Dad Helped Me

One evening after school I went with sam to his house to check on his computer which he said it was not booting up. Sam's mom opened the door and let us in. I always had the eye for sam's mom because she had a great ass and large boobs. This particular day it looked as if she was not wearing any panties as when she turned from the door and walked to the kitchen I could see her ass jiggling...Read On


Daddy's Love

I had just finished some work on the computer that I'd brought home from the office when the phone rang. I glanced at the clock on my computer and grimaced "1:30? It can't be good news." Imagine my surprise when I heard my inebriated 18-year-old daughter's voice on the other line. "Daddy? It's Reena" she giggled "I'm at a party, and I can't drive home, and I don't want to go back to...Read On


In the Family

All in the family sucking licking fucking

My wife tried to arouse me many times, but in vain. I could see her agony. She remained sexually unsatisfied. I felt so more, since we both used to enjoy sex almost 4 to five times a week. One midnight, I woke up to have a glass of water. I saw that my wife was sitting on bed, trying to masturbate. She was weeping. I knew the cause of her sorrow. I pulled her near me and said, ‘Darling, I...Read On


Me, My Mom and Sis

Mom was 8 months pregnant. Her husband was an over the road truck driver and was usually gone 6 days a week. Mom's hormones were in overdrive. She was so horny, and she really needed to get laid. So, the day she watched her son Jay as he climbed out of the bath room didn't help her much. It was an accident. She was just going to take a pee in the toilet.   Both   bath and toilet were...Read On


Mom Me

No sooner we arrived at our holiday home then dad took off for the golf club. Mum unpacked her and dad's stuff and I unpacked mine. We sat and had a tea and mum asked what I was going to do, but I had no idea and asked her. Mum said she wanted to go shopping - she loved shopping , so I said I would go with her. We went to the shopping centre. We separated so we could do our own thing...Read On


Mom Helped me

Narrated by Mom in her wording

A Mother"s Touch It"s fascinating how extraordinary circumstances can spawn totally unexpected acts and deeds. In this case, a serious car crash thrust my 18-year-old son, Charles, and I into a situation that brought us together in a way neither of us could ever have imagined. He"d been out driving around with a couple of older boys, one of whom just got his license, when the driver...Read On


My Hot Sis

Hi I am rajendra, 26 year old. I live in jaipur. We are a family of five, two elder sister and me along with mom and dad. My dad works in delhi . My sisters live with my parents. Let me tell you something about my sisters. My eldest sister priyanka is 5-5. Her vitals are 32, 27,32. She is quite fair. She is unmarried and 30 year old. Now let me tell you my story. About some four year back...Read On


My Modeling Mom

I live with my mom for several reasons. I'm 18 and mom lets me have my freedom. I can do just about anything, except drugs and bringing girls home for sex. Otherwise, I have the run of the house. My last reason is; my mom is hot. My mom works in real estate and does some modeling for the local TV shopping channel. She models clothes and jewelry, sometimes makeup. My mom is 37 and petite,...Read On


My Naughty Sister

True love between Brother and Sister

  John was 25 years old. He had a small loving family with his parents and his elder sister. They had a small house and he and his sister used to sleep in one bed with him. His elder sister's name was reena. Reena was 28, very fair, white skin, 5’5”, 36 - 24- 38 and roundish faces with dimple cheeks. She had beautiful eyes and wore skirt and T-shirt. She had boys chasing her day...Read On


my Sweet Aunty

    Hi readers i am Raj aged 24, Working in a MNC in Bangalore.I am moderately built with a nice smiling face.To start with I was a bit shy to narrate my story but after seeing your experiences I thought this is not a big sin at all.Right from childhood I was not that interested in sex but after after attaining maturity I began to enjoy the beautiful silk body of women....Read On


With My Step Mom

I was 18 when my mother died and my family was shattered, my father went into depression and lost interest in life, many people consoled us and at one point my father treated in the hospital for nerve breakdown, there were lot of relatives who proposed a second marriage for my father, but I was not very convinced with the idea, but seeing my dad's mental state, I gave in. By the way, I am...Read On