Uncle's Little Slutty Niece

The fantasy of a teenage girl of fucking her uncle turns into reality.

I never really had expected this to happen. It was like a just a fantasy I've been thinking of. It just did happen. When fantasy comes into reality, it's much like a dream come true. I was in my senior year in college when I was asked by my grandmother to bring her home to our province, Irong, to attend the burial ceremonies of her brother who died because of cardiac arrest. Having classes...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Anniversary getaway

Cliff and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the 30th (which was also my birthday), on a private island my family owns. We stayed in our own house near the main mansion. We had lunch at the beach, and then headed to our cottage to rest. Since it was our anniversary, I prepared something for him as a gift. As we lay down in bed, watching boring movies, I kissed him and whispered...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Promotion Gift

Last Tuesday night, Sam decided to pick me up in school after my 8:30 classes. We’re going to celebrate his promotion in his job over dinner. While having dinner at the Illustrado, I teasingly rubbed my foot to his crotch; he is already hard. He winked at me knowing I want to get naughty with him. I stood up and went to the ladies room and gave him a call saying I’m ready. After a few...Read On



Cliff's Housemaid

I had been at work all day trying to get my work done, but it was hard because I had been thinking about my sexy housemaid all day. Thinking how sexy she looks wearing her short skirt and apron and that white headband that I gave her. I have wanted her for so long and had masturbated many times in the privacy of my darkroom, just thinking about her.  Sometimes I'd mentally fuck her down there...Read On