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Topic Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted 23 Jul 2014 23:39

This scenario plays out every so often. Here's how it works: Hamas needs to draw attention to their cause. They know that Israel will always respond to terrorist attacks with military force, so they lob hundreds of missiles into Israel from sites located near civilian centers. When Israel hits those sites, civilians are killed and Hamas counts on sympathy to draw attention to their cause. It's a vicious circle that has no end in sight. It's not always about religion or land, but about power and control.

It is not so simple, however it is about control and power. As I see it Arabic world is quite fed up with Israeli-ans arrogance, they for sure want some changes in the Middle East and for sure Hamas and Palestine itself are counting on support. They must be quite fed up with the whole thing since they are aware that US is behind Israel, and I don't think EU will interfere.

Here is one disgusting video of murdering Palestinian civil in cold blood by Israeli-ans. Guy was trying to find his family and got himself killed. Video is for those who think that Israeli-ans are just defending themselves from lowlifes who are hiding behind children, schools and hospitals.

Topic Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted 23 Jul 2014 03:11

ooo, things are heating up and even before the entries, love it! icon_biggrin
Cannot wait to read stories in this challenge. Good luck everyone!

Topic Sunblocks - which one?
Posted 22 Jul 2014 05:23

I appreciate responses, thank you guys!

I am usually very cautious and careful when it comes to my skin, but I think it happened during lunch time going and coming back to the car in Italy, temperatures were crazy.

I apply sunblock regularly, I can even feel it when I need new dosage of it, but apparently that was not enough for last year temperatures. I will try to find Kiehl's over here or at least something with similar product description. I am familiar with Neoutrogena, of course, but I cannot stand heaviness of it on me, that is one of the reasons why I wear so little or none make-up in general, it just bothers me and my skin.

Thanks Buz for the eye opener! Even though I know consequences of sun burns it never crossed my mind to see dermatologist about it. I will make appointment just to make sure that every thing is fine.

Again, thanks Hugs

Posted 20 Jul 2014 21:52

What an achievement! I just went to see how many of you are in this special club, total 5! Absolutely great badge!!
Congratulations 3601

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 20 Jul 2014 21:28

II believe in God, but I'm pro-choice because since I'm not God, I/the government have no right to tell women what the f%ck to do with their bodies.
It don't got shit to do with me, so why should I get upset about what other people are doing?
Once again, I believe in God (I ain't no saint by any means), but until He comes down here and tells the world what's truly right/wrong, I'm just gonna let people do them (unless morally wrong) without judgement 'cause I'm not Him.

I like you. You seems open-minded believer and I respect that.
In general you have super motto, if something doesn't affect your life you shouldn't get upset with others actions. But, sometimes actions of other people might affect you in the future, and that is when we should get 'involved', to protect our future, like pro choice people are trying to protect their choice in the future, not necessarily that they will have abortion, but choice.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 20 Jul 2014 21:21

Finally I would like to ask you this simple question. Whats the difference between people who are Pro Choice & those who are Pro life?
Answer:People who are Pro choice don't go around spreading propaganda trying to convince women to have an abortion.:My 2 cents

In general this statement is quite accurate. People who are pro choice aren't propagandist trying to convince others to have one.
However the way you stated two sides it can easily be read that people who are pro choice are pro death, which is not true. I believe you didn't mean it that way but some fanatic can focus on that. If anything people pro choice are pro life, good quality life that they can give to newborn and if they cannot they want to have a choice not to have one. Dani said it right.

And if that choice is life, I hope the mother-to-be has all the support she needs to raise up a child as it should be raised. And I hope that child is brought up in a non-abusive, attentive, nurturing household in a location with an excellent educational system so he or she will get all the necessary support there, as well. Furthermore, I hope that if keeping the child is out of the question, then the child will be adopted or be placed with excellent foster parents instead of being left in an orphanage or tossed around from abusive home to abusive home as yet another child abandoned to the system or worse.

Topic Sunblocks - which one?
Posted 20 Jul 2014 21:06

I would appreciate some advise about sunblocks. I have sensitive skin and last summer got some sun burns on my forehead. The problem I am facing is that in Pharmacy they swear on Vichy and Roche-Posay but honestly I don't trust them anymore.

I am usually using 50+ sun protector plus hats but at some point last year got burned and now it freaks me out going on sun.

What are you using? Any advises how else to protect skin against hot sun during summertime?

Many thanks 3601

Topic WTF?
Posted 19 Jul 2014 12:17


Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 18 Jul 2014 01:39

...I encourage it, to be honest.

I know you do, it's obvious and that's why you sit at the cool kids table Lwinking

Another profusion (which is new word to me, thanks Ruthie!) use of name Jack is: 'I've got your back, Jack'.

If someone wants to make childish accusations about how I am favoring some members, in this situation MF, please, go directly into my inbox. You will look silly posting it here.

Topic The perfect girl
Posted 17 Jul 2014 08:25

I need your help guys. I'm going to write my first story, but I don't know what the girl should look like. Describe every aspect of your dream girl, from her height to her personality to her hair color, even her flaws. Describe it all. Thanks for your help and I'll keep using suggestions for later stories!icon_smile

I see you are new to the site so I will try to be extra gentle with my post when saying that you are asking really a lot. I am not a writer but I assume that not even one writer would be willing to give away these information unless is collaboration between writers. It is basically asking guys to write it for you.

As said, I am not a writer but I assume you want your character match your story. Every character in the story, carries that story, it is skill how you present a good character that helps your story and is mayor part of the plot.

Every information you will get here you can get just inspiration for your character, but than you do not need this thread, you can relay on any story you read in your life, experience you gain, people you've met, etc. It is craft that is developed through practice and learning about writing craft. There is big section for authors in the forum click here , here and here , maybe it will be in some sort of a help to you.
I am looking forward to read your first story, good luck.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 16 Jul 2014 22:24

You see, it wasn't so difficult was it. It is difference between my opinion about your opinion and your aggression about my opinion. You will never, and I really mean never, be able to make people listen to you if you will be aggressive even less to agree with you. You will never be able to make people change their mind, follow you (this is not army nor tyranny nor totalitarianism) if your approach towards us will be so attacking.

What happens in other threads no one in this thread cares, no one cares about your or any of our personal opinion about other members, this really isn't kinder-garden. MF is cool enough to realize that his thread developed its own course and he is not whining about it nor he is complaining because it went off topic, as some members do, but we need to at least try to stay in somewhat borders of conversation, personal shit (and we all have that) has absolutely no place here, no one cares in the forums what is your life about, no one cares what is my life about.

Now, you say you fought for your country and I am sure your leaders are grateful, but you cannot demand that I or anyone else will kiss the floor you walk because of it. Firstly, I don't give shit about it, secondly I have different opinion (and you after several pages didn't convince me in opposite and the way your attitude 'was' you never will). You cannot demand respect from others just because you and only you think you are doing the right thing or were doing the right thing. I personally think it is bunch of bull crap and I do not care for your military and your military history, but that is my opinion to which I am entitled very much so as you are to your own.

You can still turn this around though, make your point calmly about the topic (and I don't mean talking about you) but you will need to put hell of a lot effort to do so, because with your way you lost all credibility there is. Or you can take few days break and go out on the sun, I hear it is good weather this time of the year.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 16 Jul 2014 07:17

Feceslicker- I see you're still up to your word twisting and outright lying while name calling from behind that protective shield of skirts that has allowed you to pull this same cowardly HS not only with me but many others on this site. ( Sounds like harassment to me. Or, at least as close as I was. You lying little scumbag . You took it to a place I had been warned NOT to go and some of the mods knew it. But, a fair fight. nah not your style.
Go read what I wrote about the 1st amendment to SHE . Anyone with an education would know that YES, offensive remarks ARE protected by the 1st amendment UNLESS they are ongoing by the same individual OR they occur in a context such as school, or the work place.
Women over seas, I've had relationships with three that I ended for various reasons (yet MORE of my life that is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!) Feel free to have me banned for that YOU HYPOCRITICAL WEASEL!

You do realize that I can read, right? You do realize that not everyone has the same need to discuss and analyze and seek for support off threads? You do realize that everything what you whine about is brought up by no one else but you, you do realize that your approach toward others is a wee off, right? You do realize that you are the one who is personalizing this thread and making it about you from the beginning you entered in. Why are you keep doing this? You do realize you will not win this, right?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 16 Jul 2014 06:04

The bigger picture? Here it is in Crayola just for you. Jail someone for offensive comments NO! In Iran jail someone for comments on FB the government finds offensive? YES! NOT GOOD! Censorship BAD THING! Rape horrible, butt hurt over remarks someone makes about how your ass looks in yoga pants or short shorts...GROW THE HELL UP! Clear enough now?

Stop shouting at me, please, it's not going to be good for you if you continue with this aggression towards me.

You are preaching what we all know, grass is green and sky is blue, but what you lack to see and realize that you cannot direct your comment about my ass to me. What you do with your buddies I don't care but you are invading my privacy if you are talking to me in a way that is disrespectful. And lets generalize this, all women find this kind of talk as invasion to our privacy. So, it cannot be done, it is harassing and no one should do it to us and vice versa. Clear enough now?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 15 Jul 2014 23:38

sorry people, I have really slow internet these days..will try to be more precise.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 15 Jul 2014 23:38

Did you really just equate harassment with freedom of speech? Look, I understand that you aren't playing with a full deck of cards... But remember how mad you were getting earlier in this thread when other people used their freedom of speech to call out your harassment of other members, when I was using my freedom of speech to call you an idiot... You sure got upset and called for the moderators to put a stop to it... You whined that it wasn't fair... So I guess that that freedom of speech isn't cool in your book huh? Only when it is used to harass women it's fine because you feel they need to be kept in check or else they will become so spoiled and out of control I suppose.

This is what irritates me most. People who cannot and refuse to see bigger picture, people who are so selfish and egoistical in their own world to accept and recognize that every person has its own world. 'Most of us' are trying to see that fact, but no, some people as you said dare to compare some things as Weavindreams did with his claim and right of freedom of speech in most ridiculous and outrageous way, just because suits him to do so. So in his world is okay to harm another just because he can camouflage it with one of amendments. It is absolutely disgusting.

Topic A good midnight snack
Posted 15 Jul 2014 23:05

If it is late snack there is a reason for my hunger, so it is never healthy nor sweet. In those cases I love dinner leftovers or I'll cook a pasta or gnocchi with blue cheese 588-rolleyes I know is ridiculous, but as said I don't eat that late, unless I have been partying or had sex session when for proper food wasn't time.

Topic Current Favourite TV Shows
Posted 15 Jul 2014 22:50

I just finished watching The Tudors, it was pretty good

I am planing to watch it, heard good criticism about it. And is historical fiction :)

I have final episode of Game Of Thrones to see, I love that show, production is fantastic and actors are delivering it.

I also would like to see Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards and True Detective. I guess I have more on my TV bucket list than I actually watch TV, but I certainly do enjoy good TV show.

Posted 14 Jul 2014 21:55

happy birthday occasion9

Topic Quotation styles with comma and colon
Posted 14 Jul 2014 12:02

Just read this whole thing. It is hilarious. This started out about punctuation and degenerated into personalities. Actually I learned a lot. Not to use a comma in dialogue. But what I really learned is that people's egos are as fragile as china and being right is more important than being correct. Loved Sprite's basket of kittens.
You meant as china's porcelain?

All I have wanted was a simple info concerning the writing style.

Topic Do You Need to do An Audio Story to get the Omnium Badge
Posted 14 Jul 2014 11:26

I don't want to sound as a smart-ass here, but Omnium is badge given to writers who publish stories in all categories. Vocalist doesn't apply to it, the same neither is bug slayer badge, greeter, autobiographer and so on.

ah, Callisto beat me to it for a second :)

Topic Quotation styles with comma and colon
Posted 14 Jul 2014 08:39

How would you COOK a thing like that?

xx SF

Like a lobster?? dontknow evil4

just kidding people!!!

Topic Quotation styles with comma and colon
Posted 14 Jul 2014 08:27

I don't know what you have read before on other thread, but I have never made any complaints in my thread. All I have asked for a simple info on writing style, because I thought that maybe the other writing styles are also permitted.

You have made plenty of complains, whining, trying to guilt someone out and so on..
All you have asked is all you have got the very clear answer in first, second third and so on reply, you just don't want to hear and accept those answers. It is not my or any of other people who enterd this thread problem, but yours. You have issues that people (read moderators) need to deal with.

The complaining thing started when other mods came in and hijacked the thread, and started posting off topic things, verses praising and dedicating mods for no reason. It was never the requirement of the thread. It was never asked and it was never needed.

No the complaining thing started when you got the answer you don't like, and as I said before you wanted to change that answer your way with complaining, whining,...
Praising for no reason? please. Get yourself off crying tree and talk with mods as adult. YOu asked very specific question that moderators are most qualified to answer you, when they did, you begun with your drama. Please stop it is not edible, at all.

You just look at my first post and then tell me. What it has got to do with posting versed and praises dedicating to mods?
Even the writer's resource has got nothing to do with posting verses and praises dedicating to mods. It is to help writers and when you go there you see rules and then all you see are verses and praises dedicating to mods. The real questions are somewhere at the back. Then you makes mistakes and get your story rejected.

Jealousy much? You are repeating and wasting so many words repeating the same thing. Just because you think you will repeat one thing many times, that doesn't make it truth nor it will become truth. Relax man, all is good. I am sure your story will get published after you tide it up to match Lush standards. And when I say standards I don't say they are good or bad, they just are. Nothing will make founder of the site to change her mind in this thread, nothing ever can be accomplished with whining, complaining and attempts to guilt someone out, so please stop.

I know I can't change forum rules, but, atleast, I am entitled to see, that the thread which I have started won't go off topic.

You just take your own example, because this thread have been hijacked by mods and they have posted off topic things turning it into some sort of their own wider discussion thing. This doing of mod has made you read like as if I have posted this thread for complaining the writing style.

Again, read what I wrote so far so I don't need to repeat myself so much as you do.
Imagine table with 10 people sitting. drinking, eating..Yes? Now, you asked question for and the rest of your 9 friends gave you answer...aaand conversation goes elsewhere, someone add something and we are communicating. How long do you want to talk about one question that was answered in one minute?

This is what happens when your thread gets hijacked, this is what happen when people starts posting off topic.

This is what I was trying to prevent when mods has started accusing me and bulling me. Even mocked at me.

Just stop saying these things, please, you don't look good. At all.

I know Mods volunteer their time, but that doesn't means that mods can go around posting verses and praises dedicating to mods everywhere on the site. Specially not in the place where it is not even the requirement. Mods could just start a special thread to serve their purpose of posting verses and praises dedicating to mods and they could post it there all the time.
The same as previous statement.

Atleast, for a little decency, mod should let alone and leave out the other people's thread from posting off topic things and turning it into something else from it original meaning. Then calling it a developed for wider discussion. Which it isn't cause its purely hijacking and purely bulling and its wrong.

It is the complaint. Writing rules are never the complain.

What kind of decency did you show to mods?? And you request one? You will get exatly what you'll give. Again, it was mods responsibility to answer your question.
You and only you are turning this thread into something that looks so sad. Please don't do that to yourself anymore, it is not appealing at all. Mods are here to help us, they have rules to fallow as we do, come down from crying tree and deal with it.

I will not reply to you any more, I have no patience to go with you in the circle about the same thing. And I assume you will want just that. Nothing will change just because you demand it so. Accept that.

Topic Quotation styles with comma and colon
Posted 14 Jul 2014 06:13

This is second thread with similar topic that I entered in few minutes gaps..; I do not understand why you and the other guy are complaining?
Look, try to look at as one of publishing houses.
When writer finishes book, he tries to publish it with one of the houses, right.. do you really think that every book ever written is published?? No. Because different houses, different rules and different standards/criteria. has its own, deal with it, change your writings to mach its standards/criteria or find another house to publish your work., Very, very easy and simple logic.

Topic Healthy One-Pot Recipies? Help!
Posted 12 Jul 2014 13:59

Lol.. i too cannot stop.

Are you by any chance not english first? because I think you are misunderstanding everything I said.

I said DONT eat starches, aim for a LOW(or no) starch diet. I am NOT an advocate for flour(again read my first post, I attempt to stay paleo, which disallows wheat, soy, and potatoes as well as others)

I think maybe we are having a translation issue?

lol, of course i am not english first (nor second, lol) isn't that obvious!! lets not ruin this important issue to the OP, we both presented our thoughts about the subject, hopefully mine is readable to her as well ;)

Topic Healthy One-Pot Recipies? Help!
Posted 12 Jul 2014 13:46

if you read my first response to you, you would have seen I said to avoid high starch foods. Read my initial post, I am a strong advocate for a paleo diet. I eat fruits, vegatables and meat, very very few starches, and those typically from sweet potatoes or those fruits. example: today I am having grilled chicken on a strawberry/romaine salad, toss with a vinaigrette.

for the record OP, this would be an excellent one pan meal, grill your chicken, seasoned as you like, im a fan of pepper, salt and thyme. slice and toss with greens of your choice and a few sliced strawberries. delicious, satisfies my sweet tooth, and is relatively low in carbs. (strawberries have some, they are a source of fructose, but those are more complex then the white flours and sucrose)

I cannot help myself but to nit pick this, sorry. You discarded my initial post to the OP, not really sure why, maybe because I am against one pots when it comes for diabetic diet and you are pro did say that "low starch assists the body. so a low pasta, potato, and bread content is the much more important" and I don't think that low starch in pasta and bread is good for anyone specially for diabetics.
honestly there is nothing better on the diet market for diabetics as my suggestions to the OP (apart from the new protein theory), or let me refraze this and make every one happy, there is nothing better on the diet market for diabetics in my part of the world and what I know about it.

Topic Healthy One-Pot Recipies? Help!
Posted 12 Jul 2014 13:05

*coughs politely* ummm, starchs ARE carbohydrates. The simple ones are the worst.

Additives aren't good for anyone, and added salt increases the fluid load on the body, and on the kidneys. Although Hypertension is a concern with diabetics, the focus is always the carb, or starch, load.

Here's how it works for laymen:

Think of your body like a school. Classrooms are like cells, with bloodstreams(halls) outside. In those halls are hundreds of children running around causing chaos (carbs/starchs). They need to get into the cells to do work. However there are doors on all the openings. Insulin is like the handle that turns the knob.

The number one thing you can do for diabetes though is exercise. If insulin opens the door, Exercise puts more doors there. In otherwords, the more you walk, run, skip, swim, jump, do something besides sit on the couch, the more insulin receptors your body produces and the more responsive your body is to insulin.

hahha you might be right, but you know damn well that healthier way to find starch is in other food than in bread and pasta, I know you know that :). I am not advocating the new theory, I mentioned what I read specially after your post about pasta and bread. I was trying to explain myself and my first post. I think there is absolutely nothing better to do (if we ignore new research about the proteins) food wise for diabetics. And you are right, exercise is number one, but I am sure doctor has mentioned that to OP's man.
beside as I said before, he needs to educate himself about his diet with his doctors, I am sure they are helpful at least they are here across the Atlantic.

Topic Healthy One-Pot Recipies? Help!
Posted 12 Jul 2014 13:02

nothing to see here people, double post, sorry for that (funny in three min gap! Gav??)

Topic Healthy One-Pot Recipies? Help!
Posted 12 Jul 2014 12:37

the veggie soup might be good, but otherwise, dont look at this post for diabetic advice.

Diabetes involves either a) an inability for the body to produce insulin (type I) or b) resistance to insulin (typeII) although low salt is a good step in general, it leads to lower blood pressure, the main issue is actually starch.

The body breaks down and utilizes starch via insulin, thus low starch assists the body. so low pasta, potato, and bread content is the much more important. there are a lot of good one pot cheap suggestions on this thread.

by coincidence I read a few days ago that actually carbohydrates (such is pasta, bread and other pastry) are not so good for the patients with insulin problems (but cereals are in most unrefined form possible) proteins actually helped to improve health. how accurate it is I don't know, but my post is quite accurate for diabetics and their diet, at least where I come from, and to tell you the truth US is quite high on the list with diabetics and diets for it might not be that accurate or people are not following them..
The whole point of diet for diabetics is the way food is prepared, it shouldn't be overly cooked with tons of adjectives like broth stocks, salt, soy sauce, already prepared sauces (anything that is already prepared to easy our life, not even caned things..), it should be light, by that I mean, steamed, cooked for few minutes or baked but only on bit of oil separately than other ingredients on the plate. light plate.
there is tons about the diabetic daily plate on the internet.

this is how light plate looks like (14).jpg

beside, there are few reasons why someone becomes diabetic..three mayor reasons are that maybe someone inherited it, or because of the high stress or because of unhealthy eating habit which is, heavy greasy food, pastry and bread, sugar..and if you combine that with alcohol and sodas, there it goes..

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 12 Jul 2014 10:01

today i am in fantastic combination of these two

Topic Finally, the real reason to ban gay marriage. :)
Posted 12 Jul 2014 07:58

buahahah, I laughed my ass of first minute, then I covered my open mouth and was shaking my head in disbelieve. Is it possible? Can people really be that stupid? The worst part is that he thought that he provided court some solid facts, that he was smart about it..he was just blabbing some infos in one sentence.
I am terrified for next generations. Terrified.