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Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Toy With Me" Stories Competition
Posted 28 Sep 2014 01:49

Congrats to you all!

Topic Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted 28 Sep 2014 01:47

(wrong thread, apologies)

Topic Add Transparency to your Profile
Posted 28 Sep 2014 01:45

Oh, the horror, as OMW said.
I can respect given creativity to Lushies, but it looks just bad and tasteless. Haven't seen one nice profile with transparency so far.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 27 Aug 2014 14:10

The thread was about low scores and if other authors had experienced it. Chuck hasn't, to my knowledge, done it. I have no gripe with him. I don't even mind that the author low scored me. It was the two morons that decided it was the best way to defend their friend.
I don't want to see a perfectly reasonable thread turned into a free for all to attack another member.
And yes if I mention my first sexual experience, this thread would be shut in a nano second, trust me on that!

Look I get it, but you need to understand that this is a big boys playground, it is site for adults if someone cannot handle one shouldn't play in it. Second, you cannot expect that conversation will stay strictly on topic. I didn't move far from it though, it was around votes as many others did, as conversation should be. Third, it is one thing to attack and another debate, but please do not expect that if I or any other member will say anything in the forum, the rest shouldn't comment if they don't agree. It is beyond my understanding if that is what you are suggesting. Forth, please, you can do whatever with your threats, but they are hitting the wall with me. I simply do not care what will you do. Fifth, I understand that it is difficult to swallow me or my ways, but I refuse to sugarcoat people on adult forum sex site.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 27 Aug 2014 13:42

I'm fine on this thread, it's over. I don't mind it carrying on in a humorous or even serious manner but not to attack anyone.
If it does, I'll post my first sexual experience, underage and incest! That will lock the thread!!!

You should know better that threats don't go well with, well anyone. Mods can simply delete your provocations.
That being said, if I crossed Lush line, I ask one mod to come and remind me of that. Thanks.
Beside, even though you are the holder of the thread, Lush is the owner of it and I don't think it is played like this when holder of the thread is done, the rest of the Lush should back of and not to post any of it. But please, call a mod in.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 27 Aug 2014 13:21

I have no idea what you want from me and the constant replies. I did not justify her friends actions. I publicly cautioned against it. A fact you have missed was that she did not low score anyone. It was two of her reactionary followers. They asked her who scored her low (average) and she told them. She should have said nothing and moved on. So for one last time.

I. It was wrong. Period!

2. I don't justify their actions. I only explained their skewed reasoning.

3. It could have been avoided entirely if she took full advantage of Lush's settings to require a comment with a vote.

4. I personally have never given a score without comment, but he was with the rules to score without comment. I have found a few stories that were justifiably 3 or 2.

5. I personally wrote Derek and asked about the score. He was gracious to reply and explained.

The one that was wronged was Derek and this thread hopefully will promote civility.

As I wrote you earlier, I think retaliation for a low is always unjustified. The fact it came from someone that I truly care about makes it even worse. I am caught between the preverbal rock and a hard place. I am not defending her actions or that of her fans but I think what you did not mention was that the mod that approved the story gave her An RR and all other scores were 5s. That and the fact that you scored her a random 3 with no comment or explanation made it seem like a internet slammer. (I call them internet trolls). I received a three with explanation once and wrote back thanking them for their feed back. Because of that input I edited my story. It is indefensible to low score any one in retaliation. When I see that happen to well written authors like Milik or Ashleigh or you, it makes me upset.

One of the things I appreciate about this community of writers is the feed back from accomplished authors. I am fairly new to fiction writing, although I am published in the technical field. So my deepest apologies for your being slammed. I would suggest a comment with a score might soften the blow .


Dude, you can call me crazy, but here is your first post. I cannot help it if you think something and write the other. I balded specifically what bothered me, you were turning around and managed to confuse the hell out of me who is who doing what to whom. I do not care anymore, I made my point clear for future Lush generations who will read this thread:
a) think before you act
b) don't kick below the belt, you'll look laughable at
c) not possible that everyone will like you or your stories,
d) we have right to opinion even though it contradicts the Lush Standard Controllers

p.s. Sweety, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to, but for sure you cannot prevent me quoting you.


Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 27 Aug 2014 06:32

Not a bad score is relative. Considering the site average and what a 3 does to your reads, I'm not entirely in agreement with that point. It depends on a number of factors. A quick look through my work will show a number of two's and threes. I got a one on a few stories as well, including an EP.

The good news is that if your story has wide appeal, such scores drop off by the system filters as you pass through certain windows. In the end, we have to live with the scores we receive.

3 is 3, here, there, everywhere. 3 is 3. Is average. Low score does nothing to readers, most readers don't even notice those numbers.
I remember thread were it was discussed about 1 vote you got on your EP, I don't want to go into it, but this site is very friendly site, votes are not even close to be realistic, not even close (I am not talking about you but in general), the question that appears in my head over the years what do I want from this site: a) realistic review of the readers (which would systematically lead into completely different site. people will get more intense, less joyful and friendly and so on..) or b) keep the illusion that everyone is above average writer and have fantastic community with happy people.
I vote for b) and that is why I never vote on story with less than 5 (apart from few in my newbies days)

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 27 Aug 2014 06:20

I think you meant really immature.
No, I ment it as I wrote it.

Did you read my entire reply? I was not justifying her actions. I was just explaining her reasoning. I apologized for her reaction. I would never do that to another author. Of course Derek is allowed his opinion, as you and I are also. He feels justified in his score and that is good enough for me. What is not justified is some one low scoring anyone in retaliation. I can't understand your reply to me.

Of course I did, what I read is that you are making excuses for your friend (even though your rational mind does not agree with her entirely). When we make excuses we tend to make justification for our actions or in this case, justification for your friend. Her reasoning is pitiful. No RR, none of her EP or straight 5 votes will justify what she did. Think before act people. dpw did absolutely nothing wrong (if you ignore this thread of course evil4 ), he read a story, he gave a score and moved on. Your friend and people similar to her need to get off their high horses because there is absolutely no way that every one will like us, our work and in this case our writing. And we are entitled to give vote without any explanation if that is our will. dpw obviously didn't want to be bothered with it, to me it looks like she should be happy that she didn't get 2. Relax people, we cannot be likable to every one, it is not possible.
hope this clears a bit my quoting

Topic Nine-year old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor
Posted 27 Aug 2014 06:05

Parents into the jail without a trial. Instructor is unfortunately dead, but that would go the same for him. Close down the business and make them pay huge fine. Without any fucking questions, bloody idiots.
Parts of US where this kind of things are allowed are without any doubt mockery to US itself. I wonder who takes country who allows such a thing serious? Less and less people, not even one individual I know and countries around the world, well, just look around with who US government is bonding these days. Mockery. and Blah.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 26 Aug 2014 17:54

As I wrote you earlier, I think retaliation for a low is always unjustified. The fact it came from someone that I truly care about makes it even worse. I am caught between the preverbal rock and a hard place. I am not defending her actions or that of her fans but I think what you did not mention was that the mod that approved the story gave her An RR and all other scores were 5s. That and the fact that you scored her a random 3 with no comment or explanation made it seem like a internet slammer. (I call them internet trolls). I received a three with explanation once and wrote back thanking them for their feed back. Because of that input I edited my story. It is indefensible to low score any one in retaliation. When I see that happen to well written authors like Milik or Ashleigh or you, it makes me upset.

One of the things I appreciate about this community of writers is the feed back from accomplished authors. I am fairly new to fiction writing, although I am published in the technical field. So my deepest apologies for your being slammed. I would suggest a comment with a score might soften the blow .


I am not sure if you realize, but this is not Cuba 1960. Even though I am sure dpw as we all do, respects opinion and given awards of Lush, you and your friend have to understand one really basic thing. He (dpw in this case) is entitled to have opinion. And shockingly further more, he is entitled to have different opinion than authorities (in this case Lush Moderator Team). If your friend and you think otherwise, please share that with me, I am interested in how you will present your arguments, to say the least.

Even though this thread is not the finest moment of dpw, your friend acted really mature, she for sure justified her mature and recognized (by mod) writing with this kind of attitude.

I just realized, soften the blow? please.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 26 Aug 2014 09:22

There can be NO REAL REASON to vote a ONE since Lush Mods are, (among other things) QUALITY CONTROLLERS. (Quite Simply, if it's up, it has merit) so a ONE vote is probably moot UNLESS you can justify it, and even then... (It's UNCOOL!)

xx Steph

I think you are way of base here. But as well I could misread you.
What you are suggesting is totalitarianism. It is one thing to have standard quality for writers and the other thing to suggest that quality and likening is what standard for individuals (readers) should be. Beside, if 1 shouldn't be given by readers because it went through Quality Controllers, than we wouldn't have option 1 to vote to begin with. I believe that are trying to achieve something completely opposite what you are suggesting, however I am not helping lush with my voting system either, for now.

Topic Southernwolf's Bill's friends room
Posted 26 Aug 2014 09:04

Did your friend delete his Lush profile?

As I understood OP, is the other thing. And if memory serves me well, no such thing as memorials or grieves are allowed (or weren't allowed few years back) here at But I could be wrong as well.

Topic Change of email address.
Posted 25 Aug 2014 14:33

Yes that will do it. I don't believe we would have option in our settings without purpose. Try it, or wait a wee longer for mod to enter this thread.

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 25 Aug 2014 10:17

First of all, just because you get older in age doesn't mean you get any wiser. I know I can get my feelings hurt over a slight and my first reaction is to retaliate. But I also have the self-control to avoid such a childish response. Sometimes ...

The question is... How do you react to that? It shows more about your character when you have to deal with this behaviour.
Are you going to let it bother you? It obviously has, or you wouldn't be posting this in the forums. And that's ok, but my advice would be to let it go. * insert Disney music here * evil4

I, personally, refuse to allow something like this to bother me so I don't give it much thought, but I have noticed I rarely read or score anymore. dontknow

I am hanging out with way too nice people lately, it is obvious that I am losing my touch 588-rolleyes

Topic How childish! Do you get this?
Posted 25 Aug 2014 08:13

So, answer to your all 4 questions is: Yes -high school, Yes - regular would be if people would score another author with 3 or less, Yes - they do of course, all brilliant authors, Yes - it would be easier.

Over the years here I've learned that this is just how Lush rolls. You play with it or don't but if you don't than you get revenges high school behavior. I tended to be honest I believe just in my few first scores and comments, but fast realized that I have no intention to brake someones bubbles. Now, it is much easier for me, if I manage to make it to the end, I score, 5, if I don't like it I move on. If I really like it, I leave comment.

I most definitely wouldn't pay much attention what others think in both cases, you continue with your system or change it to Lush system. Lush crowd is not Pulitzer committee after all.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course.

Topic What is the number one place on earth you want to travel to?
Posted 23 Aug 2014 15:34

Northern Lights - Norway.

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 20 Aug 2014 23:24

Italian saga continues. How do they stay slim beats me, they eat everything in one meal!
We usually start with young cheese - Mozzarella, fantastic olive oil and bread, followed by pasta or gnocchi, followed by main course - today I think is salmon, followed by salads and veggies, followed by desert which is usually fruit in summertime. And the same threat is for lunch, usually without 'main' course with more different veggies and pasta.

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 20 Aug 2014 23:06

Well first and for most I don't argue my faith. And I won't demean anyone else's faith or lack of it. I believe the Bible is the word of God but to believe that you must believe there is a God. I believe God is the the Creator of heaven and earth. That he is eternal with no beginning or end. That he made man in his image. Not physical image. But image as far as being self aware and having free will. He loved man and gave man the capacity to love. Man having the image of god was still not god, which is mans ultimate goal. Garden of Eden symbolizes a time when man became disobedient and chose knowledge of good and evil over God's eternal protection. Thus through choice and disobedience sin was born. I believe the Bible to be the record of man and god.

Contained in scripture is untold wisdom. The proverbs are more than a collection of musings but wisdom to live by. The psalms are songs by king David mostly, giving praise to God. In the course of man's relationship with God, God demanded worship and sacrifice. He said there can be no remission of sin without the shedding of blood. In the story of Abraham and Isaac God showed that he was to sacrifice an unblemished Ram. And thus the covenants ( or contract) with God began. There were many of these contracts made but man in his sin broke them all. Mankind takes all that God creates that is good and perfect and pollutes it. Including love and the creation he is entrusted with. Yes mankind is destroying this earth. It is our nature. The nature of sin. A nature which I share.

You say that I believe God is Christ and that is true. But why? That is the million dollar question. To answer it you must go to scripture. But again you must believe in God to believe the Bible is God's word. So then just pretend those both are true. It says in John 1:1, "in the beginning there was the word and the word was God." In John 1:14 it says, "and the word became flesh and dwelt among us." Christ said that he is the word of God. But why? Man kind broke all the covenants with God and there needed to be a new covenant. The "new covenant." One that could not be broken. Thus God became man. Perfect and unblemished. He came as prophesied, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, tempted in every way. He came not to be a teacher, not as a prophet, and not to create a religion. His sole purpose was the cross. A familiar verse is John 3:16. "For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, whosoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal live." That is the good news in one verse. By merely putting your faith in Christ you are saved by his grace. In the Book of Ephesians the apostle Paul said in chapter two verses 8-9, "for by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of god not of works lest any man should boast."

I believe all religions have the same purpose and that is to contrive a method by which man can reach out to an undefinable Creator. Simply said, religion is an invention of man not God. So with all the evil things done in name of Religion, is it fair to blame God for man's sins? I hear that constantly. If god is a loving god... Then we judge him. I see it differently. God is a loving God. He loves me so much, He was willing to die for me. To take my sin upon him. I am not trying to convert you or argue you into anything. Just answer your questions.

I believe is God. And that there is one triune in nature.

I believe God created the heavens and earth.

I believe God created man in his image.

I believe man fell from Grace through free will and disobedience.

I believe that that disobedience (sin) leads to death.

I believe Jesus was conceived by God born of a virgin making him both man and God.

I believe Jesus is the Christ prophesied that would take away the sin of the world.

I believe Jesus suffered and died and took the sins of all mankind upon himself.

I believe after three days in the tomb he was resurrected and walked among men.

I believe that through faith in him salvation and eternal life are possible for all who believe. All races and all people groups.

Like I said, I have no desire to argue religion or the lack of it with anyone. I was not raised in a Christian home and have no religious upbringing. All the atheists and nay sayers I relate with because I led a group in college, many years ago, that was dedicated to proving god did not exist. A girl I was trying to bait into an argument about the validity of the Bible asked me a simple question. "Did you ever read it?" It stopped me in my tracks. She gave me a Gideon Bible. You know, the ones you see in hotel rooms. It was the New Testament. I went home trying to avoid it but a couple days later I opened it up and began to read. At first with an angry heart, but as I read it captivated me. All the time thinking about how I could now argue against Christians because I read this fairy tale. I don't know exactly when or why my heart changed but by the end of Revelation my attitude changed. I still have that bible and read what I wrote on the back cover. It says, "I don't know why I believe in what I just read, but I do. God if you can forgive me I will follow you all the rest of my life."

The question was, do you believe in god? My answer is Yes!

Thanks to both for trying to answer my questions, but I still cannot wrap my mind around any of it. Your attempts unfortunately only arise more questions. I am not questioning your faith, it is absolutely none of my business, what I am questioning is what is it that you actually believe in.
Maybe in a month or a year someone will reopen this thread and answer those questions.
Answer just because it is like that doesn't really satisfy my curiosity. There are a lot of contradiction in your post that I don't understand, they make no sense to me. How can something be everything and nothing at the same time - depends on how it suits the one to interpret faith or religion depending on current situation, is one of them. And mystery above all to me is why did mighty God decided (or was forced to. And who forced him to do so, Devil or a man who was possessed by Devil) to split his power with Devil? How come if God is above all there is, how come there is existence as powerful as he is - Devil? So many questions I have and answer you just have believe to understand, really doesn't satisfy them.

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 20 Aug 2014 10:07

From what I understand about Christianity, God exists in three forms: Father, Spirit, Son. This is known as the Trinity. Father is God. Son is Christ, who was God's physical form born to man to live and die as man, and to be raised from death by the Spirit, which is the spiritual manifestation of God. They all exist separately and simultaneously. Christians believe that to believe in God is to believe in all of these forms. So in terms of Christianity, there is no 'right God' because all of these forms resolve to one God.

But of course, there are other religions that believe in God, just not all three of his forms. That's not Christianity, though. Christianity drives that the only way to God is by accepting his Spirit through his son Jesus Christ.

I may or may not have botched this up, but I'm pretty sure this is the gist of it.


But isn't than this polytheism?
Isn't Christianity against polytheism?
Christ is son of a God (if I got it right), and he cannot be God (father) and son of himself at the same time, right?
Or can he? If so, how is that possible?
But if Christ and God are one the same thing just in different form, why did God called him (Christ) my son and not just 'I, the only God you should believe in'. Do you maybe know what The Bible says about this?

If you have these info storaged somewhere in your memory, would be great. Maybe some one else can be of a help as well here?

Topic Untitled Mike Tyson Bio-Pic
Posted 20 Aug 2014 07:20

My bets are on Cuba Gooding Jr.

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 20 Aug 2014 06:09

The 20 posts rule for posting images on the forum seems broken, see Asian Girls Models .
If spammers find out, we're doomed!

Ooo, it looks like Gav will have to give another Bug Slayer badge away evil4
I hope issue is fixed by now.

Topic When you suck a man's cock, is it because you are horny or do you just want to make him happy?
Posted 20 Aug 2014 06:06

neither. I do it because of very selfish reason, it is not because of him, nor because I am horny so I'll do it, but because blowing him gets me super horny.

Topic how to come out
Posted 20 Aug 2014 06:00

So. I hope that this LGBT forum is more polite than the others I've been to, because i have a few questions....
-how do you tell someone that you are trans when they have been your best friend for years and you know they aren't very accepting of that sorrt of thing?
-how do you find a trans therapist in the area when they aren't listed on the major sites?
-how do you come out to parents who are not accepting at all about that and are likely to shun you or call you stupid?

Look I'm sure a lot of you are going to tell me a website to go to or to google it. don't waste my time. I've looked. unless you can be truly helpful and supportive don't comment please. Thanks loves

- as every other difficult thing, you take deep breath and just do it. Longer you wait worst is going to get. I believe it is not easy, you need to know what is going on in your head first and with your emotions. There will be questions, so you need to answer at least basic ones.

- trans therapist? I don't know, however, I would go to one near by you and ask her/him how to proceed to find what you are looking for. If anyone knows, they should know. They are educating themselves constantly (at least they should), they are socializing in circles because of the work and I am sure they know each other or at least where to look for one you need. I would do it like that anyway.

- all my big decisions that I told my parents were in the same momentum. I was just informing them, thing was not debatable, if they wanted to say opinion they could in a respectful tone or I didn't continue to have the talk. You don't ask for permission, you are kind enough to inform them, they will see your confidence and your firm decisions and that would calm them. Don't forget, people close to us sometimes act like idiots because of the fear, and fear of unknown is specially strong.

good luck!

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 20 Aug 2014 05:34

Yep! I bet my eternity on it. I put my trust in Christ alone. Not a religion. In fact I believe he came to free us from religion because religion is an invention of man not God. It is religion that sent Christ, Gods Son to the cross. I see a creation when I look around me. Perfect in its form and science. It makes sense that if there is a creation there is a creator. So then the question is if He is a removed creator or an involved one. By the very fact that I am surrounded by creation gives more credibility to his existence than not. What puzzles me is why the fact I believe upsets the unbelievers so much? It doesn't bother me in the least that they don't.

Here is a great video poem that says it better than I. I might be a fool but I am a fool for God and not a fool against Him.

Enlighten me please, I don't get it.

Christ you believe is God, as you stated it, right? But wasn't Christ a man, physical man who actually had father who is a God? And what happens to other religion that man invented, religions that do not believe in Christ, are they wrong for saying that they believe in God even though it is not a Christ? or Christ's father? And who gets to determinate which one is the right God? So confusing, please elaborate a bit for me, and I am sure more people are curious about it as well.

Topic Favourite Fashion Era
Posted 16 Aug 2014 14:58

As it goes for women, it is definitely 50s. I absolutely love those simple cut skirts and dresses. They bring out of women's extraordinary power (even though they didn't have it so much back then), hidden sexiness, sophistication and grace that is sadly missed in this era. I wish I could dress like that. I would feel so comfortable in those, with different shoes that is. Hepburn capri.jpg (15).jpg

Topic Favourite Fashion Era
Posted 16 Aug 2014 14:56

For men ... well, I'm a sucker for men in suits. Don Draper .... so that's the 60's. Men looked like men ... and fuck, sooo sexy!!


Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 16 Aug 2014 13:19

Interesting reading. Pure garbage, but interesting reading.

I've stated that OURS is NOT a rape culture (the fact that some of you HAVE been rape victims does not alter my view on this). Rape cultures DO exist in this world of that there is no doubt. Have any of you kept abreast of the news from the Middle East? Specifically as it regards ISIS and it's doings? Such as the capture of hundreds of women who will be used as sex slaves by ISIS? OR the hundreds MORE they didn't want... and buried alive... along with who knows how many children. How about the decree by the government there that ALL women from 14-46 MUST be "circumcised"? Or, maybe you've rad about Boko Harum in Nigeria? Or... do I REALLY NEED to recite the LITANY of barbaric acts perpetrated against women in parts of this world that DO NOT benefit from the PROTECTIONS that women in Western nations enjoy and take for granted?

@SHE Your assertion that I "hid" behind amendments to our Constitution that can be found in our Bill of Rights was ironic to the point of nearly being hysterical. WHY? Because that is the EXACT SAMETHING Muslim MEN say about? WESTERN WOMEN! Those amendments that you chose to "poo poo" as just so much meaningless drivel are what protect us ALL. BE THANKFUL that NO government agency gets to determine what rights any of us SHOULD or SHOULD NOT have... YET! Nor, do ANY of us really want that! Unless you don't MIND the RISK that having the WRONG person (or persons) making those determinations poses. I DO mind! As did those "fools" who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for, you MIGHT GET IT!

The California Supreme Court has ruled that: Silence CAN be held against you in court. The Patriot Act gutted the 4th amendment, THIS (if it's allowed to stand) would gut the 5th. Many of you want to gut the 2nd. Hmmm chop, chop, chop, one hatchet cut at a time...

As to the TROLL thing, I'm glad you've found a way to those who would DARE to disagree with you. (Hmmm 1st amendment? NAH we don't need no stinkin' Bill of Rights! ISIS don't have no stinkin' Bill of Rights! China don't have no stinkin' Bill of Rights.... Cheech WHO?

Have a nice day, but do the world a favor and WAKE UP!

Hey look at that, you are back and I assume sun doesn't shine at your part of the world, eh?

I will not go into debate with you, I said to you in my previous posts all I had to say, but I will add just thing or two..: I was never poo-pooing none of amendments nor any Bill of Rights, I was poo-pooing you - hiding and trying to find loops in them. I won't even ask you how you know what Muslim men think about western women since after dozen or so pages you haven't provided any significant evidence for your claims whatsoever.

Topic What is it about older women that attracts younger men?
Posted 16 Aug 2014 13:09

They're easier.

To elaborate this statement a bit: Older women know when, if and how they want it. They don't play games, they don't make your life miserable until they decide to give it to you, they take it if they want it. If they don't, they tell you straight on so you can move to another one.

edit: and that is absolutely liberating for younger guys who have to 'deal' with women their age.

Topic 249,993 Members
Posted 01 Aug 2014 12:49

occasion9 Ooo, huge congrats Lush and Lush team. All the best in the future as well!!3601

Topic Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted 24 Jul 2014 10:38

I understand what you are saying, but then again, the IRA wasn't firing rockets from artillery batteries based in Dublin Hospitals, schools and Churches either.

Milik, I don't understand what you are saying. By this logic UK had even more 'right' to attack Ireland because bombs were not launched form childrens territory, but Israelis don't care nor hesitate to attack those places. I think it is just despicable.

Now is good time to say that I am pro life specially the one that need protection as children do. I have nothing against Jews nor Israelis and as it has been said already if anything Europe is (was, depends in what kind of revenge they will turn this in) supporter of Israel, however there are some things that right mind just cannot overcome and accept.