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I'm retired. I've always worked since I left school, where my best subjects were Geography, and History, but I seemed to have a mental block where Maths was concerned. I wasn't too bothered about my education, as there was always jobs available in those days, of the type I expected to go into. I worked as an Apprentice Bricklayer for 18 months then went to sea, firstly on Liners and then on Tankers. Had my three Gay experiences while on liners, and didn't like it. Made the most of my time off while at sea whoring and drinking and had a fantastic time. Later joined the Civil Service, got married, had two kids, now in their 30s. got divorced Left that job in 93, Worked as a Night Porter in a hotel for over 4 years and stopped drinking. I never touch a drop now. Worked on ferries after that for about 12 years, before retiring early with ill health. I suffer from COPD, and am now happily retired.
In privacy at home, I love cross dressing, and spend most of my spare cash on it. I like anything pretty and feminine, except for anything constrictive. Slips, panties, blouses, skirts, dresses and so on. Favorite fabrics are Chiffon, Nylon and Satin. I have a small circle of friends, none who know what I get up to at home, and would be pretty shocked if they did know I think :o)
I like to travel. Toured Australia for three months earlier in the year, in Camper vans. Had a great time, but missed my "Dressing" The first thing I did when I got home after very long and tedious flights was put the kettle on and slip into something comfortable.
I'm hetero, and not looking for a relationship. I'm overweight and smoke, and would look stupid in anyone else's eyes. I'm comfortable with my self though.
My stories are about men like me, loners but, who have loving hetero relationships with women who understand. That's very unlikely to happen in the real world I guess. I believe strongly that a relationship should be based on love not on lust. Old fashioned attitude I guess :o)
I got interested in ladies clothes in a big way about fifteen years ago. I saw a picture of a very pretty young lady in a pink prom dress, followed a link to a site that showed nothing but ladies in formal gowns and dresses. I thought they looked lovely, and spent days looking through the pictures. I picked out what I thought were the best, and saved them to my computer. I still have them. :o)

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20 Jun 2018 01:21
Computer, travel, reading older novels Crime, fantasy, etc written in the fifties and sixties. Dressing, Country walks, Writing for this site, good pub food, well dressed women, undressed women. pretty women, Photography and videoing, of the normal type, holiday snaps and video's for example, NOT anything of a sexual nature. Anything Australian.
Favorite Books:
"Lord of the Rings" & "Hitchers guide to the galaxy" Not read that for many years now though. "The Capilan Of Malta" Michiners "The Source" "The Political, Social and Economic Development of Inner Mongolia in the Eighth Century" (If you believe that, you'll believe anything! LOL)
Favorite Authors:
Christie, Alistair Maclean, John Creasy & Tolkien.
Favorite Movies:
"Two for the Road" "Blow UP" Almost anything with Doris Day. Big budget war movies, Big budget "Ben Hur" or biblical type movies. some low budget Film Noir movies. Some porn movies from "X Hamster. "Rear Window" "North by Northwest" Foreign films (Non English Language) if they have a good write up on TV, and they can be low budget. I can learn about different societies by looking at these films.
Favorite Music:
Easy listening from the 50s 60s & 70s The Carpenters for example. British Folk music & sea shanties. Almost anything that can be played at low volume.


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Topic: Flying..who loves it, who is terrified of it
Posted: 29 Jul 2012 15:16

Hate it, hate it hate it. I hate take offs, I hate landings, I hate the booring bit in between. I hate it when the "Seatbelts On" sign lights up at 40,000 feet. I hate the lack of room, and I hate the toilets. The only thing is, that it gets me there quickly, IF I survive.

Topic: If you woke up one morning next to me and could only say four words, what would you say?
Posted: 29 Jul 2012 14:58

Your steet cred's shot.

Topic: HIV undetectable in 2 men after bone marrow transplants
Posted: 27 Jul 2012 09:49

That's really good news. I hope it turns out even better than it says here. However, I suspect that human race will be at risk from HIV/Aids for many generations to come. It will probabpy end up like VD or Polio, catchable, but curable. I can't see Bareback Riding ever becoming safe because of this. Not that it was before HIV of course.

Topic: make love or get fucked
Posted: 27 Jul 2012 09:21

My ex wife asked me if I loved her. "Do do you love me, really really love me?" She asked in a soft voice. "Course I do, I fucks ya don't I? Now get me another beer was my reply" God!!, How I loved that woman......

Topic: Brave Budgie
Posted: 27 Jul 2012 06:40

Four pussies and only one bird, how strange.................:o)

Topic: Ever wanked with a girl's knickers wrapped around your cock?
Posted: 27 Jul 2012 06:25

Of course, that's what they're really for isn't it?

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Sunday on Sticky Street

SUNDAY ON STICKY STREET NUMBER 1... “Bitch” Michael said to Sam. "You acted like a real slut last night, I thought we were going out for a quiet drink.” “A quiet drink at “The Beating Bishop.” You’ve got to be kidding, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink at the “Bishop” on a Saturday night, you know that. Besides, you got on very well with that Highway Patrol man didn’t you!”Sam...

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House Husband

Chapter 1 Monday Hooray! My wife Sally is away on another sales trip. She’s a lovely lady who does her job well and earns much more money than I could, so I stay at home and do the housework. We are lucky enough to have a cleaning lady who comes in three times a week to “Do” for us. Sally doesn’t mind this, as she says that if she were at home and I was working she would employ a...

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House Husband 2

PART 2 Chapter 1 I crept in between the sheets. Sally had taken over most of the bed but I managed to squeeze in beside her. She gave a little whimper and moved over a little. I snuggled up to her, feeling very much in love with this beautiful lady. I turned away from her, if she wanted to sleep then sleep she would and if I relaxed, my erection would pass and I too would soon fall asleep. ...

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House Husband 3

Part Three Chapter 1 Two hours later I woke up, I lay there half asleep, my belly pressed hard against Sal’s buttocks, my arm laying along her thigh and down her leg. I had a lazy knob, pressing against her, I felt comfortable and at ease, and in no rush to start our second session. My last orgasm had taken a lot out of me if I was honest, I had been drained, and recovery might take a...

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House Husband 4

House Husband 4 CHAPTER 1 Sally had asked me quite out of the blue if I’d, “Ever had a Butt Plug stuck up my arse?” We were sitting in the garden at the time enjoying the weather and relaxing. It wasn’t the sort of question I was expecting, not that it would be the sort of question I would be expecting at any time I suppose. “Why on earth did you ask me that?” I asked. “Just to...

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House Husband 5

HOUSE HUSBAND 5 CHAPTER 1 I woke up slowly and looked at my watch. I’d been asleep for five hours and I didn’t feel refreshed. I felt dirty and depressed and didn’t know why. I rolled onto my side and pressed myself against Sal’s backside. She whimpered in her sleep and pulled away. I lay there, as close as I dared to get, without disturbing her, gathering my thoughts and thinking...

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