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Just your normal guy that likes a good story. I love to write. I have other main stories that I like to write but erotica is becoming a favorite. I like to have fun and chat. Nothing serious just fun. If you want to leave pictures or gifs on my profile I prefer straight sexual content. Preferably interracial. Large breasts are also a great add on. Thank you.

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17 Aug 2018 16:45
I love to play video games. Mainly sports games on the console and MMOs on the PC. I also love football season.

I like to write mainly interracial stories. Most of my stories include reality-based themes. Although I like to write some fantasy themes from time to time. I like to write what comes naturally to me, something I hope readers can relate too.

Most of the female characters are well beyond the normal or average range of being busty, or top heavy.
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I mostly like to read fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, but I also like some sci fi. One of my favorites is the Dragonlance series.
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J.R. Tolkien by far is my favorite.
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The Matrix will always be a favorite of mine. Not the other two to follow it. But the very first one.
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I love Sci Fi movies and shows. I am a big Stargate fan. I also like comic heroes, like the Flash and Arrow. But I also like fantasy shows like Game of Thrones. So basically I am all over the place.
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I am all over the place with my music selection. But right now I like

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Deuce- America
The Weekend- In the Night
In this moment- Big Bad Wolf

Like my movies, my music is all over the place.


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Topic: Cosplay at Comic-Cons - Into the wolves' den...
Posted: 08 Aug 2018 12:05

I have been to many con's and I usually give them space. I never been one of the oogling mindless oafs that follow them around and try to cop a feel or take pictures with them.

Topic: should women be allowed to be topless in public?
Posted: 06 Aug 2018 04:00

Just like I have said before on nude beaches. It is NEVER the people (whatever sex you're into) you actually want to see naked. Most of the time you go to a nude beach you want to run for the hills. The same goes for this question. I have seen many people (men and women) that need to leave their shirts/tops on. No one wants to see all that topless. But I understand the whole "well if men can go topless at a beach bar, why can't I?" question. The serious answer is maturity. Women are mature enough to see a well-maintained male (if they are into males) and keep their composure. Men on the other are not. While I would guess Seventy percent of the men in the bar will stare and admire from a distance the other thirty would go overboard. That will cause problems not just for the woman but the bar, the city, and the ripple effect will be on the news within days. That's the bottom line argue ALL you want about fairness and equal rights and blah, blah. It won't happen as long as that thirty percent can't keep their hormones in check.

If you think I am wrong, go to a comic con. And ask yourself why are there so many security guards randomly walking around especially behind the busty girl dressed in an anime costume. Why do you ask? Because thirty percent of the men don't even know most of the characters in a comic book. Yes. I have gone to HUNDREDS of cons and met men that didn't even know who Green Ivy was or the names of most of the female characters from Sailor Moon. But yet they followed these women around like crazy. And I always got the same reply. "If they didn't want the attention, they shouldn't dress like that." There was a survey out on one of the cons where men were asked if it was okay to stare or touch women that dress provocatively at cons. It was amazing at how high the percentage that said YES it was okay. For the record NO, it is not!

So to answer the question NO! We aren't ready, doubt we will EVER be ready.

Topic: Trump Did Something Right For Once
Posted: 05 Jul 2018 17:08

He's been doing so many right things, but all of you liberals are suffering from TDS.

Is the economy going too well? Obama destroyed the economy, making it much easier for Trump to improve it, so I guess Obama should get credit for his part. It took a special person to slow down the economy the way Obama did. Remember, Obama said that we would never see 3% growth again. I guess he meant while he was president.

Does it bother you that businesses can't find enough qualified individuals to fill all of the new positions? Any liberals refusing promotions or raises because they were a result of Trump freeing the economy from Obama regukations?

Is the increase in your take home pay due to the tax cuts too much? If you don't want it, you can always give it back to the government, although I bet that the total of you that have done that is approximately zero.

I suppose that you are also upset that Trump is trying to stop the flow of money to Iran and then on to terrorists.

Where were all of you when Obama was separating children from parents when they all came into the country illegally? Not a sound, because it was your messiah. With all of the noise you are making, I haven't heard one suggestion on how to handle the border, other than to abolish ICE and let everyone into the country, no questions asked. Do you really want to let anyone, including terrorists just walk in? If that is what you want, have one of your congressman or senators propsoe a bill on that. I doubt you could get 10 people in DC to vote for it. But that won't stop you from demanding it.

You rant and rage that the right is hypocritical, but you have no problem thinking that free speech is absolute for the left, but should be denied for the right. Where was the outrage when Samantha Bee spoke about Ivanka? All you could say was that Ivanka deserved it. If Hannity said the same thing about Hillary, you be calling for the death sentence.

Socialist and communist ideas may sound great in theory, such as "from each accoridng to his ability, to each according to his need", but they don't work in the real world. Starbucks and Amazon are all for every liberal idea, but when tax bills are proposed that will cost them money, they fight them tooth and nail.

What is comes down to is that you never thought Hillary would lose and still can't get over the fact that Trump is president. Get over it and start thinking rationally about what is best for the country. Right now, you'd rather see the country destroyed than see YTrump do even one thing right.

I am in no way shape or form a "liberal". But EVERYTHING you stated has come straight from FOX, HANNITY or RUSH. Seriously do you quote them often? When the economy went up during Bill's administration Republican's contributed it to the Regan administration. But yet when the economy is going up now it's drumpf's doing and not the leftovers from Obama's seriously? Hypocrite!

Yes, taxes have indeed helped people take home extra money but the end of year total has gone down. Most of the tax so-called breaks favor the rich and the huge companies. Especially real estate tycoons. Sure in some ways you can bend the truth and say in a few years with tweaking it will EVENTUALLY benefit the middle class, but when is EVENTUALLY? Five years? Ten?

Most people can't afford healthcare and eliminating the care act has caused many to go without, but yet we are supposed to believe this is for the good of all? How? It's okay for someone to watch someone they love and care die, or suffer because they can't afford basic health insurance because someone doesn't want to pay extra? What happened to help your fellow man? That went out the window all of a sudden? Or better yet shall we just start saying "Fuck You DIE!" I mean that will be more honest than saying "We want to make healthcare better for all, we just can't figure out how to do it yet."

I am sure you are thinking this is the prattling of some liberal or some never drumpf person. So I will break it down easier for you and the rest. My best friend who HATED Obama has already said he will not be voting for drumpf again. My neighbor a huge Republican has also said he will not vote for the orange one after his Twitter rampage about the kneeling. My brother in laws, four of them that proudly served this country, will NOT be voting for him again. One of my bosses recently retired two years earlier than he planned because of the ups and downs of the stock market and when I asked him if he would vote for the orange one he LAUGHED at me. Even though on the day drumpf won he was excited and let us all go home early, now he just LAUGHS? Yeah, I got the hint loud and clear. The one guy that called me a N****R on the day drumpf got sworn in because QUOTE "We don't have to be PC anymore because a real president is in the office." Will not vote for him because of the taxes as well as the whining on twitter. I am sure I am not the only one that has friends and family that have minor or major regrets. So don't say it's a liberal thing.

Now I am not saying the DEMS have it in the bag because that will be laughable at best. But it sure isn't a slam dunk for the Republicans either. There is ALOT to fix on both sides of the fence. Sure would love a third party to come in and shake them both up, because they both need it.

Topic: Service denied for work in Trump administration
Posted: 01 Jul 2018 17:53

It makes me sick to hear about anyone encountering racism. I've always lived in an area (north Georgia) where there is a lot of racial diversity. I know it was at one time very racially divided but from my vast travels around the USA, from my experience it seems this area has advanced beyond most places I've been.

As far as crude racial jokes, I've only ever gotten that when I've traveled up north or out to the west coast. It seems some whites there think that since I'm white and southern that they can tell me those. I straighten them out right away.

In a perfect world, we'd all grow up starting out as kids with playmates of all races and race wouldn't be anything we even thought of and our parents would raise us to be without prejudice and bigotry. I guess my childhood was about as much a perfect world as one can have, thanks to my parents and environment.

Playing team sports with other kids of all colors and backgrounds my entire life growing up was also a great way to bond. You build a brotherhood with your teammates that makes color or ethnicity just something enjoyably unique in a positive way about your friends.

By far the most exposure to racism I get is on TV. There is so much TV news time, TV drama, and TV sitcom time dedicated to the races being different, prejudiced, or bigoted, that I believe TV actually encourages and breeds racism.

I couldn't agree with you more. The media as a whole (TV, NEWS, HOLLYWOOD, and even RADIO) plays a HUGE role in the division that is occurring. I try to keep my stepson out of it, but he is turning eighteen. And he knows that even though his mother is white his biological father is black. When he was thirteen I had "the chat" with him against my wife's and my mother in laws advice. They didn't want him to be shown the "real" world. I told him as much as I would LOVE for the world to see the white male in him, they won't, they will only see the black male. My wife said I was wrong for doing that and the world is changing. His Uncle's told me that I was wrong and shouldn't put my own experience and biased opinions on him. One day he was in the library and was returning a book, an elderly lady was standing in line, the moment my son stood near her, she grabbed her purse and inched closer to her husband. My son noticed that and came back to me and asked why did she do that. I told him to ask his mother and his uncles.

On his sixteenth birthday we went out to eat his grandma noticed a woman grab her purse and look at my son with a look. After that day she told me that she was wrong, his uncle's told me they were wrong. I would love to say the world has changed or it will change eventually. The truth of the matter is it won't as long as both sides keep clinging to the past and what happened. I will admit it is hard for me not to let go past experiences, but I do not and will not say ALL Police are bad, ALL white people in pickup trucks with the rebel flag are racists, or that people that vote a certain way think a certain way. I am more on my guard around certain people absolutely, I am not a fool.

Like you I had a good childhood when I was in England. I knew racism existed but I never saw how bad it was until I moved to the U.S.

To keep my post on the topic. My brother (black) and his wife (Hispanic) went to a restaurant here in NC. They were seated and waited over half an hour before the server asked for their drink order. After they saw multiple people that came after them get their drinks and food, my brother asked for the manager. He was told that if he didn't like the service the both of them could leave. When he asked why he wasn't given a reason. Later he went online and found out that many other minorities were treated that way at that particular restaurant. Like I said before it has been happening LONG before the incidents with the past two administrations.

Topic: Service denied for work in Trump administration
Posted: 30 Jun 2018 20:45

there are places in Washington that we don't go, as a couple - unfriendly at best. unsafe in many cases. only actual bar fight i've been in was because of PDA with my wife. only good thing about it was the bartender and the bouncer saw what went down and backed me. still, not a place i'd ever visit again. that's just the norm in a lot of places, btw - lgbtq folk lead dangerous lives just by being who they are. harrassment, threats, beatings, murder. welcome to our life. any wonder that, after a while, you start "hitting back" aggressively?

Oh, there are places that I won't go in just because I am black. There is a restaurant that is across the road from my apartment building, it is said to have the best cornbread around. I refuse to go in there because I have been told by many of my neighbors that I would not be welcomed there. I went to Alabama for work a few years ago and got told by the lady downstairs at the hotel that it would be "safer" if I stayed inside and ordered food to come to the hotel. So yes. I am very well aware that even though some people will say that we have come a long way. We truly haven't in many places.

A Republican co-worker went to dinner with one of our black co-workers. They went to the waffle house, she told me that she got looks from most of the people there. When she approached one of the men that were giving her looks they called her "N-lover" (you can fill in the rest) when she told him that they were co-workers and not together. He still called him the N-word. She said she had never felt that things were so bad. I just told her "Welcome to our world."

Topic: Service denied for work in Trump administration
Posted: 29 Jun 2018 10:22

The cold hard fact is, SHS has no recourse before the law. This is not an analog for the bakery case, and she isn’t in a protected class. The owner of that Red Hen was perfectly within her rights.

End of story? Not quite.

Again, people have the right to piss others off with their views. The owner did, and so does anyone who didn’t agree. The Red Hen is now infamous with the right. There will be repercussions and it won’t end anytime soon for them. As a buisness, you can’t infuriate a major portion of your clientele and expect it not to hurt your buisness. This will ripple through the chain, hurting many who had nothing to do with it. That isn’t just or right. It’s just what will happen. Sadly, those that hate will remember longer than those who go there tomorrow in support. I would go myself, but I’d also sell any stock I owned.

All this has done is enflame the hostility inflicting this country and this won’t end with Red Hen. Wait for it, but expect some restaurant somewhere to refuse service to anyone associating with the left. Wear a Sanders of Clinton shirt out to dinner? You may be the next asked to leave.

That, to me, is the saddest part about all this mess. You can’t even go out to dinner without having someone pick sides.

Someone already did refuse service to Biden and the former president. And they were hailed by Republicans. (Owner of Crumb and Get it) I know two wrongs don't make a right. But it's been happening for ages. Nightclubs and some restaurants have already refused to let some of the LBGTQ community to enter their establishments because they don't look or dress a certain way. So to say something like this will start or inflame hostilities. The flame has been burning with each new administration left or right it just keeps getting worse. I personally don't see an end in sight. One thing makes the other side want to retaliate which then forces a retaliation it's becoming ridiculous.

Topic: Service denied for work in Trump administration
Posted: 28 Jun 2018 15:43

I neither disagree or agree with what the owner did. But to hear Republicans say it isn't right and morally wrong is hypocritical as usual. They weren't saying the same thing when they rallied behind Chris McMurray owner of Crumb and Get it when he refused to service Biden. He was hailed as a hero and standing by his morals in front of hundreds of Republicans. Fox and other right-winged channels kept saying how right he was for standing up to the "enemy." Now the same thing happens and it' wrong? Come on be serious for a moment. What is the difference?

Topic: Your thoughts on Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy & separating children
Posted: 19 Jun 2018 15:13

I just want to know if these restrictions were in place during the mass exodus of most of our ancestral homes. Say most of Europe. Let's say the 1880's to the 1930's to the 40's. How many of you would be here? Or let's go back a few more years lets say the 1600's? I will answer that for you. Hardly any. Most of the people from that time were just like the ones coming in from other countries. Desperate, Starved, Malnourished and looking for a better place. The statue of liberty has the saying on it. You know which one but now it is saying FUCK THAT! We are Full and we don't give a shit anymore. GET THE FUCK OUT!

I understand that most would say if they come in legally this wouldn't be a problem. Well if everyone did everything legally there wouldn't be a problem. You always do the speed limit? No. Others would say if they cross illegally then they have to face the penalty and I agree. Separating Children is where I would draw the line especially if they are at a young age. And I would say the same thing to any administration Democrat or Republican. That's for the idiots that are turning this into a liberal vs conservative issue. Yes I said idiots, doesn't matter which side of the whining fence you are on. This is beyond parties. Would I care if it were adults? Hell no! Those with children can understand that children will think the worst in that situation and put the blame on themselves not the parents or the people that are causing the separation but themselves. The mental state of some of those children is scary and if you are the ones that think "the parent is the one that did it to them" then include yourself in the idiot pile. Parents will do ANYTHING for the welfare of their children and stay in a place like Mexico that is run by cartels is not a safe place. Running for the border and taking the chance that they might get caught and they will be detained, their children fed and in a safe protected environment. Yeah, you do the math.

It's not a good policy, no matter what administration put it in. I could really care less which one.

Topic: What did you think of Trump sitting with Kim Jong-un?
Posted: 14 Jun 2018 10:25

All I have to say about it is when Obama wanted to meet with Kim as well as other so-called "enemies" of the state. He was met by severe criticism from all of the right winged media outlets as well as radio hosts even if he went into the meeting with preconceptions. But drumpf does the EXACT same thing and gets labeled a peacemaker? Come on if that's not hypocritical, then what is?

Topic: Please do not contact us about "low" votes on your stories / poems
Posted: 03 Jun 2018 14:06

I like the comments. Hence the reason I turned voting off. Comments speak louder than hitting a number.

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I work at a shipping firm. Mainly I just take orders from my boss, then tell others what she wants. Normally the moment she comes in she heads straight to her office, closes the door then calls for me over the intercom. Then the barking begins. Today I looked up at the time. Four minutes from now the doors will open up and she will walk in. As usual I had her coffee ready, the sales...

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