First Time(1)


A Time in a Life (Part One)

I guess I've always been sexually aware.   From my earliest childhood the need to touch and be touched has always been paramount and I learned at a very early age how to touch that sacred little orifice between my legs and give myself the ultimate pleasure.   At the age of seven I was regularly giving myself multiple orgasms at night in bed not knowing that the best was yet to come. I...Read On



Suddenly Last Christmas

I'd looked forward to it for weeks, a whole four days in a cosy hotel tucked away in the Lake District.   It should have been magic - just me and James....alone all through Christmas..fine mulled wine, champagne, good food - and lots and lots of hot sex.   'Course his wife had to go and wreck it - didn't she.   She'd arranged to go and stay with her parents but at the last minute had taken...Read On



Lustful in London

  I was just twenty when I met Marcus.   A two hour train journey to London, we sat opposite each other with just  the customary  formica covered  table separating us.   I caught his eye a few times but disregarded the visual union as he was just an old man - older than my Father - yet like my dad smart, well groomed and stylishly dressed - for his age. My attention was for the first...Read On