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Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 23 Oct 2017 13:49

Making progress on this story.

Topic Post any word that starts with m and ends with a y
Posted 22 Oct 2017 18:16


Topic Body Parts (Alphabet/ABC)
Posted 22 Oct 2017 18:15


Topic What's Your Current Mood.
Posted 22 Oct 2017 18:14

Improving with wine.

Topic I AM
Posted 22 Oct 2017 18:12

I am experiencing some writer's block.

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 22 Oct 2017 18:11


Topic Who would you like to handcuff? (Above or Below)
Posted 21 Oct 2017 14:41

Why not both?

Topic Alphabetical Adjectives
Posted 21 Oct 2017 14:40


Topic Last one is the Sexiest (Bringing back an old but much loved thread)
Posted 21 Oct 2017 14:40

You mean me?

Topic I AM
Posted 21 Oct 2017 14:39

I am writing a story.

Topic Fuck, Kiss, Bite, Spank, Date, Feed, Pet, Dress the person above or below (or sprite)
Posted 21 Oct 2017 13:43

Pet sprite. Bite everyone else.

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 15:57

Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes - Paul Simon

Topic Do women masturbate when reading Lush stories?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 15:57

This question makes me chuckle, and, while I'm sure there are exceptions to this, the answer is generally yes. Erotic stories are usually intended for that purpose.

Topic do women like anal cunnilingus?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 15:55

I'm not wild about it (giving or receiving), though other types of anal stimulation can definitely get me off quickly.

Topic How many lush ladies have done oral on another girl?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 15:54

Regularly. I do that regularly.

Topic Micro-successes
Posted 20 Oct 2017 15:54

I got my cat to come inside.

Topic What's Your Current Mood.
Posted 19 Oct 2017 16:09

Very bored.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 19 Oct 2017 16:08

Unpleasant, the smell was penetrating.

Topic Write Any Word That Begins With "P"and Ends in "Y"
Posted 19 Oct 2017 16:06


Topic Post any word that starts with m and ends with a y
Posted 19 Oct 2017 16:04


Topic Things that just piss you off
Posted 19 Oct 2017 16:03

Microsoft development tools.

Topic Have you Ever...
Posted 19 Oct 2017 12:23

I mean, I've considered the notion, but at no time have I thought it was a good idea.

Have you ever left the TV on during sex and thought "Uh... this is weird, in the context."?

Topic This or That
Posted 19 Oct 2017 12:20

Uh... Why not both? I guess a night in, without knowing what's happening out on the town.

In the city or at the beach?

Topic What Music Are You Listening Now?
Posted 19 Oct 2017 12:19

Untouchable Face - Ani DiFranco

Topic Would you Lick, Kiss, or Pass on person above you?
Posted 19 Oct 2017 12:19

I'd give her a kiss and see how it goes.

Topic how many like wife sharing
Posted 19 Oct 2017 11:55

So, my wife has other partners, and so do I. Wife sharing is a pretty specific subset of that, actually, and that's not quite where we're at. The term implies one party getting off because their partner is sleeping with someone else. It turns them on to think of or watch that, but without the humiliation which is intrinsic to cuckolding. Hotwifing is another similar practice, though that tends to delineate that only the one partner is sleeping with additional partners.

In the case of my wife and myself, we are polyamorous, which is a bit of a different thing, or at least the far end of the spectrum. It just means we have other meaningful relationships. As for example, I am in love with my girlfriend, and we all enjoy dating outside of those relationships. I would organize the spectrum as follows:

Cuckolding -> Hotwifing -> Wife Sharing -> Swinging -> Open Relationships -> Polyamory

Topic Parties
Posted 19 Oct 2017 11:48

Depending on where you live, a solid blend of OkCupid (and/or Tinder, if you find it useful) with a healthy dose of FetLife, you will not have much trouble. That is a better prospect if you are looking to connect with people in small groups and form relationships with them (friendships or otherwise) in addition to whatever sexual escapades you get up to. Now, with all that in mind, I can think of four or five cities in the U.S. where that will really work all that well. I just happen to live in one of them.

Topic Have you ever caught a guy staring lustingly at your boobs or ass
Posted 19 Oct 2017 11:41

Short answer: yes, of course. It's nice to be lusted after, it's not nice to wonder if that guy staring across the bus is going to try and grab your ass when you walk past him to the door.

Slightly longer answer: being ogled or objectified in one way or another is part of life. I'm not saying that it is the most acceptable behavior, but of course it happens. Sometimes it's enjoyable, but usually if I get caught accidentally staring at someone's ass (or boobs, or bulging crotch, etc.) first - though I try not to do so overtly. I like being considered beautiful, and I don't even mind being objectified, as long as it's nicely, and whomever is doing so realizes that humans are actually more than that object. I don't like being reduced to the attractiveness of my parts, though. It's a fine line, but for those wondering if they are jerks or not, the answer is probably not. Don't be creepy when you stare, it makes people uncomfortable.

Topic Advice for my Husband *an aspiring DOM
Posted 18 Oct 2017 21:12

Being afraid of hurting someone can be a powerful motivator. Your husband obviously cares about you a great deal, and that can instill that very fear. With that in mind, it is possible to get past it. I suggest starting with small things. He may well be very dominant, but concerned about his own strength, or lack of control regarding that strength.

It is worth thinking about the possibility that he is concerned about his ability to hold back, and that is something to talk about before getting too intense. Assuming he is good there, just work up to the level of intensity you both want to be at right now. For example, if you wanted to get into flogging, start with a good spanking. If you wanted to get into breath play (BE CAREFUL), start with a hand against your throat that is not applying pressure. You get the idea, I'm sure. Also, always do research about your kinks, if there's ever a safety concern. You'll get there, and going gradually you'll do so with far less stress and confusion.

If he is worried about how well he can restrain himself, that just needs to be monitored carefully. In my experience, it's rarely an issue in a relationship where two (or more) people know each other sexually. Nevertheless, if he is concerned, just go slow. If there is an incident, talk about it, and depending on severity, maybe slow down or stop an activity for a while.

I hope that helps a little. It's a complex question, and I could go on ad infinitum, so I'm leaving it here.