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21 Apr 2015 01:14

Was out of the country, but will get back to you soon (ish) . Thanks all for decorating my wall!

24 Mar 2015 15:37

18 Mar 2015 09:39

09 Mar 2015 20:27

04 Mar 2015 04:58

Country of my origin has accepted the bill that every citizen in the country has the same marriage rights!! Yes,that means, finally LGBT community's voices have been heard. I am so proud.

03 Mar 2015 00:51

Happy (yesterday's) birthday, Dr.Seuss :*

28 Feb 2015 23:27

22 Feb 2015 09:29

19 Feb 2015 01:19

17 Feb 2015 12:33

15 Feb 2015 22:24

12 Feb 2015 10:34

31 Jan 2015 02:57

29 Jan 2015 07:02

29 Jan 2015 00:07

Fuck. After ages I went through gossip pages and stumbled across Johnny Depp. What happened to that guy!?! He looks like he could use a shower. Yuck.

26 Jan 2015 05:34

25 Jan 2015 12:54

LOL, just because I want to learn how to Pole dance, that doesn't mean that I am stripper or want to become one. Too funny indeed.

24 Jan 2015 00:53

I wish that in country I live in right now, there would be recreational Pole dance class.
Apart from the fact that is super sensual and awakens all femininity in woman, it is great work out.
..but I live in quite boring country. Perhaps is time for changes indeed

11 Jan 2015 07:52

Hahaha, feeling like child with a new toy That little blue bird is going to help me quit smoking - hours passed in a moment. And don't judge, I am just taking a break between non-smoking periods .

19 Nov 2014 07:16

Says "I know it's way to early for Christmas wishes, but I am not sure how much I am going to be here around that period, so Lushies, have great sparkling season

19 Nov 2014 06:12

19 Nov 2014 06:04

04 Nov 2014 13:50

31 Aug 2014 01:17

Aww, I am too late. I didn't manage to read all competition entries. Good luck every one

30 Aug 2014 09:23

21 Aug 2014 13:39

01 Aug 2014 12:53

I was off for a week and am leavening for another three. I hope everyone are having fantastic Summer as well.

22 Jul 2014 22:11

I am sure lots of you noticed this, but I just have to say it out loud. I am extremely pleased and happy the way this site is progressing, but with what I am most impressed is with the quality of writers, with their determination to become even better. I have been around here for a few years now, and change in written word is obvious which gives me absolute delight (no pun intended here).

22 Jul 2014 05:12

uff, much better than previous noise

21 Jul 2014 01:20