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Been a working man all my life. Never been afraid to get my hands dirty, or my feet wet. Don't drink, only have a small circle of friends who don't really know me.
This site is a relevation! Many like minded people as me. I'm hetro and don't know any women who would understand me.
Only had 3 gay experiences in my life, two didn't work at all, I was very young, and the other was a pick up in NY which I found distastful, and left me feeling dirty. None nice at all, mind you things were different way back then. Now, at least I understand a bit more. Still like women though. Especially in their Summer dresses ;o)

26 Jul 2012 07:10

I'm thinking that I like this site. I'm hetro but like wearing womens clothes, not because I want to be or look like a woman. I just like the feel of soft silky things around my body. I like wearing Satin, Chiffon, Nylon Slips and panties, and of course Nighties. I feel comfortable and at ease in such clothes, in the privacy of my own home. Never had the urge to wear bra's or constrictive foundation garments.

22 Jul 2012 16:00