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Topic please be honest, where is your favorite place for a guy to cum?
Posted 14 Apr 2012 12:09

Where can I meet some of you women!

Topic Penis pictures
Posted 14 Apr 2012 12:02

Let's all just face it. The male body is not nearly as attractive as a the female body. In the eyes of 90% of men and 75% of women, it is more enjoyable to look at a woman (numbers estimated based on my own experiences).

The male penis can only be photographed at a few angles before it is redundant. The male chest, unless very impressive, is just not much of an interesting body part. And the male buttocks...well, most are just too hairy to be photographed and seem appealing.

However, the female form has so much to offer in my opinion. The is a lot to be said about breasts, whether small or large. Personally I feel it is hard to take a "bad" picture of a nice pair. There are so many female rear ends that put me in a trance for hours. Yes, I am an ass man. Also, the female abdomen is a delicacy to admire. Legs... the long well shaped legs of a woman have known to bring men to their knees. Overall, the female body is something to worship and admire.

For instance..look a few posts above mine at elegantseduction's avatar picture. Her eyes are captivating and the picture is just screaming sensuality.

Men...we are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to being photographed..we just don't have the sensual qualities that women have.