Love Poems(1)


Make me feel good

You make me feel good.  In every way possible. When you touch me its something special.  I quiver at the thought of your hands feeling my naked body.   Running them down my back, across my ass.  Down my thighs, squeezing  them as you go to my feet. Kissing my toes one by one. Licking around them.  You come up, kissing your way up my thighs. You stop to visit the love...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Mr. No name

I was running late for my first class as I hopped over the last 4 stairs rushing out the door. My day had already started off bad with a call from my ex' s new girl friend. She was on the phone saying to leave her man alone while he was in the kitchen fixing me breakfast. If only she knew he was everybody's man. That's why he's not mine. I just needed him to come over every so often and...Read On