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I am a very clean, good looking, fit, 55 year old male health care professional. My uncompromising belief in individualism and personal freedom are as responsible for my "unconventional" sexual preferences as were in my career choices, Yet the overwhelming majority of people would respect and laud my profession but be disgusted by and condemn my sexual practices. To most, my tastes are at least kinky and perverted if not sick. Here are my twisted premises; sex in and of itself is good, sex is healthy and even is essential for optimal neurological function. Seeking sex is a natural innate instinct and that includes with a variety of partners. Contrary to what the vast majority of people dutifully except as self evident just because "everyone knows that's the way it is", adhering to our socio-cultural, religiously influenced standards are emotionally, psychologically and physically devastating. The stress and energy it takes to deny one of the strongest and important primal urges GOD (or nature) placed in us is the primary cause of depression and anxiety plaguing the population. Those who dare question and challenge their personal beliefs (especially women) with objective critical thinking usually find no justification for their desire to "sleep around" or be a slut experiencing a variety of sexual partners. Sex it is not consensual or is forced or coerced is NOT sex. It is assault or rape. Personally my desire to fuck (not MAKE LOVE to) many different woman is not done because of what I desire to do TO her but what I want to do FOR her. I consider myself very fortunate that since I became sexually active my goal or satisfaction has never been for me to cum (I can jerk using my VERY dirty mind to do that). It is my doing any and everything I can to make sure my partner (always a woman) or partners (I'm very turned on by couples) CUM (hopefully multiple times) and experience the incredible sensations the body is capable of producing by uninhibited, guilt free, wanton sex. In my opinion there is only one thing hotter and erotic witnessing or taking part in giving a woman lost in wanton lust, acting out her most forbidden, taboo, "secret" desires no matter how revolting it may seem to others; and doing it without concern for her safety (my responsibility) or the unflattering labels it may earn her. If you are interested to know what the one thing I consider hotter then such a slutty woman you will have to ask. To quote Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven, "I like my women a little DIRTY"! In my case I like them a lot dirty.

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New Jersey, United States
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22 Apr 2018 03:08
I am on this site seeking to satiate my sexual needs so I'm only listing those interests that are sexual. Women who behave according to HER rules not what "they say"! So I confess, I like women who spread their legs easily. Isn't that called a slut? Well then I am attracted to sluts! The specific acts of depravity I engage and like (not necessary listed in order of preference) are: gangbangs, 3somes, 4somes, public sex, exhibitionism, dirty talk, INTERRACIAL, creampies, xxx theaters, adult bookstores with gloryholes, voyeurism, bondage, respectful domination/submission, (I didn't say rape or use of sex for anything not intended for the pleasure and satisfaction of the lady This is what I believe about a relationship. If I become intimate and develop a romantic relationship with a woman and I don't feel comfortable and we do communicate or trust each other to openly discuss, reveal and be willing to experience together, then I have lost my self respect and shouldn't whine when I don't get it from others. Also if a woman can be sexually satisfied, and her fantasies fulfilled by only my cock fucking her forever then I hope she gets scared and runs away knowing I want her to be fucked and used by others right in front of me. Ok how sick am I?? LOL
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Atlas shrugged/ Creature from Jekyll Island/ Love, Medicine and Miracles/ Conversations with God/ Fight For Your Health/
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Ayn Rand, G. Edward Griffin,
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The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Green Mile, My Cousin Vinny, Caddyshack,


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Topic: Do Women Like To Suck Cock In Public?
Posted: 21 May 2013 14:31

My ex-girlfriend loves any sexual act in public, sucking or fucking multiple cocks. One of her favorite places is getting fucked by truckers in rest areas on the interstate. She has done that dozens of times and almost always fucks more then a dozen different cocks.

Topic: Am I slutty or sexy?
Posted: 18 May 2013 01:02

There are very few, if any, subjective questions like yours that can be answered with anything but ones opinion. Personally I totally agree with the person that opined it depends on how you carry yourself. I do hope your question is a rhetorical one and you don't give a shit what I or anyone else thinks about your personal choices are. It is very sad how many people's beliefs and values are determined by what "they say". In many cases I think slutty IS sexy. I respect and am attracted to women that appear secure and comfortable her behavior and attire. If a lady wants to attract not only a mans attention but have him salivating like a lion view a herd of antelope, she need only display a hint of a body part. I am very turned on by women who are obviously braless. (assuming she is physically appealing) When a woman wears a skirt and no panties, she will definitely get my attention, especially if she doesn't try very hard to hide it. When she does that however, she shouldn't be surprised if she gets more attention then she wants.

Topic: nipple taste
Posted: 18 May 2013 00:08

Absolutely! A lot will depend on what she has recently eaten as well as what her lifestyle habits are. eg. smoking, drinking, drugs and medications

Topic: Pawning a woman off on a buddy - ever do it?
Posted: 18 May 2013 00:05

I have done it many times and to more than one buddy. I ONLY do it if she is interested in fucking him AND if I am confident that he will fuck her good.

Topic: cream pies
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 16:13

My lady loves getting filled with cum especially by multiple guys. She loves that I am into cleaning up her used pussy fter she's fucked other men even more!

Topic: cream pies
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 16:12

My lady loves getting filled with cum especially by multiple guys. She loves that I am into cleaning up her used pussy fter she's fucked other men even more!

Topic: What's the one thing your partner does 'to' you that gets you hot and horny?! x
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 15:57

My GF cums easier then any woman I've ever known. She cums having her nipples pulled, pinched or twisted. She cums getting fucked. (in ass or pussy) She even cums while sucking a cock. But she has always said the thing that makes her cum hardest is when I eat her pussy after she has been fucked by one or several other men.

Topic: What's the naughtiest thing you've done sexually at work?
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 15:46

My slut GF has gotten fucked in both the men's and womens's restrooms on several occassions with different colleagues. She has also fucked a lot in the parking lot under her building. And she has been fucked by 2 or 3 BBC's at a time in the back of one of her fuck buddies hummer.

Topic: How do you feel about cum leaking out of you during the day?
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 15:36

My girlfriend rarely wears panties and hardly a day goes by without her getting fucked by someone and sometimes she's been fucked by many guys. She loves it running down her thighs. She is a true cumslut.

Topic: Multiple men cumming in you a turn-on?
Posted: 19 Mar 2013 15:27

My girlfriend loves getting gangbanged and letting any who want to, cum in her. I have cleaned her used sloppy pussy many times after as well.

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