't care if it's an Independant, Republican or a Democrat. I just want someone that knows how to talk to people, who can say things without being divisive. Who can talk about a group of people without belittling them at the same time. Not too much to ask.

Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 21 Oct 2017 05:15

Who exactly is this "you" you keep referring to?

The people, the group or the proud people that call themselves the 3%. Like I said YOU as a person might not be one of them. But the group as a whole is a YOU because I got tired of writing 3% all the time. Or if you (actually you this time) want it to mean yourself go right ahead. At this point what does it matter. The president has made it abundantly clear the age of being polite or PC, or showing any courtesy to anyone else is gone.

Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 20:24

You're missing the big picture. Do you think folks sent him to DC to be like every other President that's ever held the office? The people who sent him are sick to death of that. If folks wanted a nice guy they could have sent a Jimmy Carter clone. Instead they sent a trash talking New York raised real estate tycoon. He wasn't sent to have more "beer summits". He was sent to "kick ass and take names" as the saying goes.

Take your eyes off of North Korea for a moment and consider this. There were a sizable number of people, right here in the USA, who were preparing to fight and win a civil war against another Clinton administration. They've put their plans on hold, for now, waiting to see how much of the swamp Trump cleans up, how far back from what they consider "the brink" he pulls us.

But they haven't disarmed. Not a bit.

"The Doctrine of the Three Percent in a few sentences.

The Three Percent are the citizens the Founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it. And we will. There will be no more free Wacos and no more free Katrinas. For we are the Three Percent. We will not disarm. You cannot convince us. You cannot intimidate us. You can kill us, if you think you can. But remember, we’ll shoot back. We are not going away. We are not backing up another inch. And there are THREE MILLION OF US. The next move, if any, is up to the aspiring tyrants among the domestic enemies of the Constitution."

You should become familiar with Clinton's Rules of Engagement.

"Second, please recall Bill Clinton's rules of engagement as applied to the Serbs in 1999, wherein he decided that the political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings of his enemies' war effort were legitimate targets of war.

No one else may have been paying attention to the unintended consequences of that, but many folks on our side of the present divide were."

You might also want to consider reading "4th Generation Warfare" by Lt. Col. Gregory A. Theile

Do you remember when "the beltway sniper" tied Washington DC in knots for weeks? That was just two guys, with one rifle, and an old car.
Imagine if there were 3 million of them.

You have no idea how glad I am you mentioned this. NONE! Yes I have heard about the supposed 3% and how frigging proud all of you. Like I have stated MANY times I work travelling. I have been to MANY states. Your so called 3% is cracking not because of us, but because of him. Yes you didn't want another Clinton (who did, I sure didn't) you didn't want someone in the office to bend over and take it, again who did? The 3% keep calling the rest of us "snowflakes" (maybe not you) which I find utterly laughable. I mean think of that term for one second, really think about it. If it helps re read your last sentence. I will come back to it. SO lets get things straight. Go into the white house and kick butt and take names. Basically you wanted the rowdy ronnie piper of the political world? Came to kick ass and chew gum and I am all out of gum right? I think I am sure I have heard that statement about fifteen times since the idiot took office. Seriously you guys are like xerox copies of each other. Nothing you said up there is authentic or original except for that 4th Generation thing. I might actually read it.

So lets go over it. Drain the swamp? Really? He drained it then refilled it with what exactly? Most of the people he has nominated are BILLIONAIRES. How is that draining? He said he didn't want bankers, yet low and behold he nominated one. He even said "Drain the swamp" was stupid but it got cheers and you guys going, so he kept using it. Kick butt? Whose exactly? No one is scared of the guy with the small hands and the inflated ego. NO ONE! Not North Korea, not Europe, he is a fricking JOKE, a stain. Even kids on the internet make fun of him and that stupid voice. He told the NFL owners to do something and they did the OPPOSITE. He said stand they ALL kneeled, then locked hands and he said it was because of him and it was the right thing to do. IDIOT they stood against you. Even the chairman of the NFL said he was divisive and he has been throwing the NFL down the tank before anyone kneeled so saying the ratings are plummeting is a JOKE! They have been plummeting since the pass interference calls and the amount of penalties per game went up. Fake Media now that's a laugh in itself. So the real media is wait for it. FOX news who said that any black/Hispanic guy wearing a hoodie is asking for trouble? Really? That's real news? Then there is Sean Hannity who kisses up to any republican president no matter who it is. Or Rush Limbaugh? Do I really need to say anything about him? Didn't think so. Breibart? White Supremacy newsletter? Come on. And has ANY of the "Fake News" backed away from calling a spade a spade? I don't care who voted for the idiot and why at this point. It seriously doesn't matter. People are jumping ship. And the remaining people have come up with a cute tree house club name for themselves.

Give you a few cases that I have seen personally: One guy had the back of his truck covered with stickers. You know the ones. "Hilary for jail" "Make America great again". The day drumpf (not putting him down that his ancestral name) won he was like a kid in a candy store. After the thing in Puerto Rico, guess what? NOT ONE STICKER remained. NOT ONE. Think about that. A truck back window totally cleaned. Reason? He was tired of making excuses for him, his words not mine. Literally one of his biggest fansat the time of drumpf's inauguration he couldn't say enough about him. Now he can't stand him. Seriously I mentioned trump talking about the fallen military and the guys looked at me and said fuck him and everything he stands for. One of your so called 3% GONE!

Next one. Passing a barn in Tennessee before all this written on the side of the barn in big RED, WHITE and BLUE words. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2017. After he won underneath those words written in the same colours AMERICA IS GREAT AGAIN. I passed it a month ago. IT'S GONE. What's in its place FUCK TRUMP! Written in white. Another 3% GONE! This keeps happening the new club house name will be what? 2%? People are literally falling off. And it hasn't been a full year.

So yes you wanted someone that can kick ass. But at what expense? You can't keep kicking EVERYONE's ass. Not possible. If it was then no one would lose. Everyone would just end up kicking each others ass. And he doesn't kick ass. He says a mean thing, then two days later says he didn't say it, or he didn't mean it that way. That's like a bully beating up a kid then buying band aids for the same kid the next day. Which one is it? Is he mean or just a blow hard? He even asked for equal time on the night comedy shows? EQUAL TIME only goes when you're in a political debate. Then he wanted to take away licences for news agencies that talked bad about him? WTF? Are you serious? How is that kicking ass? How is that mean? How is that ANYTHING you wanted? He basically said "the mean media are talking bad about me. *Sniff Sniff* how do I make them stop?

Okay my rant is over now. So did you get my snowflake term yet? Okay think about ONE snow flake. Pretty, Unique, Soft, Delicate and pretty damn fragile right? NOW think about MILLIONS of snow flakes. Yes three million can stop a city. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of snowflakes would shut down a country. Just saying. And no one wants to disarm you. That would mean we would have to give up our guns. Yes there are a small number of us that don't like guns. But there is a lot more of us that love guns. Remember us? The ones that Ronald Reagan wanted off the streets and to turn in our guns? Yeah we are still here. Like Dr. Dre said "What you think we sold them all?"

Topic: The Slimeball-in-Chief Strikes Again
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 16:24

Yes. Absolutely every POTUS, Politician lies. It is in their nature to lie. But at the level #45 BLATANTLY lies. Some of the examples made above were not actual lies. Bush really didn't want more taxes at the time. Obama really wanted us to be able to pick our own doctors. #45 knowingly lies the moment he opens his mouth he KNOWS it is a lie. And unlike most of the former presidents. NONE of them have attacked the media or anyone that goes against them on the level #45 does DAILY! Name one POTUS that has attacked and threatened the media, the NFL owners and the commissioner and basically any popular person be it sport, movie or musician that goes against his words. He feels that what he says SHOULD be law and NO ONE should question it. WHAT THE HELL? How can anyone and I mean ANYONE still think this okay? I am sure someone will say well he got rid of the TPP and the Paris Agreement and is standing up to North Korea. BULL! He did all that not for us. He did it for WALL STREET. As for standing up to N. Korea. No president saw the lunatic as a viable threat. He is a LUNATIC now we have two power hungry idiots with missiles angry at each other that is just what the world needs.

Topic: Announcing our new "Boobies" Competition $500 going to charity
Posted: 15 Oct 2017 15:04

What is the word count? Do they have to be Natural or can they be Enhanced?

Topic: Have you ever experienced racism?
Posted: 12 Oct 2017 03:18

That's ridiculous. it's no wonder black people don't trust the police. I can't tell you how many tickets I've gotten out of for doing the exact same thing! Once was an even a black police officer. I'm sorry that you've had all these really bad things happen to you. Welcome to the USA, unless your black. Then be ready to be harrassed.
Sometimes I think the only way things will get better is if more black people became police officers. They seem more color blind than white cops. I'm embarrassed you have to put up with that sort of thing here. Stat's back you up, there's no denying it. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs">

Thank you for the hug! Like I said I am getting used to it. Especially since I moved from FL to NC. Anyone that says or thinks there is a difference should really open their eyes now and again. Always grateful when someone can see the other side for a change. Now I am not saying we haven't made a huge step forward since the 50's, 60's or even 70's. But totally saying there is absolutely nothing wrong is just being blindly stupid at this point.

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Life Gets Better Part 4: The Unexpected

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Game Day

The four of us took our seats at the stadium, we hardly ever got out together anymore. We were high school friends. Back in the day we were inseparable. But with new lives, families and jobs we hardly ever got to say hi, let alone get together so when Howard sent a group email that said he had tickets to a home football game. We all made plans to get that day off. Terrence was the leader of...

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Closing the store

Being an assistant store manager had itups and downs. It's good times as well as it's bad times, tonight was one of those bad times. It was my turn to be the closing manager, which meant I had many things to do, with not enough time to do them. Case in point the grocery truck had come a few hours later than scheduled. Which had started a cascade of bad things to follow, the main problem was...

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"Shit!" I said quickly getting out of bed. I was late, well technically I was still early for work, but with all the other things I wanted to do today. I was running a bit late. Quickly springing out of bed I gathered my morning work out bag then headed for the shower. As usual it was locked. "Dammit Chris!" I yelled at my roommate. He was always holding up the bathroom for hours on end. ...

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Best Friends Girl Part 2

It has been just over six months now since Chris walked out. I would like to say it has been for the best and that we had worked things out. But that would be a lie. Chris moved back to Florida, for a while he had moved back in with his mom, but then he found a new girlfriend then moved out with her. Roxy, his ex girlfriend, moved out of the apartment two weeks after Chris had left. I see...

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Best Friend's Girl Part 3

Chris sat on the floor, just outside the door of his new job. He flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the far corner of the parking lot, then took a deep breath then went back inside. The mail room was as busy as he had left it. "Finally back from your break huh?" his boss shouted at him. The moment he came back inside, Chris hated him. He wanted to punch the small fat man in...

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